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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 3, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics are defeated by the Grizzlies in Boston, 93-83.

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Politics are. To fix that day. You know -- -- when you played in stretches where you like the effort to mitigate ought to. Twenty are 26. Second. You know after shooting 61%. And that shooting forty -- Well the opposite which means we torture. That we couldn't make shots we couldn't. In. You know. Convert. Such as -- It's just it's. -- Erica. But that's what happens when things are one. Also thought we we this week we fought back into the game. Russia there's reduced Arctic -- reasons. Restrictions on the ball it -- helped us it is. Not be immediate for us you know. When -- struggle -- points and somebody's office and it broke it two -- each. But he he's gonna -- Well tomorrow. As far as -- -- ought to satisfy to satisfy. I just you know. With where you were not score -- -- stroked -- as. We really need them anymore progress. -- all. Those. Games in. It got to wait for. You know that's that's like in nature. Works score. Yeah. We need him to get in the open court -- -- -- it looked as it is that. Guys shoot -- -- Yeah do we didn't play well but I do you know. W -- better. There. Got a run on displays. -- -- poorly on a vote of confidence it's pretty good. And then went back. It played great it's just that straight right drives it in the shot clocks forward. -- -- Experts you know does this way shortest. Statement is really. It's unfortunate right now where were at this week. Well just it's hard. You know one of the reasons is -- -- -- and went to shoot 61%. Six tips. In the first two quarters -- -- at that -- so that in the -- obviously number because of what -- and the pace is slow. There's -- that. Slower -- slow pace. So that didn't bother me as much. But we. We missed a lot of shots so. Ago. Now in the first you know assertion that. -- missed more shots. There are more rebounds. -- -- business grew up -- now you know like this yes there -- numbers. -- and that was that banks are just -- the difference today. What's more light -- -- -- we want ours to score. Points just in school. The couldn't score. And obviously have to -- With -- you know we're not make them. So we just achieve certain it would play office missed some practice tonight. She -- -- it's form.

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