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Kevin Garnett Postgame Press Conference

Jan 4, 2013|

KG spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Pacers in Boston 94-75.

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-- As if if it's not. This game is. Some type of floor plan and I don't know what is I thought we came off farm. We came out aggressive on both parents more important defensively bluesy sound throughout the -- 48 minutes no matter who was. They've remained. Very very very very impact on the game. A follow. Paul's defense was was this openness -- energetic it was sort of followed fought most to lose -- lead tonight knows. So from we came mountain that we need to -- enough in the felt like we came -- -- -- What shots more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Businesses -- been in this phone talks this and that throughout this so we're doing that we have to completely diffuse them out of what we don't know office can dictate defense. Felt like for the most part we did just that. And sometimes some bicycle maximize zone tonight Regis just -- we need to win tonight's tonight's top -- -- you know went -- did. It's it's it's. Yeah he was very aggressive thought Avery playing on the ball. Help help a lot you know suits resolute group. -- put more energy into it's offense. And I just overall team play some of his plays in the which would force. -- Yeah I didn't know what I K almost I was firm and on and an enemy to get him in the face like that and I was asked some sort of the ball. -- because what it was nose of his physical game. When he was part again. You look at. It's a perfect just to Hazmat team owners know our purpose situations. And by the justice have to roll. You know wholeheartedly. Embrace it. Tonight we do it. No because it's is always -- like always go back to. And -- pretty consistent with those roses is what we wanna be. Or be anything excuse me -- -- feel good -- last month by -- -- tonight that don't just just a fourteen met -- from a brief sampling so. -- -- from a video from the jump over war another scenario play.

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