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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 4, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Pacers in Boston 94-75.

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Well gives -- our team -- overall I don't think it was really specific to two people. But they were part of it just our help our hands are reflections. That -- fifteen to succeed. Reflections at halftime. To close that it in the day so. I just over physical and we play more -- You know I thought the biggest stretch in the game was the first eight minutes where we couldn't -- -- you know first quarter -- And that we restore it there and we get a what are these -- of those tickets. It. We're no Merck knew what it was was sick in the first quarter that -- -- those two quarters we score. You know in the first quarter -- -- score bolting them in the and it's a great defense team. They got into us there fiscal we -- fiscal in the budget score. And just felt you know sitting there -- someone's gonna make an officer Brian at some point the deepest and stayed -- and it was us. -- Well from everybody but Rondo obviously was one problem you know. You know it's funny and on the what is numbers -- program -- your neighbors and eleven. You know he may have -- where. This is because of pressure. Just on the ball. It made him take so much to get into their sets and when he Geithner says that what in the right spot. It's important place that it went through. And it allowed our entire regions that. And so you know arm -- it was harder as well. Where I was rules that would run it was in the second -- especially. The speed it would Alter -- you know attack the basket and things happen. That's a good Cyprus. We'll this year for sure -- than -- gains -- It is it is funny I think teams score elected ones but I thought our. Home city. It was -- just -- got a guy that directs Purdue. -- -- Haven't seen it you know -- honestly was so much crap going on at that point I just think Kate is that a product along. That accuse thank you -- it. And do a monitor. Because it was student chipped it. And I had -- at the table and like it's yet to it I really think sometimes that's what appears to you can't blame -- with us. He was -- he was also -- Brandon struggled tonight and doesn't foul trouble and so it was a wish we could just see him finish today just once in Mexico and it. He's so Francisco he stays in the and they sorry mis -- Just -- in the -- -- down -- working. And never stops. It no just kept going that's what yes she's doing you know I think he's starting to understand that he's shown. And this should point.

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