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NFL Sunday Breaks Down the Ravens/Colts Game and Discuss a Possible New Member for the Pats Next Season

Jan 6, 2013|

The guys discuss the very interesting matchup between the Colts and Ravens today. Everybody loves to watch Luck play, but Baltimore is a tough matchup for them and may even push Denver to the brink of elimination next week. But Faulk cautions the guys that this Ravens team is not built like we're used to with that swarming, killer defense. Dale also brings up an interesting theory that Ed Reed may be in a Pats uniform next season!

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Back Iran NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI will be here till 1230 today the and the pregame show. We've got playoff football coming your way today here on Sports Radio first game today. Indianapolis is at Baltimore second game today Seattle at Washington now because of the way things played out yesterday we already know. The patriots host the Houston Texans next weekend. The Denver Broncos will host the winner of Indianapolis Baltimore. If the football gods have a sense of humor it's got to be Indianapolis doesn't it. -- -- -- I mean did just that the whole image of you know Andrew Luck on against Peyton Manning in Denver and all that stuff kind. Run in the same offense to a kind of fun to watch each series -- looks the same as the other logic of Tammy is down just pay and I mean there are some sort of other you know even Stokley is over there immune to Kennewick. Watch in the mirror image of one I was fascinated on Twitter yesterday because in the wake of news the Texans team you went back and forth with people in who they wanted to win. In there was no singular consensus that that there would be -- overriding philosophy amongst. All right well let's root for Baltimore because Baltimore is a better chance to beaten up Denver. In the -- maybe when Denver -- Leo when when when -- ready for the UFC championship -- their elaborate more banged up and -- would be the -- a team like and why did you -- Denver -- traveled to Baltimore few weeks -- tell us edit it I don't think I wanna guy that's a great point associate and that in that -- point but the idea that did Baltimore. That combined with the Ray Lewis farewell tour gives them some sort of emotional boost in variable to beat -- they're able to go into Denver and kind of -- CI think all the opinions around Baltimore right now or storyline driven I think you look back at the really ugly early of playoff loss was three years ago against ravens that -- fans a little bit. Last year missing -- -- no I don't -- and that's -- -- in India last year a missed field goal line and it stripped ball by sterling Moore away from and I think those things have zero to do with more about the -- plus the teams much lasts I think of the team and they word. Just because of the roster and torn apart since throwing a seasonally solvent so I don't think the I think Baltimore public will be scary -- my personal opinion and I don't think they'd provide as many issues aren't fast knew about his Baltimore team. I don't remember him the same. Ethernet and -- -- domestically number one thing for all these is the Baltimore Ravens have been at the top of the in his failed because of defense. Not because of their offense and so are. They've had the emergence of Ray Rice who is a great play in my eyes on offense but besides him in. The little numbers of tourists from enforcement and gets -- source community is very important but it wobbled a -- publisher didn't -- what they note that he's a position receive relative to the position of Cuba. Defense if -- reduce teen. Active -- do if they are not dominate defensively. They're not the Baltimore -- that we know hole. You look at the ways that they finished the regular season I don't think I've ever seen a team -- such a high profile coaching move so late in the year. Edit it view you'll be going into the post and there was clearly disconnect between you know there and Cameron and him in Harbaugh I understand that but I don't know if you make that -- that embassies and I also do your point -- this defense is not what it once was I know that it's still we're very proud group picked him. General -- teams I just don't know how much they have left in the -- and -- -- -- we we've talked about this on the show several times that that. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end of that great core group of players that we've seen in Baltimore for a decade plus now. Natalie do it in the -- yet and I take it one step further I think you're gonna see one of the -- patriot in every year in net today and what it's the inactive. Read it and grab -- -- member Bill Belichick took demonic John Lynch see what's left in the tank there I can see him in any yeah. Us but it all depends on how homeless move and he wants. Well he's not gonna go I think. Richard Reid you don't go to a police where you're gonna. Minnesota where you're gonna start -- -- -- -- for neat though and I don't want to go to gonna go to a team where you're gonna -- when it champion 34 years old Gregory gonna go to to anyone only championship. But that is he's gonna appreciate your values. A little. You under I love this organization. I love it I'm I'm going to live in Darfur. But I know. Ins and outs of I've been here solo. And it's just the threat well Belichick has always waxed poetic about it read it has always been a guy that he's admired as an opponent. Respected to the nth degree. The situation here from the the ravens perspective is they're probably gonna have to franchise Joseph Flacco. I'm not a huge fan -- but that's their quarterback they're gonna have franchise him. They can't franchise -- they're gonna have to let him go and I am just Tonya. I just picture and a -- you -- me tell -- the list I mean from the years I was there and in and Kevin Europe suitors while I think. There were guys like dead -- it wasn't just to media figures and stuff like that in team meetings we -- the film there's guys that he would overemphasize right. Level was Jason Taylor I think that's a pretty glued. End of career available freeagent put these knock -- -- break the bank because he just -- Jason -- -- who loved them so much in an interview three hours per hour he's not gonna do. And I think Ed Reed. Today is still phenomenal player and ascent of ember can -- down again in a -- relative to where it was a couple of years ago but I don't think musical break the bank situation I think you'll support ruling hard. It's also circumstantial meaning of the reason they were doing what John -- -- is maybe that the things going mama James -- I don't know who was in the back in at that point I was I was looking to be like -- weeks will -- back besides just safe yeah -- for multiple seats as the -- roster context of the matters and I think this team is as maybe just -- they did release everything in bringing Steve Gregory. They look like they've made the transition to DeVon and gives -- a tunnel or virgin of the negotiation route that's secondary. I don't know if that where that fits you just invested a -- round draft pick and if I'm Wilson. You've got -- on the -- via free agent if they decide to retain him that that Timmy might not make sense were the team is right now for -- of how much of an -- different if there's a chance that he falls in love with a guy that's that guy in its funny at two armour told the guys that guy yet he's the guy I mean I would rather talk adapt to ever talk you talk -- we're -- -- block from where. He will put on heap of it read in people that you do in people get you know you guys will sit there and roll your rise and laugh and make jokes about you know -- -- people have in the past because. He has such an affinity for what it Reid brings to the Dubai I agree argument. I don't think he has the break the bank I don't think you go on these rights and to ridiculous contract. But I think if you get into a situation where basic. He's available believable and take a look at the less you know maybe you -- -- -- treasuries -- get a chance to win another ring yet. But -- again I think the Jason Taylor thing is very similar and he had an equal affinity indeed the exact same things in meetings when he was available for the some exceptional do I think it always comes back about. I think he would have loved to have Jason from the lead to comply with the way he played the game the way he actually was a piece that -- pretty much how we do think -- forget about in the more incensed -- -- What's that know me know what. It's all in all those things -- factored in I. Artsy but. Been wrong many -- I would love to see it now on the frog in a framework of Israel every article one story is the best -- -- the best pitch -- player in the history of LA it's it's -- watch the guys -- road where mechanics it's a -- -- I was as -- well look at his -- away -- he -- -- -- he has almost like some sort of mechanical. Thing where he booze and out of breaks I was actually at Hoechst. For his 'cause recruit -- their list -- I think it's it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where do as well right now and listen you know KM and -- yeah.

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