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Sexy Rexy: Rex Ryan gets the strangest tattoo ever, but is it real?

Jan 4, 2013|

It's the number one sports story in New York City... Rex Ryan, on vacation, sporting the weirdest ink ever.

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-- -- -- Lecture. You know by India to -- you know to get through that secretary that I don't. Do you really tell the difference -- giving -- the picture was -- it's art you know we will go for. Him vacationing. Atlanta's the other day that's exactly what areas we're -- about it but it -- yet it seems like a -- Something does it does seem strange. He wouldn't have -- his wife at two of his wife wearing any marks answers Thursday. I've heard from a bowl moves into this thing you know Wilmington in the -- operated right when they have like a temporary tattoo. Well everybody has temporary you -- to me that's probably but everybody has. -- But it is pretty -- When when you look at it and maybe he knew that there were people taking actions one media people paparazzi whenever. And he said and I'll have filed with -- -- It seems is what book with -- -- trying to figure that record the picture they said. They could just fear of mania. Awful -- you can I think you -- -- you can. Go and check out the guys knows Ayers I mean this is too much information. An area that is. Temporary tag do any reading a book it. It was it was just -- It was just that publicity shot. Theme engaged in the book if you notice what book is that. What we're trying to figure out called the patriot -- in August. They. Education of a coach. I notice Americans. That's what Americans that needs he is okay that's. -- it could -- that you can be makes cents. That he had to be at the lost art it's funny it ought to be funny Mikey Adams -- you know. That actually in the -- would go into that to Portland's OK you know. Slot you know -- these. Players the other question. Is adequate to the -- Pictured here. -- it. Is it just like. Some photographer in the Bahamas and natives know what's in New York Daily News of a market that's right now now. You can call -- -- figured the rockets coach -- the loser. Having that attitude. Marks and Jersey. On his wife attitude. But the New York Daily News. Going to the Bahamas. Going on a beach. Finding Rex Ryan. Taking part. -- that can creep. What world you and that sort of every day so it's -- To attack knock. It you know they were Justin -- you don't get street. I think all of that stuff are part of Acosta Rick -- around in number 20. Okay c'mon -- says. It's out there -- too little -- sports society. And now that he spoke at it is New York since he has spoken ethical -- let's go to. -- -- -- and they did about it this is a private theory the -- This disease adults only -- Who says. Really easy to sneak in what he says newspapers don't have resource. What happened shore New York Daily News paid for -- Obama. He registers as legitimate guest. At this resort. And he goes that's why it was it would have access and free rein in ticket picture. And we stood at what what a good life at right David Ortiz is golfer in the Dominican. Good point. Bradford and now what -- -- might -- in the suitcase. That's report. But but you know Bradford is is breaking rocks to pay for her right now that would stop the got to work in the cafeteria. It's it's not like it descent of the Dominican in oh rob. He's got to make upwards of one team this maybe it's just blame the media. That he'll play in -- is that it is a one or where there is room -- shades of credit. Where knees and sure. And -- If you -- law. Those steps to Portland you were talking about the temporary ones in the hall usually eat them right. They probably 300 -- sure they have to say it ain't no woman no drugs as more about it I think Rex and the photographer. Are in on -- -- and spears gave them an act and well in wrecked the photographers. Before. Here -- probably have some drinks together. Digital if -- -- -- It would actually shield the bottom of his wife defeat. So that was a realtor to it and likes it -- romantic and emotional attachment emotionally to do things. Diseases like this. Speak it will be. All ears will be an -- what does that Monday Tuesday everybody's going to be listening to. Internal poll you know whenever show guys show Texas as a tourist. Took the picture -- -- -- I could it was a kid it's as a result well my dual us. Echo but the Atlantis is you get a bit above I have a gigantic property it's great. Water park with the great restaurants. Great Michael Jordan parks is yeah there. Phnom. Of the ocean with the tools and -- -- mean you know sharks. This deals and now I know where not to go or want privacy program apparently yeah yeah he's in the most private part. Not having enough in -- like 80101000. Rooms taught at his wedding private island in Costa Rica and they counter and get through only did. -- -- British destruction color number. GQ cover boy ever -- to like. Well one of the most famous models in the last 225 year -- that -- Russian vault champion as is Rex Ryan pagan you buy himself a big in the corporate. Rex Ryan vs. Brady and Gisele comparison you know paparazzi around all right Rick probably said to himself I can't get them for copper one of the tabloids in New York. Let's do something -- Struggles who had two on -- on. That get media are pretty funny you know pretty funny sight gag I gotta give its -- Belichick what evidence I don't think -- Probably. -- it's funny.

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