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Tom Brady: Previous Houston game has no impact on this week's game

Jan 7, 2013|

Tom Brady joined D&C for his regular appearance after a relaxing bye week. You can hear the Patriots QB's thoughts on the first round of playoff action, getting ready for the Divisional Round, Johnny Football and Richard Sherman getting a face full of Trent Williams.

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The quarterback dollar on a patriot Monday continues with Dennis and Callahan our conversation with Tom Brady is brought you by northeast electrical distributors gallery BMW and buy staples on joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning mr. Brady hell are you. Yeah -- what did you accomplish on your bye week Tom. Well I got you know I got caught up what a lot of kind of some football stuff that's been one to work on and you know what -- football games so. And it is a nice weekend -- -- you know it's great coming here for football players to watch the best teams in the league compete we're gonna be out there next week and so. It was a you know what the Houston game and and you know once they once they want on Saturday it was pretty much you know all the focus -- -- them. So you did what we did you up your butt down on the couch and watch all four football games. Yes via did you see the end of the Seattle Washington game. I did it best saying the little brew the field that did you see you got slapped across the face. On that. There but it still says you should have done actually done the closed fist at the as we talk c'mon let let him respond. I can do that -- a lot bigger and I am quite a lot more instability. And you know what you have to do a -- Richard Sherman you don't talk someone who has no more games to play it -- it -- no more suspect nothing to worry about as far as suspensions or any of that goes. Yeah yeah. What got their own style so. -- what would you how would you describe Richard Sherman style. I don't know I think I'd say the truth say you know however people want you know when games lose games there would react differently I have my own silence. You know it's it's saying. Now I just try to be respectful opponents and and because you know I have a lot of respect for the opponents it's not a bunch of BS. Our guys they're play there are pretty good players so. And I just give them the respect they deserve a political. A lot of really great players of my career as the best quarterbacks the best linebackers the best defense to have been and when you play against Dwight Freeney and Jason Taylor and you play against those guys. You know you realize you have to play him again you better seriously and I think -- -- which -- kind of what I like to do. -- Tanya talked to us for years now but X accuse him being absolutely everything on the football field and at a previous game has no bearing on the next game but is there not some. Psychological component that when you put replay a team that you just beat 4214. A month ago that enters into the next game. I don't think that it would have any bearing on what happened for the next week. The united it was a big win first season. It was a big win at that time and but this is going to be entirely different and I think we've got to be able to put just as much. Preparation into the game as we did before so. A week we have really we had an extra data prepared out kind of like a normal week for us. But in -- week we. We know these guys have -- I think that's that's part that I enjoy is that. You know parties spent a lot of try to prepare -- so have another week to do it you know you feel like you're Google -- much better now. So critical and excuse against it -- have some great players. On defense. Now are the very good team they played the other day in a Christian partnered with they would like minus eight yards and heifers. Pretty ridiculous but it. They got a very good defense they recommend that you lots -- -- mysterious -- felt so. They'd been present or challenges and you know -- know they didn't feel like they played their best against. You know which they didn't. You know there are a lot of ways I feel like you know we can play better too so we're going to be we're gonna need to -- there's -- to be their best case. I know that bill will do his -- just to drill bit and everybody's head not to allow human nature to kick in here and just say maybe even subconsciously but we -- measly before. And we'll handle them easily again but is is is that's something that not necessarily you but certain players would have to battle. The guard against. I don't well not an art not look no I I don't think that's the way you know we've approached games and you know I think that there executioners. -- is the why we it is. The reason why we would gain so political and and and coach is gonna talk all the things that we need to do it he's gonna show photographed game. And yes -- -- the things we did well these are things we didn't do well and you know you can -- you take a player like you know when JJ -- have made Dutch cripple our not to bring back in the game and it knocked in the Brentwood and protections. Well yeah that's a touchdown first but in the end of the knows that type of play is that if they go their way then. You know it's a different game and there's plenty of those gains in the play those in every single game that you play. So. You know we just got to make sure that we're doing all the things we need to do. It will help us score when the game it usually starts with terminal step that was used. Will you guys talk about or have you already talked about the jets a couple of years ago when you. He crushed them in the regular season and then they came back can be -- knocked out of the playoffs. No we have been. No we we we haven't talked about that at all I'm sure you know -- we'll talk about that if we don't need a but and I think that's. That's a great example of the reason why we lost that game -- because we veto whatever forward -- -- which you know which sucks. In the decades you know we we just didn't play that we -- -- or I think an important part is the play. Upped our level of of that expectation and that's you know from myself. To the receivers to the tight end to the running back -- often the political play the way we're capable player and you know we have a lot of confidence what we do. How much in your experience come in these rematch tight games how much changes how many how many surprises to the pro -- or do you just line up and do it again. -- -- Who we deal with that every year with our division opponent. And. You know that sometimes it's somewhat similar. -- it's never exactly the same thing I don't think any team would lose. You know by brief report -- building and that was the way to play themselves. But at the same time everything that you done over the course of the year we always joke. Well coached. You know we don't wanna know what we really don't want -- bad place to start the game well. You know you don't know they're gonna be bad played until they're actually bad played until the media so if you doubt over the real bad play gonna do it then. You know you wouldn't do it so that's game plan and when you put together a game plan and you feel confident about what you're doing. If you ever think I'd love this split cut average. So you know you've. When you play an opponent earlier in the year you get a chance to put together the plan and you put together this scheme you think the work that you lectured excuse it was. So on the go watch -- while we do and that you know that was a great -- a great thought and then the next time you get up for the play that team. You know you can really focus on the things that. -- you're doing that you did relief well and and they are doing the same thing so. That's kind of a test match it's always a lot of adjustments -- you know our coaches do a better job you know I feel that anybody that make adjustments and you know we have great by a week last week could have really improved get better. Really understand how we've been successful with certain things this year and how you're gonna need to continue to do things well in order to be successful in the policies. Tom conversely if you've done -- up something effectively against a particular team is it safe to assume that you'll see it again in the next game I as an example the Welker double move to put two on the scoreboard seven nothing that fake stretch in general -- so wide open we assume and should Texans assume they'll see that again. Well I I think it's it's one of those things that you know it's like hitting. I mean like if you Emeka boxer and you keep getting getting -- -- -- right and it's a poignant stop in the end. That opens you have for other things and then you start cover up those those things and come back. You know what works I think that's part of this that you you when you -- play actually on the Wonder Bread and bullet like at some point you gotta come up to try to stop -- -- right you do if you don't then. We're just gonna keep private and I think that's part of article play caller. That scheme is that you know you're gonna keep -- well then. You know you've got to be able run double move. You know if if if you're gonna place softened over the they'll move that we got to keep on the -- and anarchy on the cold Turkey or whatever but the plane since. I think that's just part of the aggressiveness and they take their kids that we take our chances of -- we get a chance to get -- to play I think that's when it comes down to good at some point we're gonna have a chance. We just gotta be able to capitalize. You know what we did it -- foul balls those don't help us at all. I think we've got to focus on you know the game plan have a great week of practice and then be ready to go out and excuse our best. In the next -- I did in and practiced on this is grown -- in both arms. What he's you know he's he's worked at army nobody wants to be out there more than him -- full time basis and I think sometimes you know you never really. You missed any games for itself you know it's been really hard for him to sit on the sideline and he wants to get out there and I think sometimes he get out there and you think that. You know everything's gonna be perfect it's going to be very little time but you know he's still. He's working hard to do is we have to get back out there and and you know be. It's full speed that he could possibly be so. That's -- world open and whether that's the case who knows but. Regardless of that piece you know we still got to go out there and play great. We've won you know by two games with a lot of work to do so got to be prepared to do whatever we. Including against these guys right eight if you were RG three yesterday and you were hobble -- and Belichick said do you you know. Can you still play -- go. You would he would lie to would you would you just say insurance it's game day -- going to be out there. I think that you have to -- -- determine you know what's best for the team say the truth that's. It's it's thought that about you know what does selfishness that the player -- and you gotta if you feel like you can help -- -- -- -- And -- put together and so. -- -- He he -- what an incredible player of the year he had and both posting yesterday you know. You see the team that those talk thoughtful policy expert after Thanksgiving that's when it -- for the Redskins and that's what it did for the field -- You know that's what it did for us and and San Francisco all the things -- the first Green Bay. These teams are playing really well that's when that's what's most important so. Argued there would a year and certainly hope injury is serious split them he. He had a great season. A 100% of the guys who play football the National Football League say once they get to the playoffs having speeds up a little bit -- -- a little more intense -- it's a little more frenetic is more fun. The regular season for you -- Whether the level of intensity that that that you have that they really can't simulate. You know maybe a Monday night game against a big -- a big opponent what a lot of there Sunday night game where you're kind of the only team out there right. Nobody but the -- play -- is just different. There -- repercussions from losing games that's the difference so there are the regular season but not like that you. As you eat one play can send. Your team -- I think that's the difference. Are so there's more pressure and it ends abruptly if you lose public question remains do you find the playoffs more fun. Just from a fun factor than a regular season game in the middle of you know November. Oh yeah this -- we played well this is this is where it's all about this and why. Why you work hard -- -- you it would -- profits is all about this is as well it's all about so there that you it's more fun when you're challenged more and there's more at stake in various war. This week the -- was you know two weeks ago. Will you be seeing tennis rackets in practice this week again. Aren't sure yeah I don't know if I was a they might be taller this he might. -- -- -- you might get five or six about that last week last time yet for and they get credit -- -- beer. You know what I was looking at them. It's it's it's actually very helpful so I'm. You know -- -- -- success sukuk grotesque of a couple under the senate. It would do a play golf do you consider yourself a clutch putter when you play baseball and guys on base did you think. You've got better in those moments you feel like -- all around the jury the clutch guy do you take pride in that. Well I try to be consistent I don't. And I don't feel like I kind of played the same amount of note there's weeks where it looks a little bit different but in -- try to put the preparation and I I was trying to. Do Israelis like to be with my emotion as -- leadership. You know how it. What does it feel like I can bring the team now whether you do that replaced. Out there that. A little bit different terms. You know make him a critical plays the right time -- -- part teams proven that we can do that you know for a long time so. I think the thing about football that's different than a basketball where it's like you know you just possible Kobe Bryant or LeBron James with. You know twenty seconds left on the clock -- okay here you go that's about football. So you know football you rely so much on. You know -- would have Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez that we've all got to be on the same page so. It's a you know it's very different then golf for -- essar. As your -- Tiger Woods and yet -- kept Tiger Woods somehow wish it was always up to me. But it's up you know all 53 of us which in the end makes that much. Sweeter because you can celebrate with fifty. -- will speak speak for yourself come because did you see the Cotton Bowl Friday night I'm pretty sure Johnny men's -- did that by himself. At that he does not that that's right he's the exception and so. Yeah he's a one man show what do that was amazing collection of play it. And it's gonna be a fun election for many many years. I was getting ready today to jump on the first person -- -- that won't translate to the pros the way they say about often does have a mobile quarterbacks in college. How I'm sorry there's no weakness. In this kid and I that what we saw Friday night that translates to the pros. Yes yes that have been well when you can have that athletic ability and you know the way that you can find open receivers and it's incredible how he's able to move and make good decisions I think that's. That's always the most challenging thing I think. You know just provide important when the play breaks down and you've got to make good decision and suddenly you've never practiced. Your ability to make good decisions with the football and whether to throw it to run it -- for all the way. You know game three yards of flight to try to make guys miss like it seems like he's never law. So it's eight at this it's Scioscia -- Quickly can process. And know how his brain you know in his body. You know react together is pretty. Pretty I was the same thing I mean instincts he can be run around crazy the way we often see quarterback run around. And then -- about you got ridiculed and hope we get throw the ball stuff thrown away he's fine in the receiver no right or he's going to be. He's you know for a guy -- doesn't show the best judgment off the field he is a very Smart player on the field. Yeah well that's -- and that's and that's so rare gift and I think there's other players and you talk about gynecology three -- he did at all this season Russell Wilson. You know Colin Kaplan had a great year I mean it's. And it's great decisions in the pocket Peyton Manning is that for a year after years. Went to make that when the try to make that throw away and destroy all the way when this culture losses on second down a window -- try to drill it into a tight spot when it's. You know -- seven or. It's the same decision you make in the first quarter. You know when. You know it that you when you -- record the football that's different then when -- two minutes left in the game and you gotta make a tight closeup. All those decisions are no -- come into play and you know the best quarterbacks the best players make the best decisions and that's ultimately all about risk awards so. Why take a crazy risk for a two yard gain and that makes some sense here you're trying to. Calculate those -- that. You know if if there is a degree of risk which has never played and hopefully. There's the most chance for a -- as well. -- speaking of running and mobile and athletic quarterbacks in and Russell Wilson's case a blocking quarterback we have to explain to -- at some point this week why you're Huckabee leading him into the end -- -- west Russell Wilson did lynch. Could see he lived he would walk me down so fast that he did they get that a lot of my way that you're you're you're. Cause me problems gave them away and I can't be so. Though they doubt the great play by Russell Wilson and they have that athletic ability they have always -- have not athletic ability I've never had it. But the guys who can handle in and use that use as a way to help their team this. That's that's just this huge bonus self. The great play. You probably don't know this but last week somebody tweeted to Drew Bledsoe and said in a foot race who would win you or Tom Brady and he started laughing is that I'd I'd -- Tom easily. You heard of that. At at at the -- He probably -- because it doesn't -- -- got going he was pretty fast feet he was big and strong and want to doubt -- one direction has -- -- run and he he he could probably. You think you could out run Peyton Manning. Forty yard dash. No I would take my chances are beaten Creighton that you expect it a but the put I -- -- got to figure that could be an hour long special that Cuba. At a suitable time. The -- we break the news to about. Rate lose all you heard the rehearsals and ray Cyrus is retiree account. That they. You know it I watched that and in the you know I've. I said last week had ever had the privilege to play against him and I and that really is a privilege because he's talked about guys that. Do things the right way and play the right way and play the game the way it should be played and you have respect for your opponent from the preparation. And we -- some battles and and is amazing for one player like that for as long as he's been at Baltimore. They've had. You know if not the best one of the top three best defense in the league year in year out player after player. Coordinator after coordinator and he's. You know that there are still -- -- -- again this year. Were you glad not to see him again. I mean you still might know but this week we glad I know you weren't rooting for one team over another. Obviously when the Texans won you weren't gonna seat that the Ray Lewis farewell tour. Appear this week. Right. Well I'm -- said a man who knows what happens next week I mean it. We could and if we do it you know that would that would not that it makes me happier than to advance to the next round but. We've got a you know got a big task ahead of us before that could happen he's. I'll be watching these you know Saturday night back to England and watch them. In hand and every you know those are my favorite players only just as a football fan but you know all attention of these folks on the text. You know you do have a common thread with Ray Lewis the -- the dance celebration this past. Game that you played Houston as you were call at the end of the third quarter you scrambled for first down that was the big celebration of the got the -- house all jacked up we see that again this weekend. If you do it maybe yeah hopefully that. If I can do -- -- I would love to do it it's you know whether my instinct which -- are great and they -- those type the decision takeover. You know it's it's I do get fired up at times but it's not likely lose they have. Yeah and or yesterday -- final question if you had a vote assure rookie of the year Hoosier MVP. -- don't have a vote so. This is our hypothetical question Tom I just didn't introduce it as -- I mean this is what you guys debate on the yeah I it's I don't know it's too hard to -- I don't I don't like getting these really individual -- -- you know team sports it's. How you compare one rookie of the richter one player to another player means. I think between. You know you look at Adrian Peterson here yet and -- in your view Aaron Rodgers here you I mean. Very thorough and credible so. I don't think one more valuable than the other I think there'll. There are about able and that's why you know Aaron Rodgers teams so -- and -- -- -- still plan. Not that that team football and that's the best -- the big thing. I think that's important part about you know those awards is -- which coach Belichick actually talked about a few years ago. The last time in the NFL MVP won the Super Bowl. Has been a long long time. So where there was battles is I think the NBA finals with a bar games. That was you know that was the one that kind of broke the -- for a long time that. It -- and doesn't translate into it would most value war the war so called. You know and I don't want -- no disrespect toward all they -- -- -- not stranded -- just it's all about -- fourteen goals and it's about to -- -- that's what's most. You can vote for Trent Williams if you want. At the slapper at the I would only that you all I know would -- had exit via to someone I'd love that currently who. But he got that I Alabama or Notre Dame Tom. You know if -- well. I don't know that's that's a good question I -- I have -- -- watch Alabama play much so. But I I mean they're there because you both athletes that are on our team has come out Alabama president against. Yeah well. But I'm trying to picture this weekend recently watched all four football games a whole family sit around and watch football all the boys into what are how's that work produced by yourself. The boys are still running around. I'm trying to track them down that you know I ate my wife was you know very helpful and but the baby and and the kids so it -- believe differently. All right Tom have a good week of practice look forward this weekend we'll talk to you next week. Tom Brady with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT ER conversation with palm has brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. Gallery BMW. And by stay closed fist that's all -- closed fist during his greatest thing that would have been like Matt Millen smack in that excel that would have been legendary area and Brady couldn't help himself he would have that he would have to than some. Kudos to Trent so logs and some really really big dogs are rugs. All due steal -- I did not I don't got via either. Sure I'm positive that uncle -- get them again I don't know not a Super Bowl briefcase -- offered him. Art music but were friends -- invite you to join us over on the FM -- 93 point seven for the final hour Dennis and Callahan. On a patriot Friday will be patriot but it would attract.

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