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Jason Terry Postgame Press Conference

Jan 5, 2013|

Jason Terry spoke to the media after the Celtics post a huge 19-pt comeback in Atlanta to defeat the Hawks, 89-81.

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That you. That. -- more about worked with troops you know he's -- -- whose dislike Hussein. You know tomorrow where we don't know where's our great where's our grind it. And nice to come out of luck world the show. And you know came -- not -- it is the kind ninth consecutive stops in a row. And I just carried it off for us in home court. Some. When we we have a recipe for success and asked defensively give -- opinion that people have been aggressive you've seen in the first half. They rent an office very easily. They're taking rhythm shots. That that that's how we've been those in the first half of the season. When we win is because our defense is aggressive -- up into him. And we can down transition area and we went off this movie. Please everybody but. -- the world knows it. -- well I -- -- -- became so. These cataloged and you know day in this was their identity and I we're we're we're trying to work towards getting that back you know it's a process we understand that. And but we have the formula. Of how to get it done the cards. Second if you look at our president try to. We took the town took a personal you know I mean I have the Williams has 21 points and now primarily -- easy baskets. He loses in rhythm just -- and let it fly and so we want to invade your space want to get up and T and make him work a little bit on it. And as we did have a gates went way beyond nice -- -- that we start to get more more stops and we stopped who got some of the best -- -- weapons and again. -- Paul we've really got rolling in the second half. Especially in the third quarter and I really made his imprint on the game. It possible. That. -- if it was collectively but -- Paul Pierce stepped up its you know -- we went out you know let's bring. Quote -- you put on your big boy pants and come out here and I thought as a group we all came out the same intensity. And as saying -- defense. -- -- -- -- Well -- no question it was great to see goes forward for stricter and efforts have liked asked the same team. As well played last night and so. We'll come out of halftime and we and we broad and so they know that that's the bar the bars instead and we need to concede appeal continue to grow.

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