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Mustard and Johnson with More Wildcard Game Previews and Rookie QB Play This Season

Jan 5, 2013|

The boys continue their analysis of all the games this weekend leading to a discussion of the various rookie QB's involved in playoff games this weekend. All are playing remarkably well and LJ talks about how the conventional idea of what a QB is in the NFL may be changing right before our eyes.

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Yeah I mean and overlook it that way I go out there and play football and you try to lead this team to victories and that's what we're trying to do right now that's all concerned about -- him making a playoff run and win this role and all those stuff it'll take care itself whatever happens happens and you know it's not really that big -- deal that. Joseph Flacco invoking his inner Doris Day case around us a -- whatever will be. Will be well things have not been -- kind of Flacco and company down the stretch they lost three in a row managed. Roy on the giants right out of Baltimore which -- pretty much an easy task at the end of the season. And then they lost their last regular season if they prevail tomorrow against Indy. And Cincinnati wins and the ravens would -- -- and the Foxboro for revenge after last year's loss in the AFC conference. Championship game and bunch of Texas and we stop saying. That the patriots. Should've lost that game to the ravens while there's an argument to be made yes that it was a nice defensive play. But the atmosphere logo well that -- you know by that time. There was a tie game at that point got a -- Actually know about where the -- yeah that was for the right there were down three ravens were down three Evans holds I was under with no really kind of get up. If Evans holds on the ball than they win the game -- is only seconds left them of course. Ravens -- that field goal attempt. And the patriots went on to the Super Bowl so it looks to me is if most likely. As much as that I have been critical of the way and who can't be. The way the Texans have implying it looks as if the great football drama returning. I do think used -- will find a way Marvin lewis'. Playoff. Record is not particularly good doors as regular season so for some reason or another still like used to win that game. -- and Ben Chavis and -- now as little bit banged up he will be playing you know uninteresting staff with him this year he went over a thousand -- -- a three fumbles. Which he never had any fumbles number this year and up any fumbles before. So right I think the other thing with Green Bay you have to look at it he's got all is right out back. While it was wild to going to be back in the going to be helping at all it'll come down the pass protection how much time you have. Is Jared Allen front I gonna show up in an innate need to get that's right to me you need a great quarterback you need somebody who run the ball. They're protect the quarterback and you gotta have pass rushing. You know you really go and that's Wright -- Seattle. I don't know why there of their of their record on the road it is no we need areas -- five is obviously at home the up the noise factor. But they've got a great. Secondary. As safeties it hit like eight rock. And and they've got in the -- at Russell Wilson doesn't get as much credit running one touchdowns and only ten and his options. But also Marshawn Lynch remember that run he made the playoffs it was couple years ago are saying -- of just what the greatest -- -- you'll. Ever see in your life -- that was a whole game that was the year that Seattle won the division was two years ago they won the division would be neat. And ended up hosting the defending champion New Orleans Saints -- card. And at that that big big upset but was in Seattle I just don't have any faith and the Seahawks. Winning -- game. Outside -- the great northwest I just don't think they going to DC win that game. Because it's because Washington. Is taking care but one matter should be paying attention seven -- the scans. Last loss. Might energize the Victor Cruz eighty yard reception. In the meadowlands that was the last loss of my other three and six and they've never lost sense yeah yeah word you're my -- by NFC east reporters last. Expert the thing is though when you get these rookie running. Passing quarterback. -- that. There's an element there that you can't figure because now. You have guy -- have Bob IG three Wilson. Capra nick you have guys. Who can make plays when things -- shut down. There's that element now that the that they can just go out -- what I like about these guys over picked by the way is. They're comfortable in the pocket. They don't mind writing in the pocket they defined the position. With their passing I mean IG three for all but he he obviously he missed a couple of games but. He's thrown twenty touchdowns and he's only had five interceptions. For rookie that is amazing I mean he's very efficient because you know what he doesn't have to do he doesn't have to hurry to -- when he feels the pressure in the pocket. He can buy time or as they say today in the NFL he can extend the play Larry that's what they call our -- -- probably playing defense against them in the -- and they do that play action of -- of the option. You know. If you if you slack off front where from -- out of this -- off running him and he got Alfred Morris to deal with this kid 15100 yards -- over sixteen -- god she's about fifth or sixth round pick the. So I give a lot of credit to Mike Shanahan who finally got himself quarterback in the the -- of course was. Well Shanahan is a good coach but he's a little overrated because. What is he ever won without John Elway always last two years produced two Super Bowls and Denver. And Shanahan has struggled both in Denver and in DC since then. But Bill Belichick ever done a lot of great enemy yeah we got to be without day -- -- -- -- visits is Ludacris that I re arming to. By the way that's why this is why I should erroneously about that pharmacy where attached to a you have to get to that the second. But this is why I think speaking of underage I don't think he's underrated nationally but I think because it were an AFC team in the northeast we don't really. Pay much attention to the 49ers Harbaugh is an amazing coach. Harbaugh. -- Alex. Alex Smith remember him I was on Alex Johnson I was a gutsy move okay nobody ever say heat he resuscitated. Alex and his career last year. And they were a couple of fumbles away from going to the Super Bowl then. What he did he saw that Alex Smith after he got hurt at the have a concussion. Blitzing cap predict in realizes that maybe this team is actually better with -- -- A quarterback in Jim Harbaugh is absolutely instrumental in the success of that team he understands but unlike a -- Jack. Or on like Shanahan. Or on like gay John Fox who have great quarterbacks already. I think Harbaugh has produced these guys I think -- was created and he's almost like a doctor Frankenstein. He he he. He created Alex Smith made Alex missed something he was not. Out of and to the NFC championship game after that you make the playoffs the year before under singletary now brings in -- upper -- -- was amazing coach what you think though the the tell me the definition of a great coach. Is not somebody who forces eighteen to be. What he is comfortable coaching them to be but he takes what he hit control was like that he takes what he had his. Any looks at the ability of certain players and then he works around that in back to me is running great coaches. If you end up having a quarterback -- more over and run the ball and extend plays and cause or kind of problems like RG three is. Then you recognize that rather than trying to fit somebody into -- -- comfortable Barbara about chain again think about this last success he had. And who the quarterback was RG three and John Elway are not that different. John -- Have the legs the goal along with the LIG three. You could say when he's healthy RG three is is the best runner or any other quarterbacks of these three rookies you're talking about any of them. It's pretty damn he's -- by the IG three is electric. He really is already out -- right now he's not healthy yeah he's the you know he had a sprained AM you know that's gonna hamper him a little and the other thing is it in tiger you know early on when Seattle beat the patriots -- that -- -- are right he's not a lot of right now. I tell you the more you watch Jimmy at 26 touchdowns and over 3000 yards -- more could it be -- its interest about him. He wasn't drafted high 'cause he's five elevenths. Do people buy -- now I'll buy it or five inches to follow up well he manages to find no lanes -- to throw the ball. Right and he is and yet we didn't think when we saw the patriots early lose out in Seattle Wilson with two. Fourth quarter touchdown passes we thought that was a fluke or an aberration. Obviously that was more than just an aberration it was a trend. The great thing about these three rookie quarterback's -- obviously do they have. The physical skills both with the arm and their legs they're also very mature. Individuals. They are leaders -- an hour they'll say that's a great point -- -- court. I wanna make on on down. Ray Lewis is retired possibly retiring up to seventeen years. We don't know exactly what he went through with that incident in Atlanta -- in somebody getting killed that was our our horrific story incident the whole bit. What I will give him credit for 'cause I don't have all the details. Is that whatever went down he learned from it. In he he eat any straight himself out he got rid of all the people who weren't were leading him down the wrong past. -- learned from it any ended up developing himself into a magnificent. Play -- one of the best of all time. Bomb in his character are in his leadership or just and just amazing to me and I think that's what you gotta look at. I don't know what went on then and I'm not ignoring -- but there are certain things that you just don't know what you say at least. Give somebody credit -- they learned from where you are in the redemption business I am and I certainly know better nobody I would think anybody wants to follow anybody around you be amazed the stuff that all of us have been involved -- over the years that nobody knows about but god I so I think the perception wise. Because he was involved -- that incident -- somebody died the year after they won the Super Bowl. -- came from the EU. And you know is a big tough linebacker that it was voters are thought of all -- that culture everything that it was all deserve right. My point is okay but -- if somebody gets into a baggage area that you get pulled over to Siler road toward. Drunk driving is something. Do you learn from it is there anything worsened when you see these people standing before the judge in practices in an eight arrest recidivism got to learn from a right. Most -- I think Ray Lewis certainly hasn't you know Natalie does he deserve. A place -- the pantheon of great linebackers we've had a we've been fortunate enough that are aged beyond this summer -- Taylor and him let those who may be the two best I can ask you this though I would network is that on -- out of with a net with the networks give people what they want are they gonna just use the time to a couple of -- predictable Talking Heads on there. Just talking about things that we already know about or with the networks. Great size. With with him coming out of the tunnel and doing his. One more time dance props of possibly his last one. In his Korea wouldn't you rather see that in the -- announces on the talking about your analysis and here we are not all that. -- something that I really wanna save for the last time. Well it will be CVS covering that game tomorrow Baltimore and Indianapolis -- and Sam's so. -- talent means that you got enough pills I I haven't thought I don't. I don't -- what they tell you that you don't you know I'd rather see some paying. But the last time -- from because it is it even if you're not of -- preempt this guy will. Motivate yet again a pretty -- of the refrigerator careful what you wish war because somehow or another Houston loses which is not out of the room possibility you might be seeing Ray Lewis. Right here at Gillette they're afraid of -- and you'll want to make sure de -- the patriots now they've got -- getting yield. I'm not afraid of anybody they bring it.

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