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Paul Pierce postgame with Grande & Max

Jan 5, 2013|

Paul Pierce spoke with Sean Grande Cedric Maxwell from the locker room after the Celtics post a huge 19 point comeback win vs the Hawks in Atlanta.

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All right John thank you he felt like back to back games feel -- -- -- on so many levels down by nineteen in the second quarter. Paul Pierce leading an extraordinary team come from behind win the win of the year without any question joins us downstairs here Philips Arena. What is the mindset. On the bench energy -- got to try to find your legs your bearings after the late arrival here last night you're down by nineteen what's the thought. You know whether it was little accident the preakness and we were. This until the tone -- to -- some -- That the war in accordance in my home home to. And so was he realized there. We have to Obama passed another -- -- they're very quiet affair the Wear shorts. Candidate became modes that can happen. And so. So while it just seemed like did you -- with determined that the U. And in this work with a one of those music games you guys have been in this ugly stretch where you could discount dropped he would fit OK when knocked the wind but. This could be -- a game. A season altering game you got because you -- the great comeback on the road to give the Greek team and you win convincingly. On the defense of me. Yeah in August auto market in the room we do love my guess is young enough -- -- -- recognize him. Our corps was huge and came out of time intensive because no evidence this crazy that you see you on short period of time. But we know we have this in this room got to a 440 statement so does the team and a lot Senator Biden look at these accomplished in the concede. My area is up top obviously they've been to New York. Atlanta Chicago public and other violent you can tell me -- because they -- none of these teams in the eighties. You know you can tell me this you know little target and nobody here that we just as good as they're -- it would come children but. For all the talk in a locker room over the last couple weeks and everybody on the outside point fingers and getting concerned about the is this the kind of -- is the kind of game that can do. In one night what months of talking in the locker room can't do. Well it's a bill to block you know it's a good game so that we can. Kernel build on the last two nights and we've got to keep don't know you know we'll wanna say this again we'll turn our season room maybe it is that is now we we don't know that -- We just got to keep building and it's just it's on right now. Whether things does the pollen before we let him go is it also is state that this they referendum about what how Rondo place. When he is leaving you with you admit your point of attack and he had a huge late at night where he gaveled the floor. Got community gather steel in it just seemed like everything stood the clicked for him he has to play that way of with a few guest. We details on this thing you know he's leaving long two reasons and you're not. -- a lot of room. You know he's he's shown he can do you know when he goes on they'll do consistently -- right towards me. We know we can do so as I've been consistent air for movement in my company's or asking -- wouldn't -- I would go to your stage Monday night no better place the player home -- anyway may have the ability to go there. Q do not me because they'll you'll have stepped toward the fifth closest thing that they -- -- do pulling victory shorts with something new Ida I've heard about the big boy of sorts. All. At home -- go ahead and okay there which you have a little book which you -- have a fluid. You might have that that right are you OK okay yeah I guess I'm too busy tonight vigorous.

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