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Doc Rivers: KG is our Ray Lewis

Jan 3, 2013|

Doc Rivers equates his team leader to one of the NFL's all-time greats. The Celtics coach also points the finger at inconsistency for the team's recent struggles and explains what he meant by "Fab being Fab."

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline the head coach of the Boston Celtics AT&T forgy LTE. Our conversation -- Doc Rivers has brought to -- northern bank and trust space and by Mercedes-Benz good morning doc. Good morning hope you're talking about our vision. -- importantly you're not. And not -- at what he's certainly very blunt question right off the top as a jumping off point what specific one or two things. Is fundamentally wrong with your Boston Celtics right now -- Well I dipping consistency. Before you get into the basically is just we've been very consistent and then how we played him. You know be spent one night -- since last night. They're both the first the would be microcosm of the way we played the first. You know we scored points and and couldn't get out and say they ever get stopped and couldn't scoreboard. Was it a surprise obviously is a disappointment to you -- I thought you know with the coming home new year you'd turn the page. I tortured or when the scam when it -- going away a really did it fell was going to be one of those kind of nights instead it was. Good going into the game. Even dawn -- gonna have to powered down and about the second quartet to change the -- -- and other Dalembert. You know overall you know. But I apologize showed up -- -- About the frustration level. Because of the miss shots and then you could see the miss shots opened. Even down the stretch you know we missed free throws -- Bored -- look and then the group to get frustrated because you've been struggling. Meant to him. Do you. Have a problem with the effort of any of your guys. Beverly. I think would be I think our frustration. Turned into them looking like bad effort because you when you get frustrated. There's no way you can worry adapted to board the patient you want to. Because you can get about -- plan. Do you think there's enough grit and and toughness and push back in resistance by your team lately -- It. You know -- just again. We haven't shown that lately I think we've shown spurts but clearly. Not enough to win again and consistently -- -- As the riot act been read by you or by one of your team later leaders thus far the season. Yeah that that's that's overrated so it is. There -- -- -- you do what you you do what you do to win day. You know and I I don't quite I can't quite figure it doc what. What is the pitfall ban on who was the unexpected bump in the road other than Avery Bradley's injury up to this point and you didn't expect to be thirteen seventy. Are inconsistent bench you know play and you know when Kevin build out of danger in the last month that would indicate that. Over the years of the season so far. You know interment on Saturday -- we really struggled did the -- to play well and you know it in their dependents not have a point guard ever on the floor. You can -- -- 48 minutes and you know that's part of. Put a question doctor that the the new guys. Russian ones on the bench care enough or as much as the old guard Everett reports of certain guys seeming. Now -- not happy after losses content OK with the defeat. Well I'm open to new guys understand. What built into winning consistently yet. I've been -- didn't have advocates coming did concede that. But no we're gonna tear my two guys who have won a title under the -- literally impossible. Because. Date they have something that -- you know they've invested jumping. That would almost seem antithetical as if their thirst would be -- by winning a title as opposed to guys who haven't won one and -- -- to garnering. Mel always started to do. Backed up really the reason Gaza wondering is too big no well big -- now and they understand what it takes. A -- it's currently constructed. How can this team is for either from a technical standpoint or an effort standpoint rebound better or camping. Well I think we can rebound better. Just -- opinion better. You know the literally just play another reason the numbers are there almost little underrated overrated and you know you look at the clippers have been between the third or fourth to rebound. Out of Miami you just twenty ninth or thirtieth and rebound so. You know I think it'll rebound the rebels are important and don't get me wrong. But I didn't think they're they're told about a little more important -- Aren't as important as you -- Obviously losing -- -- magnifies everything -- you feel like. You're big enough fast enough athletic enough we knew we heard a budget -- we talked much in depth a lot but. -- -- Definitely shown and the what are the things we thought we would have Gordon -- years so that would be our biggest disappointment. I don't know if words and big enough yet. You know and so that's something we'll see you know giving it back implement real problem of more. We've got to figure out a way of -- just bring more minutes. You know we'll find out of Wear athletic enough. If you find out that -- not is the time approaching where you and Danny decide to do something to shake up the steam. It wouldn't have been acting collusion that I've always. You know look and you don't bear any of them were always go look to improve working but when mega. Is Jeff green is frustrating the coach is easiest to watch and I mean you see the glimmering in -- that. The burst in the athletic schism -- that OK this is the night this is the time where. You know we see the best to Jeff Green and then the next game it doesn't it's not there. Toward better tonight senior writer and you know and you know -- -- would just understand. What went through last year and you know and so to me the I think patience is more important with them -- we -- like no other. Probably have been ordered him more than any other player. I'll just -- try to play the right button for. You know. You know last night the only -- -- commitment to deploy more. OK given up Telus the mellow concussion inside story did get the door jam the door the transom on top -- through. You know I don't know like a chaotic gut yeah it's you don't need your story. And you kind of light don't heritage don't believe that. Bill we've developed source familiar -- You know Mike -- their coach and Danny in the Obama guy told me. And I heard it. But I never really listen to it and go. Last night you know right before I went out talked to reporters during repeated committed and I do playoff. You know him the gift given to root that is that is why they wouldn't open. It is motivated murders in some ways but. You know after the game -- -- -- -- reported and had -- development haven't put four years in this the first time that's ever happened. You made reference to. Years down the road will be telling fab being fab stories sort of like Manny being Manny stories he is he's that kind of free spirit. -- -- and you know in a different spirit. But I -- did you know he's played really well right now and the billions really improved in. It's so far the world -- that the league. I don't know there's been a better place -- rookies to improve didn't didn't Oreo. But he's gonna have some -- moments I have a chilling and and we're a little bit the last. And if not for the concussion would he be somebody that could help you right now or if you were healthy and not can custody be staying in the -- for the foreseeable future probably. Going to be. What is he blocking all the shots are little guys and these block and like a hundred shots again. These these improvement. A stupid you have all the way ago but he's built emperor. You know one Ray Allen left and Jason Terry Courtney Lee came out we -- one of the things -- one of the advantages we thought to that deal was that. You know ray wasn't a point guard couldn't back up the point and Terry and -- could is that not turned out to be true for you doc. Well it started to be true now but all of the first 25 -- -- would they know that turnout of the exactly right not to be true. Number you want some have played at a lot. Are pretty much together. Addicted to a better job of of them and that really have been the case in did you defected citizen and more important. Because. You know that's why we in the prediction in the -- might have to make sure we got him shots. And you know so. It isn't met them what we thought. But -- that is one area where it's important player better. And you could see them trying to figure out ways of user engagement and that's starting to turn as well. Pay -- and Danny Ainge in in defense of of this bad start said in -- last year. We started thirteen and seventeen it was really -- -- more sold than now. I'm does it feel like last year and does it feel like you can similarly yeah right the ship the lead Atlanta. Every year's different. You know what I you've been in I've heard that lately you've been last year saying thump. You know I don't like that the use public last year -- division this year. I agree -- -- last year there was more -- room because probably we didn't see the different players that we use this year we think we have more. We just haven't got more out of it and go like I told -- -- last night it always started to go to him and I have to trigger a -- did more out of each. How is Tony -- game changed since he was here. Well it is even better -- -- I think he's got a reputation now. We can get away with stuff even more. It even smarter player who didn't make valued member told the element made one of those -- the elements they try to make them. On all important deterrent. But he just more sure of himself that it comes -- will implement government. -- period all that you know it's amazing how much -- element to element that is the leader. -- the leader of the team which is that team. And that's really cool to watch industry. One says you give him gifts. Everytime he comes back well what do you give him. Well I try -- -- should be alcohol meg. But it you know I didn't cookies and just old time stuff we're all my guys are just some messages. You know they're always gonna be my guys. But I wanna be don't -- one of these that the competition on the but I withdrew its budget group of guys. Over a long period of years in them music -- there. You know -- saying Tony Allen is -- leader on that team takes as beautifully to Aram coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. And there winter event going on now a local Mercedes-Benz dealer on the web at. MB USA dot com this week's question is as follows doc Ray Lewis for the last day or two has been called one of the great team leaders in all the sport. In all your years in the NBA hall holds that title in your mind. Well Kevin that's that's that's you can Fareed. You know and I don't know other teams but I've -- -- Kevin Garnett is. As ready -- was as close to -- -- there could be in our lead over all of appear to have ties to impassioned. At the same example on the floor. -- he made the multiple. And how about a second place somebody who played with as opposed to coached. The -- who I've played work world you know it is surprising when there's two it was Johnson. With the spurs who was phenomenal Vietnam but he wasn't that good as Greg was -- me right. The other one they'll surprise you stretch you'll. It with a terrific leader surprised me when I went to -- -- you know. -- a lot to his teammates. Never missed a practice did everything by example. And it told -- you don't have to be a great talk to be a leader you just have to do with -- and that you're -- In your opinion -- which one of your pals got a worse deal Avery Johnson or Lovie Smith. -- board the -- up W -- go to -- -- and magnify the problem tomorrow you know. Four million and -- they're -- but that's a tough one that thing I didn't like about every thing was that. You took losses for two years to help build the change you know what I'm saying. And they when they finally did -- group they -- impatient with them so that was stuff and and lovely. You know let them over nine years yes before press record in the NN -- -- -- this year and the department love is that if they had the Green Bay head of the Minnesota. The Indian -- coach -- you know that that's just stepped up. -- doc thanks for the conversational talk did on the road good luck -- forward. All -- our our conversation with Doc Rivers is brought -- you by northern bank and trust policy -- and by Mercedes-Benz as always -- joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times -- -- the three GAT and T rethink possible. 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