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Boomer Esiason, the man who broke the NHL lockout news, joins D&C

Jan 7, 2013|

Hot off his big weekend as an ace hockey reporter, Boomer Esiason joins Dennis & Callahan. The guys discuss having the NHL back as well as playoff football. Boomer says the Texans' offense needs to operate at peak efficiency to have a chance against the Patriots.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan on the patriot Monday -- conversation -- Boomer Esiason wake up to coffee -- boomer. Is brought you by the surprisingly delicious -- -- one coffee it's just 99 -- any size and only at Cumberland -- good morning -- size and how are you my -- good morning -- unhappy material on a long time no talk indeed hey our congratulations first the -- -- you broke the National Hockey -- score story I'm sure the football guy -- in the hockey -- probably angered some people on the hockey ranks. Well I would like to think that people recognize that I blah -- hockey become a passion hockey and passionate ranger fan and I got a really good news on Saturday at the thought that this year it. With my Twitter followers I had no idea who that was but he didn't like. Wore flowers with a sporting news and everybody else like you know I I don't usually break news I don't usually. You know talk about sources they usually react -- -- -- -- I couldn't believe what happens Saturday night and and certainly Sunday morning was vindicated one the NHL on the NHL PA did announce they came to an agreement -- happy about it. Again you Billy yet from the Rangers and you have those rink side seats I'm sure the price hasn't gone down. Mother took the prize having gone down actually about the money in there are so now -- just import get my tickets -- and I'll probably end up being asked to. What happened the amount towards lecture season tickets are never to the -- write the -- -- but by the way it goes. I know you're excited because as you said your passionate hockey fan how much damage do you think has been done to the general population follows this game -- -- The general population are ethnic is going to be a significant. Erosion but that will come back I think there's going to be day. A long term CPA somewhere between seven and ten years so hopefully. You know the BB hockey. Outsiders of people that probably got caught up a little bit last year because of the Rangers and double especially down here in this area. And because also was look at the last couple years that would in the Stanley Cup and all that other stuff that the portal and it's probably not breached that and that. But you know those of us sort passionate about it really is a passion occupational and -- they're Boston. Probably. Much larger than it is down here simply because there's so many other things going on down here it. But I don't think the passionate -- just -- hockey you know when I watched my when I read my Twitter -- not read from the hockey fans. Like many another frustrated I don't get it they'll get the argument over that the scraps that these guys were. Fight over the last 45 weeks so I'm just glad it's here I hope that we rocketed down -- road under Gary Bettman. The for another eight or nine years and and hopefully you know we're gonna build up some momentum here. -- let's turn our attention to football or what impressed you most on wild card weekend boomer. Easy Russell -- certain I mean he became it is just amazing you get ice and it pains. Other -- down fourteen and company calmly just leave them back to score 24 straight points. There yes certainly and a broken record last week as well that this team. Is the fastest. He -- in the NFL overall from top to bottom safety to running backs the wide receivers. The linebackers they're young they're energetic they have a chip on their shoulders they're not a lot of high draft picks here on -- put on the football team. You know -- knows remade this franchise and this kid is really something special and it's unfortunate that you know we had a lot to go against RG three that was clearly not even remotely close -- you're able to. To be the player that we saw earlier in the season which is a shame and you know also. I think they are the most impressive team I think they -- really I am an -- -- to beat Atlanta depending on how many injuries they had yesterday and whether or not those players available or this week. But I I don't you know this is the gotta be that going in via -- I'm. -- ask -- obviously the a lot of traveling to do and yesterday's game was pretty physical. Can they go into Atlanta and win and it is there another team this week is or another underdog you like. While -- -- -- you -- -- -- they're underdogs so it was because it's. You know it's Aaron Rodgers minister Michael -- it's Jennings it's -- owned the sorting Nelson. You know it's that they they've they have small money play makers on all -- That verbiage in that it can't happen it can keep up with. You don't Green Day and and Aaron Rodgers while ago actually the -- -- him this week in the NFC the home -- and also served this week in the AFC I never wanted. Anything for granted especially. You don't -- comes against -- teams twice in the same season so close to each other. Other good news for the patriots is that they have just in the -- news and and you're not match up like he's pleaded I think 29 passes on Saturday. In nineteen point is not gonna get it done on the road and -- -- -- they're gonna have to be so much better than they were against the bank now. They have -- Russia but did they do while you're watching the Redskins did you was -- point before it collapsed there and and fumbled and then in the game was essentially over at that point. Did you think that was that was their point where you thought RG three should have been out of their -- should have been in there. 100% all my Twitter feed and you'll and I created actually these series before he got hurt. That yeah I can clearly see that it got to a point now where he could not protect themselves and you know I think it happened earlier in the game you know when he got hit early are around one of those touchdown dry -- The first quarter where you could just see that between he tweaked something something went wrong there. In a one year he gives up the way his knee gave out on on. Proper course not it was even had. To realize that it nobody has been on the field you know what I'm Mike Shanahan and doctor -- and have a lot of questions I'm sure there have been a lot of course and what I don't have them. They're gonna have questions on how to begin today. You know a radio -- down here who worked -- one Mike Shanahan was an air. It was three precarious sort of the about. No Davis led. He had to -- Michael -- -- and and and I put my agenda and made -- a migraine headaches now this. This is his perception telling me this this morning on economic I -- go back and -- stop. So you know Mike I remember a lot of pressure here it is going to be a lot of questions there's a lot of -- -- was on the field. I think they can only hope that this is minimal damage to RG three's yeah I -- a lot of -- if it takes him from a 43045. That's significant. -- because this guy was a special guy and when he got around a quarter as we saw yesterday in Seattle. Earlier in the days and you with a plane maker yesterday was anything but that especially in the second half of -- -- Ballmer explained reprocessed pregame and during game as a dynamic between the medical team James Andrews the player and coach how does that work itself out to the coach begged the statement I mean come the player beg to stay insists the stay in the game. Yes. You know -- -- my -- it was almost a player the -- that hey I'm good on the field back in my here there was that. Insecurity that the poor that had to be on the field we have to be a part of the team -- the agree that -- what's going on here with Robert -- in the thirty wanted to be out there you need to gamers a player you know on. Now that we have freaked out and exporters who in the NFL. And yeah. There are rules in place to protect players from themselves are most of these things regarding our recording head injuries -- a concussion and things of that nature but. Always say it's the other injuries sometimes to get overlooked and another RG -- Superman and I know that he's what 2223 years old and you know mountains ever gonna stop them and he wants to be the leader of the team -- Mike Shanahan -- captain. -- on his chest after their Dubai which forget all of that but still you gotta be. Are you going to be really want here and even you know black writers came -- you know I'm not -- happy days on the field I'm very jittery or whatever -- said. In regards RG three -- -- -- -- a real disconnect the conflict between the coach in the a quarter and the doctor because the coach can -- -- after the game I think you're not against Baltimore. The coach cannot divorce not traders -- and apply it didn't and printers that came about because I remember who doctor -- says he's just not. Orthopedic guy in Washington DC this -- international doctor. Who has built his reputation on being the preeminent doctor what -- shoulders and elbows and knees and all the other stuff. So now to the coaches put in the popular up there at the doctor has no choice but to come back to and there would become a kind of grievance largely -- And now he's that he says she's -- Patrick -- developing more that has developed in Washington. That is going to be really interest -- to watch now we go forward more talking about one of the preeminent quarterbacks. In the league they -- defensive every NFL and with one of the preeminent blockers in the world in reports orthopedic and you talk about Super Bowl winning head coach. That triangle that dynamic and implode Daniel Snyder into this next all of. Well I know and literature. And Thomas has boomer how many guys how many quarterback -- young quarterbacks are gonna say -- no coach I can't do it just hit it. It hurts too much Saunders said it I mean it's it's not gonna happen you have to take that decision out of this as I couldn't believe Shanahan. In the press conference I think kept referring to -- RG -- RG three said he could do Roberts said he could go so why I left about. That's why there are rules in place to protect the players on themselves. You know it is an -- -- -- -- -- just talked about Christian Ponder Christian -- important equipment Walton. I think RG three felt like you know wide and I don't know. I'm not -- of the RG three understands just howl. And this and that then will you get into productive player. -- how much of his game is running around on the field I mean it's a big portion of his game. Now he could probably all anybody equals on the run as good as anybody much like. Russell Wilson did yesterday -- pitcher Roger possible and at the same knee injury RG three that we probably would -- -- -- -- game yesterday. So what -- -- on the field right there for all of us to see and digest. Is to really athletic quarterbacks two quarterbacks that make. Plays that many quarterbacks as we can't make because they're not bad athletic and then when you have the god that is healthy Russell also run on all the place you could see. Deep profound impact that his play making ability to have on the game as compared to the guy who has got the bad knee and can't do that things. That you know you've been doing all season long -- got a Redskins to where they are or what they were yesterday so. There's no question in my mind that you know RG three. Put himself out there but you know would be adults in the room of got to stand up and say you shouldn't be out there and that's doctor Andrews. And that the coach and I can Gloria a million times over that the coached. -- -- -- security just want to know whether or not the player thinks he complied at all he cares about he's not taken long to -- second short term when the football. Do you agree with me that the early indications if this MRI turns out to be bad but Shanahan is going to get the majority the blame pie in the steel. Yes I I blew the 100% and -- I believe it because. Of what doctor Anders came out and that after the fact right one and you know Mike Shanahan initially said that the doctor said it was -- -- -- -- -- So there's a lot there's a whole lot of miscommunication here. Other coach is gonna have egg on his face now the good news for the coaches that he still has a plot area RG three. That is standup guy that if the world -- appreciate Mike Shanahan as its coach appreciate Kyle Shanahan has involvement coordinator. I guarantee you 100%. But -- Ruble back the coaches. The activated the team and we'll -- that doctors -- the way it is that's what's gonna happen here. But the bigger picture is again in my estimation in watching him play in the second half of the game yesterday. It was apparent to -- did you -- That there was no way that this young man with a player that he was earlier in the season and that there was no way to protect himself I believe he got hurt. Early in the first quarter and they're gonna just lingered and it got worse as the game went on until all of the ability to think bottle bomb. And we can all the hope that it just -- dead medium a little bit of surgery hero Wilbur surgery there will fix that. And that's not at its worst -- that corporate what is going to be held without it. Ballmer notes seems to me that in a perverse and kind of strange way the media and the fans have a little bit of blame in this deals well I think it was just a couple of years ago that Jay Cutler took himself out of a playoff game and he got bludgeoned about the head and shoulders of that entire weekend. And onto the entire offseason because didn't win a critical game -- it's almost as if the player knows what people are going to respond or react if they don't willed themselves to get into a football game. I remember talking to you guys the Monday after that game I was at 100%. Full support of Jay Cutler. I considered typical working at protect himself on the field and we Jay Cutler knows that and the predictions opt out of the game and knowing that the mentality of football players. You know odd then that obviously significant and it turned out the basic right and he was right and so does that look like -- on port royal pardon media idea that. But I supported Jacob or not decision and I in on the amount of the biggest Jericho then you know that. But the fact is it is these players. Sometimes. All -- on the put themselves in harm's way because of -- You know the importance of the game in their mind that the the young man also -- it's experiencing all this -- for the first time. So you really have to think and you have to be on -- different intellectual level state OK I know how this kid is thanking. I know he wants to be on the field. But you know we have to be judicious about this we understand that the injury -- the doctor is. I'd get Jiabao put them out there than we should even think about put out there regardless what the. What now is CE tried. So that's what players should do -- he tried it was obvious he wasn't effective. So you're not asking him it's that the game how you're asking -- himself out of the game and a player doesn't wanna do that that's where the adult in the room as you say right the coach just. Also records you guys watch he gave us that right up guys are avid and at the open into one of the game. Probably didn't didn't you look at each other look at what you ought to begin what call what the hell out of -- don't have -- really open. Right quiet I looked at said. They can't win with him they can't win if he wants -- Not the way he was one you know and they were there I want to say there are probably at least half a dozen times in the first half. We can't conceive that he aggravated -- earlier in the game -- it's it's. And again I just got back to the fact that maybe when the games started. He felt like you know 95%. In the felt like it was still better than it was a week. -- -- I get IQ all that that the game ball on and that does he need to period. Carrier -- and then all of a sudden it a couple of the end of the game. You realize that it should've been out there and that's somebody's got -- -- a clear decision and not get caught up in the moment that's -- come from on this. On the AFC east side which team is more likely to go on the road and win a game this weekend Baltimore into Denver or Houston into New England. Yeah. I probably the one on one I guess supplied by the day. Well they want I would -- maybe I would say the Baltimore simply because they almost did it like Germany bombed before right. Maybe but -- cannot. I'm I'm not a big wire for Joseph Flacco can Peyton Manning I'm not a big fired for Joseph Flacco and Tom Brady and certainly not a big buyer for match up against poverty. So market that yesterday you know this past week man in the NFL. It was a rookie weekend it was a rookie quarterbacks they would build the celebrated ones there's one rookie quarterback left another big boys. Get back involved now it's it's Manning it's. It's Brady it's going to be you know -- line it's going to be all about. The better quarterbacks in the league now getting involved in the playoffs and we're gonna see a lot better football. This coming weekend that we sold last week and I believe at least from all that's of import. -- can you address the lingering psychological effects that a beet down what Havel a team like the Texans on the other side of the point of patriots might look at this and say when we just got to show up will be them again. Well remember Kwan didn't play in the previous -- and neither did three right exactly pumping myself oh my goodness. -- evidence the big deal at -- -- one about items and football one of them you know could be on comparable guys that the mismatch of the ball mismatches so. In front of the pitchers -- come -- -- -- worry about them overlooking something like this because they beat somebody else. Or indices and now from attacking them point a -- on the Texans game. I would be saying that I'm looking forward to -- somewhat important to pay back and look forward to revenge. And the reality comes in now got a little scored thirty points. So you know if -- -- ought to run for you know 175. Yards -- match up does not turn the football over the get much return game. In their special -- all of those little things that -- an upset of this magnitude. There's gonna have to happen for years that I I'd. Another power packs and I'd be looking forward to the opportunity of -- writing what I thought was probably one of the biggest indignities that we want for the entire season. What what happened to them I mean they were right behind there were eleven and one. Now know another common in and and nobody is mature has no. Well. Yeah I think -- -- give them -- chance -- got to think that there's there's something that could go on you know. You know that could be a little bit about it still -- -- -- knowing what a whatever an injury was possible to an injury in the middle of -- -- Tom Brady or something like that all those things are still. Possible what happened that could give them a chance to win a football game but. Quite frankly no offense has been stagnant and not scoring points and not getting touchdowns are settled for real world. And that you know honestly it goes back to the quarterback cute quarterback generates the points generates the place. If you watch again between Cincinnati and Houston you know Andy Dalton had a couple chances there. Weight -- they hit AJ green for touchdown recognize them he misfired and elections -- young quarterback jacked up and in Nazi in the game probably as clearly as needlessly and are gonna get a reasonably good defense and they're building itself. You know this resilient probably get -- -- been down this road before Aaron Rodgers has been down miserable for a poster quarterbacks stepped up their game of the playoffs and I suspect that all we will get there once we can as well. Knights who feel like the AFC championship. Game and a football program and I thought you know -- at Denver. What -- -- a three point line and then. Look I want to get ahead of myself I usually get these came to hole it just now -- -- compound optimal method and and flat and there's a reason why these games all played. I don't think that either one of these teams -- along the road and beat people one of these quarterbacks but there's always that there's always that chance for the court on your next Monday morning. Explaining how the Texans beat the patriots because you've got. -- with Marty broke within a week ago we broke down AFC title game of a New England at Denver. Although going back to think about Denver they look at their schedule. They didn't beat a lot of good teams this side you know this is not an album from beginning to publish it can't think for knowing not just playing and to evade the weakest divisions in football they did q.s and has ceased. But the fact of the matter is is that they get the job on the predicting that the supposed debate are bumped it to my fingers crossed CBS's keeping its fingers crossed. That you know hopefully we can get memorable games this weekend that would be just to maybe one of the most memorable games just -- in recent memory out in Denver. Are over a good talk did you enjoy your week in Jordan next weekend and keep up the good work scoop. Up architect wanted the size of a Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LT -- our conversation with the -- been sponsored by Cumberland farms DCU digital federal credit union. And by little daddy's.

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