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Alex Cora gives a brief scouting report of Javier Vazquez

Jan 3, 2013|

Kirk, Rob and Alex talk with Alex Cora about what Javier Vazquez might bring to the Red Sox pitching staff.

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It's though -- earlier 937 all across action WBA I radio network Turkmen and rob Bradford Alex beer and joining us now in the AT&T hotline. Is out score out good evening Howard you. You know I tell you guys. Not too bad not too bad out you are you were general manager of how -- real close down in. What what you know in case you don't know -- expert he only wanted to take an actress and I can say that well as you noted. Very successful season down there and Javier Vasquez is on your pitchers now. With reports of the Red Sox will be looking -- my guess we're hoping for a a scout report how we looked out for you. Well actually. You can -- can't sit -- and it economic support OK -- -- outlook. After the regular seat and an application cars is that has been an abrupt and obviously you know. These people aren't -- and even if you are important to. Quote epic and are actually an -- their property you know integration you know our. Is it out like a regiment. What -- important retirement. You are you are -- -- committing. These are -- not out there and -- just -- or help you out just to do it you know lineup. Well and he wanted to pitch where oracle typically these people -- -- and and knock -- and you know he's hoping. Yeah you know. Every every competitor now and -- at the Japan -- LP and how -- you thought you'd seen -- all to see when he pitches and Indian equities restarts and dispute as well welcome and. I was us was gonna ask you obviously you know this been well reported that. The Red Sox have shown interest news scout tomorrow's start but have you noticed a lot of teams a lot of -- especially -- he's. Has success going through this year. Yeah you know -- I -- You know the Washington national -- I don't let out. Armed and a lot of DJ's Google knows too well I'll do it for us you know. Obviously again what do we got the I'll repeat the competition is a lot better now you know all more intense. So Connecticut did it comes out he'd be peaceful people that is rated page. -- -- -- -- And all that you know I get -- -- up on people you know he's got to want to -- you know money. Well there could be contrary to -- -- -- equation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alex when you say that he's looking good that he's looking healthy what kind of stuff are you seeing from him at this juncture how close is it to what he was. He was working with and -- in the major leagues. Well you know hey it doesn't stop actually it is -- out or not -- 2011. Ally in the -- You know do a lot of people would doubt you know what you would start his -- -- -- -- you recordable art and obviously. He competitor that you repeat to wind up. You know these seem like you repeat every every continent are not. Like god and I'm populated GM aren't talent scout you know short of our current out of it and clean. Got a Little Rock. Whose command we needed to strike it hurts quite broad but when he's probably the -- YouTube might like dues right now you know he's great -- because -- can't strike. The guy you had on your team earlier years in zero interview Renato a Red Sox prospect. What are your impressions of him before he got hurt. You know a record -- people are you know. Uttered you know I I sort it that he wants page you know -- These people and pretty. You know to help teachers are not be out here actually the personal practice. And you went great reward you know -- told -- -- -- thought it would look very willing to do so what are we need to do Bob Wise and how you can see. Why it would I -- -- they -- -- -- helped them LP you know I think. I don't know what the planet as a lawyer could play. He's -- -- contemplate -- cramp and I like that as they albeit well couples is and then every quarter and important. Now she appreciated governments of your time in good luck with the doesn't assume luck with a -- first front Aqua could pick. Best -- fancy title Red Sox. Are -- and Robert Bennett our products.

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