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Do You Need An Update on the NHL Lockout? -- Dale Arnold is Your Man!

Jan 5, 2013|

Dale and Kirk roll on and Dale gives us a great update on the developments that could be the end of the NHL lockout.

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I give you one quick cocky note wallets it's a two parter but two quick cocky notes here the out. The United States won the gold medal today at the world junior championships in all thought Russia. So congratulations. We get -- Johnny can draw around here anyway stars at Boston College is fun to watch. But in this tournament I I gained a greater appreciation for just how sick -- hands are. I mean he had a great tournament for team USA help them win the gold medal which they accomplished this morning so congratulations to them I'll give you this. Tidbit of an update as far as the CB negotiations are concerned on the block out. Yesterday a federal mediator by the name of Scott Beck Limbaugh. Spent twelve hours shuttling back and forth between the players association hotel. And the NHL headquarters four blocks away back and forth back and forth back and forth or twelve hours. The out resumed that shuttle diplomacy earlier today. Are out of nowhere all of a sudden we find out that at 115 today seven minutes ago. The two sides will meet face to face at the players association hotel for the first time ever now. There is a train of thought that says that a mediator. Doesn't bring the two sides face to face until their -- right. And there are those who've been observing this from a Farc has anonymous are in these sessions. Globally of that then this is an indicator that the two sides are now close to getting this thing done now I have said all along. Mocked for many quarters. That there is no doubt in my mind there will be shortened season it will begin on January 19 -- be a 48 game regular season an awful playoffs. And in order to do that. Even with a truncated seven date training camp quote on quote you'd have to have this deal done by Wednesday or Thursday of this. It's a bad drop dead date is what the eleventh is that right commandos -- probably some flexibility try but not mourn a day or two I would think I mean it's generates fifteen. Well I mean and and there are some people -- white if if fell on the thirteenth that the if state made a deal he wouldn't he will allow and he sang yet and is and so there's some flexibility here. It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen this now there are some some tidbits and hints here and there. Many more players are leaving their European teams and coming back to the United States are really did yesterday -- rejoined the well came back to Boston for a Spanish league team. Couple more today did that that Bergeron and Sagan had already done it I'm David -- Chiat RD down it. There are some hints. Joseph Hagerty from CSN any your go to guy when it comes to hockey stuff you bet I he says that there have been many organizations who have been telling their employees who have kind of been furloughed. Be ready to come back to work the Bruins didn't do that but some organizations did furlough people. Just flat out -- you know will pay when we bring you back to work that's sort of thing but organizations have been told get ready to come back. There was an ice -- Disney on ice was at the yet TD garden. Just after the Christmas holiday as a -- that recently I was there and you were there analysts and you know and in the immediate aftermath of that. They didn't take the ice. When the Celtics played last night for instance at -- word from some of the people is that it was freezing their because the ice is underneath the floorboards -- And you could say they left it in for a reason now you would assume they didn't leave it in for the Beanpot. Probably not which isn't until early February he would assume they left it in there. So that if for instance training camp where to start all like Thursday of this week. Make -- you know have ice ready to go now part of that may be at Wilmington part of it may be at the garden right. Some people are looking at the fact that they left the ice in at the garden after the ice show departed is another indication that they kind of know where this thing is that it. Sounds that way let's just get us there commander -- knock -- down and come justices all this is the week that obviously did this is where it. Yeah -- -- -- -- ask about the the world juniors what's the mood Doug Hamilton a -- played great he did coming Canada in general. Underwhelming got beaten the bronze medal game early this morning by Russia. It's like a national disaster in the -- of Canada you know that it's the first time they went without a medal. Since like 1996. Or some silly thing and and so that. Is has got the whole country of Canada in a Tizzy. They in -- the Bruins actually had a couple of guys on the Canadian team look pretty good Hamilton looked fine. Tamara looks like kind of a bruising banging type of guy the Bruins fans may ultimately come -- lot Hamilton will be here. And of this next week the he'll be here and and I've always said he's going to be playing on this team the Bruins team this season and I think he will be. I go back to we talked about but it was last week I understand the forty game season is not perfect. -- if the Bruins during game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals nobody backing up that team so you know what she says just doesn't feel the same it's a forty AT&T and it's it's just you know it's not -- No matter -- you your I had several people on Twitter sent me you know. Well whoever wins the Stanley Cup is is not gonna feel the same about it in 9495. They played a 48 game schedule -- -- playoffs crowned champion. The New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup championship right. I don't make any of the players on the team refuse to accept their rings Allegheny don't don't denigrate my name on the cup and at the end of that hole right away or anyone. Dodgers picked a way that title because -- -- strike for three months I just you know too much never once I just don't think that's the way NBC's we shortened last year not not that extent. What a solid top 32 against the heat last year anybody saying you know what boy if they win this that they can close these guys out just you know it's just feel -- about how it'll be fine. You know a couple weeks and the fans will be back some people they stay away the -- real Bruins fans will be back in Italy in the hot QB just like -- always. I I agree with -- completely whoever is ultimately crowned the Stanley Cup champions at the end of the season is gonna feel just as good about it for one thing. There route to a championship is going to be identical you'll have to of what your -- right for a -- a playoff round that's nothing changes in that regard our it'll be interesting is the. The have nots. How bad is going to be some of these cities now. You know where hockey is not popular in the teens are bad that's me my question what do you what do you attempt to look like in Phoenix there's going to be awful terrible. I mean in in places like Phoenix. Miami Tampa my guess is most of the sports fans in those cities don't even know there has been -- I mean there is -- may very small nucleus of hardcore hockey fans they'll be there peripheral fans won't exist in the most. Well I think attendance could be light. Even in a city like Boston. I think that there is a portion of the NHL random. It was a really really mad and I don't blame -- -- should -- be crazy not to and they are really upset. -- and they want to show their disdain in some viable way in the easiest way to do that is to not show all the -- fan and you say you know what scurbel besides they they play with me all year here nom I'm taken a year off. How can you blameless people. -- no problem with that whatsoever I don't think it's going to be a huge amount I lack of interest lasts for a long time and a lot of that's gonna have to do with how the team -- picture. If you're team's good you're gonna show up you see him there your team's struggles coming out of the gate. You might have some issues. If you think about the the obvious. Canadian cities are all gonna -- they have been trying without hockey. I mean the NBA doesn't make their ball float the NFL is is I'm an important part of four sports watching in Canada not. Like it is and it in this kind of hot -- -- -- rating up their dale I can tell you I'll try that -- no not high not interest that I was very happy to see you didn't challenge anybody to a fight this week. I never challenging fight I was traveling 52 -- by I mean there's some differing accounts and whether you know he was goaded into -- well -- one of not by me and not challenge the -- -- fight on the air force I actually was listening to the award winning -- though this week thank you. I thought the was more enlightening the normal that he's that he he is a better interview than he gets credit for to begin what are idiot here -- delivery guy. Sometimes ball lies the fact that you know he actually gives you some pretty decent stuff -- feeling was great with. I feel like he's now he's out of the city you will be happy to be a little more forthright. About that he feels much pressures -- -- for whatever that's -- it was. You know what it was it was taped up on the calls from -- -- -- -- -- times. Just me with the land. Good to I mean he's -- I'm a perfectionist you know it's one of the things that years -- also people happier so much also -- I. God beats. Is that -- now. Why would know why what do we don't. We were good to get it a lot of Colette doesn't even work here. -- -- -- Guys the guys at a birthday bouquets -- -- where they bouquets. How how does it how is -- that look here's the thing about me OK right now but the latest right now. You know anyways. I can't help myself if radio -- I'm on year. I think. Some is good the radio this. You have suite of force. What you want -- -- talk with the vikings offensive line. Winding -- -- an -- -- recognize that. Fire like you know what it's time go to break is no truer words are well.

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