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Peter King, SI, on NFL coaching carousel and playoffs

Jan 4, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to talk about all seven of the coaches fired in the NFL, the Andy Reid hiring in Kansas City, and where Chip Kelly will end up.

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What will not increase point seven. WEEI a big -- for this radio station its eighth affiliate. Across the -- of 105101. Point five FM. In Meredith New Hampshire WZG I FM wanna say hello to them they -- friends of the granite state. For listening to the great program across WE BI getting our show here today Concord Meredith lakes region. Get your texts and calls the first thing you get the years archive Peter -- On this noontime on a football Friday patriots Friday. Our conversation Peter sponsored by town fair tire bike about a tractor corporation. And by drama hill for -- eighty Peter King happy new year and immediately jump in to get your take now where Chip Kelly. Ends up here in the next couple. -- at all at all in the interim wildcat you go New Hampshire tie with the New Hampshire affiliate. Here now -- You know I think that. He's gonna have destroyed. But at least two teams. Because I believe that both Eagles. In the Cleveland Browns are gonna eater offer in the proper one law firm -- take -- and the and the other will be left at -- So I think you can have a -- of more than one out. How much determined -- that against his offense didn't do what he does finding. The right quarterback in with that -- and looked at one team missed a question out of -- -- -- -- Carolina but the guy in Cam Newton. But -- he need that type of quarterback to run some things that he wants to. You know. My knowledge of -- carries all -- Lou is. Largely based on. Sitting next Tony Dungy. Every Sunday the last few years. Input in the football season. And Tony your son on the team Eric who served reeker wide receiver. And you know Tony has been to practice out here he's seen them play. And Tony big thing about how they play offense in Oregon is that. He doesn't need the best players in the country. To win. And he doesn't need the best quarterback in the country to win. And it evidently and I don't I don't know that evidently -- quarterback if they're using now that -- from or why it was not -- The most sought after quarterback in the state of Hawaii. His senior year in high school soul. I don't believe that you know everybody's talking about well he'd better hurry quarterback either Ian who he better have rubber grip in the third. I mean he's won with a guy who art that I realize this is a different level. It's a much different level. But. I think one of the things that good coach should do is it just. Mean Jimmie Johnson came into the NFL in 1989. Everybody's. You'll never win with small task guys -- defense. You got to have ball. Jimmy just laughed in the cowboys won three of the next six Super Bowls so. Again I think he -- and a lot of ways and football I'm sure Chip Kelly figure out. And a follow up to the three opportunities to think he might have in your mind Peter. What's the best landing spot for Chip Kelly you could have they have easier for a second what's the best spot for him. Well. You know. -- I think that the best coaching situation. That was available. Was -- city chiefs. I mean you know here it seems that has. And meet some very good defensive players. Some very good skill players. Need some help on the offensive line. And they get twenty million they don't have a quarterback. And they got twenty million dollars in cap room where the vast majority of NFL teams. Don't have cap money and they get the first pick him under. A means you know. Whoever whoever the coach would want it quarterback whether it be you know you wanna take a chance with a -- later Alex has four. Quality quarterback with the first pick -- -- that your first pick in the second round. You know you're going to be pretty good shape that would have been my number one of the ones that are available now. You know. I'm really skeptical about both Philadelphia and Cleveland I think Philadelphia is spent a lot of money. And I am questioning whether -- -- Who's not the fastest guy -- not the most mobile guy. He's not statute that Bledsoe but. And I question whether he's a guy Chip Kelly will want he made it -- a different direction and also. You know Cleveland. It's such a tradition of losing there for so long. That you really wonder your coach where do you change that. He changes that they'll -- the statue form outside the stadium that. I don't I mean I probably would take Philadelphia. Blood. I personable. I think either of those you could talk a coach can be either one of those jobs yet neither one of them is overwhelmingly better in the other. We have here's your thoughts on this popularly firing -- -- you think he ends up. What's next. You know my gut feeling is he's probably American -- team this year. I think that. You know and who knows he might somebody might make -- great opera but. It's hard to imagine anybody asking you know we become on -- -- manager. Coming off the two and fourteen he's not a lot of people picked achieves that. Idiots like me I guess -- -- to win the division. So I think a lot of people view him. And it's four years. You know that he picked the wrong coached point cut alien Romeo Crennel -- -- work he picked Iran quarterbacks there'll. It's going to be hard so that within -- unless you come into their second -- -- guy. In somebody's front office. Or strictly as a road -- I kind of thinking might. Take -- RNC -- what. What looks good next year I mean who knows maybe eat right be something in the media this year maybe take the year off. You dolce and again. You know who knows maybe somebody make an offer that would surprise me you know it seemed like projectors -- I don't know what. I would doubt anybody would give him an offer for a crop this current. A follow up in terms of the coaching vacancies this one's not open but. Don't feel like Ron Rivera Peter the little bit a trouble you haven't supported him and all the a Cam Newton. It chip Kelly's available. Is Rivera on its way out you think. You know early in the week. I just had this feeling coming here the guy. Who it's seamless it was it was sort of chaotic. They weren't playing very well they're whatever three at nine or whatever they were after twelve games I think 39. They won their last four games by an average of thirteen points. And I was positive Sunday night that he saved his job I mean why why wouldn't have. You know they beat falcons and saints in the last four games. But the fact in I wrote this today in my column in the fact that -- Richardson has not. Done anything and is not announced anything. Since the end of the season. Leads me to believe that it's bad news I I had no inside information that's. The Panthers are pretty much -- uptight. But I would think they're revered -- and be fired. -- invective at Kansas City situation here given the way the last couple years have gone in Philadelphia a look at some of the guys that fire he was probably the one guy on the bottom of that list. Indy Regis think in this guy just needs a year away. From the game into sort of straighten some things out and studies at the first data tired hearing Kansas City we surprised to see that. Now I knew all along he was gonna do this it's -- seems to be about the only person. Who believes that Indy should coach -- here you know everybody else -- taking Europe clear your head. It indeed got ahead of beautiful home about an hour north of San Diego right on the Pacific Ocean. And you know I think that a lot of people selfishly like it I wish that he would just take it. Very -- and goal basically right out here for a year and mentally and and emotionally rehab after. A really difficult period in Philadelphia but. He's all hard -- -- several football coach this is what I do I don't want Souter reportedly comes. So. I think I mean I I understand exactly what you say -- But if the guy wants to coach and somebody wants -- -- body has built. Last coaching question for me -- we get at some of the games here bill O'Brien. We talked about him in and decided to say at Penn State doing the right thing -- go to the NFL. I think that played out Peter and taking two interviews and going back to Penn State. Well you know look I think bill O'Brien wanted to be offered head coaching draconian -- And I think if he was offered head coaching job in the NFL even in in. In favorable timing for him that he would have taken the job. But the fact is that the two places that he talked to seemed not offered the head coach -- up both of them. Want to Qatar to other people most notably Chip Kelly. In Cleveland and Philadelphia so. You know I'm a little bit bothered by the you don't buy the idea that. He'd get the noble saying in effect the current state. You know he -- the noble thing I guess and got a one point three million dollar raise. And you know in your -- with two NFL teams you know. I don't like to make anything what it is and I don't think there was anything noble I don't think it was anything bad about it. But I just don't think you're anything noble about it. If a team hired bill O'Brien were they doing that good that the gonna pretty much pony up the pay out. The -- Well -- some dispute. My understanding was. There were some dispute as to whether to buy out. When the bio language it was put in the contract it was put in the air before. The length and grip of the sanctions were known. And so I think there was going to be some debate and so. I don't know -- it was going to be a legal challenge to -- nine million dollar buyout but I think. That workers. Put in the contract before. All these sanctions happened and so therefore I AM not sure. Is that by -- was gonna have to be paid in full. Or what part of it was gonna have to be straight so I I don't know the answers that question Lou I just know that. I think that there's going to be some challenger -- whether they had paid off and well. So Rex Ryan is not talking to the media union -- not happy that he's on -- beach and I'm sure you've seen by now the new tattoos he has I still think it's fake but I'm just kind of curious -- -- Is he safe no questions about it discuss come back next year. I will definitely be back here heat coach and -- next year and Woody Johnson made clear you know I'm bringing in the new general manager and general manager -- it worked together for one year and then we're gonna see what happens. Does that -- GM search the idea anticipate if they have a six or seven when these are even me go out of the playoffs again -- a record be looking for a job and and you know you look for new coach. -- just what does that limit your search and general manager -- yeah you gotta you know you have Greg. Manager. We're accurate EP -- rather be in and then you know at a place where. You have an absolute quagmire. Horrible situation at quarterback. And you're inheriting -- the main arena work for longer than ten months I mean her eleven -- -- a pretty tough deal obviously. But you know. A lot of peace coaching situations are not particularly great and general manager in Jacksonville was either gonna have to decide to work with Mike marquee. Fire you know today. After a week or so on the job. So that's not exactly Greek situation do you go to air zone and even though you're gonna be able to -- first -- -- coach and you know. You'd you'd doubt whichever quarterback there a year if you go to you go to San Diego. And you you bring -- your coaches and say that you better written not by that we might be moved to LA here you know. These -- not all and there are not a lot of openings because everything's fine in Indian. Stick with the AFC east but what about the buffalo situation no ray Horton may be interviewed for the job or already has. That be interesting because starting this offense pickets up and so predictable yet dead down when he came in after the game but what does that situation in the. Well I think buffalo is an attractive situation to. Took some coaches and want I hear that Lovie Smith really really want the job. Because the -- but as of right now if you look at it and look at the talent. There aren't the events they have talented. Group the safeties. They've got a very good defensive line. They need some help at linebacker they got a very good offensive line. They have eight superb back and CJ Spiller. They probably need a quarterback they get good receivers. And they got a little bit camper. So I think a lot of people like that buffalo gap the only problem is. Climbing mount patriot I mean who he you know the patriots -- one point eight of the last nine. Division titles so anybody who goes -- that division. It's it's more difficult -- the effort there isn't because the patriots are such strangle -- Talking to Peter king of the games this weekend and NBC's got a couple of good ones on Saturday. What's the game you most looking forward to circle the calendar for Peter. I think both Sunday games are fantastic I mean Kirkland -- The ravens in the -- he you know all the all the forty something you're an older crowd. He you know they they cut five year copyright every time they can kick the crap article. They remember what happened back in 1984. In the -- leave it in the middle of the night. So I mean they're that they're the fact that it might be Ray Lewis is collecting your cup when he later in NFL history. Might be his last game. And then you know you've got the whole aspect of chocolate -- Coming -- leukemia treatment he was the defensive coordinator the ravens last year great Lou as well as the like an adoptive father. And and so here he comes in trying to end ray Lewis's career. And then having Andrew Luck. In the first of what might be 25 playoff game. In his career it is I mean if they reach -- in this series of great birdies out of that game and then you only follow that wears. You know the first match up of rookie wonder kind quarterbacks. In my memory and play our game I mean think about that you know Russell -- and Robert Griffin the third. -- really turning around franchises. In the spirit of a few months. And they're facing each other in the first play of game that each one of employees so. I don't I think it's I think both those Sunday games are terrific in Europe this Saturday teams are good too. You know Houston Texans have to prove that they're not fraud after a bad December. And the you know of the Green Bay Packers -- find a way to. To shut down a guy who wrote her -- 409 yards against you gain in December so every every game has an interesting little plot line. In terms of Baltimore you mention -- Ray Lewis you've covered a lot of football Peter and not sure if you put together a ranked yet. But if you did where is ray on defensive players you covered during your time in this league. Well I think if you look at if you look at their linebackers. I would say. You know I probably put them. Eager three or to be like that -- put Lawrence Taylor first united put that Dick Butkus and and Jerry Lewis you all handed in I think that. A lot of people that Dick Butkus is only in name these kind of elected you don't really now -- It just considered it at the same time. That he was the most physical. Process -- tackling machine of all the middle linebackers. In the game in the sixties. He also played a year Maria eighteen sacks -- one -- so I mean this guy -- -- at all and you know Ray Lewis mean. He's the best and most active sideline to sideline linebacker I've ever seen. So you know I picked those three and then there'd be captain and or would be. Would probably be Jack Lambert but if he had it all defensive players. I think I'd probably have Reggie White and and a couple other defensive lineman ahead of them -- green but it. There are many guys on the lists. At all the way it happened at a rate goes. Peter great stuff is always happy new year to you and your family appreciate the time and enjoy the football this weekend. -- -- up Peter King Sports Illustrated joins us every single patriots Friday at noon he's brought to you. By town fair tire bike about a tractor corporation and by -- -- forty joins us. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT he. With speed at the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible we just spent a lot of time talking to Peter about coaching -- seven of these coaches got fired. One -- got himself for -- how we rank who we take police fired coaches will talk about that ninety sects.

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