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Grande & Max's As-Yet-Unnamed Podcast: Version #3

Jan 3, 2013|

Grande & Max's 3rd podcast of the season. The guys recap the Christmas road swing in which the Celtics went 1-3, re-visit three great interviews (which include Doris Burke & Chris Webber) and take a look ahead to the beginning of 2013 for the Celtics. Are there big changes needed & in store for the Celtics before the trade deadline?

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Taking extraordinary amount of effort to point click that -- And maybe to put headphones pure work we appreciate the effort welcome them as yet untitled Freddie Mac like yes I have to have strong feelings. Gonna remain. And on yet untitled throughout the course of the year sort of response to our responsibilities to the -- This podcast you guys each and every week if this comes at a very interesting time for the Celtics and not in the good way. And over the last six years so with been. One of the only team in the NB what they always think Max re entry is the most difficult part of the mission. But again that's what's what's going on now so it's would have come back to reality it will enter the weekend. Three games of a 500 schedule remain very difficult. Well I think you're exactly right thank you look at that and say that this is one of those things where you're coming back. The point that expectation level it's always been. But. Think of it this way. That the plan for the Big Three at that time. Was three years. The shelf life now is what. -- this that it is easier six it was three years in Portland option for five depending on how those contracts without but obviously. He has led by coming so close to the NBA finals last year. You certainly want to Kevin Garnett back you've got a good deal on his contract. Ray -- decision to leave it right now sees that he's been good but not the player he's been the last couple years options -- drop off the rail last year with -- -- -- Bradley. -- in the starting line up in the first place. But the thing about it is so well and that we given the chance in the Friday night game against it piano win with with a -- with a 1570. That sound familiar. It's exactly what the record was last year the 32 games the difference. It last year Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett got two very slow starts with neither truthfully expect there'd be -- -- because of the -- yeah. And eventually they got things going -- it may change in the starting line with paper -- -- took off this year Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett had not been the problem. Reserve unit itself which is trying to go young and once you have to billion got to build a younger -- in the court. Flat with Danny Ainge did with Brandon Bass with Jeff Green with accordingly but they are not perform well. Like you said these -- If you think about talent. They have the talent but. They just have not. Formulated this together. Courtney Lee came Meehan is a guys -- about 40% from the three point line that hasn't happened Jason Terry is. All the three does indeed if we it'd be a hip history have made or three wanted to -- he has not really. -- the way you thought he would -- other great. Exhibition season and he was great November but he got 36%. Stance even -- two of the first game against Hillary is that so that is stored. That's the problem now I'll also but they. -- who was all star caliber blame that way. Has now -- of calm down and that he's not pleased at that real real double. Did this team is school with a stroke because agents said before if you aren't is your best later. At 3730. Years old. You don't have anybody at his level. A young player cavett they give it up did. Where do you both of and that's why -- -- the center of the the first full weekend of January. Two and eight in their last ten games going off the win the Wednesday night loss to Memphis was the fourth consecutive double figure loss to Celtics have suffered -- Over the Celtics you know through those first two years they would lose two or three games by double figures the entire season and obviously that time has come and gone now it's time to look at the roster and say. What can this team as currently constitute. Accomplish this year and is as we suspect as we move through this month of January towards trade deadline is changed him. I think that you know not talked with any change in -- use. Is war is resolved its board that the guys who were here now. They can do they can put it together this and this is there anything you'd be sitting down talk to a briefly. I I don't know a lot things that would bother me about this team. That that lack of rebound that lack of productivity from. Gas pump up the -- just go others count he miss from time -- time in big man. The teams that are sitting now who you beat over the years. There are sitting there -- A one that animal is coming through. And all they say like I'll within the natural order of things went you know figure out a while that you see that. And -- we estimated its camera -- long. The first one to go all there by ethnic right now. Should especially if -- -- has been making life miserable right Alaska players in this -- the thing the same as payback. You go into a city. And you -- team by twenty on their home floor you embarrass them you get on the plane go to the next city forget about it. They don't and obviously -- lawless almost time and it's why it's not a coincidence we talk about this a lot. The Celtics are still getting. Even after winning -- which it was wanting -- even now the Celtics are still -- the best effort from whoever -- well I'll do it like. The the man so. Have a title of the song. And he was the one that cop father himself James Brown at the song called the big payback. And that is what teams are looking when they played the Celtics are seeing now is down for us to pay you back. For all of those years of you to -- You know -- about good bad father time always I'm always when you -- them like that and that's obviously to some degree. Yes we have a locker room yes that's not who would decrease romantic Samir come a little later the podcast if you miss the ball around west. Oh really that's still our best guess of the years of times of between holiday -- people being away in the stuff running related -- you don't really get here but we're really at Sonoma. The really enjoyable yes we want to share with -- like it started before the game against the clippers Tia tequila Thursday night work and -- for TSE was Chris Webber. We -- Chris -- not just about the Celtics. And the clippers his transition and broadcasting but this is the twentieth anniversary of -- one year anniversary. Of the fab five at Michigan team sort of changed the game Chris Webber has done a lot of interviews he was not part of that documentary that you rose with together and it ran an ESP and so. You haven't heard a lot from Chris Webber about that fab five team and its impact if we got Chris -- talking about a variety of topics include Alan. Chris -- here with a seared in my TNT here in the studio tonight he's doing to game the biggest difference matches no traffic on the 405. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what team has been moves as their whole career to as much as the Celtics have -- Really good to see them in this position ST where is gonna go on the -- well. I think when that they can look at this team right now this statement the memos talking Houston's -- go with the coaches and that they humidity these that you know -- We played a lot of nobody for a while from a the lower bottom teams so this game with a huge game it'll -- you know to get blown out well. It's the confidence builder really football teams that Celtics. Really need to go on the road they -- some games but the clippers need to prove to their faith. You're right they can beat a quality team and appalled he'd like felt. -- -- -- -- the point that you know about the so that the Celtics is always gonna play Harding give their effort. And so that's been something that you have and not do so -- follow the clippers tonight I'd be scared I would wanna play. Adrian honoree KG who doesn't want you don't conditional Obama wouldn't wanna play Rondo and everybody's -- to talk about Chris Paul might be the best point guard. So I love that that's Celtic locker room and I and I want to say that because our production of -- I think the story these could be. He's -- on every guy's argument that succumbing to show off against the and so is going to be interesting game and I've expressed because you know with so it's always put their heart and that defense. You let that game like that Sacramento which is now -- team that had been to York start to establish itself. To get it definitely and you have to embrace and so you have to -- that this team doesn't care about the record and you better in this -- and that you go to vote who you beat the lakers or another team should be in the off the court. To open like you wanted to have that so it definitely needs to be that balance but on. I think -- that this is the big test because you're gonna look at the celtics' record on the got a good player which are not government. I'll bet they want this game so could you celebrate with with a with a think nothing about them look at the it X later. Camaraderie with one of the things that you. You deal with that now be it out of the game. You can always funny is if I could talk to you more now than when I was playing because when you were you were talking about the game I was little. -- terrorists are nervous that what do you think made him come over trying to sway opinions and it's funny is the same thing -- -- because I've known forever coming over them like with don't know what. You might say that was like you know I just love the game has long the guys though. Just call legacy it is not a personal. But this is a blessing to be able you to be here from Watson you beautiful -- pistons took. To come here and do you go to Eva talk the game -- this the biggest lesson through the vehicles do you run against so I love the camaraderie and I hear when you retire that you go crazy because you'll have a locker room. Architect of negative reference -- -- like we do with players that is blessed with medical figured this out of your you're doing the game. -- but you also have walked into what is. These studio show of all time in sports history right now question that you had a lucky you've played with great teams the Michigan Sacramento of that team. With -- with Charles minority that is. The elite of the -- that you had to walk right in and play that we've seen guys don't mention any names Jack can't really perform at that level but you were able to walk ready to do it how. How hard was that he walked in because that's a car already going to eighty miles an hour we'll keep you. You know -- what I did not do it just like a good basketball I was a rookie left for their practice that's our Chris Mullin a Sauna and hot and the -- up and he was joking about I didn't have to stretch. I was about how to Cotto with him because I wanted to learn how to write. You know paperwork or Dick Stockton do work or Ernie Johnson meant to do have a free and work with the Barclays of those guys is it. One overuse the word blessed with. There's so many guys I know that wants to be back in this you know and so. I love someone special but those guys tease -- you know Ernie makes it look easy. If you give you know like a young Fella you know maybe next time so I love it if I look good on TV is because they make you look good on purpose and and that's all those guys are mobile missile. Not Beatrice and seeing you know how the game has changed them -- when I looked at it from always at them you know. That old school -- tropical -- -- well it was different a lot more physical the difference now that we you played -- we have right now what do you think we're off towards the voters throughout. Masters when you -- because I -- news in the and non news that was group home combustible and I think the rules change you know once you start having. Could Hansack David Johnson. Maybe with a bit of play -- because he could hit -- I thought it hardly let the writers though. You you're exactly right it's a different game in the something that I -- complain about the changes the game but it's up economic brief that the same time because receive. At least like to run these guys you do a lot of different things that's really what I am upset about. You can't take office he can't take the center and author again you know it gently. More people don't know -- out street on if you do FaceBook you have baseball about a cancer can you. So I get that the game's faster but maybe the senate resistance things I always thought Tim Duncan with the center. Now they because he was bank would be a powerful -- -- of abuse them or if it I think -- you can move it along -- -- you -- evolve with the game so. You know that that's -- -- like the fact take the physical the business though it. You don't allowed to beat these guys that produced -- you know my view move 61 -- under because -- it bella I don't want to. It's a lot of -- over the last year so much twentieth anniversary stuff about fab five. Do you think that now after all the appreciation of it and looking what the game's become not just on the court. What that team accomplished but culturally in the change of the game do you think that team and a group of people. Has finally gotten its own. I hope so I think this first of all this is a game in which it was when it was very honest with you when it's championship orbit because our courts are on apartment and picked up both the -- four. But what we did accomplish was also hoping for -- colleges this thing so. You won't have all freshman team that this computing is great scenes the music could go -- -- there's not going to be more senior Christian leaders on both counts there's ever played so. And -- coach -- people who always. In sorted me myself over write a book who have used to dock with the problem up here. Populism how horrible it was with the best part about it we. We have the fab five when it was lottery is -- -- real weird from routine all the way -- was like one of the world's biggest investment. And Indonesia by some of the people we brought -- how many people -- sport of basketball how many different -- I mean you know it's funny -- -- at least she's about 85 is overseas have a black Sox. Black sneakers exceeded even -- wise because the sun you know -- work out so is that no. How many people we brought together through the sport how much fun we had so I don't know whoever it accepted but even -- a championship so we don't need to be treated like him. With -- the Coetzer and for that I'm happy we worked hard if we could so cute. As you can do whatever you are no matter what type of stereotypes of -- -- young on this so I'm not good or whatever it's you can overcome those are -- of people get that on the story. The school that that really is amazing to me when I think about it that look back -- go. Well I do remember the staff by course like it but other things that don't remember about that bureau hula who won this yet I don't really going to and I can't remember that it. But it's only reason I brought remembered because you know was North Carolina Herrera there it and that's Hillary nervous because I'm from a girl out of it. What the majority report I can't really think of equity players who want that many teams but I continue knows I had Michigan team in the Eagles got to within a so. That's the culture that you guys involved in the how -- you affected the -- even to the point that you feel that sacramental small market. -- when -- gets a lot of them here it had to be a thing right now of doing in my -- you comment -- Japanese that it had to beat them over the bulls. Yeah down right -- moment it is driven. On on the use -- right in the in this view of whatever offers that plan in the old guard touched the lower and you see the holes in the for the treatment. Even give him work academic village in BA TV last two years he told a lot of stories about double with those who want to nobody on the red Elop promised to have a I -- but -- you know we wanted to be you know I'm a lot like you -- on -- Gaza is the way that you guys went out and exploit people who. The way the that it is you know most of these attractive to everybody in and those type of things to do with. Recount if so source that it is calling your name them or on the -- and with -- won't be both type team -- you guys were. -- -- -- -- -- just don't take any losses lines down so that's the type of heart which probably would. I think it will be cover basketball and you cover the NBA obviously you're paying attention to college basketball and -- you you made a point during that conversation their protest -- Twenty years later our Michigan didn't win the national champ Jim Chris Webber goes out of his way to -- The point as tape we need to win the championship -- that special I called a timeout you know bring in a lot of it on himself but the reality is. Comedy teams. It didn't win the championship he you name all five guys twenty years' worth well. Publicly trooper -- I think for a I can't believe how apple rejects. Reject it if -- but and other other guys for -- Bosnia but you. I get the point about you know about how well they they -- have done. I think that Chris Webber. That they which is really interest is that he said. And like people want me here. Here for Chris Webber. Michigan yes they haven't heard from him well there's still is a bit so what reluctance in talky about. You know especially with a key to that hole by the what happened that the -- salute the fans are down. -- it right now does not recognize that sort of thing they want via healing thing for -- team back but the ban punitive wrote those who want to go back open its. Obviously they issued for a U -- -- it from about. Because you did -- did you did win. If you have -- final for the fire for what what don't they take -- -- if you. If there was a way of sanctioning -- they picked it -- when -- -- -- university decision to hang the banners on the that's what they anyway. At the Chris wherever your receivers issue we rarely if you talk about who want to hear that again. We've moved -- to Oakland California political mistake in it and talked to some of the main issues about the NBA what we're most familiar faces covering only. As the review group it's been obvious the end last couple years but -- you -- it. Over the last year sort of mass exodus from ESPN taken on new job in new responsibilities out in the -- area with Comcast. We got a -- with -- you -- a variety of topics most notably is in -- it's apparently and the Brooklyn. We just left Brooklyn and it was obvious you know just by you know you know when you rightly so long as people watch the -- -- -- during that game we're trying to tell a story so which point rate. Macs are in the neutral on this big problems here on the other side neighbors dropped them -- -- this game yeah there's obviously all the Phil Jackson conversation started. Series if Phil -- one -- the courts of the Brooklyn that that remains possible there's no circumstance but what's happened in the interim this year based threat I I don't CNN from the people that I've talked to that are close to fill. They've says he's not interested in shotgun wedding and that. Had been insisting that the the bigger part here in Los Whitman wins what would that annihilated. They didn't have a shot go to within. Who he was gonna coach Richardson -- -- -- -- to -- -- exact. And and you know there's a part of him that still would like to come and and and bring Brian Shaw or Kurt Rambis and have them do the daily heavy lifting. And have him more in these men to ship role and I'm I'm just not sure that that's going to. Fly at this point get to the big question is still wanna come back to the grind. And the only way to -- does it becomes back to a team that he knows that he can you can not another idiot twelve championship. And as much money as they've invested in that event nets team and as much -- there is couple guys there that I like I'm not convinced that that group. Is locked solid playing for a championship even if built -- Jackson's. -- airwaves got to vote -- -- you -- appoint a -- make the point if you look at that point guards. The five point guards in the Atlantic Division so far this year they are always probably last in the -- Yeah I'm not sure I made that point but. And look at the way -- but the bigger issue here and and we see it all the time. Is that they had to bend over backwards and give him everything -- lines to convince him to stay there. And once you do that with a player. Depending on who the player is in the care -- the player. You can't get them horseback in the bond so now he feels like he can run roughshod on that place. It's upon him to take ownership to say okay they'd give me everything. I need to deliver everything and in it remains to be seen whether they're willing to step up and do that. Former speaker with a lot thoughts about the permits by the way he did say that about their leaders being that we could point guard in the NBA were asked that question kind of -- as I said earlier today. Looked at something -- set an NBC sports to prepare for that particular conversation. Get a vaccine but you know we all -- somebody in Houston -- an -- -- every single thing always to remember where the -- may via -- book war you don't just I can say it was an hour before that was when I look at it was now where would you send me it doesn't really matter from where you grew we have on. You talked about the Brooklyn nets it seems a long time ago now if you go all the way back to Christmas Day. That was one of the landmark wins for the self which it actually started the road trip. With that impressive win over the nets in Brooklyn before a game we got stuck to one of our favorites of the nationally televised game audience the F. Doris Burke was the analyst for that game and one of our favorite for years in fact one of our favorite conversation. That we don't know these full court press is over the years with the what we have with Doris -- Last year talking about being on Twitter received via precedent about the criticism that she does but. It was difficult they'd have to get up federally I don't mind telling you but one of the rewards for us from spending this stuff with though. We all grew up watching the NBA record date and so what we ought to get a very early -- -- -- families right now although we see each other so much feels like world. This is on the workers because there's no practice so many things in my life Sean and I am incredibly thankful for. We have a thousand games on -- -- -- -- that -- -- but yes I'm thrilled to -- -- you not remember -- paying them I loved watching him play at sixteenth and -- -- do. Yes our listeners of the special men my kids I'll be home -- by 8 o'clock. You can you're convicted cheap Eagles to because he's an industrial zone a ball. This could be -- What is your impression and preparing for this game and being happy your finger in the -- will be used to. All of the celtics' struggles this year it has slow start before and made their noses -- -- -- everything will be fine judgment calls its security most of your. What is your sense of this group this Doc Rivers has three point six. Well I mean obviously haven't blown away by Paul Pierce last couple games. I think that given -- the three guys you would expect to be given him on that here's. And KG and you know the nine new faces are significant I don't think there's a team right now and and you listen to Dwayne wade on ESPN earlier this morning say were not where we're supposed to be Kevin Durant saying we're still building they're working out here in game situations. Still without James Harden. You know I guess the long term question for the Celtics is. You know will those nine guys get to where they need to be. In terms of understanding the system defensively economic symposium are not as intimidating defensively is they have been a second unit. Has hurt them. On the defense about the -- I know the numbers have changed a little bit with Kevin Garnett on and off the floor but the reality is the Celtics. Have not been a -- offensive team for a long time. So they've won and stay relevant with their defense. And they're not there yet. Now levee that that's really lucky there there's not available in the board on top of that rebound in the quality. Couple of every aspect of what the Celtics -- really -- the last couple years. This is not that if John talk about rebounding. This team. -- what they've done it here Brooklyn in the last couple games they've dominated that the Celtics. You know ahead -- -- for the weapons -- from the field but when you get what he sees it nineteen. When he opted for a rebound at a time. -- quickly as part of the. -- and you know that's an interesting thing because now even that's go to the smaller lineup with Gerald Wallace at the bar with a flat Foley's -- They've beaten the Celtics twice by by being physical and imposing their will and dominating from that and the things. You know I'm interested in today's paper talk about Andray Blatche and Brooke Lopez -- more time on the court together. Against the Celtics I would give that look like on a minute I can't wait to see how much there and how often they played together tonight. Hewitt on the -- you signed up in the Julio if you shoot enough it's very difficult will be to be impartial when the knicks because that's that's who I grew up watching. I'll say this -- you I do not think that god. Melo is either willing or not necessarily may be able but doesn't -- Barkley I don't think it's very good for him so his ability to beat. That guy at the port where he is physically strong enough to match of the boarders facing took me. Has been as good as the San Antonio Spurs was a year ago and I thought that was leaked basin. You know itself from the hopeful New York Knicks could come close things out a while with lap when it. You can dictated because my best created -- -- -- -- that the extent. He's the only -- I always let up if it would -- my god I hope this gets back to -- -- -- -- -- -- If you look at this team that think that really were concerned about -- fix the fact that -- -- -- -- -- -- talked about stop the -- -- oh we don't think. They need a bowl -- They -- them I was going to be scored in the thing I don't particularly BA championship if you could take you -- -- Can I ask you this that just who has been there. And that post presence. On the second unit. Still winning check. You go beyond the -- but we'll be -- that the game. Edit it. It court's time you you -- -- up to -- date declared that got moved up up a bit of it is the it is only because after the game that I think you can. I think you have to happen if you have to have that both breasts if effectively we're doing. Don't want him agitated six it's important for themselves you know session can't stop asking questions still must be you. As an alternative that does -- on alert you know I've got an MBA got here and ask them questions like out of security analysts today but I -- -- -- that you're -- If you do inside a lot of stuff I think about it you're gonna get -- -- you know probably more so these are going to be one of the easier coaches to do the have you had taught you you must do. It's not that -- on many he's he's actually been very very good today I -- I want one situation -- where. I answer -- question -- my favorite quote we had just been a fan for a long time I know it's history in front of stories about him pianist. -- you know Russian studies I think it's just so cool. But I was so bad guys that literally I think my first question made him so angry. That he just stared at me and basically said nothing -- I fumbled my way through the second one and as I'm walking with your question. All right how are you now know my question was it serving the the spurs have a lead when Shaq to Phoenix person -- I've been interviewed him in the third quarter and they've now given -- the -- -- -- -- like over eight in the first period -- 5% in the third. And instead of just saying they made their run how they do it I tried it Smart and I said you know your defense gave up next what's wrong with -- defense and and that was it that I don't blame them I ask -- question I deserve what I got. Thankfully my producers said to me on my way back at it would you mind if we don't run it and I said thank you for not humiliating what I've. Bless you because I asked Rick Pitino question like that and I got. Rip 888 Ayers did bolt where I'm at the biggest deal right now and it's circulation. When asked that I just tapped as strictly because that. -- It was a bad game but it want that policy board that -- it's one of my hopes they got their numbers. 'cause there's been another question oh my god it went from -- I don't yeah but it's not that. And it was they take classic -- -- -- bit. And later on what are you could do -- as -- analysts or to ask the question now that you go back to the coaches they -- My bad I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad I don't have -- my attitude -- yeah. So there was we we don't have enough time to -- incident was quoted Thomas usually fairly easy as well you -- that you just swap with maximum. Just about -- in the best you are the best I would. On occasion -- you in my car it's and that's three of these events happening. But to some of the stuff you may have missed that Chris -- -- -- for Doris Burke over video over the holiday week. -- you don't hear a lot of -- the conversation they were so -- players because -- we talked them. After weeks and haven't been that many but we will knock your doors and take your your Twitter comments. On the spot gas as we move along throughout the year you just we just whenever you want we'll try to work some of these -- Our body O'Donnell and Donald if you want seventh -- -- -- which are required Derrick Williams and Derek favors that they've -- beginning -- out. And this is what's gonna happen after the two markets because -- things got turned down the kings have shut off for the holding any trade conversations about that you saw in Sacramento why. A lot of teams public young talent of. I of the market doesn't remember now there's a reason like Derrick Williams Derrick Favors aren't playing there's a reason they're. -- there -- -- -- one in those situations of haven't. That you you want about what is deficiencies are what he would do. I mean you look at this means that that means that they added. Even itself the thing about me. While our our our review Texans -- the one. Well we've got Darko was with with the Celtics you would like this because you want of the thirty want you would the revenue about faith that you. Love elected -- Have been Darko was came here and played. Maybe in the game maybe. Two minutes or three minutes which were a disaster. And Parker was a put back in the mean that you talked about yet again those are guys who warplane. That now or that next hole that you look at it. And any little thing about him. If he's not quick to pull the trigger. And then talking to a he still believes that this team means -- believe they have a chance and it that he keeps put him back to his. As you would say if the record is simpler than what it was last year and everybody would heal -- -- payment about you know get real that this team we you'd rather that. But he believes about he believes that the players. But at some point. Even at eighty with his revolved. Believe it and his team. Has to be stressed now to the limit. At caddie OK Jeff -- be traded this year through that your question and answer is obviously yes -- -- beat him via trade back to team 23 layers of treaty can be traded back -- butler's. With the previous team but Jeff green was signed as a free agent this year so he can be -- -- upgrades to. If I don't know would be treated -- he hasn't played well enough suits. A team to be trusted Weathers got three years -- -- -- your left Celtics Danny's got a lot of criticism. Where that particular contract that so to speak to Jeff -- coming off the heart surgery it if you would be. Disingenuous to say you've lived up -- outright but. You know we talked about a four year deal were not even halfway through the first year of the Jeff Green. What makes him so frustrating man. -- -- it's not as if he's played in the -- of -- time there are nights you see you go yeah they're eclipses those things that you had they done. That will -- back to your -- And have you yelling like wow and -- their points when he -- going in and used to regularly do in -- Why not. -- hockey you not do that. So I think that's one of the things that relief of beauty to people frustrated about Jeff Green but. Again this is what is the we have paid big bucks man. That would not make that decision ST you podcasts. For me. Is no board podcast -- the witness teams the plan right now. -- actress to a 68 -- team doesn't get along in all due today it's transparent or urgency no pride no possible commitment to reach him. Now there promised that back and say that that's not the case it may be the most entertaining team to watch the first thirty some odd game. But I think this team. Does get me wrong I don't think there are issues like -- -- that thing that I think that it's a bad thing I in this case the you you -- a team to get along with a winning it team is at this level maybe it's better if they them aboard -- the right exactly I mean. You'd think about it sometimes when you have controversy you have got towards that if other on the team sometimes victories. Or energy. And what we did see that they was is that you and you think about the guys who caught that sometimes you want them hopeful. Charged leaders that comes back what Avery Bradley isn't. -- -- -- he thought about that please go play our but he is that Robert rock out like Kevin Garnett. The QB right basically you need this theory that come through and be in the crowd here. Grasping at anything you want his self -- it would all the card gets excited about. So they want something that is going to be -- but so far the Celtics have not given them thing. Well as they were one place where that kind of vitriol those workers in the broadcast so release shall we have here and on this broadcast thank you dials up -- didn't -- Well on the next week. It is due to two for 21 right now just you know the results that we've games. Don't answer that question level of capital I'm out of the -- is it looked like guards directed the it and back back in the studio right now -- -- do it gave you some bogus information about the game so I was even there. Do you what I think he did it deceive you what things -- we know you guys made to love you man if you -- its policy of podcasts that weakens public. -- on the road this weekend Saturday in New York on Monday the turnaround expert in August.

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