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Avery Bradley postgame locker room with Grande & Max

Jan 4, 2013|

Avery Bradley spoke with Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell from the locker room after the Celtics beat the Pacers at the Garden in Boston 94-75.

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It was just what the doctor ordered on a variety of levels itself -- with my team what went a lot when they do -- the -- -- -- But with deadly that we could Avery Bradley returns. The Celtics lineup when he returns store both gave Stewart joining us from the celtics' locker of and it as much fun as it could be driven -- -- back on the floor Wednesday night. Had to be an awful lot more fun when your back there with a win. Yet. The only places. Please do it today which is meant that. That that's where it was practice and because that would limit to what think you look at is you know your -- ball defense it. Rock though hits the movement today at the movies that I can't wait foot -- though Dave -- get that and they've been lead and it dropped open lead to what you do want the defense of him. You know on the film that I burned to the things. A small role in -- energy and you know every night I'm in agreement in place on his backhand make it harder well. What is the easiest thing that comes back when you're not an NBA floor at seven or eight months and what is the team takes the longest. I think if you think that the thing that's effort. Our guards there and play as hard backhanded. -- like I can have all. Pieces and I offices obviously them take little longer have to give our rhythm back from in my late. You know to complete work and everything would -- in you know everything worked so well. I've ever you in all the plane in the level of community here at this. It was it seemed like it was Lou. Assistant coaches tell you is that you know what that what -- sites which you know is -- the first couple nights you'll feel so good. But this probably a couple of -- -- to -- from the I think they point to get back in the game you actually believe that. Yet. We threw. And it's different being -- and then again -- you know five. Or. How hard was it last year suit now that the time has gone by and he's been through the injury back on the floor. How difficult people who don't really understand what that decision. To shut it down last year in the middle of a 41 towards -- Very hip. We had that. You know go to the championship and -- the decision that I needed to make known for myself for my -- You know -- come back you. Not a regretted and I feel like on this you don't have the team had been. -- that he's doing and hoping we would get the fame playing this year but last year. Another game to get that done tomorrow night Avery Bradley it's good to see you back on the floor today have you back with us if this --

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