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Greg Wyshynski, Yahoo! Sports, on the NHL Lockout

Jan 3, 2013|

Greg Wyshynski from the Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy Blog joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the NHL lockout and says Jeremy Jacobs deserves a lot of the blame.

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Butler and ID three point seven WEEI. Try to keep an update on what's going all of the NHL. They may be yesterday but the day. Still set the talk here hopefully at some point today Greg -- and ski. Is the puck daddy writes the great puck daddy -- Yahoo! Sports dot com and he's been great friend of the program when it comes to all things hockey. So we follow this thing Greg were -- -- worked on Twitter follow million hockey writers just kind of all the reports there are some of the business. The same thing like try to get all these different reports that also accompanies a batches of here's what's going on now here's -- meeting now here's what they're saying. You got hit eighty people on the camera at the same information over and over again. Now I that the company to that and and do some homework and sources behind the scenes to kind of get a sense of of where things stand there and you know they entered into the -- tenuous situation I mean both sides have deadlines established. Yet NHL PA. It dissolve their union and then bring it that are called but -- Looking at the threat of antitrust lawsuit against the National Hockey League. And the NHL has trying to set up where they -- you'll by 80 January 11 at a later. Try to get that feeling going by the nineteenth. Which is -- at what they say is the latest state that they can have. 48 games even which is -- numbered acceptance sort of -- -- being viable news so the pressure on right now get a deal done and the issue is. Although there's optimism that. There isn't necessarily a -- appetite on either side. To lose the season there's also really significant obstacles -- on the way before we get a deal. Within HL PA let their deadline gul and I'm wondering if Donald Fehr maybe the media -- Dissolve -- -- continue negotiations over that of a dispute how much of a positive sign is that that he didn't last night. I consider that if it's got to be in Italy -- to decide that they Pittman and and it seemed like this chatter last night again. You're not getting a lot of Ito that these talks with the good thing both sides are really using other media as a platform let the other got off to a good thing. The deadline looked sort of self imposed by the union. So they can still revote and and finally. -- bit of an interest whenever they want to serve a a nuclear options with the union but then again you got to remember what the NBA -- -- -- but -- the NHL. He's using the same law firm that the India ears during its block out. So perfect game plan here. Where the NBA's. Union dissolved that we had to heal pretty much a week and a half later so. It's still a nuclear option for the PA it doesn't guarantee that they -- in the via a settlement when they do it. But it because the deadline and a lot I don't know that it thought it. Greg you feel like there is one issue. That the players are most said on here we re hearing pensions today salary cap in year two. Contract blanks still on a discussion point does one of those or differ one -- at the top of that list for the players association. Yeah you know the pension thing -- sort of I'll let -- -- it is I think it speaks. The way to double your negotiate working -- every time ago -- what you guys. There's another issue at the forefront -- mean you know would contract waned some that it was. You know escrow and this seems like every time he goes into the room with it's another a flag on there called fighting -- The real issue I think is is the drop that we're gonna see from what the salary cap would be in the shortened season. To around -- he's sixteen million. Acute the thirteenth 2014 out of the player what 65 billion leaked out for sixteen million. Either way we're gonna see a situation where a lot of people all of -- up against the cast. And so the the the situation the players are. How he can rectify a all of -- -- having to cut salary -- -- -- they're -- in the -- -- -- at -- players which means -- -- -- contract that -- -- Which will help but the other issue is. Her -- bit not that we're not out there and seatbelt but I -- -- Get your taxes withheld like the players they have a certain amount of money to make sure that the ordered that the money doesn't guarantee them. It yogurt make their money through the revenues that we generate. Well players get their money back to what they're worried about is. It's all based on how much players make. And and how much they make -- what the salary cap does. They're real concern is that they might have to with all upwards of like 2530%. Of their salary. To make sure that he ordered that their money out. Lot of that kind of stuff on the table. And and and a significant pick up pretty significant they're. Every morning in the future Gary Bettman and because of -- lot of pressure on him to get hockey back but from the owners but then again. Not a bad deal for the owners as lol how does he come out of all this. Well that's the real issue it is is what is the picture of ownership right now behind the scenes. There's been driven grab information throughout the process that some pretty significant team -- play. -- wanna play the Rangers want to play you get a sense that with some. And shiny new tool is Minnesota partly -- -- A lot of gut you ordered their own all the TV station but yet but they a lot of play. The real issue is that -- -- I would not put it guy's pocket. That are gonna protect them. From being say overthrown by some of these markets and I think it does but he's got that I'm not wagons circled around there -- it's not going to be -- in the -- No matter if it got -- it's been pushing for -- so what -- -- look it up but definitely competitive thing it's a big mystery. Because I don't think that there's a lot of happiness. Either from boot the teams that are pushing for -- or routines that. There have been a lot of you know keep that thing go and fight the player I don't think any of them were happy with -- that -- -- without a -- one thing. What -- one of the most startling quote the command of the lockout came out I think last week in the New York Times -- an executive named John Miller for an BC. You know he says. We didn't think it would gonna go a lot of wanted to hit it if you look at the ratings for the NBC sports network which it pretty well during the Olympics. It's their garbage now they've got like 24000. People watching some of their shows without thought he could promote their product and I think that. That the another one of these relationship that's been strained by a lock up on a longer than anybody thought it was. Seattle think the relationship Greg between Bruins fans and Jeremy Jacobs is very good I think the fact they they won a Stanley Cup. Certainly helps that but even then he makes that -- a bad joke about -- -- leaves or gets booed at the parade that day. I I think some of things that you hear coming out of this locked out its chemistry and that relationship anymore do you buy into the idea. That Jacobs is sore at the final line of hey we're not gonna play game it do we get a deal fourteen is the best for our team screw the fans. It's their -- buying into it but that's reality and the reality is that Jacobson is -- -- -- with that in all the way to the other -- art. I -- -- with a tighter with affiliate Mike filled with Detroit I mean they're on a different agent Alan and -- ticket then one of the driving forces behind. This lockout and will continue to be. -- and what they broke up into the that that meeting we're not -- not without fear nor Kerry that was there there're some thought that Jake is actually one of the guys. Reaching across the aisle and working well. What the players thought the rest of the time there's that you eat it one of the driving forces behind this thing in the water the guys that if you're eager for a behind the scenes. I think here -- there one of the guys that that might be pushing if they hope that the -- they don't get that you'll have looked for. -- give me your best estimate here Greg -- do you think that this thing affected -- in the union. In Gulfport last night in and basically dissolved the union do you think this thing gets settled article write down that January 11 deadline. I think you go -- -- though the deadline. Them the more I think about it I don't think there's any compelling reason for the NHL PA and make it your right -- when they note that there. The NHL it kind of self imposed deadline itself. And it did I call -- the one thing that keeps me optimistic which is really weird because I'm from security. We're you know pick each kept them in kindergarten and -- right -- It's very hot you've been out here but it can't back to the fact that I think that there are now older and by that I mean -- -- a large majority of them. But -- play and and that they're not players that want to play that we will get -- -- done. Put the thing about it there and I would have thought it would agent before -- on the all year. There's some really big optical that are still away at and -- -- a lot of encouragement about them all ignorant of what other people and try to make it healed now finally got that aura that. -- it will look into the pit. There -- -- that it still are some really significant gap between what the NHL wants to within its -- wants. And it may take NHL continuing to move toward the union verses being in the record NHL these issues and and -- you know paired -- but the other guy so it I'm optimistic but on the -- that the that we might actually. You know my leg -- out that you can't resolve. -- the last day one of the reports here Greg is that there there's on the table the talk of going from sixteen to twenty teams. In the playoffs is this say is this a one year kinda hey it's a 48 game season -- the fans a bone or. Is this a long term thing -- like the idea of twentieth that a sixteen in the playoffs. Well it's. -- -- being considered -- both sides but it's not part of the negotiate at least not yet and I'm not sure it would it would affect the shortened season would be up to you even know I think he'd be great leader. To re engage with the fan -- and the play out what it is. More than anything I think is forward the -- giant realignment in the NHL wants to view word we go from from the six that the can down the war. What we used to have back in the old school. And then what they would do it it would take four or five C. He needs the pigeons on each other and countless other play in game retreat in theory and that we get activists sixteen internment that we all look so much. I'm ABBA tribute or -- let -- play out the way they are into the that professional sports term that the world. I can't pick re not the deal I mean money -- Analyze TV wise. The fact that will probably have -- more expansion team and a few years like there's every reason to expand it out when he team. And and you know what all the focus on trying to squeak out that much revenue -- tentative game. -- would be -- -- he didn't do it but I don't think BP for the short Eva Pickett he for the next peak season when they -- -- -- Greg it's great insight it's tough to try to fall this is a fan and -- they've just finally started negotiating it's sort of wonder what happened last three and a half or month prior to that but. You and the puck daddy blog doing a tremendous job trying to keep us updated appreciate the time today we'll talk you down the road hopefully allow actual issues on the ice and not the board room. Well I appreciate that understand all of -- do it stick an idea with in my arm. The last several months. You still do well Greg you always that you could stagnant analytic Democrats enjoy hockey -- -- it's an -- and -- accurate. Thank you Greg but -- I Greg -- in ski the puck daddy blogging Yahoo! Sports dot com joining us. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTB. With speed that the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Jacobs -- they have put Batman. God at its. Outlets this will get a break we come back. This show especially other shows you hear us blasting all the time. Guys for not paying their child support payments CEO. Shawn Camp from Marty's got like 500 kids put a bomb blast. We come back when I tell you about a guy we think shouldn't have to pay one cent of shall support be shocked when you hear this story that's next.

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