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NFL Sunday: Bengals Can't Live Up to the Hype, the Texans Will Return to Gillette

Jan 6, 2013|

The boys discuss the other game yesterday between the Bengals and Texans. Andy Dalton did not play well, but Faulk and Chatham discuss how coaching and play-calling may be the thing that hurt Cincy the most. This sets up a New England and Houston rematch next week and the guys start to preview that game.

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Johnson is off to the left -- -- receiver. In both cities dramatize it and -- takes the -- and about the it's 18 carries for 99 yards prairie in Foster -- grabs point after his. This segment -- 1030 on the line. Here in the third quarter. Calling him. This situation through random moment ago unethical and down -- -- we know it takes to win this week truthful won't be into that last. Good week. Preparation move off this -- it. To go there. Final voice you heard was Houston Texans quarterback Matt shop talking about the possibility of coming back to Gillette Stadium next weekend. Kevin was just kind of joking during the break he said when you started talking about in a quarterback play last segment. He wasn't sure if I was talking about Joseph Weber Andy Dalton. It's also hit this Andy Dalton wasn't a whole lot different than Joseph Webb was is is that's where slightly better by means very slight. But it in it was at odds would have beauty -- I think we saw over the last six weeks of the regular season a guy who appeared to be really coming on in in playing a lot better football and they needed at the start the year I was just. You do look at the Bengals -- you ever wondered if they are regarding general over the top with Marvin Lewis has -- it coach -- -- the -- is not the only problem there but it's just. They keep coming up in -- -- in situations like this and you just chic at -- -- at the same holding you don't want a being player the coach. But somebody -- it's a default. He's he's been a great addition to their organization how many. He's made belts a few times in his what -- career there tools that stat yesterday though he did the winningest coach -- -- guess never out of -- real well and that's support to meet you can't win something and -- I've been surprised. He's been allowed to be there as long as he has and if it -- the Cincinnati Bengals. And the other they don't make a lot of changes I think tariffs are perfect and breakers where he's like yeah. -- go and didn't look good -- somewhat of the play calling the plays that were called. He didn't have -- he didn't have a lot of open for a second and third options of where to go to. Go with the ball as far as. If AJ green was double -- picking UH a green was playing until the second half the army even look at and -- our staff knew we'd talked of we touched on the troopers were off -- that -- -- going back a couple of years Jermaine -- was part of that group of great young tight -- where you mention gronkowski and Hernandez and Jimmy Graham and and to Michael Finley in the rest of you can't disappear like that and because these are going to be considered that we. That's another thing when you don't have guys have your writing you to sit. Aggression just a couple of passes early on game -- That really takes a quarterback's confidence away from the US forest me one to go to you in the game later on a game and game counts. And we also not count on another -- to the Texas defense and language -- early afternoon yesterday he. And when you have a -- that you know. This can give to you in multiple different ways as far as JJ. Think it's -- quarterback if they played really well that is on your mind as a quarterback so you have to make decisions. In tight win goes. Tight quick circuit so you know he's fairly young quarterback and hopefully learn from that and and and move forward. Next year here's the thing I I think your due to become. Very aware of what it takes to win in this league when you see certain performances like that you see why the patriots are Gordon teams like the patriots because of that sort of covered mentality you have to have a lot of it was move the ball and yet they have options -- think. You look -- you know I thought Bindra section ran pretty well idiots who has some good runs and they're still -- -- quick feet still it's the whole stomachs -- decisions not the explosive in your run but it's still ruling -- -- bad hamstring exam like that -- But the point is you'll also have to have a secondary option you have to have a back that you -- -- to you have to have a little bit of the screen game to have Hawkins give it its name that that was sort of there. Whether Iraq and Vietnam and -- status got a bit of a little bit of a way to head kind of a -- cholesterol yeah but they didn't really utilize -- I think the idea is you have to go deep into sort of your your -- to figure things out against that complex -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- And if you really just going to be one guy dependent on that second or tied in to break things up Gresham if he's not doing his thing you don't have a a second of the -- receiver of the so dependable will be covered implement throw coverage AJ green. If you don't have a sort of secondary backlog click public before kind of thing. If you don't have those other packages. If you become either one or two or three team thing dependent you can't really win in this league that's not really a patriots thing which just kind of how things are built. It felt better about those team because of it on paper you look at those -- -- they've got a guy like that all the got a guy like that the -- -- -- success like that in the last month. But it goes all the window and it's basically a -- covered. -- run clinics packets and then we can the united that just doesn't work especially this time year conflict that Bengals team is just youth. Right now because a lot of it about guys were mentioning here in this in this discussion are guys who are probably no more than 26 you know 27 years old. That if you keep them together -- on both sides the ball to. Not a lot of old guys and the one of things -- mentioned as to when they thought of yesterday when you watch and it's in new team. -- is -- didn't come up big in the big moments but they're not a lot of old guys on the team if you give them another year to together. Mean -- get to the next level and how they -- about what she said last week. Can you hold them together for that -- -- it can you be patient enough to hold this young group got together. And to see later on there ought to target date last year. In a -- the first round this year and trails. Maybe -- did it. And at a time when when that big opportunity comes. If figure out -- windows game you know it's it's funny you look at ignorant -- in order to get in the Texans later but but those two teams really. I think there are a lot of similarities in terms of personnel because they think that they're both two week. Young talented teams but he thinks that there are still a couple of guys away and again will will get a little Texas talking a bit but. The need to go out both the boost both these teams need to go on the offseason and gets a little bit more mature. Go out and I've mentioned a million times over last week for you need to go and get a guy like Rodney -- Who can teach you to the next over the need to find being he'd be able to target some guys the offseason both of those teams and go out and find a veteran who could help carry them to the next but not so much for their on field presence but a guy who can which normal. -- either team get an advantage having played each other -- month or so ago I mean. Both teams have knowledge of each other right. The thing that I moved going to break and I told -- for the rigors that it. Ted and you had to write a note if you remember a few weeks ago whenever -- played -- brought this up he's like. The thing about his game is there's going to be aware and is going to be a lose. But if they do meet again down the road. It's going to be told a different cause a lot of guys are going to be different a lot of guys have not played his game or was it a 100%. Our will for some reason wooden had dared to Foster doing of course game -- both sets like crawl to both teams so you know -- don't want those games that. Is gonna wanna feel it out games at the beginning because you gotta have this same type of game that you had a few weeks ago. I think I think even goes deeper than man I don't think this is something fans pick up on or Gordon general needed in and they shouldn't say it's understandable that you don't -- The game is played so much differently the second time around and it's not just you know we now have these players that changes this that's what leads the game plans. But if you go back and look and -- examples -- have been thrown out of the roll over social media and in kind of don't go to the candidate who don't are gonna do but I'm not gonna say -- I'm not gonna say it is a right apparel all but it you know the -- jets thing right -- that the -- a few years ago where there was a blow on the regular season and a close loss in the play. But that the point isn't it you don't that's what's gonna now happened the point is that. -- look at schematic -- the defense is a moron vs the office of cents. On that on both sides of the team for both teams. It's so much different you basically if you wanna try to transpose what happened with Houston early December against what's gonna happen now. It's tough to make that sort of that argument because every virtually Imus maybe 7070%. Of the offense of set she saw you won't see. The all the defense to play call we'll probably be in power really different it's not only going to be it's going to be the same point two guys more less maybe eighteen like Kevin says bought. They're going to be running different things because teams just don't come out through the same thing what the gonna do you're gonna filters but to take those few plays that worked and -- and -- the core concept and build -- a different way. Which not to see the same stuff so. When you don't you don't change who you wore it well some teams do something it's only the patriots are more built to do that the patriots -- -- -- -- -- -- and and that's just -- They're built to do the Texans have a little less flexibility in that report. I think deflects the Texans -- we saw yesterday. The way they build themselves is a lot of hard sell play action -- worker and one half the field so there hard sell. There's often a back in the flat there's a -- -- option it's supposed to get behind linebackers it's it's working off that -- a play action. And there's June Malia -- cover some come back with with Johnson under Johnson. So there's there's concepts of my idea of them is -- all those concept shall still exist -- -- this from different formations. We'll just don't exist in different parts of the field -- bill will be built differently will be motion studies the -- shifts -- be different thanks -- the hype them. So the whole idea is that you can't just say. While we're gonna call the same plays we did last time it's a text is outsells them work and that's how old when usually just -- just thrown out the windows so it's a whole new game. Then me and give you much -- your home your -- all of with the result being spent anyway and I feel confident that they'll bill over comet that usually does happen but just know that this is in the cut and paste at. -- and on the -- please do a heck let's everything you do since perfect mom personnel. Personnel will be of very key factor in his game help me remind me to it was a dumb I'm. All roads it is policy as losing to Baylor has altered the big one obviously on -- -- -- -- -- counselor and Gaza under on the Houston side both Brooks re entered Graham were not involved and then it just is coming back from -- Hernandez was coming back and did it they also had excellent secondary has their secondary with -- with a bit banged up in -- -- -- -- percent but it with that communal. What -- told my as a personnel group. Group when Julius and when you say you'll see the same -- twice. You won't see the same play twice in the same person or group which you have different personnel groups there will have the same pulling. The formations will be different but that we might be the same. So many different things can be key factor everything is going to be alive this -- this is one of those games where your whole playbook is in the so you have to broaden your mind expanded a little more because the playbook is open to everything. Because it's time is that time at that time of the year. I've been in the situation unfortunately I mean obviously plenty of time from the patriots I'd read we division of other teams -- being in new York and having to play them twice from the secret American play in the playoffs. Armor with the game plans on looking at what we're gonna build on what were what we think from what happened the last two times sort of translate to what's gonna happen here. It's very little a lot of times you. Your -- almost. Are prompted not the fault of the trap going back and watching the last game because you become too comfortable something you know not gonna happen and usually that's how. Especially with a guy like Rex Ryan this is different than we're dealing with the -- and bill the river game plans specific to build unique and different things each time you come into. I think 2.0 dale is -- what different in the Texas do I think it's kind of valid because they don't change as much because they're so hard action run play dependent. You basically just change the way the run has built. But still parts of the field the wrong concept of what it's a trap -- for damages judge's own ski runs. That's probably not gonna change much. What shall changes in the nature of the play action comes off the union over what they've built. And and I agree with you completely about what their strength is and they are -- guy who had a monster -- -- month ago was -- -- -- -- You oldest game against the tax Alyssa was gaining. -- look like he's that it he's obviously been a probable player for he's been good all year. I remember in the Texans game. He was especially disruptive. One of the things you can point to their first game and I think you know has a chance to carry over him and speak and with a very broad brush -- the fact that the putrid one front. It and on -- both -- the ball and there's 33. Pro bowlers -- that use data does that tell you how little list of -- because that's the -- I don't think -- that's -- I don't think you feel like while I was -- three -- -- -- but it but it was just -- you look at what -- did on both sides -- the -- not -- -- on the defensive side of the ball but their ability to contain you know put a -- quarter -- JJ -- That was really impressive and I think that was one of the reasons you go back can you watch that game and some of that stuff we talked about some of the stuff not being able to translate. Going forward into this matchup I think those sorts of matchup. And again MP with a broad brush here but some of those sorts of matchup will be able to be consistent from that December team going forward. North ischemic Boyd I don't know billion plan go back and Miami much but we did. There was something that they did last week that I think would work great against Texas -- pullback -- Yeah it's not often that you know. Seen a lot of Paul film over the years in your off deceived twists that are new and others allow offensive ingenuity with the you know to tell us hey that's a pretty new you all those all those things right at. But defensively last week of the patriots actually put vents and the brain and -- that the two heavies on the team out of the end positions. The collapse the tackles and then went small -- and we've we've hurt small inside all year with you know at the Cunningham would be in that role and occasionally it's like somebody around three technically usually other guy next to it was a big. Going -- out small and is unique because you crashed the tackles now I I'm curious because Miami isn't built terribly different is forced. Part run play action Warner too often some options on the field. Reggie throws and announce. Yeah a little bit -- Didn't tackle get pushed back you know I wonder if that translate how wonderful it had some semblance -- want to -- tonight -- so they'll -- -- that in the index that that's a great point to have when asked you guys about -- did you see them doing some things last week and we get to after the break -- -- -- -- in Atlanta after the -- that Chris. Did you guys doing -- last week. We express our idea of getting stuff on film which he expressed idea of doing some stuff to put some thought in the minds of potential playoff opponent that. He can think about. That's why he is who he is that's why this coaching staff and his organization who they are they do things at some point. Not to say just to -- you don't feel what they want to see how it looks. And if it does look good. We're going to work on we're going to work and -- -- that might have been a good thing to see how that works because the Texans are outside stretch running team. And if you can get that done taking care of that -- that will be great because you we know already that if you stop the Texans running game. The rest of their offense it's gonna be kind of hard for him to move the ball down field and that was shown -- -- the ghost of. I think there's a there's a reason they dated as well live on debrief. First of all you can't I don't I thought I believe I can edit email and cards. Cable while the reason they were too and I think has had knocked back doubles of the tackle position. Jake Long to go on that's helpful sometimes that's why doesn't translate to a point brown their maybe it's not the best ideas -- him and in -- just butt heads but. I Kevin's point I think the idea that it's one component is he says to put them on tape it's another component of action trying to see if we can work. You know it's a good it's basically one last light practice options -- -- appointment musical for.

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