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Mustard and Johnson Open the First Sports Saturday of the Year Previewing Wildcard Weekend

Jan 5, 2013|

This is a weekend that Craig and Larry look forward to every year - Wildcard Weekend! The guys get things going previewing the games this weekend and possible opponents for the Patriots next week. Craig thinks we will see a familiar foe in the Baltimore Ravens coming to Gillette. They discuss the various teams involved and QB play, as often times it comes down to the QBs once it's playoff time.

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Well they're just about fifty to zero last time I checked on the calendars sports Saturdays. At WEEI. Each and every year. And this is -- officially. V first sports is the first port Saturday and try to do my calculations here yes and yes it is the first sports Saturday of 2000. In thirteen first of 52 and Larry. This is not hyperbole or hyper ball as someone once said. This is going to be the best sport Saturday it's going to be the best sports Sunday it's gonna be the best. Sports weekend of the entire year this is yet. Four games Renee I'm sorry Larry war games. Of National Football League play not just any National Football League play. But war National Football League play -- games if there's a bounce in my step a gleam in my guy. A flutter in my heart it's because this seriously is the best weekend. Of. The year. This is even better than next -- to me because you if you're a football fan you can watch the games and you can at least take a deep breath -- -- -- in terms of before we get into the patriots. So you could just really focus on just football and self and not have to be nervous. I agree review I think if anybody out delisting this morning. But get up early do the dishes. Copyright put the shores around my house gorge dropping player think kids for awhile. So you can clear the deck because the next two days is football heaven. If you are a football fan. Was talking or two because he's got that all pro ten Don parks pro oil that does want huge football following -- go down there and watch the games and got on the early -- the early games and I told myself I've bed so that place are erupted when locket that post Allen and and in the kickoff return the place must've went nuts I know you projected that you along with a few others. The big deal up predicting used to was gonna lose another Al -- because you posted on paper they look like they should be able to win some of these games I was listening to Palmdale and Kirk and they were. Absolutely short. Absolutely but they were pretty confident. That somehow or another of the seating which was. Used in two in the patriots three would remain intact. In Houston was gonna win that 1 o'clock game on Sunday. I had no idea what it felt so not confident but they were so sure the used to was going to win the patriots would hold on to three and -- the play this weekend. I I thought it would take a a monumental turnaround. For the Texans to play any kind of decent football and they played well for a while. But the was a 105 yard kickoff return after used to looked as if they had control of the game that was it to the patriots. Got a break. They get the second seed they get the buy in your right I -- -- gonna say that because this has been a scenario that's familiar around these parts. You get that wildcard weekend where the patriots are not involved with the lower. Rated quarterback. In the playoffs the seminal 76%. That's the spirit if he's been sacked 41 times. He's got the worst touchdown to interception ratio. At 23 touchdowns eighteen interceptions. But yet. When you need them to make a play. He does it sort psyche can you know if any number of reasons right is that the the way they but the point is. Is that he's one of these guys that you at any given moment he's gonna make a perfect pass the perfect play. And that's why people seem beyond all of that. To realize that this guy is going to be around for a long time and he's gonna put some put up some great numbers and at the risk of -- -- redundant but then again that's the heart and soul of a sports talk radio. You are. Witnessing a phenomenal year when you have not only three great rookie quarterbacks all vying for rookie of the year honors. All winning football games. All of the playoffs they all. They've all won double digit games. You have Russell Wilson -- eleven with a masters wins that touchdown pass remember Golden Tate might not have been a touchdown pass but nonetheless Seattle's in the playoff Russell Wilson. A statistically unbelievable year RG three turning around a I have moribund franchise in DC and of course as you mentioned Andrew Luck in -- on the playoffs it's amazing. I -- and then you have tomorrow. Even though it's the NFC we don't focus so much on the NFC. You have those two rookie quarterbacks. Going at each other -- heads -- that's unbelievable. You know with with what's fascinating to in most football games like if you have a particular player let's say if Peters says -- ID three or whatever. You really watch even more intently when there on the field and they have -- ball right because that's what you're looking for how they gonna perform. We -- have Wilson in an IG three no matter who was on the field you're winning. Because they're -- dynamic exciting plays in a RG three I get what you're hoping for a few are Redskins fan if you're hoping that. His -- continues to get better I love the -- last week and there are right there were saying you know he doesn't have that thing burst and everything. I'm sitcoms and myself well he might not what he's still better than most other quarterbacks out there running around. It's funny because if you watched any of the -- -- football last night a total of 516. Total yeah odds over Oklahoma or. This might be no breed it might be the new breed where you are re efficient in passing but you've also got some wheels. Well more than a few people have mentioned that in the old days. Got a college player were common to the NFL and have to adapt. His game even if it were multi prong like myself or RG three -- you'd have to adjust and ultimately -- become a standard. Pocket quarterback where you'd have to -- to throw the football. And you gonna have to win with your arm and not your legs. But now you suddenly seeing Russell Wilson who can do with his -- his legs obviously RG three. Let's not underestimate Andrew Luck Andrew -- get the job don't -- he's pretty quick guy he has he's an Atlanta had a horrendous round he got a first down right so he can do it we obviously saw myself -- it throughout the year. Last night was on display. He's not just gonna sit there in the pocket. And throw the football down the field he ran for over 200 yards yesterday yet. Now of all the quarterbacks remaining in the playoffs the highest rated quarterback -- -- very very efficient. 67%. Completion over 4000 god. It's 39 touchdowns in only eight interceptions of Manning thirty ninth and I thought it here's the foreign him. 51 -- Now the ball. Yeah now well. Well this -- that is because he's not gonna throw the ball the coverage and and and hurry his throw and -- an interception right in the other problem is if you notice of late they've made a -- Jeff Saturday was relegated to the bench and featured Smith. That's the guide Americans who polished issues on his forehead but Dietrich Smith has stepped in now is senator in solidified. -- -- the Packers offensive line so. I I love Rogers I know he's done you know people around you don't paid much attention to him hard to recognize that if he's got the discount double check. And he's got caught his -- that when the big wide receivers. But -- -- the next guy Greg is a 105 rating is Peyton Manning in the balance with him is unbelievable he's got 37 touchdowns only eleven interceptions. I'm in only 21 sacks and I and that's close to 400 attempts. And only 21 sacks well they hit it even though. Certainly Ager -- in the playoffs. Missed the record by nine yards against Green Bay to six days ago. You have a -- Peterson of force at the tailback position but look at you know if there was any doubt. That this is a league just a wash in great quarterbacks. You know will throw out since today in Houston but Leo talk about Aaron -- you're absolutely. It's almost like -- -- these new coaches who have moving around -- different coaching -- attorneys in the first thing I would want an -- What are your effort quarterback right. Do they have like castle -- -- Kansas City do they have any potential to be any good because like you said you got Rogers Peyton IG Russell Wilson Matt Ryan. You get it Brady certainly. You've got it's a it's a quarterback week if you don't have wind and very few very a couple of exceptions here in the air. But let's face -- the ball stopped with them and how efficient they how much they average control of their of their offense and somebody set a -- the other day. It is so true and it's a credit to ballot check in the patriots. You know that they might change offensive coordinators but the system pretty much stays the -- Which I always thought made a lot of sense if you bring in a new guy what everybody has to -- I knew I yellow page our Arab playbook. Or is it easier from a -- for one -- a common and learn the playbook in -- tweaks. Along the way so that's been an advantage for Brady that he had a and that's why he's so efficient. And in total control over what everybody is doing out there on the field interview I know they played Miami last week a Miami court there were just ready to get out of there. But I tell -- what a difference. It makes. -- I have -- Barack the he'd just changes. The whole look on that team are you have to know where he is. We have these war games and while -- week in Cincinnati Houston Houston wins the game there are automatically. I'm making a return ever begrudgingly at the acts as the Texas wanna win the game. But looming. Ahead of their reward. War beat the dangles this afternoon which is going to be very tight game based on the way to Texas applying the left the comeback in England as you know where I witnessed. That massacre. First hand it was really would instead of Houston is it in you notice what molds great teams they have to with threes superstar. Values you can -- to -- -- -- got Brady. Job as -- Forrester ran over 14100 -- -- he's got Andre Johnson he's got -- Like George. Got these super stop play is I don't understand why when the lights are bright. You know he looks like a -- and had I mean hearing now from all these commentators and you know I have -- watch a lot of Texans -- go red zone last week yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we and then network Albrecht at network news is something argued it was over red zone and of the game right there remember I told you I confess my man crush on John Ferrell but Scott -- yeah I play one against the other because both those guys. I'm in love -- Obama. -- -- Minnesota -- -- -- the 8 o'clock that I love that slot at 8 o'clock on Saturday. The very first 8 o'clock Saturday playoff game it was the snowball in the very last game and about -- -- -- like it is everybody it is in Green Bay I don't think it's I don't know the forecast isn't under yes and that CP Adrian Peterson can continue to wreak -- that he had any Baltimore don't love him -- the post game interview I had to -- you like being short says. I was mine is not out just and even now he says. He but he didn't even know well that he's being a little disingenuous because the microphones. On the sideline. Indicated he was very well aware of it and was interest -- it's been pretty I'm Sharon while people kept telling him right by wearing a whole bunch in that last drive that they scored the the game winning scores -- when you're making your picks here I think you have to stop -- if who's under the senator that -- the first literally gotta look at him and you kind of move your way down. You know I like Cincinnati a lot there are I think they led the NFL on a second in sacks they've got a really underrated defensive line they're very very good. But he and he dome of the inquiries every quarterback rating in he was sacked 46 times so. That would seem to plaintiffs JJ block it out loud the other guy just I I can't figure this guy out Flacco big -- drawing. Sacked 35 times and I mean I don't know with him budget would you like of that we you have teenagers you. Ray Lewis and possibly his last game they got read back the -- rice they got all the right buttons to porch. But I'd be in nervous wreck every time Flacco went back OK this is the way a look at the two AFC games it's obvious that most impact what happens next week in Cincinnati wins. In four before thirty game this afternoon. Houston is out since that we've played Denver the next round used to win you some perspective OK -- will say. You think since he's going to be the Texans in Houston I too. I am I again I -- let me go back to my point though I am nervous about the quarterback situation. And if he got watt come charging through them as he has at -- to do yeah I don't know -- patriot I am nervous I -- got -- great to him I am nervous about the quarterback situation if we're picking -- game right but neither quarterback I. Beasley has had a whole lot of experience they played each other last year in the port of Houston managed to win that game. I'm gonna go live I wanna say that the Texans. Eke out a win at home in end up playing the patriots in the divisional round. Next week but if that doesn't happen in Cincinnati does pull the upset off the winner of -- Baltimore. Comes through New England in a I'm a patriot fans. I want Houston to win that game because they are going to be the easiest opponent if Cincinnati somehow or another wins. I think Baltimore will hold serve at home and I think the ravens are the toughest. Opponent for the patriots next week of the three possible. Used in Indy or ravens know why do you think Baltimore. Let me see his daughter are -- while. There at home or one yup okay. -- is a rookie quarterback in his first playoff game all the success that those three guys that. Don't think anybody expects him to go that far in the post season apart on -- more effective job you can you can. You can criticize Flacco all you want. But he's -- Lee Evans drop away from going to the Super Bowl last year they beat the patriots I know was early in the season the ravens play the patriots stuff. Every time the ravens and patriots play it is a tough game and lest we forget. The ravens did beat the patriots three years ago in the playoffs the year before they lost to the jets they lost the ravens. Ravens should have won the game against the patriots last year the ravens -- the toughest opponent you want Houston to win that game this afternoon you'd much rather are your -- who wouldn't want to do you think -- -- yeah obviously from a -- respective. You want the Texans to win you wanna avoid the ravens and that in that second. Now Michael all one has had. Difficulty this year adjusting took a left tackle -- -- it's Interpol Lebanese ago on have a pep talk with them but a couple of but I like up again I think it's fascinating I think all of these games a fascinating. We got a lot this that this is the show of questions today though there -- some great great questions as you pointed out rookie of the year. How do you evaluate that. Comeback player of the year and there are only two candidates MVP of the year all these things can be debated is -- in this. Eli Eli is not coming this year unfortunately not every -- tires on our current debt that now unfortunately not.

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