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Friday, January 4th Whiner Line

Jan 4, 2013|

We got ours... plus outtakes from those Celtics player promos you hear on our air. Because of our short holiday week, the Whine of the week (7 day edition) returns next Friday.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed the -- -- these aren't -- -- Proceed with caution -- the solution discretion music box to. When Morris and now losing -- your line. Hey I'm taking responsibility for this I mean really we have to make suggestions I've -- count on us to be able to get that contract and get things right and now. And we've we've stayed with the things that we know how to do real well but now we have to make just -- to what we're just not -- -- -- anybody but WEEI. Whiner line. Not I would say is we have to go back to work would pay to -- we have to find ways to create office again because right now we don't have anything -- It's given us just went for -- -- diet 7793535. Well last. -- him in the -- the consequences are clear policy consequences well that's you're paying the consequences are clear on it if you lose. Yes I know I practice it's just fun and brown and have a running neck. Good people and this all right our airlines we've got the best he knew where the commodity and and now he's gone there was -- good but what do you don't. That WEP guys in the -- in your life. Apparently I was mistaken and I can do Leo one week just because you're here for one. Three days seem a weird are you lie and that we did not stop there aren't people like Donald ball judgment are gonna do -- extended one next week with a seven days includes the united disqualify. Him one line had eight days and quietly seven. Well let's see three this week -- -- fight actually Wednesday Thursday. A variety -- -- why not. That goes in the next week there you know when you guys have -- and it finds some excuse why we get to the wind that we. So I -- you outline and it's powered by eighteen to you -- -- -- times faster yet not yet to and I'll I'll stop almost hospital paused at that point jump in them. Get out early or for -- -- -- yes yes. WEEI -- metabolic rival undergraduate but device -- why AT&T AT&T -- LT what's up to and including ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Anything. It possibly could when next lakers at all -- -- get -- go ahead. And. But I don't. -- going to be -- do it that -- apple gonna attack. I want to know -- this what my my mind what now. What -- that the bombs. That opened the pop up every hour of the big ego that is my -- Clinton didn't let that EU. It's. It's around. It. Two -- I got -- by Michael. -- And -- Mike you wouldn't know them or their parents should sound from it's it's out of choice and it pretty title one know -- -- -- units in all areas. It's its own right we should actually play more. Yeah I agree we should play more suggests that -- electorate. People mr. James the second most famous. People -- -- It was over well well there's one guy again. The broad net write that god so LeBron and then the black -- that house 42 room house that -- still still so it's your show tonight. And we we need to do this every time we -- news station. To the W Sports Radio network news of New Hampshire a bit -- lakes region appeal to -- Iraq that would psyche. -- one old one point five FM and others asked the question do you play. Anymore. I've -- up there you'd be surprised how clean and crystal clear -- least record. Now -- It's it's boy opened for you got a couple of you know paid off a few people have couple please raise. Welcome aboard glad that you glad that -- quarter at 10101. Point white box. Okay him great summertime summertime and everybody vacation generally moral. Immoral. Do you get back and we showed -- -- -- episode. Can someone please explain me why couldn't make an Obama radio -- it on the radio went back and -- anchor. They have a great job you have -- -- back being up. And that last part of the reason he's on the radio second tanker is just under your chair genuinely mean spirited person you got to blow hard to deal radio and culture part of the requirements strictly. W we. Does not need hi this Kelly -- guy we've already got what I'm doctor while only going all the way out. Can't you obnoxious. And amendments and time work she. I wouldn't -- -- that the efforts I would -- -- silly. Body. -- Its sons of -- She. It's singular -- to get to work. -- Your. You're correct your grammar Regina says. Pick somebody on the field with a knife what -- what -- correct -- kind of different. To others to stick some men and so that you lose three days yes vote in the presidential -- so. Vote tomorrow down crop of burger Eli Manning walked and you'll. That's a somewhat loose on. Jim Hubble would make a song that's how talented he was a tweet again on Monday. Now it I don't I don't have a and apparently quite is that you'd get -- -- big -- game good. They dropped and partners and it cannot -- recovered -- -- not crying out of Atlanta and I. An Auburn don't call upon what you put the ball over that -- You and you stupid program blame me if you must but don't ever speak ill of the program the program is reconciled. The program is still out and that's wrong. Well tomorrow's comes over the results era and got another shot out. They can graduate within the city is definitely really wow. Mediocre. Look at the way our political play OK I'll get the football great. And -- I want to games this year the won what five next year. -- in on bad division of Europe is that actually what can sustain it would account for next year and divisional game. Maybe it stops players from getting autographs from other players and other teams might ex items patent it or edit or from a top. I don't really. Know and -- -- -- -- it's certainly more because it's. Performing why. -- -- And that. In summary. -- cattle -- let out. Well but the -- what does that do for god sake I hope he went for the two point conversion. And got better from the -- so they don't is that. And this message this year -- -- not that regulars I think any. First of all we don't know when do we really want you should know don't you know that I know the difference I get up close and personal -- -- -- still -- at two over year. And I never ever said that that you graduated tattoo on my arm -- -- -- -- they are not a Bruins logo despite. A percent that you did I never -- did Michael tell him that a -- hurt you let's go these birds drove these. -- -- to win tonight. Thank you and play first. No no way have wrecked him. Has yet -- -- That -- had a really. -- And that message. Got these artists today Mikey talent -- tattoo artist you can just change things turn -- to change that jets Jersey to a Jacksonville yet. Where does backstop and gimmicky balloon nodded to a spider web issue is the if you really it's it's a real threat to. When he gets that again that woman on his arm is gonna become fat as well let's look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was Venus of old girlfriend's name. Real and he got married -- Mormon. I like what what happened to the taxes I -- -- -- it's crossed it out. To generate much -- life. -- -- -- Wife and my chances here. That happened Tom Brady is the path to a peak effort lipped out of that hole. Yeah I hate big Mike go oh man but that would -- that was bad Rex Ryan's. Got all the what do I want Larry god has got the big kind of big ordered out. Now one of the quality of the I'm not I don't know they have. And that message. Our current commodity not all -- can't believe about you had that was great for them this is my -- Meredith personnel they acknowledged there were more more more more. But he did it -- tool to force. Old tape makes a nice -- I'm not about that contests are doing what yeah and it was. Eric thank couple outcome that would happen it happened. And belt and and borrowed it and I expected that part of it but I want a lot. More socially awkward parody than expected questionable at it and thought it was. Out of our that I -- I -- -- -- the spotlight and they did so Marat one girl. I think that's what the bank -- And that that mr. -- she's she's very beautiful -- of it. -- tap in with -- she was just total yeah she's gonna -- -- set project has set no working on the NHL's I don't know if you've heard doctor I don't work. Not for long. -- -- -- Based nonprofit. Idea integrity. -- around the clock now let me remind you the -- should not be proud of it. Days. To -- this the right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- C what's his name Jerod. Don Pardo the the actor see where he left the country elector perhaps the -- -- -- country moved to Russia as the taxes. -- like 13% tax and Russian. And 75%. In France we just picked up and Pamela and so I was I was going to apply to speak -- Does he think he's gonna be able to go out of Russia do movies I'm still married. Travel news movie that lives there because because there's one there's an obvious reason yeah. Russia Russia. If he's not married women women of course. Russian women. All of you have excuse. What's -- hurry. Upbeat. Correct yup. Where -- -- and I expect to eleven. I can't say that respect Atlantic at this prospect quite I don't know. I think. And one. -- people say we won it by an ample political. Back and. And -- -- different elephants aren't -- gambled. My name is and my parents act -- being. Again. What would that they're paying. By appointment so I'm and I can't that's still true raw I could settle what my idea of. Fishing when you watch Kevin winter when you watched the attempts to kill and shown us how hyper. Kevin orders. And Jessica it's this is like shift -- shift he does like one that has held it tight but he reminds me of the dead as a split in the does the bottom of the -- is the bottom of the box. -- -- -- It's tough stuff that's something that digital magic of the guys just used it on the station with a four. We'll see it's on secular Christians -- Addressed -- What -- -- went with an advertisement -- Advertisers that believe it is yeah yeah. -- you don't you don't buy steel and I just I just remembered that he's afraid you have a soft still conscious -- wanted to make your comment one of those. We're ms. Dolly had a brilliant and I think that he backed off the last second you think it's a really Smart. You criticize our advertisement. Yesterday. I really but that -- that -- to act against him. You merry gentlemen it's wrong. -- This is Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics break down again like nobody's business it's the big show -- all the way and not only here all Sports Radio. Point seven WEEI. Kevin Garnett all right I think is on the playground equipment not MO RW. And now. Piercing sound unbelievable. Peer specialist Mike I don't disappeared yeah. Outtakes from these these guys to get all clean takes us here tomorrow. His first we have quote my right. It's my movement. It's sort of mud yes. Obviously when it's necessary. That is. The Honda. Is an excellent. This is Paul Pierce hallway it's in the garden. And I've got all the way Ollie Wilson of Portland. And Baldwin. -- it is you know. This -- run around so I'm always in the garden and -- ordinary. -- not. I don't have our way. And lesbian Americans -- -- okay. Are not know where you are. Rondo doesn't know pretty eager that's the thing. And we're just human. This is dead zones -- now with holly if you won those true. About the Ohio State universe yeah as hard. -- you're welcome to opt out not so wise rookie right there lies through surprisingly the only one who didn't screw any Obama was fab Melo. He has these -- bill always guards have got little man or play. -- on the radio it's the big show Sports Radio. Point seven. It back -- -- look -- what -- you know -- -- If you haven't still allow you to lots and not all of the trouble and I'm I would -- do a lot of talent at a morning on it's like evidently DIA. And the -- at a at a they're gonna go enjoy my part but AT&T AT&T forgy LC -- kids up to ten times faster three G. AT&T. Every thing possible.

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