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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Jan 3, 2013|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Celtics are defeated by the Grizzlies in Boston, 93-83.

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Those solidly confident when you're when you struggle in those -- little. You know time -- -- but you know a good thing about it was there a positive about this stretch -- so stressful or -- we. There we go go get go it. What's that. This is you know we we sit here -- we talk about being a positive don't get our -- -- now. I was very always felt like -- the next. Problem is despite getting competent person you know when things aren't going -- like the next thing is don't go away you know and -- on this -- you. -- Yeah there you know he's all slowly slowly work his way back -- -- anxious that we have a real impact on us out there to low ball hasn't cordless. Good the release him out there among you know he's been. Go through so much at certain results armored from the get a chance in the years. To get back out here are confused reactions and excited. -- -- -- You know we've got good shots and we are obviously we can't let you know Darryl Cohen our career began personal look at is our defense going -- -- -- One of your defense that thing plays could be a second was there again you know when you give us. Sixty -- issue and team goes up like seventeen points and there were always fighting to get back in the game that's tough so. It. Regardless of how we do offensively don't go back to the defense cast -- mostly seventeen points and expect to come back. So you know anyone offices -- would -- -- a slow things down. It's. Fair. Low low pixel Augusta about three or four wide open threes that. Are made in the first that are -- my consent to have but you know change score. You know you got to set -- up in the half court partially it's tougher to score and a half court and you don't get those easy transition buckets. Keep kicking it -- targets and arsenal slump tougher than -- we do. Obviously do for most of again.

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