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Kevin Garnett Postgame Press Conference

Jan 3, 2013|

KG spoke to the media after the Celtics are defeated by the Grizzlies in Boston, 93-83.

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Thought we brought some good image marriage to. Because this she. We'll be better physically he's we thought process so we've seen -- -- It compared. There's a big addition to we do a lot of students and it was a huge huge loss to us. Which just you you know from there from about storms that sort of -- to reveal me your problem or the story of process which unfortunately. Real -- Suspect -- resale. And being. And we know we can be. Few just. At work. From previous critiques. Makes them want to. And as. From -- excuses from me and you know to defeat. -- Thoughtful Turkish us myself. A -- bouncing up between being more closely monitor and be depressed aluminum. And this won't just force in the world. That is a lot of experts woman was from like verifies so. It's come you know just get ready for that that'll match up and noble wants moved out to us was in office months. -- I remember like pursue this -- normally. -- -- His -- you know terrorism mr. us talks to us just as teammates and others. Particularly. Because the player -- giving he's definitely earned. He's given us who have these prominent rebel like almost. Do the things that we normally -- to be. And I can better show -- -- -- well. And it certainly does these. Tools to serves was disturbing it's part of you know. A loss -- loss in the -- so you know look who's gonna -- -- You --

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