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Avery Bradley, Celtics guard, on his return

Jan 3, 2013|

Bradley joins the show to talk about his return, the team's struggles, and the leadership of KG.

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Eight program for -- Kevin Garnett and writes I don't want to look at what we have here at the -- -- Go to Mike Avery pudding without the basketball. -- courses without -- exactly what he did once a year ago and that's how the celtics' story is open tonight that's a beautiful thing that happened back. In that position. It is hard to Greece -- and they'll send you back. So great. Not at a moment. -- -- drilling and in Huntsman have -- corporate focus to be out there. Each other players on. And I feel like -- these -- come together as a team a villain played hard tonight. Avery Bradley sell this car returning last night but -- 93 point seven WEEI irony Celtics Thursday. Avery Bradley joining us on the -- hotline. -- -- would you tell -- Avery the only come back and play last night if he ran that backdoor -- play -- -- the -- so many times last year to start the game. If that good to be. You know to make in. Connect where Rondo and have a people person but effective so. Just fires rehabbing the shoulder -- was a pretty much on time -- setbacks is pretty much the timetable you thought I was gonna take. -- that it was going to take longer. All of the electrical earlier. Not simply because my aid in I've been listening to the doctors working now hard everything today. And I was they would have come back a little earlier a -- month. You know. It in the last year we've played they're down the stretch and the week obviously visibly -- hurting there in the post season I think he -- a lot of respect from. Not just the fans but I'm sure -- teammates is it's up there what you Farley said listen I just can't do anymore there. Guys just cut almost giving you even more credit as a young player and it's legal to -- did. He has very painful. You know it was this we've had so shoulder injuries before. Another who's got the point where -- Could play because also is popular now wait to Vizio. And while I got -- first surgery my right one game now and that's why has to -- vocal much voters that are. A month apart from each so in but it was. Decision that I needed to make. For myself government payments. So did you go into the offseason knowing at the people thought it was at the first sign that needed both. Lamar right what was the first one that is part of pop in now. My got a little stronger stop pompano and in my left what -- your property no easy. Everything would come -- played or even if I was just played around and bump into somebody could come well. -- I had a feeling I was gonna have to get both so. Because that's what it is mark Wright won't what is it like my left one this year -- -- it. Could be talked it out every tournament double play. Can you explain anyway what that pain feels like the shoulder you're it go to set a screen or somebody bombshell. Every -- shoulder pops out how would you explain. Get really exploring the -- is so painful. I didn't make it lit bit painful but document curtailed because -- -- All or if I'll get right back. When he -- -- look -- -- facing -- must really hurt. That's a pulse the department of -- we talked to Paul couple weeks ago and he joked he had unit's secret Santa. And he did say was gonna get -- new pair shoulders for Christmas this year. -- -- -- So -- people don't talk to you though. That you -- last night first game back in just under twenty minutes of play in the and you Mike Conley after that game saying when every came out of the game was -- like to breathe again I mean with the you bring in your defense you -- -- that's just something new be consistent with the bring that every night where the offense is they are not. Yes among look at their body I don't feel like you can have all of -- is that game. It's just thought effort in. In part in I'd just go out there on the defense has been down played Karzai can't you know every night you're not gonna have a good office today. But if you thought -- gift ever on these incidents you know that's like your coach wants scenario teammates can ask for and that's what I try to do every night. When guys refer to you around the league he analysts former players as one of the better on the ball all on the ball defenders. In the NBA right now. What do you think when they say that. There's sufficient motivation for me you know makes you wanna continue to work hard it. When people talk about right now 101. Proved that -- -- that is true every night come on step on the floor. On the sort of that someone great defender and try to make it -- -- possible my opponent. -- -- defense of -- like yourself a great that Mo was for sale on the ball defender he is sitting there watching this team and I think that's one biggest surprises for a lot of Celtics fans the way his teams play defense. Here early on in the year -- how difficult was that what did you see woes of the biggest issue it was a communication rotation just team defense there was at some else. There was an opening pieces. We have been playing the way we. No we have him play in the way we need to play. Just effort like that. You played -- can't. That that just one person and everybody has -- -- the same effort. And also like if you do that you have a great defense team. I'm and we proved that last year. How do -- last year. You know we can't live in the past this year we needed all pick it up and play great defense -- me. -- just one person. The Celtics guard Avery Bradley joining us in -- easier timetable here coming back -- -- played twenty minutes last night Avery. You know how long do you think it'll take to get your your fitness level up to a point where he can play you know 3035. Minutes of -- -- -- -- -- a long. Term process were to get back in the match. No. Approach could it last night. -- great shape right now. You know regardless it is however many minutes I play -- -- players are as such it is. Enough to like everything your work itself out if I continue to play -- heart like I am you know come along and offices -- -- I'll be able to play even harder on the -- dissident. -- we're talking a lot of it is known common human nature rather -- that. Has struggled the past and just picked it up in the year played well throughout the post season is that something that. That's typical for this team battling and you struggle right now I discuss it there's -- well we can pick it up with flip the -- the last couple years. Did you know we didn't have come in this year we deal on -- think like that. We deal when they beat Davis slash event and look like that's how could be. But definitely do feel like little flip two switches. -- into the second half this season out -- like we're gonna pick it up there. Our place -- preventable. Was there any thought and -- in a doc about your first game back coming off the bench Avery did he indicate to you that. He's gonna plug right back in there to start when your ready. Though. I didn't know what he was. A two shot to prepare also mentally or whatever -- in this. You know it is because there in China to think a lot. China to think about it much voters did it play hard that was my main focuses got their players are. And after that game it's it's a year you get the thing to file almost four halftime they go on Iran. Jason it's a couple of threes in the fourth and and and they pull away it seemed like doc kept out locker room closed for awhile to -- longer than usual after a win or a loss. Any different that doc said after that game Avery they normally would say after game. No. You know we we know how we played -- we know what we need to work on what we need -- Which I think -- in here today and we -- practiced today -- Other things that we need to fix you know how to work on everyday so we've become repetitive. -- -- rehab and there was a lot of noise in the offseason railing going down in Miami in relationships in that it had with guys and I know just wondered what was that relationship like with you when you when you took goal that starting role with the four rail. Great break. Great player. You know we I enjoyed playing with very you know British. All our whole team did. It's a great player you know -- distinguish successful. Please -- well as secret. And in terms of the -- going forward we are name comes up potentially it's -- trade talk and there are some rumors that the Celtics have looked and and Avery Bradley because of you know your defense your name comes up do you pay attention to any of that when you get towards the month of February in the trading a month. No you you don't you know every year years your -- to be straight you got to focus on. You know the games but that's come and in China that they give out. Trade deadline in all of those you know as a rookie year. It's been happiness on -- I was gonna happen in just got to go out there and just play well aware about it. It's got -- says veteran guys on the. Or get out on this a lot of talk from a football standpoint about Ray Lewis this week he announced yesterday he's gonna retire and be seen as one of the really. Good leaders in all sports doc said today on the station that Kevin Garnett. Is that emotional leader for your team. How does KG lead this team has won his teammates can you explain what his leadership is like -- dated a base. Person volatility. The ovals like in his. It around. Every day he goes hard are you can do is respect them. And then he kind of rubs off when everybody goes and makes you wanna work hard and see. A car like that there's been in India -- this many years come in every -- -- work hard. Like the routine for him. You know that makes me want to work even harder seen him do that everybody in the -- so. Meeting personally -- -- just respected his game -- you know what he brings his game and he definitely is. Leader in Spain and you know he wishes everybody here in the. Avery good stuff appreciate the time talk basketball with few best the luck this weekend throughout the year will collected on the road. Thank you Celtics guard Avery Bradley returning last night and joining us -- Celtics Thursday. And joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE. Was speeds up the ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T. Rethink possible. Our final hour of the show we'll continue with your phone calls and get you an update as the NHL the NHL PA. Seemingly move closer to getting a deal bunny getting hockey back to the fans of the NHL here in this country are out for keeping year.

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