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Avery Bradley postgame press conference

Jan 3, 2013|

Avery Bradley spoke to the media after the Celtics are defeated by the Grizzlies in Boston, 93-83.

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Great. Not at a moment. The villagers and and and in -- have -- -- really felt good to be out there. Sort of pleased and definitely give -- on again. A violent play -- and -- -- so -- -- Monday ever really think about it that much when I was out there to -- and play as hard as I can't but -- maples. This -- No I don't know you know in the office of announced today that. You know if you pick my spots. -- -- -- -- a moment focuses on the airplane part of feel like everything else at work so well if I do that. Hours were witnesses that is for the war. In other words -- we we. Just with defense. On its experience. I think Jesus. Be warming themselves negroes who planned it the -- that. And they have a lot. -- -- make shots you know we needed to. Sit next game we can keep from being you know. We -- someone's. If he's grade girls out there when your dad. He's so I think that ends it's -- -- -- -- behind us you know we just. You know you -- Punish -- -- in the world. Oh -- -- do learn opposites. Not that it whenever you write about. I mean a year. -- guess we just keep improving and that's what. You're an average rate now. It. There. I wasn't tired at all it's not like those type but I was tired. I when they pick multiple court okay the -- JJ did use to be an outfit. Next game I'm just gonna keep improving to soccer team. -- fix something last president. We've struggled early on earlier experiments that don't offer -- you went to some positive. Here. Definitely you know everything has its up and down -- the best teams are the ones that can go through the adversity and overcome. You know what -- change in leadership we have. I felt like will come over come. We just got to keep improvement like this it doesn't mean things can't get down and you know just because we've been losing games it down and says -- got to continue to keep building as a team and everything you'd be fine. Kevin. Rondo and leadership they keep her body ball center of -- and have come along -- It's the wanted him. Practice -- definitely. You have to play a big future -- bag you know come on our relievers that -- to guard him play. There's you ornament there it once again narrative that whole thing I'm going to America. Together. Police say it. My best that we just got to have a positive mindset. And killed one and yet we do. Okay. Imagine that the that's if you look at person it would either. It just sort of that's good humor that when -- -- -- -- the the -- yeah even the second. We you know got a -- as a team and -- thought our guys. Beyond that -- thing you know each let's. Yeah that's been a struggle. Coaches and it's in emphasizing practices. You know like us that we just complete game it showed today.

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