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NFL Sunday: What is Up with that Whacky Tattoo?

Jan 6, 2013|

The boys talk Rex, his stupid tattoo and the future of the insanely disfunctional NY Jets.

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Number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold in here along with Chris price from WEEI dot com former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham. Former patriots running back Kevin fall it is a bye week for the patriots so. And we've been able to talk about a lot of different things football wise we began the show and you guys heard during the flash as well. The the lockout is over in the National Hockey League. It would appear that there are two possibilities for Bruins fans that a fifty game season would begin on January 15. Or -- 48 game season would begin on January 19. There are reports that the players' association will vote on the collective bargaining agreement today. They've got a conference call this afternoon they'll vote today the board of governors in the NHL will meet on Tuesday in New York they will vote then. I would guess that you'd see players back on the ice here. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday something like that you got a lot of players who around anyway but. -- official practices somewhere in the mid week range so that's what's going on in the NHL were talking a lot of football on NFL Sunday. We sorted -- that little bit. As we went into the break and I was gonna bring it up at some point. There are those who say. Damien Woody for instance has tweeted that what you get tattooed on your body is your own business what's the big deal what difference does it -- -- a broader sense I agree with that. Your body is your temple bloated and Harry though it may be -- and you get to decide how you adorn that temple are right. But if you are soaked toned it. To decide that it would be a fun and wacky thing to do. That tweet back to two tacked to a picture of your wife know wishes that. Wearing nothing but -- New York Jets Jersey no issues with that although ultimately chances are you're not going to be a head coach of the New York Jets forever. But that Jersey number belongs to Mark Sanchez. And you're in oppose that most would describe his team Boeing. You got some things going on in your head that did you know if -- Woody Johnson I'm gone. We have to meet with the media Tuesday. -- it because it's gonna come up how much is the NFL gonna fine me if I just -- meet with the media at all. What do you think it. Well. Steve put up to soften -- -- -- guests. There's a lot of well a lot of green shirts in the world besides that -- me. Net net the previous posters here and a lot of people one and number six before ABB paying tribute to ray Lucas. And was responsible for -- she's just New Zealand. I don't know I can't defend it can't talk about it don't like the idea. You know its decision he made he's an apple that apparently when they come back you'll have to. Finally offers some US complaint got to find by the NFL because they didn't hold a post season press conference which all the teams in the league are required to deal right. They put off because -- on vacation and his wife okay fine. What do you think that second or third questions going to be Tuesday when they're supposed to get together with a member of the media now his response is going to be. That's personal choice and has nothing to I'm not gonna not address that course. But. -- think about for just a minute if it got this thing tattooed on your butt cheek and nobody's gonna see okay. I might still question your judgment I'm not gonna know about it note neither is anybody else but I hope. But but I'm telling me if I'm Woody Johnson. I'm -- and this this clown college continues. Nothing is gonna change here. And -- woody Johnson and craving stability. He's interviewing general manager candidates all the GM candidates have been told all by the way Rex has to be your coach next year. And I'm guessing that there are some general manager candidates or sank. After that's too great and withdrew Woody Johnson is are you craving stability are you -- the back pages -- -- I don't I don't believe that. I don't believe I -- and I know that's always been that line has always -- all what is the one Witten got Tebow you know could he wanted to fight the giants for the back page of the post. I ask Mike Lombardi about -- and call the football guys wanted Tim Tebow wasn't Woody Johnson I still thing. -- of the belief that there are new York university in in nine I know you know whether whether or not you know who do who decided to go and get people to leave but the I I just think if you are seeing the culmination of and we talked about this before the jets went out in in their approach was their team building approach was they had a finder window when he went out he blew the cap by the water and he signed a lot of long after they -- a lot of deals. The put them in -- jail. And now they're in fort. And I think that they're going to be him from for the next couple years for several reasons not the least of which they -- and actually untenable contract is blowing into marks interest. In let's but he did Vista energy as a candidate it there's a whole list of things in your right cap jail as the single biggest one. You know the whole thing about Rex is your coach but he wanted to be or not. -- by the way you don't have a quarterback couldn't and you probably got a backup quarterback you're gonna wanna get out of here. I I don't see anything get better for the jets. The Buffalo Bills have just hired a guy from Syracuse who by all accounts by the way did a very good job going to Syracuse cleaning up that mask good for him. -- in due to even hear this guy's name brought up about an NFL coaching vacancy before this week. I never details about -- like it because that he's probably football gather probably make it for football reasons you might not getting the sexy pick when you give him when you're giving some quantum buffalo it's just. The reality of what you might get a guy who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then you know when a -- loses a job and I think he still as a respectable lot of people around the league. Both poisons of -- landry's father -- -- buffalo Jacksonville Oakland for the job you you know that you get offered if you're not the sexy pick but we know you're still -- what you do when you might be compared -- environment point. Alternately changing a few officers while America he's at his first point in the league also but -- I don't. I just want when I look at the AFC east. And you know this organization is by far the most stable but the dolphins to their credit. Or at least attempting to gain some sense of stability IC none in New York I don't see any in buffalo. I don't see anything for the foreseeable future that threatens the reign of the New England Patriots atop the AFC I like that you mentioned Joseph. The of the -- situation -- so when is was not. Chip Kelly chaotic in Joseph vigil -- if you're looking for a a comparable situation what just happened buffalo you might wanna point to what happened in Miami with open attack on an idea I think it's a Smart guy and I think that Miami. Of beat. Three other teams in the AFC east has the best shot at rebuilding. The you know your your your gonna hit the reset button in New York you're gonna hit the reset group they have hit the reset button in in buffalo. In having Miami while they're not exactly world beaters they're taking steps in the right direction we talked about this before. I just think if ownership doesn't decide to blow thing up with generally to Super Bowl within three years I think that's the real big question -- there and what they're gonna do with all that money in the offseason if 46 billion dollars under the -- in the policies whether to go after Reggie Bush. Where they go in another direction is it. This is a key off season for that franchise and I'm not saying that they're gonna overtake the patriots in the -- -- two but I think of the other three teams in the in the division. I think to get the best shot at being competitive. Out -- the -- -- by the way and tool who've said 01 -- the tattoo is much ado about nothing it's. I mean the fact he has a -- doesn't mean anything. The judgment -- halting doing that is what we're talking about we're not talking about the fact that he has attacked two of his wife on his -- who cares. But the judgment. To do that is is what I think Woody Johnson is on wall what's -- -- on anyway it's beside the point. That the larger point was the AFC east and how you know the patriots have been kind of raining in the AFC east from last ten years. For the year Brady got hurt and they still tied for the AFC east that year and lost but on a tiebreaker went 115. I don't see anything that he rails this for the foreseeable future I do I I just think it goes back to. The way you build your team the jets built their team for the long for the short term they've built their team for -- window in the weren't able to cash in the -- two trips the FC championship game and that was their ceiling being maxed out at that point. -- it just it's it's not sustainable when do we -- this in the salary cap -- you can only do so much you can only creates so much financial flexibility. In -- maxed out boy and -- here from -- Chris I've heard the potential candidates have been mentioned up and down their New York bit there's there's a handful of no high profile GM you you're you're looking at guys were assistant GE Hampshire looking at guys who are gore -- goats. But there's no. Like there's no Holmgren. Who's been introduced in the mix there's no clear guy who you appointments. He's a well known -- bring him it's one thing to be a coach looking at a potential coaching mining sponsor -- -- your quarterback with -- assistants and there are the roster and help for the roster almost make. It's another GM to be looking at a new job or your your compete you muy handcuffed. Yeah you walking in in capture and you're gonna have to shed weight you might be shedding one or both of quarterbacks you've got some big contracts that are really hold you down. Some of these might be untreatable to begin with so it may be regardless of logo on the helmet programs were nice and the facilities regardless of the name in the cash shape. Eminem be a winnable -- might not something that your your might be a transition guy you might you've got to try to give back their head above water in two or three or four seasons and somewhat fixed up from the apple what. You need to do. You if you can figure out -- doing is either go to saint just said look we have to rework a contract. No he's not to do you have now quit -- were you trying to find some way which you are you trying to trying to find some team to take. Because if you wild west that's a huge step why would you because youth. And -- observing your Rome Italy. But you've been -- -- -- -- wouldn't have thought samba I'm not saying you gotta give back everything. -- and you gonna give it as a way to word you do about the where you can gain some of them way that you are supposed to make. -- -- Within may cure -- salary your yearly -- drilling and Elizabeth what is tell Manama has guaranteed he stills and I would point -- -- come into or something like that close to. Think it's close to the neighborhood of between. Sixteen any team right between ridiculous documents yes exactly so existing here and a look at the numbers agree it's real world com they have. Contract information on everyone's pulling out here wooden oh he signed a five year. Fifty point 25 million dollar contract which contains twenty million guaranteed including an eight million dollar signing bonus. All of Sanchez's 20122013. Please dollars. It was base for an excuse yeah it's it's yeah it's and that's egg again if you're the GM. You find a way to get to see just look after rework your deal. We we'd we'd have to get that cap number down because you know you prerequisite for a job well yeah you know or or are you going to urge you rebuke pitch to -- you know in the in the way that it is debris in the past that look. We wanna bring into more guys around you we wanna make this about a football team we wanna bring him. XY and Z in do you view more offensive options to meet Cuba requirement to be attracted to him that way. BBC. BB falls for a profile. You're -- Laura and I -- that -- yeah he doesn't listen the united -- yes or or to figure out away or or you figure a way to treat. And I don't know if that's possible. Yeah.

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