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Thursday, January 3rd Whiner Line

Jan 3, 2013|

Thursday, January 3rd Whiner Line

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Music music music expressed and expressed the -- -- stars like AT&T precede the car. -- -- -- discretion -- still don't talk only months and now goes warning airlines. You know substance I got to say something right now. I'm sorry. That's bush league like Kevin Garnett today. But the army didn't Gary until that is -- police don't know what position it's hard liners and -- again there and now you know the way these guys socialize when they went to work out -- all the way everybody's it's you know it's a business you have to do it yourself. -- -- women don't like that's a random let me tell you one that's push limits WEEI. Who Maureen your lie and you would go to the mat for anybody on his -- where -- -- not on his team. You're not on his team -- enemies I mean our other guys that he's congenial to this is -- why are we arguing about this is dial 6177793535. But I see -- again I mean he didn't even acknowledge his presence. -- naming off very good job go get him think Danny Manning knowledge that he was there. I think -- exactly like a child who's whiner line Bill Russell so you can't forget why I mean that was a hundred hours ago Tommy now but the attitude just saying matter to your enemy -- -- not just social club and now. And bush come the way these guys the way these guys whereas Mike -- you've got a haircut at WEE nine from whiner line. That's like -- gently -- on the Comcast because I just tell us loans he just wants to know that people off Tommy can still take them. Tommy can take you so you can talk about it in a hundred years ago. Suggest you Buick to its Sami. Is lucky Tommy is not a -- Tommy and his goal at. So coach so I asked this question. We have -- -- in the studio what you're normally every -- we have corps Manning and the also anonymous sperm donor. Is Brandon I am yeah. A -- hit for that is a digital troubled and magic the flows these twins you -- did you see what happens. What's the right edge of the child support. Trying to yes it does television -- -- Kansas and he -- about god a -- talk of it doesn't -- there are millions of illuminate and running around so you have some issues ironically and -- that's not -- not even NASA is hurt Kirkland and excellence. Did your Kirk nodding here that's what I have what it is -- did silly it was coming analogies. It's. Is. -- typical Ryder. -- intimidated -- afraid Norfolk. -- She she crash. And or shut up shepherd was and it's at night to figure like silly it was -- and it was. I said last week. I'm not exhibit was and will Popper for a couple hours meeting. Here for three days it's them to. Bring some rain and got an -- -- hotels -- state was. -- all twelve guys Marx -- but in this Leo she. Mean let's be honest as some equipment here making these decisions to put -- it was going to be part of -- him -- -- -- Woody island looking around and everybody without. Me sort of take -- so yeah. But just. It's a good question on the east -- -- -- -- somebody 2013 dance and we will be full time employee abuse and a comment for many guarantee. What inning you toy -- you don't general and you -- general there's going to be an -- here. That didn't work out at NASA and percent -- and I'm an employee I got the record right -- does take stands when she that's right that's set. That's true upside down much so you're you're you're in here but you're not really working at 6 o'clock I'm here to listen in person I'm going to be part -- studio audience for the young constant -- And -- -- was out shows get it's only provoking campaign it's awesome every hour on the hour that they promote abstinence mistress got like five listeners. And they they promote it get that the -- six X has the time spent listening to those five listeners is a whole lot did you want alignment. Powered by AT&T W I -- of what's available in Europe on your android Blackberry device. Brought you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was up to current times faster with a mouth -- -- no last whose -- -- studio. It's -- rethink possible and it lets do it. Well happy believe it and I ended this way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And volumes written on my get dragged unwillingly I don't know if you -- me -- particularly. This radios and everything right. Do everything right away if they asked me to work at -- work longer silly things. Yeah. I got former all -- -- always -- -- -- 100 -- powered -- I said god. Avalon I. Can't. And what you get your wife ten minutes worth action packed Airbus after. -- four hours people's three that's right. They don't Michael almost. Wouldn't it mocked Howard -- -- picnic spot and quiet brigade now to. And now I guess I don't have any New Year's resolutions fantastic c'mon I -- I have to -- my -- -- Forget that well now there's just keep talking about soccer do well this argument soccer speaks to start. No. -- The well it. I'm doing it -- it's there there was nobody could happen. It was because of the securities and. And just let it. But what happened and apparently. Still dark. It was basketball that. And I don't know all the local water yet again about that but I don't feel -- about him up against the Marvin I've. But I -- away it was about as bad -- would be a disappointment. I think they're -- all my -- -- our body does not include about because. Bad -- hot -- they're all called bad bank big guy got an affront to read Bob. I'm very proud of lack of public about the ball. Well I guess what happened to everybody on the plane got. Get confused they get them I think that a government to play golf but gonna cause trouble but I'm good golf yet again -- I bet you could have a big argument did a lot. -- -- is to play best survivors and look as good frosty. Present brother keeps very dribbles okay. They had intercourse -- only had a bigger optimal for an -- way to get traded. What you want to quiet and you're gonna what you want somebody had to stick around and indicative of the way. I have -- profit in Lebanon Memphis Grizzlies and just message. -- -- -- and that's about Babylon wasn't earned them. Alan topic here and I don't insult -- with -- six million dollar proper. You might come back. I mean you know it appears your whole part of the big big. Avery what's his name is overrated. Jason scary good for the ocean and general David tank -- so. It's out just about all -- it -- -- And message. There's no coming back from them. Into these little surprise for Erica. And. -- -- -- -- What it does -- -- to -- this series for us. What. And it all things. He invited me yes it is a growl. And then it. -- -- -- -- -- It involved and it -- That. -- Yeah news. What he did wonderful. Things. What did he loves to -- Yeah. It. Write this in the -- judge in the that would make more sense at the -- feel as Republicans. Dropped the voting right now for one week after just larger and better. For one of the week. -- is a chance we couldn't find an eight year old to do better than that all of us to shame on. You don't recognize the Bruins Mott who you think -- from deliverance. He's the -- won't -- -- This is any -- they play like I'm not played basketball. I'd ever any who doubt that you lead. And when I had met all I can go to WW UPI. Dot com check it out. -- -- -- -- -- You think Kevin Garnett listens and normalize surely everybody's illegals -- the trauma rightly pissed off that much like we do. -- Stanford both shows won this year there will be children orderly and Michael -- sports radio and out of three point seven -- I have I've not natural look I believe it'll -- I didn't. Runs away to the Broadway and Hollywood is always on our 93 point seven student yeah absolutely and him. -- -- -- Listen mornings on -- -- and the it'd be wrong but all the way -- the -- part of his game that's right back. It's different -- doesn't break down the game like nobody's business is the big show with the or the way. On 930 point seven -- had -- good. We have. Little hot and you -- hiding. Eric can't get the market and want them now I got -- out. How much she's -- In going after the way it is and I do hope that. It was seen. -- -- -- -- -- And men abusing David Ortiz foam at the real involves us with it's unbelievable. Pick up I don't know -- -- no doubt that it really. You've got guys -- good but I don't. And that not that guys lookalike the mustache I would just like com. -- -- -- Hillary. It's just say no today being. There green side. Out to. I. Who okay. You'll love black. I am white my son has cobalt -- events take off Hawaii. -- -- -- -- When you. So it. Salt then got okay. We all greens. Yeah. But -- Weiner line powered by. AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up -- -- and drugs faster than three. AT&T everything costs.

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