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Andrew Ference says Donald Fehr was the best decision for the NHLPA

Jan 7, 2013|

Boston Bruin Andrew Ference joined Dennis and Callahan to discuss the new agreement for the NHL and the recent play of Tukka Rask. Andrew doesn't expect to see Tim Thomas anytime soon.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan on the patriot Monday but we're going to set football aside for just a few minutes here. Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE brought about Andrew Ference joins us after 113. Days. On the -- good morning Andrew how would you describe your emotions in your. You're your your state right now are you exhausted are you relieved are you aggravated are you happy what are -- Andrew. -- first look the richer. That we conclude that we don't need them on the past week. From here to -- on the differently. Relieved for the anyways. -- -- playing. You know fan connection to back or are you can stop talking. Or group shatter. It and leave also were to decide a close. Quote security from both sides to pull the plug policies. And for that not and early like that can possibly another. -- -- shoot or four. Andrew when the final moment actually happens when the deal gets done specifically how does that happened is fierce tickets hand up Tibetans say we gotta deal or to something less defined -- that. -- fund structure of and we. -- we -- here the last it is. I'm pretty extensively and a -- Probably. -- sister is always -- the proposals. We actually use smaller groups and elderly tour pros and change bill. Women in and we're taking. You know last couple final proposals and which could push pretty harder fewer items. And they just analog spectrum that are slow -- as soon. So that they've had accepted. You know colossal and so it was. Pretty much -- -- -- -- announcement rhetoric kind of looked at each other for a second. -- I was at the and they can't afterwards a little there there. So thank others over -- back there and. And then you grabbed your iPhone broke the story for all the world to see correct that's. -- but it hurt better. You're next -- mr. ordinarily. Boomer Esiason now our two guests today are the two super broke it -- at different times we're gonna give you credit will give him credit we talked him give you crap out of her. At first officials. And you know so much more about this than anybody can you to tell us. From a player's perspective Andrew what did you win in what way did you win. Well if you see -- is looking better as the pension. And and -- and -- over whether -- a little little. Younger age has -- -- Or blue though winning the that in and today is world I think it. Everybody understood it in a concessionary bargaining and they look at the other sports players -- -- you consider. You know there are certain certain aspects of that are compared to those guys but. -- compared to the old world that we played under it was so it was all -- in less. There was no apostle which you two Pataki. And parts in. In our interview. -- And thinks it was work to certain. Those over agenda. Was it a wise move looking back looking at the big picture here. To bring in Donald -- to represent you. Those words we've ever. That don't move. Every reporter that's -- the meetings and was alt and that staff member it would seem the same. Thousands and over others I'm biased because I. -- last. News. I couldn't imagine we're going to be. If if we can make that change in. Doctor. Don't you don't make no bones about it it's a tough tough negotiating partner on the other side and you know -- -- to have. The experience -- affair but also people surrounding. That economists. Rather. The other late -- -- in those rooms. In orders misfortune user auto. Auto workers or autoworkers and injustice that experience closing deals of the negotiating -- Was -- Andrew -- the wins by the players are as scarce as you suggest they are is there are some resentment. Toward the establishment by the players. Nobody I think everybody. Everywhere that scared up tootsie the position or and so the position that believe them and you can you can sit there and -- a perfect picture here so who was agreed to do it looks like but at the end of the day after as. On -- -- -- orders you know there's other sports and you know there're business and a lot of elaborate as well what sorts but he just say well what this system you didn't support. Unless you. You know court on the which we record and its nuclear nuclear option and earth and go to court but. Mean the massacre is then. You know and some in some players guys who were there. Wouldn't and a lot a lot of guys guys loose. You'd be distressed or process. What was the hardest concession a wall to swallow. -- -- The last auto -- cap -- and sit and he would relent -- Erica wrote my. After that the system doesn't change dramatically in the membership and we're there. -- -- Her -- -- you can point to once it's just. Not that it drastically different systems just. Different reverse. What was the darkest hour was there a day or two or -- time period -- This is really going over the cliff here it really -- we can't get this back. You know all we did -- mean there's a couple big decisions in the biggest ones and most -- critical and being. Literally the eleventh hour deciding. Secure her answer -- sure. That was. You know career option. And and you know we one dollar and -- at the just to physical -- you know from from the victim or. An ocean experience and you know as a smaller group that has to decide whether mr. And care is where -- options whether negotiations. Was actually going Arlen assault tactics there it is if anything there's the other possibility of getting something done in the next four days. You know there's there's people on both sides -- irk her her with -- that we should do it. Glad that we we chose or at least it because orders. This huge shift in attitudes. And in. You know desire to get killed after our senate passes to sort of and it's been confirmed since that -- probably matures. Don't Q are often feel and I guess -- its case and every every time as a battle between players and owners don't you feel like -- they're -- you know they're trying to protect themselves from themselves. In on the -- -- -- A bit like limiting the years of a player's contract seven year term limit I believe it is now. Why don't they just not -- guys tenure deals -- it does that sound to himself as a. If you go there all the stuff right sort of put the very angry that it goes against everything that. That most -- so. People doing in other businesses and making it in and it was very capitalists and open markets and without regulation. Sports. It consists. Completely it's -- it's an alternate reality and you literally try to regulate business strictly in this courses you can ancestry no loopholes in the movement and and that's what they try to do so it insists this. As far away from the other services -- -- public so that. It's it's which is that because. You know there's that competition is -- or print it but right there -- -- in order or whatever you're. You know other rules that guidelines but you really want people like. That your rival -- It's human nature -- Andrew I'm sure you've given some thought to this what do you anticipate the mood in the home and the tenor of the fan base being how much damage has been done and what that vary from city to city do you think. Our very culture yearning -- Every step sister. This process -- if there -- rumors or hair. Or authority here Andrea roses. This partner of the difference. It will start as well and I think everybody understand her. You know the business. To get her -- -- -- -- I don't think there's an appreciation for tiller and choose. The agreement and support over the documents as -- -- -- and every. Word and shift of the numbers as. Really effects and on on. Their businesses but also. On players that avenue news that drop of guys that political career. Of the CPA. Actually. Sort of -- make -- decisions and trying to do it fast and you know you are -- -- sense that the city streets -- you know just strictly an hour. Thank you realize that. You know even up to a couple years ago if you stick to do is basically sour -- a lot of young guys that. That story of course. And so you're wearing those concerns China is trying to use. You're you're so we'll put it as anybody shall not post war. -- After it locked out because it's extremely good in poetry. From the people -- -- they do not it was a manipulative. So you know we get. Our news. I guess he can really -- You know not. Patronize them and not. You know. Just say thanks. Very. Security Hillary understands. That there -- -- and try to make people are out of you know not pretend that this wasn't awful. -- was awful. We're talking where Bruin defenseman Andrew Ference who Wasilla involved it was eyeballs in the negotiations in New York for many many hours and I'm wondering Andrew. Have you heard any creative ideas floated by either the owners or the players. In some sort of creative way to not kiss and make up with the fans like first night freer something like that. Offered what for more ideas from this. Has -- I think I mean. But certain you know -- ideas. Votes. Well more pronounced. Play around. And go more cities but sort of the specifically I think that the most probable failures certificate -- -- it's for free and that the court a lot -- you know. Why not actually community -- -- in people's -- watched sport. -- -- I don't know what it is an interest people I hope there's people are our music or something. Really -- was satisfying. Innocent people that over. And -- the players I mean the best thing to do just that uses. -- are able to war or. Effective -- -- -- hurt so. It is. -- Would you say -- that you're gonna see. Good hockey -- I know I know you're in shape and we know Shawn -- been boxing and do and whatever karate to stay in shape. For what he does come 48 games that's I like that mean every season's too long baseball basketball. We saw them short and last year don't -- that we get we might get a better product -- more intense games get a better race to the playoffs and may be better playoffs. Because let's face it a hundred games is a lot on on guys like Q it's a lot on your body this is going to be nice shortened and an intense. Well to be created -- just concentration in sting you so far there was mr. your rival and which we agree and talking to trigger as a portrait. Classrooms is apparently now. So compare players. And set -- -- as far as her work stoppage was just awful close hosting. What you -- dispute goes apps sprints and you know the chaotic. And you at least at this time some guys playing here and so -- just practicing. As. Prepare themselves. It will be chaos for. Teams do. That are unexpected or expected players this. Sort of interest in picture and just you know -- -- matter but. But it definitely. And you know. You know that's just -- those. Losses that would -- Orton. And I'm looking at his -- the court playing but when she looked. This intensive purposes. And -- while. Andrew fitness levels aside do you have any theory or formula as to how one team will fair vs another in this quick ramp up I mean obviously this is a veteran team that's been together a coaching staff of wealth. Does that give you a bit of an advantage or perhaps over another team. Well whoever is goalie was not so. Let's not. Start from there of the house took a look. -- play and yet I played against an actual shot chart of so here's what is this. So I mean goalie I mean everybody agrees were there and then. And just kind of go from there were -- number that you think of our and -- analog. In your searching important. -- is some guys. Junior. Story their numbers as you'd -- that it that it -- -- we. To that is just a crapshoot you know which. Talked to guys currently in a pretty good feeling of what there their training in the practices are like how many guys. You know being competitive. In those practices get pretty good note there's this huge group of I was trying the other working the other from different. And and auditors that. Some cities that are. Six. Just -- -- it. The justice can -- pretty big range. Prepared. The are you convinced honestly convinced that we will not see Tim Thomas this season. Andrew. Yeah I don't think anybody. That's -- at all. And Doug Hamilton probably stayed in shape of the world juniors to use the suspect is going to be team with Chara. When he gets here. Not all that they fully expect to -- But it. It's torture for personal -- There. Is to. We you know we leave you with -- -- you tweet it out in this again was abject disappointment on Andrew Ference as part between developed. For every NHL pass a tree will be planted every NHL goal a solar panel will be installed. Oh wait but those proposals didn't get him now at all threatened the Butler and at the letter of congratulations on finally getting it done look at -- hockey wrap it up again and noble talked it on the road. Andrew Ference and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible fault lines soap bubble talk -- on seven. 77979. 37 -- Esiason at 8 o'clock Tom Brady completes. The quarterback gallery at 830 we'll be right.

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