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Dino's fix for the Celtics: Kendrick Perkins

Jan 3, 2013|

The Celtics are sliding and Dino has an idea for how to turn it around. Gerry's not so sure. Either way, they both agree there needs to be more grit on the roster.

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Maybe we could combine. Two of the more notable stories from yesterday to -- one of the big problems in Boston. Import Ray Lewis to ensure that. Out of the Celtics play yeah in a nutshell here's what I got Jerry Celtics I thought I would never say this and read must be rolling in his grave. No grit. No toughness. Very little push back. No resistance. No aggressiveness on the glass no defense no clutch play no ability to get over the hump -- the opportunity presents itself like it in the fourth quarter last night it's kind of I don't. I didn't hang in for the whole game my goal I stayed up. Until they get an offensive rebounds while I was I was whipped it to about two minutes left in the game at an end that I failed it is they got three -- -- and they got they got one when it matters that one in the first three quarters a bully and Mike Gorman is there a common -- a big deal not to click. First thought it would blacks and yes yeah someone ballots they get along board -- you kind of -- -- -- -- -- pick up off the floor -- In the game it is. We're close to that point you know we were not known for overreacting here now well Dennis and Callahan. Kevin winter shill but. If I weren't trying to be my usual very responsible self I'd say. They don't try hard enough they don't you be a good honest effort quitting. Watch this if you can replace and you get a TV yeah I got your special I don't get a TV launch get -- -- -- -- watch. What would wish which was a lot of fun and I wish I -- watched every single -- -- -- -- watched Celtics as we get Doc Rivers coming up -- and we're gonna ask doc about his team's effort to. And there's no one of those moments we usually use usually say can you imagine if we have Bill Belichick come on we're gonna say. -- team quit junior team -- We get to do that Africa and you respond he'll respond to answer it may believe that -- yeah they did but. I started watching them get back on before you know it when they scored or didn't score. And that show some of the celtics' run that Avery Bradley. You can make a difference last night but he he's the only one who runs hard. Back on defense headliners I'm there colliding. And the worst glider and I hate to sickest there was economy everyone's ganging up on them is Jeff Green ideas. He's got some of had a -- make it look good. I mean I don't -- fast and smooth and it may be it looks like Europe NATO will. Athletic and now it looks like your debt just Gallup -- -- when you're really running you know just -- -- not a one of these gear grinder guys. But should maybe should -- -- once in awhile maybe you should look like you're running hard yet not going anywhere he just kind of -- that's a good word he is -- glider. And you can't be hiding when you lose four straight games by double digits that's a bad look. Now I know I've taken a bunch of crap from you -- I'm gonna give it back Q about Jeff Greene Kendrick Perkins thing and again I'm not suggesting Kendrick Perkins is the second coming of Bill Russell or. Offensively Wilt Chamberlain. But would Kendrick Perkins provide more grit. The Jeff Greene has we provide more toughness than Jeff Greene has wouldn't have a little more push back or resistant than Jeff Green provides we play a little more defense we attack the boards a little bit more. That is what is sorely lacking and again I'm not suggesting that the presence of Kendrick Perkins would fix all -- is wrong with this team because god knows there's a lot wrong with this tape but he could fix a great deal of it. A great deal Jessica. Just had to -- Chris Wells was almost. Eco -- What was that I talked about us you know -- -- -- right now into the Republican talk about Kendrick -- are -- so almost damned hysteria not a given at least a point you gotta think if I'm. Wrong I'm honestly you gotta say I was always always as well not only -- -- -- -- only not only -- could -- last -- loss of Kendrick -- direct. Kendrick or -- I mentioned it was obvious watching that game last night. It is something Kendrick Perkins could have a real and in fixing to me the number one flaw is at the -- in the non athletic Jeff Green -- balance athletic and fast and -- -- -- quietly done. Okay Kendrick Perkins bring them lettuce and he would bring Greg just everything he'd bring everything that lack it everything I say are lacking lacking atlantis' everything I mentioned in the open he would. Help make better I said no -- No toughness very little push back very little resistance no defense know attacking the glass not a -- -- -- six things that -- signal to deal with this these intangibles that Creighton toughness that's good I agree. I agree that Kendrick Perkins doesn't make you more athletic he does make you faster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nearly had to do all your attitude transfusion here with this team that's partisan. That's part of it and almost at a news and neither. And did they have the schism really. They do have speed. Like the idea that Jeff green is gonna provide above outlet a schism is more athletic again per -- to get -- -- again. So are you so it doesn't really matter I'm disconnect let's see what's -- Parker scored four points a game. So that's good and getting five rebounds a game how many minutes does he -- 25 minutes and surprising and beginning to -- plan that much. -- I also want to make this about Kendrick Perkins okay. I was listening to the point Campbell every day peace here in 2020 centers and a little games you'll say if Danny just held on a -- has -- -- -- -- Perkins that Jeff green -- an abject bust. I object I -- gas policy I guess if you want loves -- yeah yeah he has but he's Karl. Crawford is what he has except he's sorrow and Crawford had just had heart surgery. We didn't just parts greeted this guy that played at 31 games he's 31 games. App that is 31 games off all of hearts all of us the excuse. I don't you think you -- that. We were told do you buy that I gotta have heart surgery 31 games ago and he says he is actually fine he feels like he has no fear doesn't just asking these tests are accurate indicator of -- yes we do okay mr. I have a actually but what you also a lot of guys off the hook of people all those what are you know there's a whole list of suspects I mean it is an and I wonder I wonder. Would doc say I wonder what doc is thinking. Because you can't. -- You can't compare to last you can't compare to -- 34 years ago say you know we started slows. As as Danny said to to. Shaughnessy this morning. Last year they started thirteen and seventeen -- forget that two years ago they went 2727. The last two thirds of the season. And every time that happened we sat here and said these same function on the non athletic again -- They haven't even gotten hurt you that's an excellent point not gotten her don't get too slow start to Danny referenced I believe if memory serves me correct. Surrounded some injury key injuries and -- injuries were like three or four weeks of all yourself for two or three games Kevin Garnett out for two or three games result Rondo out for 23 games and start stop start stop it was a gigantic long injury but nevertheless it's a very good point they. Don't hit the boards -- they don't contest every shot we don't I don't remember sin that I couldn't help but think at last night I can put that and that's would -- Is look at that he's looking at a team that he can't get the effort out of if you do that you get beat he -- you know you say year. You don't have the players order for -- the world. But they have the players that they had 31 games ago. Right right my best shot -- shot selection -- it is awful. -- shots a little extra burst on Rondo all how many suddenly he's suddenly he's in love with a three point shot yeah. Technically -- chalk it up threes left and right united become a close I thought it was going to be like one of those there'll darkened dunks with the X that shatters the backboard you -- -- comes down one run those threes. When he when he -- -- three. -- hope and that it hits the rim and just looks good -- you know it's obviously not gonna -- win. Which opened it doesn't what -- -- -- for the -- not a Celtics let's -- -- -- -- but if it's all there or for just hit the backboard it's embarrassing and you go on Russia and now -- -- you'd just get some rim that looked good Beckett looked like he had a chance to hit that shot there was no. Play in the fourth -- that that was emblematic of the whole thing the Celtics once put a good defensive stand there was a shot taken a shot contested a great rebound a quick outlet to Rajon Rondo he had numbers on either side of him. People up the pick of three like four seconds in the shock yet I got guys that -- the that the petulant one. You think sand. -- say these guys I -- -- guys try to do it all themselves they're trying to do to try and they're trying to score points with one shot. And and I was -- poor example were to think in. You the one who named Danny Danny -- what you think it by the end of the game could be like six player trade that -- -- DeMarcus Cousins coming in Sacramento at and and he might not to bring DeMarcus Cousins and here but he's going to kick the tires he's already. There's no question in my mind skits and scenarios that and an -- honesty points -- there's always that rationale. That. We can fix them because we have -- rock and we have Garnett pierce and we have a really good point guard. This is a better situation for him and there's not one Celtics and the that made the deal tomorrow. And I -- the deal is that lets face it it's got to be Jeff Green Jason Terry courtly and we get those three out of here. She is and here's Danny to. -- Saying maybe expectations are higher this year because of the -- success we had in the playoffs but I have seen what Rondo and KG and Paul can do. I watched Jason Terry at Arizona. I know what these guys are made. Mercilessly ten years ago. That he was is NBA team that I miss and at the Arizona Cardinals are suddenly Arizona Diamondbacks and asked if -- talking about it -- -- University. Of Arizona 830. Six year old guy that I've seen Larry Bird and Kevin McHale Robert Parish can do. 36 year old guy went to Arizona. Like 1898. 1817 years. And what he didn't win it -- idol miles Simon I saw which have created Georgetown in it I sought -- -- I didn't know what he's athletic and out of real -- -- I know what he's capable of it was as discouraging a game when you think about it. Because those. West Coast. Who thinks that those West Coast games. Were lead and I -- on the row audience and in 2012. Maybe this means nothing to you but it feels like. -- if -- -- mom you know Garnett pierce and say OK guys. This is a new year where home nobody saw -- we didn't get there I want to pay his off -- -- actually patriots they were college football that was all kinds. A Christmas parties and -- and a new -- is adamant. Nobody no such nobody -- tellem nobody knows that we know on the West Coast and he has got embarrassed. We get started to and we often say that when we talk in October November about the Celtics. See what happens after the new year starts and this was after the new year didn't you. Tune in and expect. Good effort a sort of solve that Rondo was and I thought it would might be a wash or may be Bradley gets in place and -- crew Rondo was -- you -- are often -- to win an OK movie okay. Based on that and I would say this is gonna be a win -- -- watching good body language I thought at the beginning it says okay. Memphis is good but they're beatable the Celtics will at least play -- on would be -- detaining right. I thought you'd say okay -- some glimmer of hope there it was worse M -- -- seat. Every minute of the West Coast debacles. And it was worse than it was the most debt. TD Banknorth Garden I can remember at least you know for the first three quarters this its fourth straight losses all by double digit for the first time in history. Or or criminal long time first I said it -- incurred as well Africa for the exits. There are all Coke and I think that if it is incredibly -- in and somebody may be docked today. It began net you know practice someone's gonna go off because it's not just the -- whatever. Excuse doc has already gone off on these guys -- I think I wonder wonder well how is the total has -- as he kept the locker room closed for quite a few minutes after the game last night. My guess is as -- might sound a little scratchy consulted in the ticket when I I think it's it's if he hasn't he's about to be hasn't. Is -- nothing they can drive a coach it's significant this team not. This is not much of the -- comes right Smart guys with bad -- -- -- -- the good solid high energy effort guys and -- are not given. All right our -- gonna join us at 905 between now and then we should probably take our Twitter accounts your questions for doc and I know there will be some Smart ass -- and -- maybe we'd even consider one or two of those -- hash tag doc. Send it to John Dennis WEEI or hate Callahan and will -- start accumulating some questions you might be interested in the hearing answers. From Doc Rivers that's at 905. Taken 92 time out and open the polite to talk with you 61777. Point 7937. And this takes us now to the National Football League I began by saying Ray Lewis could command. And giving inspirational speech the Boston Celtics and have them play more like it. Celtics then the old country that's the case but I get the Ray Lewis. The answer that the NFL much like the patriots has all -- -- -- -- is supposed to happen for the National Football League. The course the exception of a murder suicide in Kansas City and any vehicular homicide. -- Dallas and the replacement refs. Things are supposed to be good for the National Football League turn out good -- went to a vessel about we compact.

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