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Jerod Mayo: Playoff time, time to put in the extra hours for preparation

Jan 4, 2013|

We check in with Patriots Pro Bowl linebacker as the Patriots wait to find out who they will play after their first round bye in the playoffs.

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We'll -- associate in the next hour Michael but I really. I don't know wanna do these clashes all inference. I think it would make far more sense than anything I hear from him in English. We'll talk to him in the next hours -- work. Right out stuff for us to talk Jerod Mayo I don't know if he knows French brought to you by ask the L I had savings bank life insurance company of Massachusetts. No nonsense life insurance company now offering new lower rates for men and women while 88 get SP ally or visit you must be -- dot com. For you -- for equal or you don't today. Amber are here you know it's been another do you -- another language. Gardner football -- wanna grilling which never wanna speak another language ever take wanna Bernard. 1000 -- are much there earlier today Ellis partners. -- a couple words not much. So everybody knows a couple more exact -- what did those words like printers than. Both -- milk aboard a boat okay so you well under way those new record -- armor are bigger -- better. As you know our particular Christmas before we get to football and basketball christened it if for some reason -- -- rounding -- the house the other day. And I thought of your comment about. Don't bite your friends your planet your kids were -- and that's a don't -- different -- wondered what would you do for the holidays -- your kids up like 2 o'clock in the morning waiting percent. Are you you're breaking up a little bit out of Portland gathered at a phone bill. Well outlet that's a lesson that does not unusual. -- what's your brother would you for the holidays before we talk football or their kids up at 3 o'clock in the morning -- percent. Not -- one another they go to sleep early those -- o'clock in the they get excited we do Idaho help on the shelf hanging out of neglect as Heyward recited. Like that alpha -- he's done in my haven't they got to get the off the show you move them around and he shows up at different swatches that you put wanted to make sure thing to do everything that's what they buy into -- -- -- as usual partner -- -- a major. You're getting you know he started star about. Point eight value of the good behavior will be. All right so is it's just turn out to be a good week for you for most of the guys down there. And that forget about what you what you're dealing with with you next the politicians don't know but the -- you get your bodies back into shape little. You know to be out with the you know we're not -- we work hard you -- we prepare -- replying -- week. And I think out really bad outing all know both mentally and physically I'm not gonna work our. -- did a lot of running obviously and the government faced sharp so I think we got a lot of work there. Well what -- zero what you thought about. -- a probe boy this happen and -- -- -- masking all the stuff that happened last month but we're definitely key word here so we got to catch. You have -- -- do you view on McGwire. Now. Now we will we will get a -- was Rex Ryan down there in the Bahamas you know metro last you know -- -- you. The grit award you know but you know it -- is actually -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ever do that -- Gaza aren't forgotten back here. And I'm very appreciative of it back same time we know they're they're bigger goals you know it for a sense. Just like afterward Milosevic to change its pages and move forward not who -- Is this something bad. Not just you but your teammates is that something that guys talk about -- four. If it's announced or is it just one of those things okay April balls out and we made the pro ball we didn't make the Pro -- move on is that something. Look forward to -- obviously guys you know knows no word about the amount that the same time. You not feel very fortunate to be a part of the team where. McCain both are are held to such a high standard and the all the talk about the team goals and really never talk about individual goals that even though you're you're constantly. Evaluated by your coaches and things like that as far as how you're planning. You know the better you play at a Burger King goes so. I just feel very fortunate to be a part of a team where it's all about you went off. What changes in the playoffs other that you're playing really good teams and a week to week basis what part of the game is at war. Does that color our teams do things differently what what's different about it. We know how to budget none -- the three different levels. How the season progresses as far as it being you know more physically demanding more mentally demanding and that prosecutors one level. And you decorate rookies and you -- -- -- and Iraqis any -- it becomes very physical because that one doctor. Don't know what you're warm Quayle -- from gone. -- what China where artists never play -- -- -- -- business. I'm sure your preparation is always. Always intense during a regular season. What do you change -- thing I've ever heard some stories about patriots in the past -- of who have just locked everything down in and they don't talk to me I'm really China's. Focus on the policies and how about teaching to -- at all. Yeah you know what I'm married to be talking to you that you are so complex that had you heard the other you know I approaches a reporter in those extra hours a charter. You know -- like -- -- -- -- try to prepare well and you know who we let. No I got there there it is Lauren you're -- now so you support everything you have Hillary he experiment makes a lot of sacrifices during his time you know. Also during the regular season that speculative sound that you put in those extra I was. And -- just -- of angry at the pour everything you have to. If you're speaking a foreign language -- -- this interview -- as I -- reported all of it all played under our senate fulfill my obligation -- fulfilling my obligations. Drag drag your Alter ego of the brought that out nobody would know you watch these games this weekend just does say a football fan a viewer. No I don't think so because and I'll be -- a lot of football actors we -- so. I'm like this she'll mount Graham had much luck and we cannot -- I'm Jamal Latin it is normal accidentally -- and what I'm. Well -- reluctant to use. They watch or what nick junior yet -- European Ryder hello glad of yours now. It largely to me now and I don't know. That's what you do get into it -- do your Disney. There's just this this this thing there's a progression -- it was like your view about that later as a precaution junior hit a drug is the is the problem the next step MTV. Are you don't ever let up early next step. Something that contribute not that. And they get to the card ashes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and the governor drama -- are marketeers know exactly Carter national probably wrong. -- -- -- Read our hopes I don't know that we breakout sessions will be a lot of those -- shelter that they've lasted longer than anybody thought they would. But products of the doctors and you'll be watching the games. That's weak yen. Do -- a point or could get to the point where you were over think -- and take your preparation put in those extra hours. The guys have played did the chance of playing Houston play Houston already. If you advance you know you played Denver somebody Baltimore party played these teams. Is it didn't get to the point where you really over analyze. I mean you can definitely get in the world warrior he knows your reading too much into orbit at the same time that -- -- between -- prepares. And -- -- -- we're we're very colorful route that somebody out of nowhere comes back though. I've I've actually done it before probably I actually learned my lesson in -- as far as spending too much ground. While what not to plant plant football black candidate -- some. Things change -- replay of that if you know the team that changed he had different players on the roster you have. Different scheme that it sounds so it is that a lot of work at it that can be done in the summer. Any team that you play next week you have already seen this year. An advantage obviously both teams have played each other so they get that advantage. Or do you see a team doing something totally different because they play you're really of the season. -- public I don't try to protect the things that that are -- That worked in the past but I. Not sure what he thought the -- more pain you know winning games late season you have to change you can't say this thing you can do the same places you would do and we. There is born in -- and think they're gonna work and we -- and sixty. Not so so -- into the brawl between two change. This copy that your you know keep up with. Major rob thank me later for this I just figured out what's wrong with University of Tennessee football ordered those kids are watching too much film and who watched the -- let's go. And they're not playing instinctive football that's the problem that's why they're not a top ten top five team anymore. What what thank you thank you for your analysis. -- -- which amendments for the next eight these. No thanks I think that's analysis by -- paralysis right did not disrupt it -- -- plus yards is too bad that the seed Tennessee football and will be back and that's got to tip our world today in. About our. It. May play in the pinstripe bowl next year. The predictable I will be in -- BCA. Where it's market down right now art. I drive a great way to -- -- next Friday -- get the opportunity -- a breakdown an opponent civil duel with a view and then oh by the way Jerod text or. Brings up great points texas'. By the time your kids are old enough. Hard day in Kim's kids we'll have a reality show a couple of you write you -- your -- serious trouble than it -- item you've got a little -- we idea of you in the semi awakened to Rodman. Our weekly interview with Jerod Mayo is presented by this bill -- no nonsense life insurance company is now offering new low rates for men and women call 888 get SP a -- visit SP allied dot com for your frequent. Sex what 77797. And 937 worked the phones. Next.

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