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Dale and Kirk Have to Vent About the Tattoo Seen Around the World

Jan 5, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Kirk Minihane kick things off discussing the stupidity of Rex Ryan and "tattoo-gate". The guys just can't get over how ridiculous Rex has become and what would make someone get that ridiculous ink on their arm.

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I hope you're ready to carry the load here for the next three hours because quite honestly. Almost all of my attention will be focused on the BBB eight compass ball. I probably won't be able to talk a lot you know in the course of the radio program to do me a favor -- -- now take a look at this I got the -- the other day I like. I out there that probably negates. I thought she -- is as attractive as -- -- ever actually it's it's pretty impressed site I like the whole thing -- opt -- we haven't had an -- to discuss this in the pre show press. The meeting that we -- couple hours ago him so you don't actually know how I feel about that -- Yet job. I've I've heard both sides of this since the since tattoo gate came this week effort I've heard both sides. What you care -- Damien Woody especially on Twitter gets a particularly offended if you write if you expressing criticism of Rex is that it. And and you know in in a larger scheme of things. What you have tattooed on your body each separate profiled there on your case right whatever it is that you decide to have at your body is your business. -- can't beat number than to have that tattoo put a little strange it's just bizarre you can't be a -- human would be. And to be Rex Ryan I wanna have a tattoo white when you're on that for you and and got Levy I got no issues that seems quite phone number of them and that's fine. -- attractive woman. I took their marriage has survived some ups and downs go to that I'm I am happy promote them. You can't be -- and you can't beat tone deaf enough to think. That putting a Mark Sanchez Jersey on your wife. Gonna go so far as to say that she's team -- in the -- to them that maybe gets pushing green a little too much and about the number on the Jersey she's. She's -- fees affect you can't beat -- It's just against one of these things he's trying wrapped around patriots perspective trying to picture. Bill Belichick now and on some vacation with the ten to one hole number he has that we got a guy I've -- an -- -- I think it's just see it in his case it would be stupid well that there is no doubt about who the quarterback is for all it's a little weird rubio creeped out if you saw that. I'd be creeped out by saw. A tattoo. -- -- it -- and he said just breeze that would -- me I. My sockets on this thing they point circus never ends the first thing. And the second man -- a strange these laws strange stuff you know strange -- It come back next year out loyalty and maybe. You may have a much more and had a post season press concerts you know coming up on Tuesday. I mean it it is in a place where. He where people on this team it's. You know -- drop -- hot summer day in your training camp but maybe you you know a year urged your shirt sleeves are a little shorter than normal and there's a possibility. That the guys who work for you are gonna see this at some point. Well in in the 2013 world it's inevitable in ways that was scored you can have -- there someone's -- Didn't take long so if it's on his butt cheek like Mikey Adams tattoos I would never seen them -- I want to when that's fine. It's kind of hard -- where he has yet. Now it's just it's it's bizarre and makes sense it's big to big picture. Doesn't mean a lot it -- it would tattoos it's just really it's just a short yes short side it. I don't know -- on. I think of doing I mean you'd -- that there -- some point or another. That's. Here's here's the rule of life okay and I know we've collected our rules of life and here's -- okay. It's it's actually two elimination of giving you this rule before you put the chipper -- your well. Why aren't what I told you prior to to doing that is never ever ever had to name or someone's space on your body. Unless it's in a more. Like Gary herb dearly departed grandmother -- and you and you tattoo her name on Iraq and chances are that's not gonna come back and bite in the gas. But there's there's actually shell. On TLC or discovery of one of these. About a tattoo parlor yeah whose only job is to fix tattoos that you know people had their their ex girlfriends back. -- face put on their back yeah. And now the current girlfriend is a little creeped out by everywhere that can be weird so -- actually a tattoo parlor that does nothing but fix these things yes. You can't be putting a name or face on your body. Because sooner or later it's gonna come back and by H. Yeah I'm not a -- a tattoo guy myself. I would never get one -- -- -- people who do I just think this sort of an epidemic of a lot of -- 5060 years -- I can see a lot of older people really strange that news. Some really strange. You have it at Tuesday that now you know having -- up non. Why are -- of any CU it's and to know. Hello my dad you know -- to sort of military and -- you know when he was in the air for sure everybody did it right. And in in his later years as as we it's on the back porch and have a beer and talk -- -- man -- -- -- -- -- god. Yeah. I can't believe I did that -- -- back when I was young in in everybody was -- when it sure it was just stupid well -- that's different I can understand that now a bunch of people texting. It's possible -- Rex just be you know and it's possible I promise you it's not. Because because here's the problem as dumb as I think it was for Rex to get this -- yeah. It is beyond dot com to get a fake one to stir the pot I mean Rex is hanging by the slimmest of threads here to begin with trying to. What. Can be no possible reason. Did do this is some stir up stir the pot a little bit let's get people pocket and it's not a of people that my Bruce Springsteen tattoos Bob -- it's not the boss. It's the you know muscle tone changes -- proof it used to be Bob -- now the -- that's sort of a very listen. Again one of these things doesn't mean -- with just funny jets just know that sort of funny bizarre. You know you're required by the league to talk. The week it is seats in the one coach who doesn't is the one guy who talks all the you know Rex didn't talk last week this what happens on a vacation seal -- later. Idea and and as the texture says all law. Oh she died he says can't have been that ended names of your kids I just set. There are certain instances where you content to the names the names on your body. You dearly departed grandmother your -- your daughter. Those -- don't -- to -- to that are gonna come back and bite you later on in life are right now -- bit the first girlfriend ever. Probably a dumb idea if you rush right out Gator game tattoo on your website -- regret that. -- -- If you have one of those those cover ups and had had time to cover up again turned Daphne and that an assessment to stop by for a you know when you gotta do try to figure it out. And anyway yeah it's probably the entire length and -- the I'm just thinking he acts you've got enough going on in your life here. At what point did you think this was a good idea -- short though I mean maybe didn't have to think Greg trying knows in this world if he goes out there. Someone's gonna find out if he'd be exposed for now some legitimacy its audience he Rex Ryan. At this place that you're just -- thing you walked by the phone take a picture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You pass up the proper time. They come off well not now they've been buying supposedly find by the NFL for putting off their postseason. Right up press conference -- until Tuesday -- I -- -- between earlier this week. That the jets are now trying to do the research on on how much they'll be fine if they just skip an entire showed it has come Rex. You think that's not going to be brought up by somebody. Even meet Chris Russo a gold storming up to the front of the room to talk directly into the -- cell -- -- argue that. And he somebody's gonna say. What's up with the ink. And he's gonna make it a private matter discussed private matter. It was a private matter up until the point where you exposed it in public. I think you know you could tell you want this -- going to be my starter next year. But the getting commit and put on your body to me the kind of loyalty Jeff appreciate it coach Wilson do. What a coach -- league would do that you know. Coach -- -- felt with the -- that would that I guess that you pretty much company is entirely now now there's nobody. -- Bud grant -- the probably. One. Jerry I'm Jerry bland yes Arizona and that's probably has a chat as you might you know some quarterback or something -- he'd probably did there is no one's public and Buddy Ryan. And you know maybe maybe rob Brian easily in defensive coordinator he might do something. I think for the most part you're gonna come back and wait that's sort Tom Landry and thinks. He -- to protect. Like. That we just can't discuss here well radio Asia. I just like -- -- helpful wonder what he was Lincoln when he hadn't done. You think there's a chance -- just absolutely bullets. I am now a lot of people get these stupid -- the best coming up also up 1 morning in Tijuana and that is actually him it would not be that surprised. Is the season's over eleven -- that you'd like a couple of drinks had this done in the Bahamas. Also up in the -- Mishap. Happened. Well will be talking a lot about playoff football and it won't involve Rex Ryan it's it was greatly -- making winners here right now it's this. So Eli Manning and Roethlisberger walked into a bar to watch. Her. -- is obvious and not on their two playoff games today two more tomorrow. 430 today the Cincinnati Bengals visit the Houston Texans. What time. The segment now trapped -- o'clock or Thermage the notes that 8 o'clock. But he and a -- are -- 8 o'clock tonight Minnesota Vikings at the Green Bay Packers. And then tomorrow the fourth thirty game as Seattle Washington the big game that I most wanna see this weekend. And at 1 o'clock tomorrow the Indianapolis Colts at the Baltimore -- Sunday games back to the Saturday games. Yeah I think Craig and now you've got to get the Lewis colts factored in yet I agree the best game of the week -- -- -- the late game is games are okay. But tomorrow's games I think if I had to pick one nickel and watch -- -- to -- -- Dexter brings up a good point Pete Carroll itself Reagan jacked up when he gets -- -- of his quarterback I could see that he could do what I could see -- -- He has a Mark Sanchez tad too as well it does back from his college days and he wishes he could figure out a way to to remove it. Everybody's trying to figure out in -- He'll invent it really matters in the NFL playoffs in my opinion -- numbers -- matters a lot and -- our whole bunch of people. Are picking road teams to win enough a whole bunch of people are picking Cincinnati to beat Houston. Whole bunch of people. Are picking down Seattle and upset the Redskins. -- -- picking the vikings -- going to Green -- now -- you know -- -- now. Dome team. Heading for Lambeau this second time in six days not I don't see a lot of that and I you know the other games consulate in Indianapolis and Baltimore yeah I think com. When I look at these games I give Seattle really good chance that -- -- goes suitable sort of picked them here to win this game tomorrow. I think it's me really hard for Andrew Luck to a struggle on the road this year on the Baltimore not a great team win I think Baltimore wins that game I'm -- on Houston Cincinnati. A start pigs has since that being nuclear everybody ultimately to our from the head so we always thought I think you can hear -- -- home they should be all right. In tonight I think it's gonna be 3113. Packers I think probably yes so. I'm gonna be shocked if one or two of those road teams won this week -- beast on would you. No and and as I said I I I have seen a lot of things on line of people picking three of the four games this weekend to go to the isn't as kind of a lot. The idea that the only clear home. Favorite obviously is green and I think a lot of people think that Indianapolis -- -- Baltimore beat the ravens occurred. I think a lot of people think that Minnesota eyes they're gonna lose but Seattle could going to Washington and win -- there William. Cincinnati excuse Mike I pity to see that even with -- and criminal. Houston really since forget the patriots came back to those two games before stock based gave me were bad they -- game in Detroit were terrible against Jacksonville. After that they were bad some in many mediocre team here for six weeks. Yeah I'd be surprised Cincinnati playing really well when in -- one would surprise me at all. To detector who says may be Ryan didn't get the tattoo maybe it was Photoshop. As a whole bunch of other pictures since that first and yeah that's I mean he has continued to vacation there been other pictures not -- it it is and Photoshop now it's now. You could make an argument that it's not a real one that it's a temporary one. I don't think that's right either which could make that argument. It kinda can't make the Photoshop argument I've seen a couple of of Rex Ryan Photoshop jobs. One has Belichick and Brady on -- high set out what to do -- it was pretty funny and amusing another what had Dennis and Callahan. On his buy another that was Dicey now and two -- Elliot it's there it's definitely there. I guess the question is is it real or is it temporary and unfortunately for Rex I think it's only. Permanent. That the reflected by the way you're quickly before we move on OK I have two kids -- -- Very much I would not. -- -- -- I'm Bonnie because their party government it's of them I don't really Ali but when you yeah. This -- say about. Aren't you get started grandmother god rest her soul you're probably feeling pretty safe about. Yes well the got a -- my grandmother's name -- lover and gobble them but I mean I mean you know I'm personally -- Terrified thanks something. -- The shepherding. A partial for his final that was that was a pleasure he was with me was great -- You know he's in -- -- and a great teachers of course he has what it it goes out of Rex -- -- say yeah I'll use this problem is he's only in the -- teachers it's five in May I was OK with -- his wife the only actors -- It was -- them.

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