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Michael Lombardi, NFL.com, thinks Nick Saban won't be returning to the pros

Jan 4, 2013|

NFL.com insider Michael Lombardi joined D&C to talk about Wild Card Weekend as well as the coaching carousel. He thinks despite having so much success, Nick Saban won't be leaving Alabama any time soon. Lombardi also sees Chip Kelly as a prime NFL head coach candidate.

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Welcome back it is Dennis and Callahan on a patriot Friday get warmed up for the wild card weekend and who better to help us do that that her friend Mike Lombardi -- conversation that -- Is brought you by town fair tire and buy HSA. Insurance Mike joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE happy Al wild card weekend Friday Michael aria. -- -- Erica. It's gonna be back to back Davis mean she's so man he would he would take -- your shares of mark to. I think it's a two week vacation or not too bad they don't love it. Before we get to the wild card weekend I -- to -- -- overview on now on black Monday that is now we vault into this this whirlwind hiring. Are people moving so quickly because they don't wanna be left in the dust and be able to assessed the situation and choose and pick the man they want -- pick and choose the staff they want. Yeah I think that's part of it I think it's the hurry up to get to the guy you want that's why there's so much work probably done in the month of January the month of December. Planning and trying to chart a course for you to decide. Thank you Jeff for the over the Eagles admitted that when he was for an eighty who's gonna relieve Andy Reid and I'm sure they started the process of research -- people and try to find out about amended and start quickly because there is tremendous competition for coaches. Then to get the right coach but bigger the bigger issue when you look at Monday and seven coaches lose their -- five general managers I think it's it's. Its organizational. Review that you have to take into account you've got to really understand. Where your organization is how can you fix it and if you don't understand those issues and seven of those teams four of them probably will be back for years about the -- -- Andy -- immediate. And com intense interest in Kansas City does that indicate that that's the best opportunity out there. While I think there's a couple things and again we would've liked to go on the San Diego and others from multiple reports that San Diego was going to talk implement he has close relationship with Ron Wolf for the the consultant for the chargers. But initially I was told San Diego would not be protected and and the cardinals were interested in Andy -- but they had you know they didn't wanna just turn over there. Organizations say any commitment for all the people one in -- you are any region are bunch of people. From his school whether it's his major problem much -- of whether it's somebody he wants to hire so therefore. Kansas City office in the ability to rebuild the organization to basically taken over. Coming in and become the guys that he wasn't Philadelphia to start putting people places and taking care of guys that he wants to bring with these. -- is out or diminished. Well that's clearly -- diminished there's no question I mean pioli and his contract had that he was going to have the final sale all coaches assistant head. In any decision that was made that was taken away from him the Monday after the season therefore. And -- has to be worked out in terms of where Scott's going to move forward discussed -- to stay in a reduced role. We're struck gonna leave with his one year left on this contract I think that'll be his decision really left up there and he -- and I don't think that'll happen I think -- problem will be moved -- Who will have its. 26 Chip Kelly makes the move we think he's gonna is gonna end up in the pros next year. Who will have a better season who will be a better NFL coach going forward Mike Chip Kelly -- Andy Reid. You know I mean I look here in the Philadelphia area I've watched Andy -- a lot of again to reach a really good coach there's some certainly some question marks about defense of coordinators can -- that it is game management. And I think Chip Kelly I think Chip Kelly has all the qualities to be as successful head coach in the NFL. Part of his intellectual capacity now look he's gonna have a learning curve there's no question. But I think it's he's he's Smart. He understands the game he's prepared he knows he has to change and I think he understands the challenges that await them I think in the long run of the chip code -- have a very -- career. You know what I always wonder at the investor this before. A guy like Chip Kelly the Eads is calling card as he can move the ball you know you can put -- call the plays. Up -- exciting offense. Why is that. Something why is that some Chip Kelly can do and not someone else I mean why can't you if you're in. If you're Houston Mike can't Gary Kubiak just look at what Chip Kelly does in Oregon he he does it with a great talent without me number one picks are Heisman winners. Why can't NFL team to say set a higher Chip Kelly which is gonna steal all his ideas. Well you know it's the same thing I mean you know it's like being in the restaurant business I mean you and I could steal all of -- recipes but I don't Deborah cook discuss. And so that they're there lies the answer I mean you could you have to understand what they're doing you have to really determine how he handles that and he's very Smart. And I think you have to spend a lot of time with -- the patriots have done that they -- some of the concepts and I think the key is not. Not just taking everything it's it's having a system in place and kicking ideas and integrating those ideas within your system and -- it -- -- But when you just start to steal somebody else's work when the problems happen you can't figure out how to solve the problems. And that's a lot of coaches have done and that's what we call play callers in the NFL -- still plays some of the play breaks down the pollution and how to fix the play and all the sudden have to go on the next point. That's a difficult challenge and so. If you can integrate some of its concepts and ideas within your -- basic structure and system but it works much better and I and I think you know teams can do that I think that's -- you have to be. Coaching and teaching the same you can't teach history the same -- the same way every single year. Because it'll get boring to use it to change your way of doing that same thing coaching coaching is teaching. We got to change how you do things -- recently here I think that's why. You know the patriots Super Bowl winner teams which you look that. Back in 03 year old four or four of five or old old two wood over the years for. Yeah they're different and they are now I think there's a constant change and evolution within their whole organization. Mike what's your sense of how long Bill Belichick wants to continue to coach and is that directly related to how long Tom Brady wants to play quarterback. You know the one thing about village there's there's there's you never get a sense he's a retired he loves the challenge and I think he's. I think he's really -- little I could never put. A date on that I think he'll just keep doing as long as he's enjoying it and the and the players around them in the organization around them is what he believes and and and feels very fulfilling to that I mean he loves. Like it's it's rewarding doesn't have a lot of hobbies sort of smoke. You know what he would do if he'd left and I think he he's getting better his job as he's moving forward I mean and he was great at a before. If the world is beating down chip Kelly's door based on his success what will happen a year from now next black Sunday if if Saban decides. I scratched that college it was another national championship. Well I think you know I think a lot of these -- scope would be closed that would have an interest in chip -- interest in the by by the time the games over might make its content we areas are really do I think nick. Wants to be -- -- wants to be in college I think he's kind of gone through what he thought about it. But at the end of the day it as I've often said you know when they -- -- for you on campus and restore -- probably better off staying in -- -- -- that -- -- probably most comfortable. And I think nick has the transition himself -- mixing it himself. Initially as a guy who takes jobs gets going and the -- for the next job. And now I think he's -- appoint his wife were you know what I think I can maintain and I think that's what he looks -- bill. And probably ask himself the questioned often how this -- do what he does all the time. And maintain and not think for a better challenger I think he's found -- comfort zone. Do you when you hung what nick did you have a lot of laughs. Oh yeah that nick is really a tremendous six funny. -- security guy I mean you know that that's the thing about both bill and -- community development have a good sense of humor you can laugh with normally we should take this plane. In Cleveland. It was hilarious to me it would be mean nick filled maybe Jerry Adams should be on bunch of people we would just fly in. It was it was an enjoyable time in my life we have a lot of a lot of fun and and we LL have to. We were trying to answer this question we don't know the answer you might. Do you think Nick Saban has seen the movie head and if he has what do you think was his favorite part. You know I don't know but I'm curious -- mechanized they'll lose all the time. Yeah that we would go to movies all the time on the -- he'd like that he liked it and our allies and friends we would go and hang out Cleveland yes so but the potential -- together and we've -- a the is that maverick -- media well we devoted our country Cotchery I'm sure -- Alabama nobody can have like the president you know -- that's true does that ago. That there are paid ten bucks for the charity that popcorn. Pay in this a busy week of NFL realignment and teams at least settlement trying to reinvent themselves is your phone ringing a lot Mike. You know I've had a few conversations -- I and I think that that's the good they had I think a lot of it's gonna come down for me to make a move would be the comparability of of who the coaches. I am a personnel guy. That really believes in this whole notion about well I have to have all the power Unita controlled 53 and I want. You know I think it's a collaborative effort I think it's going to be the guy you're working with you really feel good about my experience with bill. It was so good that it's very difficult to duplicate daddy you know and -- I enjoyed working with Norv Turner -- look what Bill -- analyze. And so I think it comes down to your culpability with the guy that's in the place and it's not about going in there. And having all the authority -- -- in crucial culpable helping you achieve a goal winning which is ultimately most important. -- all the freak out of the three potential opponents who might be appear in -- next week. Who poses the biggest a threat to undermine. You have to think Baltimore doesn't mean not the Baltimore played well the second half of the feasible Baltimore has a tough line to home. And they understand they can go in the fox where they think they can win up there they beat the team before they have an edge tool you know Houston I would suspect the weather. If they are able to win the game against Cincinnati and there's some debate they can do that means it's used to on third down defensively. Has become so simplistic that they've teamed -- converted now whether any adult can do that this week in and -- that remains to be seen. But I think Houston's you know would struggle to come back in the put into play and looked Indianapolis. I studied the numbers of Indianapolis every single day and you'd find you'd need a research team perhaps the Warren commission to commence. And look at how they made the playoffs because that's remarkable based on the numbers but based on their their talent level in terms of their. Ability during games still to think that that that's a legitimate playoff team I think it's a great story I'm not sure it's a legitimate playoff team. Which of the three rookie quarterbacks in your mind Mike stands to really stand out and shine this weekend. I think Russell Wilson's subprime position I think he's got a shot for the -- went RG three I don't think he's a 100% healthy. I think it's going to be difficult for him especially against Seattle Seattle's -- very good team against athletic quarterbacks which is why they handled Colin cap protects. There edges with Chris -- very athletic -- complete placements based. Very talented. They have Red Bryant won the best foreign players in the league so they can handle any strong side running game they're athletic -- serve in the first round pick from West Virginia keep -- -- they can make plays on space. So RG three in the triple option I don't think it's gonna affect them as much. And they can have a -- -- eight man front defense is team from the beginning of the game to the end so that's how we're gonna play it. Where -- -- again drew looks of a struggle with protection systems struggle we struggled on the road I don't know with the wind is going to be like in Baltimore. I think Russell Wilson has to have a big game he can have a big game. And I think his foot movement and his ability to get outside the pocket and make plays down the field I think going to be the difference and I think Seattle will be the only wrote in the -- went. We were kicking around the idea earlier in the broadcast -- of which quarterback needs his running back the most to succeed and obviously the answer to that is Christian -- -- Adrian Peterson setting that aside -- Russell Wilson need lynch more than RG needs offered Boris more than shop that needs -- Foster or more than Flacco -- -- -- Well I really think I really think that that four. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he's got to have a good game and that's going to be a challenge against the Seattle defense which is very strong. Brandon debated inside at tackle and like I talked about earlier Red Bryant I think that will be he has have a big game. We know. We know -- Peterson after the big game and -- well what I don't understand is how teams haven't played normal short yardage and goal line defense against. The Minnesota Vikings on first down because. At some point you just have to say you know what Christian part that you beat me because. About what this -- beat me he's almost gained twenty scalable scheme to New York twice against the Packers which is unheard of. Who's the number one pick in the 2013. Draft that Casey then they got their block they get their coach. -- going to be on the clock last time he would -- when he took over Philadelphia the second to protect Donovan McNabb. My my sentiment as I don't think we know yet I think it's got to be declares of juniors to see who comes out of the there's a clear cut quarterback that's gonna go in the first round but under the topic over also it's going to be a challenge to find. And again that's a challenge it's you know Bill Walsh who wish to say look we're not looking for. You know everybody would always tell the Tibet draft the bill would always -- is we only need twelve players it's -- Campion draft so. That whole motion to bad draft doesn't really work. If you were a team like Kansas City or the jets. Would you rather have Matt Flynn Alex Smith -- Kirk cousins as your quarterback next year. If I Wear the jets. Matt Flynn Kirk cousins what the kinds of -- coordinators and a -- different of the Kirk cousins if you're gonna go with him you've -- -- make sure your goal with the Texas defense. The Texas style of offense to go with. Much -- -- was really a -- I really don't think he has I think he's the kind quality starter maybe you know -- go in there and play. But it weather has something to do with where match -- place but you know the jets are gonna need to figure out the cap I think whoever becomes the jets general manager that is going to be a real challenge. Is -- gonna walk into a situation with a lot of -- my -- -- and you're gonna have to use your talent as -- evaluate your. But more than just -- matter they're projecting mr. -- of evaluating job but it's really an evaluation based on money jobs. And that's probably the hardest thing to do. Is to put a dollar side on the muscle and be able say discuss fourth X and this is what we curtailed because you're gonna have to clean up that -- that's gonna take a lot of time. And if you're not discipline and you can't really appraised talent correctly. That you're gonna have create more problems. If the NFL and by extension the NFL network. Had their druthers I could pick and choose who plays in the Super Bowl would it be Washington and RG three vs Indianapolis and Andrew Luck. I don't think so I think it would always be Brady or Manning on one side and you know let's see and agree Aaron Rodgers the other it's always about quarterbacks you know. I think that's the essentially what the -- about I think you know what I was doing television back in nineteen. 97 -- Jim -- I was gonna be ready to talk about Bill Polian rumors and Jim Nance says to me. Hey Michael that's all great nobody cares -- the general managers all they care about in America's who's the quarterback this and who's the head coach and I think. But that's really true today and I think that's ultimately what we care about suitable for quarterbacks and that's what we're gonna see him when you look at this thing. You conceded that the that the teams that had quarterback's ability of the teams in the playoffs the teams that have -- to head coaching stability of the teams in the playoffs. And all the teams that are out there looking for coaches right now the seventeen that made decisions -- only one team. That does that has quarterback that's Chicago everybody else including San Diego has concerned about quarterbacks some people say well. You know they good jobs look you -- make a good job is no obligation home in Beverly Hills you gotta find. Have you ever seen a great coach. Without a really good quarterback. Now I think it's impossible to it's it's it's absolutely impossible. I think it's the downfall of great coaches and -- You know I think it was a -- really good coach he missed some value and Kevin probably made this may make some for decisions about the cost him establish fortunately I think he's still a good -- And I think that's the challenge you know you have to that's the number one -- As a general manager of the number two the one and 21 day or one via whatever you wanna do it skeptical right tocchet to direct quarterback both for the most challenging jobs you have to do. And so and that doesn't mean you pick a quarterback coach could pick the guy who can only coach offense to your head coach -- -- -- team doesn't have enough -- as a personality. They handle so you end up with a play called there's a few teams like that in the league that are making the play also. You gotta be very very Smart from his assistant head coach you better be road splintered decision about quarterback but let's face it into week six the quarterback it's hard to be a great team. Mike which game this weekend provides the game within the game that fascinates you. Well you know -- you know I really think the Seattle Washington -- going to be the best game because I think it's two teams that are. There that that that are similar styles that -- on the outside and inside zone they both wanna run play action they both want to run the ball feeder downfield passing game. But I think Seattle's defense is much better I think it's two really good coaches I think Shanahan the very good coach you've got to make adjustments would you play him. I think the Baltimore in the game Baltimore should win that game it's much better Houston Cincinnati. I haven't made up my mind because that's as much as I wanna Falwell many -- in terms of I think you can make come out of it and make a play I watch more -- I'm not so sure. And and the Green Bay Minnesota game look at if Minnesota can run the ball against Green -- and it. At this week that it will be some people green Bay's defense is there will be a lot of troubles off seasons so it to be at Seattle Washington. As always great stuff like enjoy the weekend to talk to next week it actually -- right -- -- and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT ER conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire and -- HSA insurance which are going to be your general manager. Yes yeah and -- you know -- no -- no adults it's clear it's concise view with the owner were to meet with them once -- day yes we do when. Ten minutes lady -- got to help the -- did have a at all. I do think I would have some questions about that he is -- Belichick that to. Belichick with just assured on in a Tebow position in the Tebow position that's a little weird but I of the metal bodies to get -- about it beyond his his his football and NFL acumen he's a Smart guy aside from that. And that helps you know it helps a Smart guy aside from that will be right back.

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