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Jets Rex Ryan gets tattoo of wife wearing Mark Sanchez jersey

Jan 4, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to the front page of the New York Daily News where Rex Ryan is shirtless on the beach sporting a tattoo of his wife "Tebowing" while wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey.

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I gonna start the show off and a great mood today I thought this would be very energetic start the program I really -- I was from Rex as a tattoo of his wife on his arm. He's not a beach. And it's by the greatest -- story ever seen. -- down rivers started the show in your your down with Scott Pioli. Why my down -- got on our let's just put pick the off court will put this we're talking about this right now. You want it to be the one to break the news when you heard John Chandler. Break the news this up pioli. You puppy dog eyes would you want to come on yelling at Walter Cronkite a lot of garlic -- -- -- executives or Jay -- limited at first. The one thing John Chandler gets during his -- -- for flashes on the show -- for he's stuck with us. It is the one thing I get is the occasional. Occasional nugget of breaking news we haven't talked about yet. I've been enough flash -- situation it's like a one time. It's it's it is. It's it's Viagra without the Viagra when you get that one little bit of breaking easy now but like John York and Atlanta tactic -- -- -- want to judge under gets what other breaking news he wants to break the news on the show. Sorry about that at. It's art you know it's not so good we just always those guys that got -- broke during the break the best we did -- mention it. You guys mentioned we -- -- in a big deal in the near it flashbulbs Cronkite or you're gonna. You're like -- -- like you're at a show after which is Jay Glazer apparently because deals cut at -- ability to speak. -- -- open discussed a -- few Jews not to happy you know who breaks news -- claims is at first but. In look at the timeline 8622. Seconds before -- latest week at a -- -- you'll out in Kansas City. The other category -- for the I don't care who is the first to get the info out there. So work nice job John politics or steal on our news I just he'll lose breaking news extras and learn more acts she -- WNHL lockout is over to -- -- So goalies out is Rex Ryan the next one going to be out here. Based on his hat to new York daily newspaper and fired -- is that that this is on you think about it. This is the sign of a guy in mental anguish. If you are willing to put attacked two of your wife Tebow an eye on her knees -- Tebow only wanna call what. It and Sanchez uniform legs out feet out noticed that by the way. Sexy -- -- nature his wife's feet and only part of the stepped up an epic album it's real. That's on his right -- that picture in the daily news he is the steel -- -- famous line. Psychologically. Damaged it's it's so bizarre it on your I don't really don't think it's real why 'cause it's sold czar. Really I'm really opens are forgot who let a few talks because he talks a lot -- go home video of home video -- let's say playing a police officer -- her -- out there -- dog that's -- -- but you know what the video goes away -- of the video is there but it just. It disappears you don't wake up every morning -- TV and see the video of yourself. You walk around every Leo -- -- to -- look at the mirror and see the video of yourself this is so bizarre. That I just I have a hard time believing it's real. You know maybe just trying to. I don't know get people off the path of -- the hell's going up the jets and who's been fired you've been -- he's got some oust the talk about your check this thing I want only indication. What he's one low cornered -- key places and a little fake that -- who in their right mind. Okay you want to put a picture of your wife when your arm I don't K odd that people do it. But in -- read a lot of people -- -- dilute -- got a little picture of a girl cartoons -- -- -- -- -- threatening -- obscene names but cartoon to their wife on Iran set -- like people -- like more than say that a handful of people do and insert duplicate -- -- put pictures of their wives -- their names of a girlfriend and -- company got to get rid of it's -- it's done. But Dick Clark you don't have your wife he Boeing and Mark Sanchez Jersey. The you've got to look at that for another day or week or month or year when neither one of I'm gonna be with you the year through the rest -- life. It's so bizarre. So bizarre money can't be real. It. You call anything he does bizarre. Or is the guy talks a lot on pace on an emotional guy allegedly -- -- -- the editor web site. Uploaded a video or and his wife role playing straight and national coach -- video shows up or he's a cop can I touch him. And I smell it's his -- feet. -- fluid and even. Months. Just -- Okay. There there's no car trouble or anything now. Okay well you have to put your feet and you can leave out. To -- that the tremendous actor spotlight this is -- to pull it -- feet outside the car while -- It does a lot of buzz right Rex Ryan you gonna be going who the new GM. Unifier Tony Soprano what's going on what Tebow -- marks interject guy what he's doing to set it up -- it's. Expressed congress because the NFL's all over me right now to talk about protective. A distraction. The -- there's no way in hell that thing Israel if it is real doesn't put into question what do players think about a like it we were -- this word to win but if -- player on that team and that is real. And certainly the daily news is standing by the it's really ran the photo when Gary Myers -- column today questioning. If Tebow can coaches -- you Tebow erect striking coaches guys with this debt -- It brings into question a lot about Rex Ryan. On top of the question why they waited here they broke the NFL rules. But not having their press -- NFL's media relations policy teams are required to schedule a press conference the head coach during the week immediately following into the team's season. The purpose of the rules to respond to an interest in the conclusion of eighteen year by volley in the rule the jets opened up the self disciplinary action NFL commissioner Roger L. On the league's policy media violation the classified -- conduct detrimental league it's atlas for New Year's Eve at 445. I'll right before that called PR staff released this statement out in the press -- it postponed to a later date you know organizational. Decision. I think jet fans are already -- that to Rex has not yet answered for this year. And that -- bombs fired but no wrecks and what would you let the year the jets that we. At least compared we disagree but compared to how bad the Red Sox season. So putting it in that category. -- job out of -- year ones. They still all up to this guy's on beach where that when I think it's a real threat to cope with the real tattoo reading a book about snipers. And bases like -- late next week so there are pissed off he's got the tattoo TS one on he's not all of the GM search apparently. There's a lot of questions and it goes back to this your patriots -- is about leading the league and and wins in tattoo -- it's. The good data be a patriots and. That is a good answer Twitter follower Adam Napa I will not be considering I would not have my wife. On my arm tattoo and no larger batches -- can happen at a it's not gonna happen that's resolve world today get back direct yes. You -- the you have to hear from him I understand it's a a league it's a league rule he technically. Yes you do after the year they just had you wanna hear from -- man wanna hear more. -- at the end of the year redress some things you talked about the things a little bit here and there are no official kind of one little press conference and -- -- a lot of question that the media. Wanna find out wanna ask him -- Jets Fannie like -- it's over with you know it in a collapsed 2011. I want to hear from the players. -- because you you wanna here. What the hell was going on because everything just happened so damn quickly we also -- this was called ownership yes this was a year long thing. We're just got that over the probably sick and tired of hearing about it was like last year that you really want someone to come over the reds -- did you really want to have some come out in October and explain what happened. You lived it for six months. I didn't need that the year before -- is one -- hell happened here in September wanting it from jets fans saw this all year long. It was tabloid that was it front page. Every single day every single week they don't need to -- it recap. They lived. I wanna hear from anyone here from woody Johnson and I can't believe that you wouldn't understand that as -- as a sports fan. That Rex Ryan as the mouthpiece who speaks every single week who talks out of his ass sometimes about this patriot that the jet skiing quite frankly. Has not yet had a chance to speak about what happened this year. I totally understand jet fans being upset that they're gonna post on this until next Tuesday I guess January 8. I understand you wanna hear from Woody Johnson -- and and -- a patriots fan a another example of why it is a great thing to be in the AFC east. You have the jets with their coach pat to wife Sanchez Jersey T Boeing -- You have Sanchez still the quarterback in the it's poetic that -- Oceana I think it's hysterical. If it's real we get serious problems. But I think -- but that's just the jets bills. No head coach it's -- the quarterback buddy -- signed into a long term deal the GM there and oh by the way is already said need to rebuild. At that position. Miami. Probably the best in terms of the stability there in the AFC east and they didn't have a great year in the military still lot of Ryan can help. But this is the division you live event and you get a bye week this week you get to watch the potential opponent you're gonna play. And your AFC east is an unmitigated. Disaster. And it's a good day to be patriots fan. People are always are asking I thought everyone had maybe seen this. Picture -- so far today coming you have not we got a four. FaceBook dot com slash WEEI it's right -- top left Joey people see the picture. -- FaceBook dot com slash W week EI. We are asking you. Not to capture a photo -- and Rex has got the detectives get this ugly shamrock thing. Above the tattoo -- wife. In a Sanchez Jersey Tebow. He's like he's reading a book at the sunglasses on he's got the book held up kind of block in the sun and apparently did the daily news at some sort of sniper book. And -- thing. Relieving your baseball captions. I'd FaceBook dot com slash WE -- Christopher says he shirts his wife and not Jens surgery I'm pretty sure it's not and -- The former jets sideline reporter apparently got a jump photo Brett Favre. We need you to chime in as well FaceBook dot com slash WE ya gonna read these over the course of the show because when it comes the jets we like that -- like to. Revel in their misery. And their coach is not yet spoken about their awful season. He's not a beach with at least for now -- and allegedly real tattoo gets the book either but it. Some media responded in a FaceBook Josh Jones US -- read and -- but the patriot -- Notebook you might be -- at the season a war rooms we get updated -- gosh darn it at all like war and try to figure it out. -- a got to re draft. It do that. If -- the next GM that it's -- -- -- real tattoo you got to think about what the chief did Skype you'll get Rex Ryan -- he's out of his mind. 6177797. -- 837 your phone number 617. 7797937. You can text us on the eighteenth tee text line at 37937. Speaking of coaches. Couple college coaches yesterday. Basically taken a couple of opposite moves one guys -- -- college the other guy pretty clear is one of the NFL that make the right calls about that ninety cents.

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