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Kevin Winter needs your help naming his new segment

Jan 4, 2013|

Winter's spicing up the bottom of the hour flashes and he could use a hand thinking up a name. He tackles one point safeties and Nick Saban: Happy Guy in this edition.

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If you remember hundreds of thousands of other very unqualified applicants Kevin winter is Dennis and Callahan is new flash boy oh come on Saturdays and learning to use the equipment slowly but surely -- I present to you yesterday saints giants game the most beautiful thing about this weekend that -- Ballots shot hit it in there had -- He's tried giving himself good and -- forty sounding nickname for the final out with DNC's and accept JW that's sport slash -- what we really need is a name for his segment that makes people saying. We need woman's better than okay we need one that's. So if you got something better then winters -- world text DNC now at 379837. Give us something beef innings Kevin winters segment they're better than no. Okay kids. And like begged me ever helping us out. Let's go to a different name for your site will have a close look at her name beginning but -- -- on Twitter including at. I believe mr. -- -- new Twitter handle Iraq is that -- yeah yeah at Jerry -- and -- John Dennis W yeah I'll come up -- news yeah you know like this. -- -- my followers and the nominations. And now it's really complicated -- Gerry with a G Gerry with a G I had like Jerry sandusky radio announcer Baltimore Jerry with -- -- right now. It's not exactly like -- and I and with a lot is he's the player up like after the race. -- he's -- It's -- data here that name sounds from. But but. Now on the -- and people like shout at me it's not done -- -- count. Day -- right it's just a case Terry now -- at an account and by the way if you have a more creative. Suggestion. Winters whatever it is the -- you do behind the glass. You can Texas in the ATP -- I'm 3793. So I guys rise last night's game. Did you ever think that Kansas State was gonna win yaks it did. Beginning a watts well before they kicked off my apartment and -- occupied -- -- after the game began. Think Kansas State was gonna win the fake punt on fourth down which was stopped -- field I thought -- capitalize there you've got a shot you might have stemmed the tide of this high powered ducks offense and and that didn't northern Illinois at a better -- right -- I love. Collin Klein and noses and Tim Tebow light he's good man he's married as good -- a lot of charity work a little wife. I -- I had a third in my eyes and though I'm taking abuse from you know certain. South Carolina fans we know who -- Colonia is in the guy right third on the ballot. Next chance -- until next year clown act I respondents and it just -- my ballot next obligated and we should put -- always no one -- one economy to -- Gilani has not could spell his first name unit right up to Aveion. Wouldn't you say it -- if you fell asleep early you missed for the second time in collegiate football history this ball bravado. Ready to kick the extra point. -- walks yeah. And finally picked up by defender that's jealous jealous. There was boy who blocked it. Looks like -- series could talk things over these clues -- the goal line. They may be talking about with a Chapman made an effort to bring the ball out of the end zone. There you know on the play. Pull it back and seeing them. Still resist you David Dario last night on now on ESPN radio a one. Point I I have to admit never heard of it and I thought that was a rules guy read the rule book in the past nine. -- coached and trying to understand problem. I never I under the were two point safeties I knew that that was a safety. Did you know at one point I did not and the weather could have been more interesting is it had changed the line and it's somehow covered with an extra point people going crazy. Why won't anybody in my text -- matter are they about Vegas he says so how many people in Vegas are going crazy right now and you wonder since it happened at third -- you got all kind decrease your mind you we do with the recorder -- yeah. So who knows how it all -- -- -- that effect on some beat generate one point -- a one point safety last in the only other time it ever happened by the way Brad bestseller was also on the call like he was on TV last night back in 2004. Texas -- them. And Texas story out of Dallas we know all about Jerry Brown junior and Josh ranked with Dallas Cowboys and fortunately Gerry brown. All losing his life -- the ideal the autopsy has come out on the practice squad player Jerry Brown junior unbelievable. His blood alcohol content was being low. The legal driving limit at the time he was kill well below well below so he was not drunk he was sober. He was legally. Sober so think about this the guy who is twice the legal limit is the driver and the guy who is sober and should have it. At least recognized the duke big guy and he might. Might my question is did he try did he say c'mon let me drive and and -- five -- reform Josh -- them. Indestructible. Do you think and what that come up and try element would that will we ever know. If Jerry Brown tried to take the cable the only person who would would be -- Unless there were other people bar -- knew who overcome or ladies' bread admits it may be he has them out of conscience and the way that. Wasn't the only lack of judgment in this in this deal or the fact that you're sober and you and Josh Brent is now speeding while he's -- hadn't and you quit a you don't say -- dude slowdown. And I -- And neither one was wearing a seatbelt. Who needs -- for the agency belch and amazing that in this day and age. You're drunk you're speeding -- you're young and -- like hey you and you lives and sober -- and home buckle up yeah. I guess that's amazing and and the fact the judge -- walked away literally. What the heck -- Is pretty amazing to -- Dallas. He medical Examiner's office reported a brown died of head and neck trauma when the vehicle overturned yet a dislocated neck -- severely bruised spine. And a blood alcohol content of point. 056. Well below the Texas drunk driving standard of point oh. It's too bad too because Josh Brent I think is going to prison I think you'll probably in -- a couple of years when he's off to that wasn't on the sidelines. It was going to be honorary captain and open and yes next year I gather we're gonna honor him. You know for all he's been through. Down in Dallas they can delays incarcerations we can be -- -- that that would be -- thumb up from college coaches we talked about Chip Kelly coming up on -- Monday night it'll be the grand finale with. BCS national -- Notre Dame and Alabama ESPN's Tom heard all the sat down. With -- what coach Nick Saban who is trying to do the dynasty three times in four years winning a national title last him do that Nebraska from nine before. To 97 will give you one snippet before we give the first one. Nick Saban talking about. He really is happy. Okay. I'm enjoying. Coming everybody thinks that haven't followed this like -- joke around. There's not serious okay. But if you're in this business. The fun of this okay is when he. So there's the first part of all they did an excellent job he has some some some questions beyond you know the usual fare. As you listen to save them. Does he remind you of anybody we left. Not that I I you know what I'd ask him a good chance this question exit right you would you ask Nixon. From. Unless the same question asked all you guys in the office after the seriously. What did you think the funniest scene intent was to. At. The hookers on the couch but that's -- that's close that's the first one just that I laughed hardest. Win a double burg said its fourth anniversary really wanna do something really special. And that has an answer to Gannett -- In the grocery store when he's got to perform for the -- -- judge there with the hand lotion and enough talent too far. Hartnell who heads. That's what -- what he said after the deadly acts are not welcome at the British -- Nick Saban left the hot picnics they would have a clue what it is I don't. Shock and -- for you know I'd love that movie. Boston women are on the whole a pillar uglier sort of that women from the old school of -- You know questions predicts. How the -- select fraternity. You know here's one question Tom and all he did. 48 hours that's the period you allow yourself or whatever -- OK okay. Only you know it's not okay I'm sure that two hours after the game was over somebody's doing something that's gonna affect the future. That you may need to be managed. Here we go senators are jumping off point with the -- -- yeah I'll tell you what if it seems to me who don't want to take a break a -- put a little bit more this is you've just got to remind you love and it's very fashionable around here I've -- minute hand -- it I've seen other people talk about it but Josh McDaniels is somehow some way. The heir apparent to Bill Belichick. I don't think so. Ninkovich 9 o'clock Lombardi 820 -- your phone calls next with Dennis and Callahan. I'm a patriot Friday.

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