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ESPN's Chris Mortensen: Pete Carroll is much more 'cut-throat' then he was with the Patriots

Jan 4, 2013|

We go around Wildcard Weekend and preview all four games, as well as look ahead to the Patriots match-up with ESPN32's Chris Mortensen, a bonafide Warren Zevon fan.

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I don't know why Ali back early Friday edition of the big chill as we get you ready for a wild card weekend joining us live right now. Mortenson from ESP brought Cuba a share credit union dragon speech recognition. Town fair tire and -- years more happy new year happy wild card weekend to. Well a little -- -- gone does my heart well sure the late -- he -- IC dot don't warn people want to over the phone. -- It was interesting is because we he's got on the opera concert. I've lived and almost -- -- point which is the area grew up and we I don't -- awards while back then. And and you know try to get the pure guided to see war would cause I'm just joking and then -- called. -- Kyra it was concert. I think it was really got to bother you. That what you heard was a Kid Rock remarry. Next right. -- heck out of the water word equality but everything's a -- now I am -- take all the great music and limits -- story nevertheless. It's a good story it's story -- you guess which correctly from Cincinnati Green Bay Baltimore Seattle correct this week. At a -- yeah I think so. So that's well let's forget the web site. In the dog legitimate interest in I haven't looked at our pick statement it felt like a lot of people were coming in Seattle this week yeah. That true yes lot of people coming in the Seattle due to bad sign. -- -- on the road three and five concern -- -- all. Davis. Chicago game end the growth of Russell Wilson has kind of lessen those concerns and -- know I think this team is. So physical it is and they is -- play well on the road in terms of being a physical football team. In the you know in in the winter which it is winter. And I so I think they've grown up -- that Wilson is. Is certainly. Done better in that game and as soldier killed when he came back not once but twice. Two lead into that -- I think. Compass and demons. Aside. I think we love to do this fans love to do -- we we in the media love to do it when somebody fails at one stop and they come back and have success and another. We always wanna talk about the retention and how much they've changed in things are different now. It will be a great story with Pete Carroll but we saw here we heard it here. He sounds like the same guy in Seattle -- -- -- -- -- do you think he's checked at all I don't think so at all. The only thing I think -- more cutthroat. That's one thing guys. I've seen an end and then to have -- -- and the people in the building and you know I mean it's kind of like it was he he had little believe my waiter or the highway attitude that you -- you probably don't see because he does sound like -- looks like same -- But it's like -- not -- if he -- any side that you're not buying into what they do which is. You know it did they're they're competing pretty art practice -- work hard in the weight room. You're out of there. And I think that's the difference and be there there there is an edge to -- that. Don't be shown publicly. As I -- you like Cincinnati over Houston what has happened to Houston and can they get it back here. Well you know the other the party must say welcome -- season -- over Reliant Stadium actually can be know a little bit of a hostile environment more than people realize. But you know I've. If it's even crank it up for the Minnesota Vikings a couple weeks ago you know it took. It tells me. It is there's this which had just unable to turn on because maybe it is not all the electric just run through that switched because they do have probably a real problems. No match job -- and plan one out that you don't we have to see him. Play too well at least once in the last month because I haven't seen it. I do too -- tennis became an -- haven't seen it. And then you know I I think that early in the year when they -- Brian Cushing had thought it was a huge loss and you know they played well through them but I certainly see signs that there are there weren't -- they -- practitioners secondary is the plane well outside Andre Johnson is. His numbers were pretty phenomenal this year but it. It's not the explosive Andre Johnson scored a lot of touchdowns and I think they underestimated losing Jacoby Jones who provided -- Keizo. Occasional also play. You know -- the ravens so it awed at just that I don't know that. That you can turn that switch on I don't know how they put what's happened the last month deceit and out of their mind. Our particular defense today you say OK I think green could have a big game against the -- secondary I think Geno Atkins could come up the middle and -- match up. All sorts of problems but they're still the -- sport no. Well they've made the playoffs he's straight years was there which you know I think we we've underestimated how good Jay gruden you know -- we know that -- not to. The better known gruden. That spewed in the -- to coordinator these past two years. You know I I think he should be somebody's head coach when the season is over I don't know that he will. But he has done a terrific job they're different team and an error on defense and Mike Zimmer. Is that a heck of a job and their front seven know on the play and ask anybody do you -- and you mentioned that they got other players up there that. There really are very physical and in and pretty dynamic so. You know I I think to debate goes Italy's say though the bank of the so the Bane of the that it was this game that's exactly of people are gonna say. So I think I Anita Anita cheat sheet here you gotta help me out because I'm trying to keep up with all the coaching and GM changes in -- -- yeah so let's let's go to this thing together aren't. Andy Reid goes to. Kansas City Scott Pioli outing Kansas City first -- like Andy -- there with Casey and and why isn't he with the cardinals or the chargers. I do -- can't you read their important -- wanna say you know and it hasn't been great for any read past four years I mean I think get 3331. But like Tom Coughlin and these coaches they know how to self evaluate Andy Reid. Knows where he made his mistakes. And I think that you're gonna see. Him. Reenergize reconstitute himself I think you'll see a better personnel department. If they get done Dorsey -- the Packers is the director of operations. They're getting one of the top five football -- waiters in the NFL and I think that's again that's probably go on there. So Kansas City. Because they were well under that -- ago. Basically clean house and and -- -- and need to build do we want sitting in Arizona there's so clutter but it's a good defense to -- -- -- They want and they wanna make sure that. Indicate that defense to step into and it wouldn't really embrace. With a lot of interest there and so. I think it was a good decision by Kansas City good decision by -- read the go to great football down. Go to division where you know everybody you know the weather -- the raiders are confident flocks. It yet it can given Denver pre game idiocy west I mean. No and that's pretty good to visit. If our way out based on this one Republican at a following the stories -- stories that you and cash after were were writing about the process in. How long the interviews were with Andy Reid and the Kansas City contingent. And at one point it was a nine hour interview and Scott Pioli was in on and I'm thinking all right Scott Pioli gonna be out in Kansas City while it was the end on a nine hour interview and I thought well maybe this is part of his. Buy out agreement must be something going on where Clark Hunt says they'd do this for me help me along with this process and we'll figure out an agreement. On the way out the door do you think that's why I was in on. Yeah that's that's possible I hadn't and thought of that because you'd certainly want somebody there of football man asking the right questions. At the same time I think that you know -- And and got our friends they -- good relationship and they have respect for each other. And and nine hours of meeting yellows and they take breaks during those times in this kind of breakout meetings breakout sessions grannies and Alice park alone. And there with a breakout session months gotten -- he -- a -- from what I've been told. And and I think that. You know. You know knowing Indian Owens got I am sure they were honest with each other and and you know just because you're friends with some media respect for Sony does -- mean. That that's the person you wanna go forward with an eight and an ideal world for Clark. Any -- said you know what. That's got run the personnel department and as long -- I have final say it's good. And I think Scott probably was gonna be okay with depth but Andy really wanna start clean and fresh. Chip Kelly is as hot as any product out there hurry up offense the got to look at the patriots success. Somebody's gonna hire who's going to be more. Well I can use to get by the outpouring obvious group. Moment that we don't live like his offense is going to be quick I mean there the other interview on today. I would say Philadelphia vs Cleveland and and what to be -- to be Carolina elusive or something ridiculous article though technically but you know. He Cleveland. You know I think -- I think they've really been red -- particularly for a long time the problem for the browns is. You look at their franchise since they reconstituted themselves and it had nothing but instability. And with Chip Kelly you get a high risk high reward guy. It might work out and the rewards are tremendous. But if it's if it is risky because he's never been in the NFL. And if he doesn't adapt as most people told you he's gonna adapt. Are you going to be changing coaches again in two years is that what their printers need I think no. And and so and I would probably say okay Philadelphia. Is where I would bet. But I've really don't know. Yeah I think he really he's got to have the personnel because so much of what he does is predicated on speed and as you know. In the in the in the National Football League did fences are a lot quicker than what is -- in college game. Every everybody else and everybody wants speed and Andy and the thing about it is in -- and you know everybody. And I start to chip -- an -- like and I've used this analogy before Bill Walsh we always just said political system he brought the West -- scheme. You know what he did was bring his the Bill Walsh style. And we we credited as successes with the West Coast scheme and then you found out that it was really more to it it was a way to met the waiting. -- meter practices we travel thing they did a lot of deeply oriented things. And I think there's there are a lot of that Chip Kelly I mean they practiced differently they -- differently date the lift weights differently. And so speed yes I agree in the root of the problem that you would certainly be curious about is OK chip you know. -- 53 man on the roster would you like to cut down. Power your weekly practices -- going to be when 20% of those guys are doing -- can't. Practice we want to practice that has practices are shorter and they practiced mostly of the team who don't necessarily break out in the position groups. And so there -- curiosity -- it clearly he had -- job last year need to set not to take it. But I think he's taken a job this year and yet he'll he'll want speed and I think it he wants guys and talked about -- mid year. Dissenters and even as a recruiting you want guys who have good football character which Bill Belichick has built upon. -- you want guys who will buy yen MB selfless team players. And so that's not the speed at seven he'll take a lesser talented player the guy has great football character. Who has the best coached. Head coach available on the market right now another Andy Reid has signed up with the with the chiefs. Oh and he's somebody who -- head coaching experience. Yeah -- because -- some and Jon Gruden obviously. People talked about. You know Tony Dungy is not -- went back and -- our back but these guys second I'm thinking of guys were just let -- -- whether it's with a 300 yards and at. -- you know I think Whisenhunt had when interview with Weaver tonight and he's interviewed a couple of other places. You know Lovie Smith I mean -- a lot of success so. You -- completely got an offense is pretty good I mean he's certainly would wanna be comfortable with how we set -- the opposite staff but. I think both -- are good candidates I really do. I would have a great weekend now we'll talk to next week -- guys getting what are stormy. No -- -- got clocks forward. You know you want locks screen thing I think is a lock for the weekend coming -- green -- -- and I got two guys and great weekend hard Mort you know whatever locks. I. How fit well reminding guys next week part Mort we got three. Blowouts. And one in order to blow -- and and two decent games blowouts Green Bay blows out Minnesota. Baltimore blows out NB. Houston and since the Houston wins close game and Washington beads. The Seahawks -- I like all your picks with the exception of I took Washington over Seattle even though the RG three injury factor has -- going non. Slipping under the radar here that I -- -- wonders what the defense and they can stop the run in Seattle has to establish the run. Over the Buffalo Bills I'd be I'd be -- -- project has absolutely it's on -- Washington -- -- -- -- with our work -- Chris says she asked him writer of the action.

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