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Mustard and Johnson With Their Picks for NFL MVP and Rookie of the Year

Jan 5, 2013|

The boys talk about the much hyped and highly debatable picks for NFL MVP and Rookie of the Year for this season. They talk about how impressive Adrian Peterson has been although he didn't break the rushing record and still may not be recognized as MVP. They are also enamored, just as every fan is, with the play of RGIII.

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Certainly it's meaningful for me I know it's meaningful for our whole team and every. But -- you know are attempting to accomplish so yeah you that you don't take these things for granted and it's a privilege to be in this position network and and certainly wanna fourteen step. Have played well enough over the the course a year to deserve the first round -- and I will be watching this weekend in -- you're still on high alert for football in the situation awareness and watching the games and so forth in your mind still very much in the game you know when we figure out who we'll play it be you know would jump right in -- -- Like the rest of us Tom Brady gonna sit back and watch see what's implications. The game is today and tomorrow have on the patriot fortunes pictured we know. Home next week to -- for thirty. Will be a CBS game obviously and may be. AFC game -- -- quite simply this afternoon at home against Cincinnati. They will head to New England if Cincinnati wins that game a lot of people. Are picking the Bengals in their upset specials for the weekend it'll be the winner of the Indy and Baltimore instead I like that match up -- from Framingham. Agrees by the -- the -- bigger signature about a race and they get the -- an extra two and a sixth round pick from Oakland right end for me in and you're you got really a senate. Let me as I suggested that the least intriguing game. Was Minnesota in Green Bay I understand it's a great players anytime Adrian Peterson is on the field his appointment viewing yup and it's I give Adrian Peterson credit for doing something. That I thought was almost impossible. In the 21 century. Was actually wanted to watch a running back. -- we're so conditioned. In the last 1015 years maybe twenty years to enjoy the many talents of the quarterback. And understand that the game completely hinges on the success of the quarterback. This is a total aberration that a guy like this really has taken over our imagination. He's playing with a quarterback ponder who has an 81% quarterback rating so really what you this -- what if I'm Green Bay this is what you do today you put extra bodies in the barks. To shut Peterson down and make par on derby you're right. The other question what can help here we ever had in my -- and properly I don't trust me ebony when you know -- -- -- straitjacket. Is rookie of the year it seems so simple at one point that you -- RG three but I VE got -- to what the heck is done. -- the Indy team we can't just. Dismiss that in the fact that how we has brought this team back. From the ashes in their eleven and five this year and then we'll look at -- at what he's stomach Seattle none of these decisions are easy the MVP. Decision isn't easy I am very curious to see how people are swayed. In both of these arguments I. What happens I I think if Peterson had broken the record he was nine tantalizing yards shy of doing Matt eat it would have been. Fairly simple. -- everybody would have voted form because he came up shy. Maybe they'll be a little bit more of a controversy there and -- 2000 does nothing is numb and I'm not sneezing and it but you look at the difference. The Broncos yet they went to the playoffs last year. They went from eight Nate to thirteen and marine much better team obviously with Peyton Manning winners of eleven straight. Then again Minnesota with a healthy aging Peterson really has turned it around in a league which is so dominated by quarterback to see -- running back. Just completely take over football games. You have to give the -- agent Peterson. Because Manning has one MVPs before is -- that much of a clear cut Victor over. Brady are you could argue the point going from eight to eight to eleven off eleven and five is not is bigger leap. Is what is going from three in thirteen. -- we're Minnesota -- -- now I I I think you -- that's a legitimate argument in my opinion is certainly can have going from. Three of thirteen -- -- six. Minnesota -- three and thirteen last year yeah. We're really while I realize there -- mapped out. Peterson played for most of last year remember he got hurt the last game of the regular season or for the second the last only missed one game but I give him credit for this. That Manny coming back from a year career ending injury and it's very difficult for anybody to suffer. An ACL like Peterson did but most of the guys like Brady can come back. Quarterbacks are protected. Other so they're protected only by their offensive line they're protected by the rules that pretty much keep them as healthy as possible. Adrian Peterson is playing -- position coming off an ACL -- -- war hit every single play and he's getting a lot of carries. In -- of them eighteen bright guy have to stop right. You stop Peterson and that we ponder is going to be you know but you are getting bruised battered knocked up knocked down every single play I mean -- -- that. As it. I wouldn't recognize that might want to -- right time and I'll go up until. Not not a doubt him. Brown Jordan. -- -- -- -- proposition just changes the dark Qaeda remain talk about a pregnant -- real player. But I I give -- not Peterson over Manning and I would have to say RG three. Use even though it's so cold guilty almost that incited Doctor Who wouldn't have all the say it's RG three. And to have those kind of debate and difference phenomenal now really naturally if if if you -- -- that argument. I'd epic -- Wilson because the it was drafted a lot to -- the third round. The expectation. For a third round most compared IG three in lock. We're supposed to be great but they that they. Follow through on the I expect this. It hit the right to have a guy eight but watching it in because of his height -- wasn't drafted to the third round. And yet and he memory had to beat out Matt Flynn in the high priced free agent from Green Bay Jacqui what's that about us no really unbelievable physical argument great you can really go. I can -- argue the point can they have they split the MVP before. -- In the NFL I don't think they have I remember Willie Starr join Keith Hernandez waited in the the national -- statement there and Manning McNair or Manning split yet 2003 that's the 2000. It interest and because they've played each other we just alluding to the time plating two but that may -- -- maps on his game and he's not reading his ions that really isn't much to read. As we set the giants have won a long long bye from here it's a lot training camp in late July. 6177797937. -- in Providence you're next on -- tree. -- they give money -- Well I think personally deployed earlier in another group let's call it that tomorrow is definitely going to be the highlight a wild card weekend. I like both those games more than like today's games. Yeah I would want there do you think that court approve do you think Rick Lynch and have a direct matchup you're right let's play harder. Because he could be a lot and or they can't block it going to be playing harder because if you want to start a great going to Indianapolis. Press plays -- lowers is the fine. By always playing hotter for seventeen years -- -- one thing you'll never hear about him is he's a dog. So when you say playing out our I don't know how to -- -- rabbit up any more than he has -- will it. I don't this is always a fascinating point to me you bring -- a great are a great point to this like. When somebody says -- it really gotta reprogram the got to play how are tougher if it is so it's almost like every week when you go out there like. I understand you can hip hop and maybe your effort can be a little greater. But in terms of our quarterback other than really focusing and concentrating on the things that you need to do. What else can you go. You -- hold people get. Excellent point I'm just I got some wondering who I expect to let it -- at it and yeah match up and -- your match up for the going to be. -- Or -- -- going to be able to a couple boys don't around the pocket and get some to. They've seen the other than a point now -- the other point you should be making if we got to go that route is it's really not so much. Lock against Lewis as a will be locked again to read. You -- re Belichick said Reid is probably this modest Afro pop player he's ever gone up against it may be the best safety on general need to back there like me these are it's got to be. That's going to be an interesting. Match up in the other thing you got to look at is is that I am is from -- must -- you got Michael -- has had trouble with the left tackle position this year. And how much time as Flacco gonna have to throw the ball. Yeah out although he gets sacked 35 times and I and -- no slouch but we we know that -- he's much better at home. In the sack department and he is on the wrong I just think bit because it and I great question bill and I just delegate -- -- -- forest post season game in his first go round which is pretty amazed I don't find him eat eat it you know I don't find him at all Fay eased. I think him me and IG I don't find them fazed at all. I think for the reason they didn't expect it to your year. Dole also they're very mature guy but I also think they didn't have this resolved get a whole house money they didn't expected the year this is phenomenal seasons they've had what they've had phenomenal season like if they -- -- is anybody gonna criticize. No but if you really look back. And retrospect. Think about what they've done and we we talked about this earlier in the show. Not only are they possessed tremendous athletic skills they're also very. Capable law office psychologically mentally intellectually understand. The game they understand the x.s and always part. They understand the physical aspects required but they also have great leadership in that position. Demands great -- -- people like criticizing IG three last week because he was counseling -- well -- -- the field. This is where that's the one exception I do think that was a little bit presumption I would write. That wasn't that was not. Good leadership might not because it you know what he should have known at that point and -- and again I'm gonna undermine my previous argument by saying. I agree with those people to -- that was patronizing. Richard and you know what he said I heard. What he's right he said we don't live. I heard it on the view if you if you watch inside the NFL on showtime -- -- exactly what it's our -- liked is right he's right through it might. He was might -- and many say he said don't let those people who say you're no good don't listen to those people -- law -- much wrong with that because as a rookie you don't go to -- now veteran quarterback -- that's that's I knew I disagree -- you write -- It's -- -- if that's pretty feeling that now we're to a point I -- I think you but not to appoint as sports fans media whatever. Now -- editing in scripting exactly what we think people should be saying minor flaw it's this right it's not a Florida are. He's saying don't pay any attention to the democratic some people but -- he knew Larry was feeling about it. I would have appreciated it wouldn't bother me and the right right after you lost in your veteran quarterback and you wanted to present is the demons that are rattling around -- -- head out. You know it's a great question I'd love to ask Curt Schilling has questioned Monday if we -- get him on again. It's one thing to fail or make them you know army stupid mistakes and -- the times growing up names of of the being. -- whatever in those things I would call by the way I don't know all of the being ball is that people. -- cup I don't but I think it was nearly got Carson Presley probably the thing is I hate making mistakes I hate. What's your -- here let's have a lot of self loathing now I know I am very I'm very high held a self esteem after working there would you perform our -- I want idea fairly pretty glad. But not the point that I'm making is. What is that like. -- to like make these kind of mistakes in front of 60000 people and -- billions of people watching. What did you do with that what you do with that feeling that negativity that. Rejection how you do it every day I don't know how to do it because something locked up and say you know about what everybody else is saying and heck is wrong with that became if it economists -- would it be bad now if Peyton Manning Eli Manning or Tom Brady approved in veteran -- championships that it. That's why I think dynamic start run out yet its all time right its again -- when he can speak and making it it's a major criticism it's I -- governor -- those people thought that -- that -- people that. Those people who are those PO like most people you'll people 617 that rob -- -- 77. A black -- were you cooperative that you finally got. I don't listen I appreciate your passion and I do agree with you would have -- cup.

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