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Previewing Wild Card Weekend with CSNNE's Tom E Curran

Jan 4, 2013|

We pick through all four games with Tom E Curran and try and predict which opponent will come to Foxboro a week from Sunday.

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-- -- The afternoon -- like TO. The little French is true -- do -- you. Never thought about because it would be in the wake of the anybody out there be written history that -- -- -- -- -- these flashes -- updates would have you wanna call in a foreign language. Our law all make you deal first one Obama allowed to as we -- sponsors here of these -- but a make -- deal if the NHL lockout does get over buying the deadline next week -- they resolve it we do have an NHL season. I will do with sports flies completely except the sponsors in French when against the. Roger for a -- yeah I was gonna say that's what that's why I wanna know how -- its lowest I've I've testament to us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't just enough friends to like the ladies going nuts it is I don't wanna know what you think that ladies and do what you can say in French. Coming up on the big show rules talked with NFL and sider Tommy current -- also a big chill up well they have Beck at a fellow outsider Tommy Karen. -- this could be big as we got a new affiliate up in northern New Hampshire that's right we're not that far from for a lot of French speakers at what -- what -- -- position on the dial in Meredith New Hampshire. What does it it's like 11. It's WZ I'd been on the what's the position on the you don't think about is one of one point five. So 11 point five -- and yes that is very good yet but it civil lakes region so are read my email it's special to charter joining. Especially in the summertime it'll be awesome pick somebody people vacation. Adam was saying it's you. Puget in the Concord. And advocates over to north count. That's right that's -- whatsoever like. 89. Stationed on the run going to reflect. Odd time for us to bring -- as you just heard Tommy Karen brought -- by -- and Wes Welker here doctor doctor Robert let me call 1800. Get hit happy wild card weekend realistic aren't. Under in value by. Are you injured his -- got a language your language that was like pig Latin. Who. Very good streak set that we saw that you thought we don't -- -- political. He's got a -- has not studied. There it is -- what's -- -- -- a man. Great I'm really you know it's funny. These are the worst war games. Of the playoffs. Really when you look at those what's gonna happen because. You know better people play next week and then of course we can after. But I'm really excited about these days -- that it's fascinating on both sides they've seen -- actually. And -- -- that again you think these are the worst game what they are I agree with them every all the weakest OK you're the thickest -- and yes there's no question. But it didn't read it. If they're terrific -- so I mean look at that -- in Washington Redskins matchup first of all it's one that I don't think anybody could expect. Earlier in the season. And you look at you get too young quarterback it's they mirror each other it's really impossible to get a look at that game and figure it out. An idol well I could actually the Seattle is this a better football team they play better defense I think more opportunistic defense. Than anybody outside of the patriots went up to playing to playing on the road. And that sure that you trumka -- I'd -- I mean and but what I had -- vote not a bet you guys would agree. -- -- -- But the year offensively it was Russell Wilson from me and but I Q3 -- right there right behind. -- it's it's a terrific match up you know they have so excellent corner on both sides even looking into all of -- since. He's a great -- can make a play on you the second period C -- is arguably the best in football each year Alfred Morrissey the great unknown source I had a brilliant cancel what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I heard a lot of people they switch it around it whether it's luck or Griffin or -- they got one of those three guys here a lot of people give love to -- remorse for rookie of the year consideration wanna. I think it's chipped it hinges on the quarterback position so much. -- selling the goes to that position it's remarkable Russell Wilson. Could possibly win the award because -- if you look at the cart competition between Manning and Brady you decrease -- player. Like eight in Phoenix and 1998. People are still according to the notion that he's a better quarterback Tom Brady you get -- told that he Andrew Luck. Is the best quarterback in the NIQ -- is the second best. The Russell Wilson to do we've done and unseat those -- possibly. I think it's remarkable -- -- -- -- set out all the time get in the next anywhere you go get a mixed. Because almost seem like that it's just goes back to the you know Mikey addiction Terrel Davis. Running -- on the that's -- a lot sense creates. That's why I have such a difficult. I'm trying to act. The rookie of the year you jumped right on with with Russell Wilson because I think all three of those guys with what they had to do when they had different task. Were all able to accomplish it -- you look at Lok like Scott Ballard back the running so you can look at Seattle and say Seattle had a terrific running back and a veteran. And in Washington they had kept -- -- 16100 yards running to that takes a lot of the pressure off the court of expatriate when you have a quarterback that also can run the football changes how the defense comply. All three of them got their job done. I -- tell you. I think it's an impossible task trying to pick one over the other two I agree with you -- more subtle that you put more cement -- of the position. Well he needed to sepia I agree it came up -- -- -- came out of the AFC is via US is atop the division of football. Well who will beat the patriots. He beat via 49ers of course I know he's with other people on the team as well. And I think that the touchdown passes the lack of care of the football but it to a shorter times. -- with the need to look at New England. RG three. You know our quarterback -- but it's. You know splitting hairs if you get injured -- went all the way through. Trouble would -- the competition will. Well it do you think we were talking about this before you came on. You look at if if the games play out the way I think they're gonna play out who that is using a nuisance at look at my look at my record here. Consistently used at a regular season was a bogus -- it didn't work dollars is isn't awful this is called the that the -- the era so. A quarterbacks when championships that defense but it if you go with that the Arab. Cincinnati loses to Houston and Houston comes to New England do you expect. A repeat of what you saw. Not too long ago in the Texans patriots game deal like the Texans to beat the patriots -- about how do you see that matchup playing out if that's that he is indeed what we get. I think Houston's gonna get thrilled. By the patriots if they get there I think that it -- -- -- you're 26 to twelve touchdowns interceptions. -- -- the people on the patriots who say that the Houston Texans defense and secondary so a little bit overrated. Indicate you -- to -- -- against Houston's. You have a wide receiver route to do some damage the problem Cincinnati Atlanta we all of their Jarvis Green Ellis put a real potent running game -- so I. And any he's got a he's had a hamstring problem here recently -- Right -- think that. But I -- -- -- used to the meat they have played -- and veteran in my in the two games -- yet they'll Detroit it would male male fighters and overtime. Are they -- whacked by the patriots they get waxed. But Minnesota. They waxed by. Indianapolis. They -- -- looking at their head coach who's just given me a look in his Portugal I say what the hell are you to do sexist. So your -- with the Bengals this weekend. What replicate -- oak harbor okay. Not -- people -- -- -- -- you know you were in the betting now by the -- you'll put me at a Cincinnati. -- after seven -- that you know you're. You're you accurately. Describe these games that these are not the best game of the playoffs. -- a few weeks all of these games will be after thoughts not really playoff football the way the way we expected so. Let's talk about something off the field. Josh McDaniels decided to stay with the patriot. What do you think you decided to stay. I think it's multi tiered. But I think -- let's start with the premise that. There's just repeat will not stay at the. The -- the first set yet that they can be just prepared to say what wannabe -- Mike is it but my field. Again. Can it be at the top -- field. And still stay here yeah. And it -- thought might field a stable organization. If Bill Belichick retired the patriot trickle I think yeah -- wanna move -- my -- and family that of for the fourth -- In forty years now. So I think all the dynamics came into play site sacred to us -- it as a reward -- that. -- preschool that the patriots. Successor to Bill Belichick wins and a second between 164019. I don't know. But I think for the time being made a lot of sense for him to stay here it -- well compensated. It's it's a great organization. It's the second -- failure. In the NFL. So -- definitely when you look around would you like Arizona worked -- big wheels to wanna go to. Cleveland works for a -- You recount -- you wanna go work shared. Who obviously is not opening we have -- you know that the stability -- democrats' -- like to stick it out. You know the military courses and interest to people people thrown out here because. They have hidden the contract details is details rather of his contract -- quite well. We all believe he got an extension here last year -- with nobody knows where it -- but do you not think he's going to be here for a long time -- I do I think he's. If people think he's got a year or two or three years even if Brady's. I don't think -- yeah. I don't I don't even close to be effective it. I don't I -- -- it -- sending him or people week. As opposed to being tired of coaching record the bull crap around it will be what we'll send them. It's -- retirement. Portland when they do right when you injury reports on Monday there and insert comic character are you should you should write and talk about football. Yeah you gotta future security complex that's absolutely right yeah that's what would drive in my. Current as -- you're right on I would think. And it's got through and I know you know fifty of the -- thirty and seven and this. I would say I would set it at seven. I would too he turned seventy that you start thinking about it yeah about 65. Not sixty sevens that -- Seven offers some people think that he'd just be willing to move up into the front office has always done right it is he's that's none -- that about him this is all he's done. Since he left Wesleyan University is coached football. And he has never said well I mean five years away from the game board in a couple of years and it didn't broadcasting -- -- now. -- away I don't digital broadcasting when he's done like good I don't think. You know it would be so good I mean you guys know you would -- -- hurt. You have heard from any number of people when you spoke to shut down. So freaked and Smart he doesn't give anything publicly via the previous pregame show few years and I -- -- He would be tremendous and I don't -- and get -- -- that NBC -- what Collins -- the great we're a bit -- we all home will -- dealt with them where you've had the opportunity to talk to -- off the -- And all three of us are sitting here saying the exact same thing -- guarantee the people little listening to us right now -- you guys -- crazy. You really fit the Bill Belichick would be terrific broadcaster apps it'll. You can't see any I think you're maintaining -- -- -- best -- Cecil he's excellent television I agree I take one out single solitary -- patriots and and you want to stick around as long as possible. Make sure that it loses Jimmie Johnson's speaker I would imagine that that is the visit every brings in makes. That makes him say -- -- I could do that. As I took it like that. That that that would be the truck or sixty point. But I think you hit it it's gonna be the -- If they're gonna change the role that a (%expletive) them off and some aspect gonna. Suddenly you know change the game dramatically or -- -- -- paperwork on Monday with the injury report. It'll be something like that which -- -- since it went up enough to change his game to the point now I don't even enjoy it anymore I don't I. Why did you change juice every -- I think he's got to begin the sidelines I don't pinky can be a front office guy I just think this is a matter of fact I asked the -- what would you do. If you weren't don't -- straight he said. I'd probably be coaching some lacrosse team so. Yup he repudiated it Leslie and rivers of the night that's what you -- brought to watch and -- -- -- it and you know. What happened this and that's the other dynamic. What happened to -- and Brian -- check it say you know because again become more students for a year. On the staff. In this very sharp it. Of interest to watch their progression you're right presiding both so -- going to be -- well let's go Tommy let's go from Belichick to the Belichick tree what do you think's gonna happen with Scott Pioli. Next year two years from now three years from now. I think there are -- of somebody he you know we end. -- know and and someone who I trust to -- Scott Pioli get what they felt their next move would be. They indicated that they're going back to New England would really damage is. Persona in the rest of the league at the politics there's a lot of that call for you -- -- this without pay six -- -- particular area of real step back beyond. A coaching step back if you article consultant San Diego. So what's that got to be good but I think he. Is well positioned to take a year -- to that figure out what comes next and they'll be the smartest thing to do -- that's instant so the guy taking a year -- -- Pete Carroll. Kind of force you are up for -- to -- -- slowed things up came back -- worked Oak Creek is at number guys who have done similar things and I. -- didn't read was gonna take a year off you can probably hear. I was I was surprised he rushed into it so quickly. -- and I and I would not be the least bit surprised to set but that finances. In terms of he needs them or justice. Chase in the next check. The -- -- what why does Andy Reid need money you would think Andy -- been a coach for you know fourteen years. Now. You -- -- got a sound like he got some inside information but you're just -- of Comcast freaking -- all. We dynamic down there. But I don't know but I mean this is so. I don't follow your house gets -- but what it took things before we let you go to your point about Scott -- coming back I see it coming back to the but the folks it would not be. It would not go over well because everybody would say honesty that's it. -- -- all Belichick he can't go off on your own that's great I want to absolutely you've got to you've got to do something else away from. A New England the Bill Belichick but I think there's a compromise there wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get another gig and I think you Bogut and the -- fairly soon if he doesn't. Would be surprised to see him land in Atlanta with his best friend football com and. Cancel port because you know. That's a great owner workflow to. And Mike Smith is not the kind of guy -- -- on territory left right and and pumped obviously would would be cute kind of Bridget put. I don't think it's for the last book deal I mean people will hold against him what happens he did not work out. That quarterback -- touchdown with seven -- two years ago. Arnold the failure they would go to play -- not that's not the people forget yes there are not a lot of Super Bowl rings and I level of success sustained. By the patriots. -- -- -- -- What what -- their PGA being the coach of the year candidate 2006 with Sean Payton wanted to or whether it's Scott Pioli helping to get that team that the playoffs. Or Charlie Weis got a pretty decent year -- -- -- -- one point he can't say it's been abject failure after abject failure. I want final question we talk all the time about the difference of playing in a wild card weekend and getting that by blood isn't it ultra important for the patriots this year. And that they suffered the injury to a Ninkovich over the weekend he looks like he's got an opportunity deploy now next week where you might not this week. And your two tight ends the guys we talked about at the beginning of the season have a defense to stop these two titans looked like they may be healthy here. In another ten days. That's so that used to that deal with it that's considered that the competitive they're dealing with that they didn't have to deal with last -- really you're not an apple lot of tape on Gradkowski Amanda's working together. Really an entire season so they have an opportunity to get a comic books and all the the next ten days. And game plan additionally with Ninkovich -- in Pakistan saying. Jermaine Cunningham to the patriots a favor. Like speaking whatever it is -- up because you get just the threat -- -- -- about valuable -- and value. Multi. Dimensional guys in that mix so thick which sick of that -- -- limited you have a methodical path structure and Justin Francis. You have a very good run stopper Jermaine Cunningham and you have a personal guidance and try to do a little bit of both and has that veteran presence in Trevor Scott. So if you don't want your best playmaker defensively. In terms of making things happen Rob Ninkovich to be hurt but it's interesting how. -- like you look back them up and -- -- to -- -- these little things broke a certain way for the patriots. And ended up benefiting them. Kind of just didn't figure out that you put a hole in the cup Richard Sherman did that that works perfectly here I don't hold up routine couldn't. Record. Eight yards army finally promises is the last one the increase. So some creep wants the know how we can get Maryland Mary -- these picture he's a big fan. And and the tech ocean get a picture a picture of Mary Pawlenty. I'd I've got I've got when I took you get that they evident Comcast it's Thom -- to marry a that you just cut Tom out of the picture. This is how work yet. -- -- On court can't hurt dat Mary underscore -- PA LL PP TI. Nicklaus god that's -- -- quick look a little have a parent fiction right there do you take a picture of the great -- under on his. We're on on on the thing on the Twitter on the quarter. On -- please don't follow her to it is. And I don't Eddie did not seriously somebody in the AT&T text line I'm sure Indian band wouldn't mind the picture but it wasn't them that time. At this time. But I've got pictures by the -- -- 21 Rex Ryan real thing. Are real and they are now yeah I think should not attempt a whole lot about why would not be real about it. -- Photo. Apps apps apps -- that. Not a good I think Rex -- as his -- media that's still no way only to be so. O -- step up bullets were real deal it would that was waste heat on the are not as ones on the -- and -- -- all at. -- -- stuff -- -- wildcard weekend. You're here say it on the hour and right you of the village.

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