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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 5, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics post a huge 19-pt comeback in Atlanta to defeat the Hawks, 89-81.

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Just do it. America. From work and that was terrific and it was there was. You don't. After a couple guys let's do some different that I -- ago. Then you are just why would it change and anything we didn't do what we're supposed to intercept. I thought that we we made that one adjustment time. We just did it harder better at those great for a change because one of the reasons we haven't Danica has changed this year. Is that retirement team to score we overreact to change and then the way you can you get to that's got to be solid. And consistent. And so it was good growth that's forecast regardless. Well no known artists total would actually go about doing anything different. I was the only thing us. -- you know I just thought we wanted to unite you know and and they were playing to our enemy activity tonight. When we took every shot the first as a first option quick shot contested. Everything on offense on defense was we're brought underscoring through what bodies to bodies know there's a challenge the second half. Open and completely different we work to set first play went from one side to the other. What all written on defense -- late in the shot clock because paper and run the ball -- ball pressure. And it takes again forces and our ability weren't out of the big change. But we have to guard Rondo and Avery that can literally change the game with ball pressure and I thought they did. The Arizona sweat coming in Arizona's way you know -- moves is a good player can really shoot the ball. And especially when he's wide open. And that's what what in the first. -- it takes. Or -- that before the whole day -- -- just those processes government you know we've done it six quarters of a classy to me that's progress. -- -- -- Like this coming out of the game last night that the teachers need to -- a -- follow up for that. But we just need to win at that day you know honestly don't. I think it's good or I think the way we want the -- turn out good for us in our order brother won it that way now. But we didn't win it and showed a lot of character. And I also -- -- guys -- are the guys had it going. And they had no problem that coming -- Paul play in the entire first wells third quarter. Brandon played the entire third quarter in our own so there was no issues guys -- cheered for each other that's the life. It's live let's -- in our locker room -- this year and -- bitch. You know I was doing it. There it was amazing it is just rebounds the ball. He's just on the watch you know I don't know -- -- it's just it's. Such great Jim Larranaga of their guys see that. -- -- That was huge whatever chemicals out you know we we started out great and did you think oh gosh becomes -- 730. That they are on the clock as you -- that's what I take them out. Then that we actually went to 630 and we extend it a little bit. You know -- came injured Brandon. This -- I got to say this he's struggling you know that's a hamstring and we're -- -- going to be slamming one at the boy. That's what we play short minutes and even he came in and did the did its job on one -- there's. Thank you guys.

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