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NFL Sunday: The RG3/Dr James Andrews Controversy

Jan 6, 2013|

Dale and company get into the story that has come to light regarding the RG3 injury and HC Mike Shanahan saying he got the go ahead mid-game from Dr James Andrews that RG3 was ok to go back in the game. Dr Andrews says he never even got a chance to look at Griffin! Dale is amazed that the Skins would take this ridiculous chance with their franchise QB. The guys discuss the role of trainers and doctors on the sidelines and how it can be a sticky situation when someone gets hurt but wants to go back in the game.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI by the way just does the work layered hair. To steal my buddy -- -- hands phrase we have pro Bono coverage this morning. We will actually be until 1230 today it will take -- -- the pregame show. He can bring you not -- play half football today Indianapolis is in Baltimore Seattle as -- Washington. Let's let's dive into that and -- I now they have no ability to get well I try to get away from your lead him back to it don't we do and then Colin DO really young women of the group I'll be a driver's -- -- -- -- disputes is calling Palin -- -- Let's talk briefly about -- -- and will do more as the as the day goes on but let's start for the first time talking about two games today. There is -- fascinating story that just came out broke this morning. Broken back -- SA today. For most folks I think the most interesting game of the weekend at least for for many of us as Seattle Washington. The late game today the of the game at 430 today it you know it's it I think it's going to be great match up. And and arguably the most fascinating character in that game is is RG three guy -- kind of take in the NFL by. Storm. A couple weeks ago. RG three gets hurt December ninth. -- they beat the Baltimore Ravens 3128. RG three limps to the sidelines. He gets held off the field for one played any kind of hobbled back into the huddle. After the game Mike Shanahan was asked about it and he said Mike Shanahan set. That doctor James Andrews who was on the sidelines for the Redskins at the time -- allowed RG three back in the game. -- James Anderson no I didn't. Doctor James Andrews has now said we didn't even get to touch him or talk to him scared the hell out of me. He said and I'm quoting now doctor Andrews. He didn't even let us look at him he came off the field walked the sidelines circled back through the players and took off back to the field it wasn't our opinion. He's afterwards Shanahan said he described -- Shanahan. -- the media describes a conversation with doctor James -- quote. He's on the sidelines with doctor Andrews he had a chance to look at him and he said he could go back -- I said -- doctor Andrews can Robert go go back yen. Yet he can go back yen. Robert go back and that was after. Doctor James Sanders this and everybody got to talk tool. I never even -- now when he went back to the sidelines quietly after reentry game -- ultimately gets back to the sidelines doctor Andrews at that point. Gets to see him he says you know it's my job to make sure he's OK for the next fifteen years. He's a competitor Yuma -- team down and at that point doctor -- shut him down. It's and you're not cold back to him when he finally got to examine them. Now again I know this is shocking news for many of you and I said this earlier Whitman. Coach in the NFL long lines. That can't possibly be any cabinet. And and it's only may be the most renowned orthopedic surgeon. In the entire world who happens to be on the sidelines for the Washington Redskins and says are. I didn't say go back into the game -- a chance to. With a guy who as we said is supposed to be their picks they're cornerstone. They're centerpiece for the next fifteen years. And doctor Andrews and back. And look at -- user generated chance that it took in when was this December ninth yeah. The way from is about to be among a couple of days right -- -- is the big story now you're here we're trying to win a football game -- -- -- right now. Alyssa that is not a -- not here's the deal Shanahan and the Redskins were already find earlier this season. They described RG three is being shaken up -- -- suffered a concussion in week five against the Atlanta Falcons. The NFL find the Redskins 20000 dollars for not properly informing media of the injury. And in the aftermath of that chance at ya got -- said he could go back and yeah. That it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Baltimore December ninth I guess I was gain access points are sensitive matter -- -- -- -- -- and a trainer let me -- -- you mean if you want just begun it's the most skilled -- hands to go on -- thing that's different than diagnose and what do players -- moment. What is certain is coming out -- the trainer who came out of pro what's the protocol in that situation for a -- with what's the usual what do you guys go through -- I mean you went through what you went through a situation which you would what. The disease is it is insurgent is that doctors -- drew who was coming out to check. They're doctors surgeon trainers. There are comets are going into one badgers have enough -- -- welcome its echo and on the first person in the parents used to turn their -- and make sure things are acting with injury and everything. -- the doctor church. And then it from that point on the trainers to start hooting and trainer at that point has no more authority right the minute the doctor starts talking to you. The doctor has authority over where the -- not like it he makes his diagnosis ran naked eye doctor says. No he can't go back in -- like a traitor and they all -- -- right. As it's just like anything the doctor so now. Well it's interesting to be Kevin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come true Humpty -- -- that's been through our category do you. Doctors -- they have a job at a different job function the trainer trainers -- To chew through the years they build -- they try to keep you healthy this year constantly you know taping things and keeping things loose and warm return to keep -- -- -- manageable. A doctor sees it a different way and I think we all know that. I really wanted to come out of a game your doctor the doctors can assume worst case scenario that are gonna say you clearly cannot play with that you know my that whole thing. Plus the slaying this. But I think you're you're -- L server their ports have been generally doesn't work that is -- -- The idea here though is you know if if you wanted out there are ways -- if you're not hurt I think. It's it's it's a it's a gray area because a doctor's always assumed oversight of it because -- basic mechanical side that -- the healing and resting and if it's broken and analyst and thanked. But players play with things that -- broken into an everyday basis so under a microscope of course you can always have that yes. But I think it trainers someone who's gonna -- -- manageable because you can work with that and it's in and that's why we sort heads its -- the greater military is that Geithner managed account receives between the coach in the -- there and it's not it's not -- it -- -- -- Hitler -- is -- book book because this question are there times where players need to be saved from themselves because inevitable all it was a play players want to -- players. Always now we want me back I'm -- say -- and employ an amnesty 98 point 8888 the fair term we need to be protected from I was so. Because we are competitors -- nature if we can. Moving any type of way and what we're doing we're going to go back out there and I think that's what -- -- ORG three. Well I think you could also look it. I'm it would put -- which in 9199. -- -- again maybe six schedule and as well I think there are situations to where you could always have an excuse and there is sort of with the office -- there is sort of an -- element to it to mean if you have something it's twisted -- just going to be a -- element to -- or more damage to. You need to -- there's a reason not to be out there think there are things like. -- broken bones have been -- saddened and dementia often screws are gonna movement you know while ligament was torn between more mental situations of course but are sometimes word you know -- -- And that's why this had conversations so difficult because. Where's the concussions start and stop its its -- So I think there are times -- those little times of the need to polio and leeway but I think some of the hard and soft tissue stop bones and and ligaments of the play with a I don't think you need that voice I mean if you if you commander of the painting and doing more damage orthopedic -- and haven't defined our nose to for the first hour and. And one he's gained yesterday I forgot who was that kind of being a little bit. In the -- wasn't quite like it wasn't going to commercial break. Would like the medical staff came -- -- feel. Good -- gone now. The first term I think we've talked about but I haven't seen like this third party come it was a late. Timeout or any gains they're kind of got that kind of some low. And you've seen the medical staff on different players shooting in your accident actually you know I don't you can't goes the new protocol we talked about it if.

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