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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, on the return of Avery Bradley

Jan 3, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Celtics loss last night, the return of Avery Bradley, and the losing streak.

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Lunchtime hour Butler and ID three point seven WEEI Celtics Thursday Avery Bradley will join us later on this hour about 1245 -- McMullen joins us now brought to you by town fair tire HSA insurance. And by Newton Wellesley dental partners. Gary tag we'll let the cat out of the bag on this topic post game last night that you were maybe a little agitated watching that game last night Jackie I'm curious what bothered you the most about the celtics' ten point loss at home to Memphis. Oh well it's hard to pick one thing Nicholas. I'll tell you the thing that I think irked me the most was they get big games it's the 26 to 25 game. There in the game even though they're not really defending I mean Memphis is one of the port shooting teams in the NBA. And they're shooting 63%. All the way up till around third midpoint of the third quarter. Derail Arthur would never had a three point -- it like it's too within a minute and a half of each. And even sell at one point eight point six between five and and you have a chance to the game and then it gets up. You know that's when the games start getting tough and I keep contact with doc said about when he -- hard. So then that's when it got hard and what happened. You know they go big go into halftime down ten again and the game gets away from and so. Rebounding with five international man of minutes left in the third quarter to twelve this topic at twelve rebounds total twelve rebounds. That's one simple. Unbelievably and they they had 24 at the time now the number -- evened out at the end of this game. If you look at the stat -- I think Memphis shot under 50% at the end of the game at 48%. First -- an amount that gaming machine over 60%. And Tony -- getting layup because -- as gambling and trying to you know poked the ball screen you get Tony Allen who -- to get all way up there are also attempting to come network that. Different look at the season so forward what's part of and the most. Disappointing has been individual players have been a group like the bench has have been rebounding what what as a venue. Well this whole idea that they had -- Because it just hasn't. Shown itself you know I like Jason Terry and I think that the chance for him to come out of whatever it is he's in that he's been a disaster. You know offensively and defensively. And it and I thought it was interesting -- when -- -- -- -- last night after the game that the game. That they got to get -- more shots that they -- -- designed to place for him he probably knows a little bit now. About what Ray Allen was feeling you know stand in the corner we'll get here. They've got to get him more involved and get him to be more part of the -- I was could deduct them mentioned that pretty much unsolicited frankly. -- -- -- -- -- These guys he just expected more -- had a right to expect more and of course just greed and we you know we wind up talking about it green every week it seems. You just you just picked up the four players in that group role players in green and Lee. Jason Terry Brandon Bass those four guys offensively Jackie. Last night I need you you look at them for offense in big spots and Terry did in the fourth quarter. There's so much standing around on offense there -- so many quick shots. -- the defense aside I think it's those guys offensively. They've got to be better because they just -- enough scoring from Rondo pierce and I and KG every night somebody. Has to -- the next fourth and fifth guy score the basketball. Well on Rondo got to do more offensively and that was another point to back it up so let's talk about that too dirty little words and nobody wants to hear. Ray -- That was my next question that a. You know in this in this wound that the Celtics -- the latest role in the you know the last few stretch of -- -- deadlocked. They shot 31% from the three point line I looked it up this morning ray Allen's shooting 45 point 6% from three point land now. Look great with the defense to liability we all get that okay but in the opposite ends of the floor. When the clock talking shot the shot clock restarted tick down he was a great bailout for everybody on the team because he'd make -- -- and they -- And it is no way around they just didn't ostensibly what the way he helped the space the floor. Even when they were using race -- And they don't have any of that right now and the other thing that's missing I think I was talking with Max about this. The swagger you know it used to be comment about the garden. You're looking over your shoulder it's going to be a tough game you're gonna feel intimidated KG can be in your face about that. It'll flying everywhere don't be intimidated walking -- after all I -- taking three point. It didn't look intimidated -- you. So they've lost their swagger to. Yeah -- titled for great and guys in recent court elite comes in in in any good Jason Terry and his two guys can replace one. And it's just not David before Tampa defending the perimeter and Paul Pierce right now is at three point threat usually struggle earlier and he and that's it. I mean that that's it they can't spread the floor. And a half court offense Jackie has just been awful specially last night. Right they don't have a low post presence I mean other than KG doesn't really want to play center and into the plains then -- now though it by the Celtics I'd go back to my. The original -- him put him back to the fact that again if you break down his numbers over these. Since he went to the -- with dot -- that the five penalty kick in like which he. He's still listen -- no quarrel with Kevin Garnett I have no -- popular here they're both playing really hard. And union. -- as much as they can give. At this point but populace wasn't supposed to be doing what he was doing you know he was supposed to be getting some you know controlled minutes and maybe even at one point I think they -- Toyed with the idea of bringing him off the bench he wouldn't look to be carrying the team offensively it's too much to ask the guys. And it display of his career to do that for -- and Kevin Garnett of course -- -- -- defensively and today locked in the door. So I've no quarrel with those two guys in particular I think. They're doing everything they can't the rest of them that figure out a way to have this emergency that those two guys that. If you can left -- Rondo in -- Group I think -- has been inconsistent I mean -- he's very very counted no question and he makes some plays that you know we all go well but. You know defense simply that the gambling it's starting to bother me you know Tony Allen should never get a layup putting -- can't shoot. You they you you've played Tony Allen street up and they can hit a fifteen footer in and we all know we can't do it. And instead give you kind of poked up awfully behind you do it -- like gambling and -- when when Avery Bradley back for a little bit longer. Maybe you can do little more of that but am I haven't been I have been thrilled. With with -- defense of performance. And he this is the guy that has the potential to be an all you know all NBA defensive player and he's not doing there. Arts at -- at last in the broadcast and docs that something similar today about some the new guys maybe not getting yet this idea that may be. And heights and set at bats that the core is expecting more on the bench and -- bench expecting more out of the court do you believe that any leveled -- it there's. A friction on this basketball team right now the players -- -- looking around wondering why can't this guy and it can be any guy were talking about here. Step up and do his job and help this team now. I don't think friction. I don't think -- advanced to the friction state I think there's some frustration I think there's some. Confusion even. But the one thing I like about Garnett in particular he doesn't point fingers especially not publicly he'd never done that and I don't think keep doing that now. And I -- he's trying to get these guys on the same page that's always what he's done. And then you know Rondo I I think Rondo trying to be a leader himself and I don't think he's doing that either so. Is it simplistic yet I don't think I think these guys like condemning Rondo and Courtney Leah really close friends. I think they know a lot together I don't think there's any friction there -- on a personal level but they're just not. They're not bashing in you know docket acknowledged as much and in the whole idea beard and yet I was in the dock on your show on your had your radio station this morning. I thought it was fascinating when he told John Dennis. That it's harder but the urgency to win a championship is stronger you've already won one than the 41 and I thought that was really interesting and I think he's probably right. And so. That you beat these other guys that you brought in. You know I'm not sure they they get that big Perry does and I think -- -- today I just don't know what they've used it Jason Terry perhaps. That the best of his abilities and any kind of a little flak on that. Our tech so you Danny -- a typical visit given what you -- two years ago the way the season ended the regular season with a in the post season last year at this point pretty much. -- wise you sit there fifteen and seventeen trade deadline everybody scream and blow up that you see the team play the way -- did in the after the break but ethical -- Last year at the same -- this year for a number of recent number one shortened season part of the reason the Celtics didn't play well this particular attache. They weren't in good condition and that was said bite even doctrine like even a guy like that you -- in the best shape what and in what quote unquote KG shape. You don't have that this year they all came to training camp at the same time they all had their regular offseason -- so that that excuse doesn't work. I don't think you can't compare last year to this year you're expecting. What happened last year it is counting on that. I think you're making a mistake that he needs some help up front they need to get bigger and and -- you know I asked about a rebound last night he he says it's a little overrated. That may be true but you can't beat anybody. Anybody with twelve rebounds halfway through a third quarter now again those numbers I understand that they evened out at the end of that game. But you have got to do that and. Is DeMarcus Cousins the answer what's your feeling on him. I don't think they have what it takes to get him he's incredibly incredibly county can actually talked to people in Sacramento a week and a half ago about him. And and there are real quick camp out there you know PG have enough teaching -- great guy very. Straighten out and a guy and he doesn't like it. The -- passengers showed up his coach and I think it's a PT he would move them I think ownership and some of the other people that front office. You don't understand how valuable he is a county is and they wanna keep trying with him. I don't think the Celtics even if they wanted to have enough to offer to get a guy like cousins I feel the same way about -- I don't. Think they have a -- talking about trading Rondo then that's a whole other conversation and I don't think that's so where the quicker that. One of the stories today the speculative trade was Bradley sellinger -- first round panic. That sort of package and more I get queasy is trading of Avery Bradley. Addict that he means a lot to this team I think that he is one of the guys can -- what Rondo got trouble in the half court offense Jackie. Any easy baskets -- -- -- -- can help this team and -- one of the few guys that can run with Rondo night that's why would say. I'm not sure I'd make that deal -- involved. Well I can get bears down. And maybe even cousins and I don't know -- well enough cal Perry announced except what they can get that classic one and done. EU product you know by immature college -- stayed at school longer all that you can he grow up. Enough if KG and -- they enough of an influence. -- to get them to what you know walk the line the way he's supposed to I don't know the answer to that but if we're talking pure talent. -- door bears out the cost me Bradley I do it. -- -- -- go -- raised the big -- big name coach out there are some in their released Tuesday to fund a lot from him out of -- well but the basketball marching gore -- I mean you tell what a guy here's our salary goes seven point two this year seven points to next -- He's big strong kid he can score a little bit he -- the audio problems. -- I can understand again and and -- big for small you know it's it's against all NBA rules -- you wonder -- which he could ever do that although I think Bradley enticing to them in the way he plays the game I don't think anything can happen regulated Avery Bradley and back for exactly what how many minutes -- put. What it was like. Good -- though Jackie. You know let's let Avery Bradley get himself back into the mix and I think anybody that would think you're trading form would wanna see a little larger sample than than what they saw last night -- look you've helped. And it docks right he can help he's great on the ball and he showed it last night he was destructive when he was out there they've got to build on that. You know offensively. That it's gonna take some time you know he looked really rusty force some of the shots I -- I don't think anybody can hold -- to what happened. Last -- to make any declarations about his ability. -- you look at last trade deadline look at Ray Allen was kinda big trade chipper we all know they tried to trade him. Would you agree that may -- he's got more trade chips this year going it's that -- I don't I don't agree with that I'm not sure because I think what you'd be talking about it was a big deal and so if you wanna make a big deal. I only see two players that can make it make you make a big deal and I wouldn't I think twice -- -- neither one of them in the first went Garnett. Because he could go to a contender in and help them immensely. I they get that he doesn't want that although I haven't talked and we don't really hang out a lot to get him in KG. So that's one of the others is Rondo and I don't think there I don't think they're ready to do either one of those things those would be your big cubic -- in my opinion. To be some interest in Bradley of course some interest and solid jerk but that's lower level interest. And he if you're gonna make a big move it you'd have to make it either with Rhonda we're KG and I just think that's really premature to discuss either one of those I just don't think it -- happen. As of this morning they're not a playoff team that they're in the night spot right half game back to a playoff spot -- -- we got -- earlier today was you know blow it up and up playoff team do you believe Jack it is team eventually. Will be at eight top eighteen to be a top four team and a home game homes -- efforts are. Not a platform unless something changes remember to let's remember one thing Wilcox who doubt the -- hurts it hurts when when he's out but they were well in the way -- really doing some good things last year when he was gone for the year so. You know he'll come back and he -- -- I do believe -- a playoff team. But I did nothing so far they -- -- is needed more than one and done player because they can't win on the road they can't even when at all. Right now so I just don't see it. But I don't know it's time to blow it up. Yet yet you have some time. And blow it up how. That Q how do you blowing up what do you mean by blown it up. Trading pierce and Garnett got blown up trading Rondo is that what you mean by blog -- what do you mean by that. It's tough and I think it would start with Rondo and I I -- this is not I don't think you should trade Rondo and a district and you build around him but I think blow it up I think that. That would be that the biggest piece of dynamite that would be the biggest explosion to this roster would be moving on from Rondo I don't think they'll do it but I'm sure Danny likes. That are still consider everything. Yeah he well and I I mean I what I need to do and I'll do that the -- week we talked next week is now find out if there's still high interest in Rondo out there. I mean I know Larry Bird when he was in charge of the -- is he loved them. He would have -- for a way to maneuver to get him while Larry is in Florida now enjoying himself. So I don't know what that interest in Indian -- that still exists. You know what is interest in -- I don't know opt out plan healthy by next week at that. Perfect great stuff Jackie is always appreciate the time enjoyed Gary tell us you were getting all fired up watching that game last night reported docket next week. Jack -- joining us on the AT&T hotline it's eighteenth tee four GL TD. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible -- -- picking through that roster and actually question. Or thirty games in which of these guys are -- multiple more than a couple guys on this roster. We're playing up to levels what he thought they were going to be we started the year we'll talk about that nine seconds.

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