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NFL Sunday: Why did Andy Reid Jump at the Chance to Coach in KC?

Jan 6, 2013|

The gang discuss the NFL coaching carousel and all the open jobs currently, as well as some of the popular candidates. They delve in the Andy Reid situation and why he and the Chiefs are such a good match.

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I certainly don't have to tell the former players in the room this and it's not a bulletin for most people who watch the National Football League but this a business. This is area are hard business. And we found that out this week when. Seven coaches and five general managers hall lost their job and in one week we started to see some of those positions being billed. I think most people a little perplexed by the Buffalo Bills electing Syracuse head coach Doug Maroney is. Their new head coach but were were awaiting where Chip Kelly is gonna land it appears that the Philadelphia Eagles. May be in the running although the Cleveland Browns think they're still in the running but it's been kind of interest in watching how this works this week. Andy Reid was probably the biggest surprise for me just that he jumped so quickly. Mean you would have thought that he could've been wined and dined by about 45 different teams he got Kansas City and -- was anyone going anywhere else barbecue. Yeah if he's been. Kept there by he's known Nazi for two years now and at the end. Not this year last year. They was talking about firing Andy so ever want to -- up by their. And as a competitor as well and he wants to give back into winning ways and get back you got a vet why that's. It's a dip what you do you know what he should've taken a year off. I just you you're you're in the -- for as long as you're in and not just in the game with a lot of situations that has happened to him exactly he should've just taken a year off in the jobs would have been their forum. It's not like this -- a young guy who may or may not get a chance to coach and he's gonna -- used to coach again. This I just think in in beauty to hear from me out of -- -- to step away for years and just kind of collective thoughts and is gonna come back to it. After season I know coaches wired digital I know any coaches -- competitors and and I understand average just think would have been -- -- best thing for -- me the first family we just a poetry here there we consider this year we were curious just because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- apparently didn't. But we -- to do that we are there if he is the coach wanted things that as a player who we know. Plane helps us get through all that other thing that that negativity and Estrada was on the board BC I think I think the -- to answer question why he was so attractive -- I think the idea that a guy. Was stable I think there's there's something about -- I know I hit a lot of teams want it in the -- beyond just -- think you know it's not like in these particular system like through that particular offensive styles I want and I want Europe to produce the discount that organizational -- out of -- When you cease someone is more attractive. Italy it's -- as the data inaugural that it only have -- and her boyfriend for twenty you know there's that there's an idea of stability that they must have seen something in them he's going to be here for a long time -- you may have -- misunderstood -- -- surprise profit not that he -- I think he'd have been attractive for like five different T I -- just he did it I mean just that he jumped at the first the first or declined -- in front of them -- Now how many teams now give the hate coached total control. I'm thinking now while they did it's so much so they fired Scott Pioli. He's bringing his own guy in. How many things going allowing vehicles to come in and bring it all right you know I I also wonder at -- good point usually maybe that was it was given his situation -- with with the way things ended in Philadelphia when he came to a team building perspective that and see what company or the work he did a really good job for a really long time. And following a philosophy that you know really was set down by the patriots in the it's not about collecting -- about assembling a team -- -- that whole thing went off the Orioles. A couple of Summers ago when he started collecting talent when he started going on signing Nnamdi Asomugha -- victim in -- -- everyone under the sun. That's where everything kind of went off the -- -- maybe he's looking at dancing you know what. Wanna get back to what meet us great -- and you know what's ironic about this whole thing takes the Kansas City each. In my opinion he desperately needs a quarterback he's got first overall pick in a year where on the quarterbacks are all that attractive. There's no slam dunk all the possible alternatives -- allies. We we feel like there's no slam -- was it geno Smith -- -- Barkley is but those guys are -- talking about the -- draft but -- to -- to fifteen range is not that is worthy -- I want to but I -- -- were talking -- well for horses and Russell Wilson snarled as -- as -- does that really make that much -- -- I think its interest in just that you know. -- his other alternatives I mean we've we've talked about him as a as an as an option in Arizona and you know going back with diesel quarterback you know and in relative to go Kevin Cobb is a reclamation project there encountered on the -- in the back -- Islamic mirrored the -- question maybe it's more that was -- -- their cupboard as well bullet. I thought might that might have been lower as much as the barbecuing -- -- -- is that a government who shoot I don't want it to positive attitude and from doing a perspective the jumped up this week Josh McDaniels. Basically you know on officially said look I'm not looking for new job. Simulating what surprised some people out there I thought that was a bit of the president the other thing was we found out the bill O'Brien with the Cleveland brown yes that loss Martha's Vineyard that -- -- he's he's he sat down with him in in with their pitches etc. and -- -- him mr. currency interest in the the browns have roots and markers and because that's what -- -- that big saluted him authentication in witnessed minimally invasive Ari you don't. The -- he says -- you -- and attempt to pass and vacation -- -- vineyard in January troops had. Better. Take that scenario I have some highlights like someplace slightly warmer about two inches all like Rex you know you go to -- and drove to new -- that Politico there. Certain. Session broadest. For and LY will still only comeback.

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