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Tough times for the Boston Celtics

Jan 3, 2013|

We look at how difficult a road it's been for the 2012-2013 Boston Celtics, and whether or not there should be optimism going forward.

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I can't edit show our way to -- it's excellent 7077. It's been a 937. If you wanna talk about -- -- We're free feel free put it's been really. It's it. I'll say this it's hard to watch right now because year yeah you know why. Because right now with -- and try to make all of these excuses and all these reasons right now very bad basket -- You know I had a basket and you don't want consistently bad basket look back at that Netscape in the nets were having to -- Issues as well I know they've gone out there once since -- change coaches and things like that they will go to their role and stuff. During that period of time we do for the pop up at the next segment I believe the association and that -- derby featured this year I was bogus by the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little quick answers not all -- going to be a political at all I'm gonna say that was bogus let me ask you the question again. That's spent the last two years -- play was crap. My fitness point trying to to to get to this point and preparing for a move to Brooklyn and thought about or that New Jersey Nets in name only. Mentally emotionally the entire franchise was in Brooklyn. And they hire Avery Bradley. So he could get -- ready. When they actually had some players right the first time apartment between games we have some players the players aren't all that great either I think what went on what coach shall plus. Avery Johnson. The players are having Joseph Johnson and that's an owner of the Joseph Johnson is a good player but not lead dog don't know a lot of he -- -- disagree with me and that's. Deron Williams. Is a good player. Not a -- I would agree. A lot of props hey you're new to our Rondo being the top -- probably -- about we will pop bottle now and he will. -- thanks. Some nice. Players. Have great players. And even if they did. Is gonna take a little more than 28 games. For the I thought it was for the for the Brooklyn nets to figure out exactly who they are. I thought it was actually fool but I will tell you this is it so that when might have been a little bit deceiving. And that stuff was going on that that you go beyond that the clippers game was an embarrassment total numbers wellcare. You've got to play better the clippers won an unbelievable. You've got to play better than that you gave up in the first quarter game was over. Right out of the gate. And you're right the Sacramento game is legal only got cousins puts up a triple double -- maybe just want -- you could convince Danny Ainge. And -- that he wants to come to Boston he doesn't wanna play often anymore. And by the way. For I've heard people over the last couple days -- -- jump at you gotta go get cousins in the basing it on the up side to this young kid right now. How can you bring him in to this setting knowing that if this doesn't work. You might keep KG over the next couple years you might -- -- Paul Pierce for another year and they are going to put the franchise in the hands. All of the markets cousins and Rajon Rondo. Well. I don't understand why Geoff Petrie did that the first place for the guy who once upon -- time was -- was a terrific player rookie of the year there's a rookie of the year went on to be. Executive of the year so a guy. With that much basketball pedigree with that much cents. For a guy to do that top of the draft. A top five pick to bring in DeMarcus Cousins. Eight is is mind boggling because on day one. Afford anyone on draft day. He walked up to the stage with this now. In his college coach said. Oh. People think he has an attitude problem does have a man two but I know better and -- John Calipari guess what what else is new airline -- You're lying again I can't tell. It's a problem any problem everywhere it's day one in the league with a problem like Kentucky. When he is traded somewhere else will be fine for a couple of weeks maybe a couple of months and he'll be a problem they're too. You bring him in here though in this market. Where there's a lot of media. Lot of competitive media. And I think it could be that -- wrong place. For the basket easy it is -- account ticket yes it does he have great upside he does but how many times have you seen players come along. That have great upside -- just don't have the attitude don't love the game enough. Don't respect the game enough and respect the people that they're playing within a game and a fall -- they've become -- -- he he's too much of a risk. To put your whole franchise the future of your whole franchise on if you Boston he's a taller Antoine Walker with the worst attitude. I don't I don't think Edgewater and having lost it's a close. And -- right Antoine Antoine. His attitude at times became a problem but yet you legitimately. Well wanted to win games didn't know how to do it -- DeMarcus Cousins he's out he's just got a bad attitude and his attitude is gonna prevent him from maximizing. I agree with you. Because of you know it's not like it's a 101 individual -- would you point tennis you need him. You mailed it in blend in with the other guys out there on the floor if you defense is going to work he's got to be part of the progression of what you're doing out there. I just don't see that happen I really don't. And and watch some of the interviews go online and look at some of the interviews had to listen -- conversations he has with people. I I think he's a kid that I would really worry about and I really care about. I gonna -- get to give up a lot to completely give up now you'd have to give up and when you people loved it ever look at the numbers. And they put together sellinger with Brad Bradley and -- only because the numbers work. That's the reason much. Work. That they're talking to Sacramento about if the deal work to be made in Boston. You'd you'd have to give up Rondo. For them to give it doesn't take a look at Sacramento's -- point -- -- -- his what fifth pick I think all the Roma -- round draft and they sit there going. Well why would we take -- -- back. Three guys that are you know maybe Melo can be -- down the road. Salinger is a good complementary. Player what are your favorite Bradley is a one dimensional defense. Would not getting an impact player in. Okay that's the fan perspective. Do you think. They're they're talking about the front office and ownership which out of Sacramento Sacramento. I'll bet. Their their real close to the point where -- giveaway will they after that they would give him away if they did. The way. You might think about it if it's not if you're not risking much and if you can have a short leash on the down. You might look at it that way and say okay -- -- I don't I'm not sure I would give up. A substantial piece of my team. Get a guy like -- is now suddenly you're totally relying on him. To be good if he isn't he causes you problems down. -- and and don't and don't focus on his agent has -- a great things that 22 -- a great things that. Charles Barkley certainty in -- Barkley is funny any outrageous but he. He knows his basketball he acts like he's well -- not point to the one of the things that Barkley says it is well why we always talk about. How old the guys talk about how long he's been in the league and so. There are some people were just patient for as you know he's only been only for five years and Italy for three years. Essentially you can tell. After a couple of years. What a guy's going to be even if he's not finished as a player you can see what his attitude is you can see what is what is habits are. You can see the potential. Based on the work ethic. I wouldn't touch. Wouldn't touch what would be on my team know things you can just see an old and a wedge and. Well we'll get some will open up the phone lines here for. Yeah it'll happen we will get people call and say well you know KG will offer good. Good -- cure for. Wells supposed to kid doesn't wanna be better suppose he doesn't want to listen to KG in -- for. That's seems to be the case with his teammates are having major difficulty with him he's already had one coach fired. He's also a -- Smart now who is committed taken the position. He's already suspended him because but you know Tim credit -- for a suspension somehow they're not on the same page there Keith Smart. Suspend him what's been definitely right yeah as an indefinite suspension turnout to be. A gain do you think the balloons once again Kamal what do you think dealers but that's brought out the problem -- shortest. But that happens all the time and then you've got Clifford ray nicest guy in the world rally in Oakland it works like this -- at work works with big guys. He's not learning from him all the Smart thing that Sacramento did is they had cousins agent. -- kind of light. He is a chaperone guardian there and they regarding. And they had him around I think for about a month month and a half where he was traveling with a team everywhere cousins when he -- 'cause it's got to the point where he did like it you don't get fired a chance. You want to be accountable sorry your fired a shortcut to me that it -- that is scary stuff what you're thinking about bringing a guy like that in here. All right and that that leads us back to the Celtics. What do you do for the Celtics you know I don't like this answer. You stick with what you got because give it to me and Joyce was built that way. There are no easy fixes with the Celtics. And and you think you've got to be able to trade -- made it and I wouldn't do this but it's a start up there would you trade KG for DeMarcus Cousins and it's not gonna happen. Sacramento's not gonna do that a lot of teams are gonna do that. Kate can you get rid of of Paul Pierce is the team has not built that way as we talked about earlier Danny Ainge built this team. He designed this team for one more run. If not two more rest but probably one more one more good push. Four a conference championship and an NBA championship. In because they are designed that way in the either concede that way. It is not it is not easy. To just make these quick fixes can't -- that we're talking about wouldn't trade Michelle. You're absolutely right and we talked about the -- Q when they decided. They were gonna bring KG back in essence meant they were gonna continue moment of Paul Pierce contract. That that was it. You know they made their bed and that's -- at the line of that is it you can now go and blow this thing out. You have to let this thing play out right now and unfortunately that's the only choice thing out if they don't get better. People are gonna get --

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