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NFL Sunday: No Christian Ponder for the Vikings Leads to a Big Victory for the Packers

Jan 6, 2013|

Dale, Chris Price, Chatham and Faulk are back at it today even though the Pats have a bye until the Divisional Round. They discuss the 2 games that kicked off the weekend yesterday, mainly the struggles of Joe Webb at QB for the Vikings. Unfortunately, starting QB Christian Ponder wasn't able to go at game time, and that really cost the Vikings. Chatham gets into how having 2 QB's that are at totally different ends of the spectrum like Webb and Ponder can really come back to haunt a team when someone gets hurt.

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I'm gonna say this one time in and Matt's gonna yell at me because thirty yelled at me on Twitter last night. I have never in my life seen more inept quarterbacking performance than what I watched last night by Joseph -- of the Minnesota like I love those bunny years and agree with these broadcasts ago the follow Lego like 500 people he puts up an out and everyone thinks they're talking about them. L one point last night I actually we are we sure Joseph Webb throws right handed -- exit it was Vietnam he was pretty anathema you generally defend that legislate that. It's a tough spot I I think I was points -- conspiracy theorist at the time. Curious how this went dark the first driver action revolver numbered and throw a -- It was just all sort of gimmicky yes he stuff but my first thought was say this is one of those sort of transactional things the NFL why they have the injury reports because. That list is questionable week I think the word out of that organization was about Leslie -- emphasis now he's he's -- before and were comparable worries that. Yeah somebody -- I don't know but I had been that there was there was talk of locker room after the game that he was -- you -- -- -- this -- about ponders -- captured -- he was he was -- -- bankruptcy clearly wasn't -- -- -- yeah exactly -- not not not. Not knowing that though thinking of one it would look like from the coast of the people of York. If your Green Bay and it is such a specialized. Preparation week if you're gonna have to go against the gadget -- off. It's like we talked about -- with Denver you know -- to go against the cable offense if on short notice on a short week or one week playoff the situation pretty tough out. Get a season you know giving divisional rivalry playing poised to watch mixed and film on him know we deal. So imagine if you're green guy and you prepare a week for pro style offense we'll ponder in Donaldson's throwing -- think that could cause chaos. And some rifle complaining if -- -- some funny business maybe there was. -- that it McCord does say it perfect news that. We wasn't really surprised by we prepare for it on Saturday he took all the snaps in practice we won't do we watch fail more and it's so. A coach prepares for May be would. -- me now beaten when of course Mina because the truth about a injury will then we all prepare for it. I know in my experience covering the patriots when we've. And faced with a situation where one team could start possibly two different guys you know he comes out every week and that will prepare for -- -- peripheral for three got a roster. In it appeared that the Packers did so quarterly it was interesting to watch them -- you bring this up on that first drive. That they were figuring things out. Did the defense of -- they weren't all there yet they were saying -- you'll what are we have to stop with jobs aren't exactly what exactly are they were doing. Would you be going to do would -- how are they going to run the so called. Pro style spread offense -- -- in it was fun to watch a team. Look at that diagnosed the problem in in me defects in you go back and you watch -- -- you could see them okay. This is where they're -- this is where this is where they feel comfortable this is where they don't feel comfortable. Let's attack this it's not a -- that. In -- around the players view was -- I don't think it was kind of the hard truth. For another six. You -- do one thing just play the run. Remarks coming. And I I was only half joking I've never seen a quarterback every quarterback throws that pass that every quarterback misses Izturis. I've never seen a quarterback miss that many receivers by that amount. In an entire game like that so I think the formula is pretty easy and I think that's why we saw the game get boring as it went on because that first drive we saw issues I think Kevin scored -- this -- basically. As we figured out that OK there's nothing that's gonna go on downfield they just slowly commit more people forward. Mean abilities to watch the first series safeties role but that ruled on eight yards right and you see you respected series and now you've got time does not -- usually when you were a lot watching the TV feed and Andy no it's it's it's it's different with a gentleman are watching the TV -- to to that point. You you'd see okay UT five or six guys in the picture in America as a threat offensively in more and more guys just creeping up toward the line you know it's. And it adds wanna flip for a little bit at the beginning game when I'm. What's in the linebackers like to -- viewers the upper limit for the ball is even snapped and -- And I'm like how is this going nowhere because I know of we were playing -- Pena all had done I'm back explain -- rubio is the which is dumping the ball over right in front you don't get five yards. -- -- -- And it -- Look I think it is to build an organization why you do or don't do it that way. When you're so different position to position it's one thing to say we just said this that -- you know we always prepare for everyone while. If you've got. Two entirely. Different things you can't run to a different offensive systems all week. And so for the Packers now we prepare for you didn't script all your plays against that kind of guy didn't script against the other Canada. It's weird when it -- an organization goes this way in yeah like Ryan mallet is presumably assume that Tom. Well I am I imagine the plays are going to be relatively similar it's -- point when you take this gamble and butcher back up for so dissimilar to your first guy and you -- into a playoff game you kind of get -- -- asking for is it too when you look at. What teams do when it comes to a team building from -- process when they go away after a quarterback you figure that. You not only have to take care -- the backup quarterback position we've seen teams over the years neglect the back of quarterback position with the apparel but you have to go after quarterback that runs of nearly simpler style profits you know in in I don't think that the vikings. Put that in place there was a question of what he was questionable all week -- general we will be questionable. And I've seen was the warming up. Before two games about before game about an hour and a half too -- for game. And I'm looking at that -- disguise and then -- -- -- -- this -- -- but I don't care every was his first pants. Artists compare it didn't look like he was going to be able to warn that scalable Opel would everywhere. And the reason this matters -- especially more so this year than last and even more so in the -- part of that is because the CB agent you a finite amount of practice time. You can't just all wolves practice materially different ways of continuing -- one -- practice a week exactly there's no doubt to reinvent an entire season in the -- What we do know that heck we knew we knew before we such a way of fraud terrible past we know that the patriots are gonna play the Houston Texans next week. It is a rematch of a game that we saw about a month ago will get into the specifics of if that's good or bad thing you guarded where you come over here -- -- I I I am I actually was one of those people who picked Houston to win yesterday as well -- little -- people on the Cincinnati bandwagon. And I didn't understand it. I I don't know if they -- in the sense that ambient light and as -- I don't they -- all allegations and when I -- I was on big dogs -- and they never guess where I was that's why was known since I I think it happens. Or Europe -- I I just think that you learn a new name it's the thing you don't know your -- it's more scared of -- analysts familiar with. I think people author learned the name Geno Atkins he's a disciplinary and that would of the -- -- a look at those five or six pretty amazing highly placed. And while AJ green extremely athletic my god he's going. But you don't really look too deep into the most often there were some weeds of the resistance and have the record.

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