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Ryder and Megliola: Rondo is not the best point guard but he is the most exciting

Jan 5, 2013|

John and Lenny react to the Celtics performance against the Pacers especially the exciting play of Rajon Rondo. While there is debate over which point guard is the best in the NBA, the guys believe Rondo is the most exciting. Lenny also shares his ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame and gives his take on the controversial names on this year’s ballot.

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Happy Saturday happy wildcard weekend John -- let it may go with the up until 630 minutes the Celtics and the hawks Celtics bounced back big time with a convincing win I'd say. Over the Indiana Pacers crashing of last island 94 to 75 hold them to 32%. Shooting -- Well what is takes -- convinced now that they're -- get a rowdy Aussie open. I'll be convinced like -- will win they win Euro spec ones on the road. Back to back nights ago. It's significant night for them in Atlanta writes I just they don't take that step back -- -- -- Which is what they've been doing most of the year. And I'd look -- Rondo the Rondo I mean I get a sense that. He's a load to -- I I really think that I mean on the court or off the court you'd like both via both these are strong personality. Is that doesn't like to listening anybody that's added in college with Tubby Smith than I didn't like it right. And he's a great player and they have -- besides him obviously. It's his team. In all land and it made a big point that. -- get a feeling that. You know I don't think he's quite the favorite of loved teammate Deon and all makes you say that whipping a bottle at the shock border. Well on this -- -- a little things enough I don't well who's kind of joking but really terrible but it just. His body language is step away from while kind. While it's interesting because after that Memphis lies on Wednesday their fourth straight. Rondo had some comments about being a sore losers cinema sore loser it's tough to lose and I'm paraphrasing in Doc Rivers who's talking about. You know how you can always -- You know what what mood Rondo isn't you know other guys he can't as much -- -- Salinger's happy go lucky Jeff agreed to damages as the same demeanor all the time -- -- like yes -- -- I don't. And about the solos I mean satellite which is fine yeah that's fine I just think you know like -- before games he studied him last game yet but he just seems a little. You know in the clubhouse the -- he's remote or you know I don't care about that so much but. Most of the guys are serious and you know don't run and hide from from the media they get. -- their pregame notes and stuff so. But he says a lot to handle. But that being sent a -- by my -- is not the -- and its atmosphere is very sick if it's not the best point guard in the league but he's the most exciting. Yes and no I think that's the perfect definition of of Rondo and last night you ended up getting good Rondo yes the very good good we very good garage on Rondo got engaged. And attacked the basket eighteen point seven assists. Five rebounds as well very balanced game in thirty minutes is defense has been their -- now -- Avery Bradley back. Expect his defense at least not to -- but because Avery Bradley can pick up some of those tough point guards -- wonder tonight with -- Atlanta Jeff Teague. Not a premier point guard but one of the quickest point yes but you know there's so many great point guards you don't put him even in the top fifteen because it is -- so many -- nice to have mid fifties. I think. Probably seventy patent somewhere somewhere there may be down even more considering how many town at the point guards there are but very fast very quick. See you wonder if Bradley picks up. Teague tonight but you wonder of the Celtics end up picking up the win tonight outweigh the you know I don't think that they sweep these three games Indiana they -- Get bounced back. A last night I'm talking about the three and in playoff caliber teams in Indiana Atlanta. And then the next coming up on Monday finally get to see the knicks for the first time this season are -- the first two India there and answer mean -- light. Season ago -- -- Conference finals right. Now by her. But that -- however last season started drug by the last season Indiana has that lead on Miami -- people are thinking all right. Pacers again actually advance here drill now so. But. Hosting a good team solid -- you know and and good at what the Celtics to say you know what -- and anyway and these days anyway you know so it's it's a good test on tonight on the road. 61777979. B 37 you can text us as well at 37937. Also besides the Celtics wanna get into wild card weekend and as well Tuesday night hall of fame. Is announced in baseball wherever ends up getting in if anyone ends of getting in and let me make a villain who writes for the metro west daily news and doing the baseball journal. And the Boston Globe as well. -- around baseball for quite some time now and you have a hall of fame vote. Yes and it's been long cast him and some would say controversial maybe globe. Maybe just because that -- Clemens did on Clemens in funds -- -- -- And and Jack morris' long overdue Jack mark that's the most controversial part Morse now yes. Well it is if you add as many important about it correctly you look at the -- that -- how to that I am glad he's going to be on the and the balance of fourteen more years because. You know and and appoint -- made about his policies and it's really. 72 low rate is very similar in the post season pedigree great great stuff -- -- to me how to to gauge than in position -- -- It. But yes I did vote for a bonds and did Chekhov. Missed. Clinton's -- but not. Sammy Sosa war. Now Palmeiro McGwire no no they -- and they are going to be on it two but again. Com in I don't know how many cars can to find out -- Voted for a Clements and once -- in the poster children of both congress and their rights. But you know my senses and calm in my writings on this often -- And also from two west. About why I did this I think the steroids. There are guy guys these two particular in. Obviously going to be in the Oliphant. Column and it's like I want to be a director of hit it dead at all. It's that. And you look at the numbers they are -- bid fifty years from now. Okay and -- daddy daddy how can this guy you know what what's -- with him at sixty home countries is now. To me. The point is they. They earned that. But the hall of fame has to do with spot and one cannot have a hall session that just describes the -- we've been dealing with a twenty. Now and explain that yes this man you know 1354. Games this guy hit you know over 700 runs and how it -- happened. It was the reason far apparently. And just elect history. So you are you talking about number this before specialized wing urges to note on on apply. On the plaque itself. Now I did it. Have a plaque does have -- name is on it and then have it can be on the plaque beat on a notebook paper just explain and have people. Generations down the -- be able to read. Uh oh what it timeless in baseball you know baseball's all the body areas you know. The black Sox scandal. You know Ruth Garrett the 27 yankees in. Well we're in an era now. Hopefully we're passed through a program knows. So haven't explained. And again. In I didn't want to lean on the the fact that Leo it's cliche born in. Clemens threw a hall of fame for -- you know what they did they release that you know most first time -- -- -- that's the big connect. Conundrum when everybody is it. Yeah I don't think it is and I don't think he can eliminate do you eliminated complete error saw and detector brings this up as well a did you vote for Jeff Bagwell or might -- Don't portal. Portland I feel yeah. -- and Bagwell and we had a little issues tube -- suspected government. And I can vote up to ten I really. I don't have never voted for her for ten cents in and day and that's it. Look at I admire anyone who plays big league baseball -- -- on it Hollis fame ballots even though just about everyone does. Now but. I guess I'm half marker. It is funny the odd names it's always interesting the names have the ballot in front of me in the names on the ballot. Aaron Sealy. One and done -- somebody wanted -- guys but he just funny the names because you forget about all these people someone who Jose Mesa as Jeff Cirillo. On it. Well the gate he gets his shot him Reggie Sanders remember him hot shot with a Cincinnati. It's just funny some of the different names out there but the -- I don't think Clemens and bonds will get in this time around they won't be in in the first ballot and it but they eventually will get in Jack Morse is -- gets sixty. 67% of the vote. So he ended up coming close Bagwell get 56%. This is last year Lee -- 51 Smith is it -- staying. Tim -- 49%. So -- joined up exactly voting for this grocery lists those three. Bonds Clemens. -- -- -- -- I you know Clemens and bonds. Went. To -- and predict a percentage I bet there right around 50%. Fifteen a 50550. Yeah or maybe a little bit less than that I don't know. I think it I think it's going to be less calm and also. You know I don't I don't buy the theory that those -- were privileged to vote for the hall of fame. That well. I'm gonna vote and instantly I get time to vote for them too late. But. I want a punishment wanna slap on the wrist and not do it first time around given the satisfaction. Exactly. You know attempt to bring this up keep please as -- why some people vote for players on their first ballot if they think they belong in the hall -- drives me -- appear -- -- -- -- perfect. Segue right in that tax -- that's you know I agree with -- text area yeah that's how I feel about it. I -- you know. These days weren't great players. Com. Win they got better and how they got better. Column. -- leave that to history now -- or you don't killings often. That was very close you know. You know it this is I think the most interesting ballot in years maybe ever it is slim lead while they have a because I get the spirits got right bought well in -- in the guys that head of the class when it comes to that bonds Clemens and and you get -- which positioning candidate even Craig Biggio who. At 3000 hits in his career there's 3000 hits mean what he used to mean. And played all those years with the Astros if he was with the Yankees relegated joke I still might get it. -- they they teach eighth. As Jim Rice -- it -- it you know so these things Japanese guys and India around while I mean don't get enough votes to hang on the ballot policy. I'm not Jeff -- a few months not Shonn -- Or you know Julio -- under for the first time now only 62 year -- I think the first time for first time about how they are pretty -- three and -- is very solid and not a hall of Famer -- -- -- no chance no chance with. At one of the most interest in batting stances ever to a navy. In postage used it right let's get to the calls first up is Charles and -- Charles. Well Charles. Hey I don't and you and it yet -- my. I game but I -- a lot galleries there's something about not. Not the or got. I said he I I said he's not the best point got in the league. But he's the most -- What's that. I think it's Chris Paul I agree and I think and I'd like and I've Chris -- O'Connell and Holland we're not having this discussion. -- -- yes and no I don't -- ever run he said when Lenny said and I would agree he's not the best point guard in the league but. The most exciting point guard. Everyone isn't. Is an exciting is that the my attitude is. I think is the best with this. As patents. -- Well my beverage you're about not. And it but not the not a team player. I would I would say that I how the clippers do in this season they do last season. That's yeah you can rent out on the -- back on and on the job I got you know they'll buy -- -- get the ball to right next plate but it. The -- and Jordan. But you know that does some. I think Rondo can shoot from outside -- actress while. No he's not an. -- that security is not security gap Ursula is a -- The Vatican all the game about the -- and many what what is it it felt like -- all blow up my guess is that you have it. I believe a look at companies second in the league after -- second. Well I what is I think Chris Paul is better defender. He's also makes sort of Rondo makes his teammates around him better he can score if he has do. I could knock down shots from the outside he could knock down his free throws I think he's the most well rounded player. It's it's a great debate and always come up nobody I'm not -- and I don't light. Rondo getting shaggy how views -- -- Is it is exciting and in that excitement he brings. He does some wonderful things that help the team I'm not just saying he's a circus act out there. But yeah I'll take Chris Paul and out -- Derrick Rose I don't know when he's healthy you know and he probably never be that way against. Yet Terry Gross more of a scoring point guard. The and it's issue is Chris -- so well rounded Derrick Rose just terrific MVP and went to help the -- guy Chicago -- them -- what -- for Chicago -- he comes back the other project him to come back sometime in the second half. -- with the Celtics last night ideas. By the way though -- -- watching the NBA for for a long long time. Ever better class of vote point guards that there is right now. I in front of it drug -- -- opinion on this and that would be great automobile check and maybe a gallon by close call us up front -- I mean he's he's watched them you know for 56 he is point guards in the NBA and like to know who his favorite book anyway no it it's it's a great class of -- there are also many there are going to be in the hall of fame ballot when you -- -- we have to -- alcohol. Actually be easy to pick Ali's in. It's real it's easier picking out -- was -- out one of the top point guards that it is with the team I mean look at a bad team like Cleveland how great carrier -- yeah yeah. You forget about guys like Tony. While they don't San Antonio but Tony -- so many great unbelievable point guards in the NBA let's got back at the -- got at least right. The the other thing about last night's game -- you know that's -- it. I can understand the excitement they ended up now holding Indiana to 32%. But if you're a glass half empty person you would say well Indiana terrible offense has no offense without Danny Granger they also missing George Hill last night -- their point guard -- There's third leading scorers so and David West and Paula George were abysmal last night. Each for for a teacher and Paul George a very good players David West is much better than what he showed last night never -- the NBA even if your star player has nights like that. Once awhile but. Yes more consistency. Two out of three you know -- they get the first step in Indiana but they've got a either win at Atlanta or wouldn't -- -- -- get a and you're right they have to start some sort of winning streak -- haven't had a winning -- more than three games this season now and that's that's more troubling the probably of four game losing streak as I wonder if I 540. Games.

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