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Wednesday, January 2nd Whiner Line

Jan 2, 2013|

The holidays are gone, we're shaking off the dust and welcoming in a New Whiney Year!

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My view is excusing views expressed and expressed. My -- these aren't -- -- Proceed with caution. This discretion music box to. Suddenly Morris and now -- Lauren your line. And we are in a protracted labor struggles. What is your opinion something we've really ever got them remove. Serious and now there's so there's egos involved one. There's there's no other reason this issue is going wrong. WEEI. -- -- lying. It takes away from life. Itself -- there are people who is really struggled. The real thing is the only real struggles on the dial 6177793535. With -- right now. The fact -- mormons. Also. Some people live to -- whiner line people who work and stadiums. Fans yes -- -- livelihoods. And now on his recent. If we don't have -- watch how much you which we call that crap box this -- -- If you take away WEEI. What do you think of how there's nothing -- that things. He wine airlines conservative -- drug. He retires. -- is a labor dispute. A driver to driver -- gamers -- doing here. All he's maybe you'll become a crime fighter could be the NHL a story about crime. Yesterday so I can't say this initiative Mike -- -- Monday Night Football. Mike Tirico. John curtain and and some existing us and I think yes -- to battle against -- -- yes yes -- what's left. A sea of like you're just -- -- leisure hey it's hardly viewers as well from my house signaling. And days and skill and it's always -- never -- -- and I thank him. I'll read about sol where we are Michael and we're here every day right it was here Baghdad heard and we heard that. Sharon while its part by ETW. I live available when you arrived on your android. And Blackberry device for a few AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was -- I'm a little rusty. And I speeds up -- ten times faster -- the regular the regular retreat and irregular region AT&T. They are worth an -- narrative before that so. Hard working guy there router for writer who worked them he works his ass off by these classless. You have to see -- ending style get up. I was having -- -- morning. And I looked about cut on the table and it says. Have you seen that veteran presence data 1950. I. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. Michael Adam attic have the epithet I got out of the -- be ideal state. Itself and that's funny you could have a bust my balls ever again -- vacation you'll conflict. Hold burst of us and I just say something -- you know fire on two with a -- about 180 effect. Two of those days. -- -- holidays big company holidays four of them were weekend ice palace and we've been up since December 2 just a period. -- The memory came in for that to our shift that day on the money out of no where we had seen him he's right but now we're already coasting refresh. I am glad do regular big show crew is back. Because we've been putting well over you didn't think I'd be game over you many ahead that who would vote. They -- that we really pretty. No clearly he had no -- Anyway I'm also important Mike Adams committed to put strong rider they're renowned live up regretted their big guys. And that sort of try to take time off hours he which you can. Yeah -- sure what his status is certainly not shall go fanatic he needs me to -- in -- we -- has there avid Mac is that -- when he thirteenth gonna become now it's well we -- the little guy and later. And have -- hand hater -- thirteen. George timbers or less. He brought it on himself. Minutes. Damn I thought -- Adam. Greatest accomplishment in life was at the box. But it turns out it's definitely from Donald Trump. Oh my gosh might -- that maybe you achieve political life go to. And -- give us the lowdown on the what happened out. If it's kind of funny because he sent out a tweet that said Merry Christmas everybody and I I'll I'll -- the dollar -- -- net and I -- -- I don't know the real I follow him. -- -- -- And same -- you Donald great seeing you via and he loves you more Adams you know like like I had just hung out with the right right. So any deleted -- I felt that she probably didn't know right that it how many people he saw the other data would be worse he wrote yet good and and happy new unity you know it. I I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey what -- always welcome back to they're going to be kind of agree. The -- and I network places but when our. That Michael -- -- vacation. Before we did over the next couple days a week. Yeah believe it or not we believe Michael all we will be on vacation before -- went. And I don't think they'll be vacations for the one of those for awhile now and I think you're -- about with -- I guarantee you. Know. Look for awhile definitely a psychiatrist or some -- relief -- and how many how many links and state like you're probably more it would. Well if -- -- Oscar and I don't. Quick hits now so we felt it gets its leaders in just a matter how many kids you you can separate you two weeks -- pointed. Yeah we get it entirely -- Eight all together all analyst Michael has some sort of Iraq because he took more vacation than I do you gobbling up a bureau. Clear of him. Lot. I have a they. Some -- in the -- Thank you and the first schooling or yelling just got just what he does it like it was nice to be she was concerned about me in my family we have increased from Donald. -- -- -- -- Do you -- -- the picnic table what Welker try to have a football. Let's. I cannot. Yeah but -- could pass to Welker would be rolled over the ball popped out. Good god for 12 I thought US -- is no bargain deal yeah I'm desperately. Against him purely white. -- It was a bit and Julio was not a morning show again today but it made me realize that Kevin winter is also an insufferable. -- Out of bed in -- Encourage people within these -- well do you know. And met socially it was just three days. If he was here or December that my Q. Is pretty -- pretty subtle right neighbors. Settles Helio and united influence -- -- buys a ticket transactions worth it is worth the -- -- She won't let -- her son -- a -- just somebody. I'll pick up the the past -- -- -- of course this country ethic and good. While -- both about the would have. But there are psychologically. Accurate. If we look at the -- the weekend after the plates psychologically this time off -- to be here -- -- considered I'm sure. All that is tomorrow liabilities. Over. -- commercials Friday. -- It shows up or be moved into the security. Yes they hit a critical -- -- -- which -- -- people ballroom that's -- Did you really expect it to go -- politically addicted. What we want shame on you about a fifty cut your -- -- -- -- here. And that changed how oddity how did he do when these -- -- -- -- well I put them up on the -- Steve Fuller report says. -- -- talked about as. Some people nowadays -- a -- some people have resolutions you know from the start what did you put -- he has disasters for the upcoming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it I want to not appropriately but nobody doesn't like. And it meant to the tribute to lots of funny yeah. It's a disparate as Johnny Cash in -- right. They made up our mental health insurance -- -- reality. I have an idea what -- what have I -- a reality show well all of these out of work paid actor because of reality show about. And that's great ideas and I'm not I'm joking that the glory and there was that's what you were when you started here out of work actor -- Possible pretty much. Did they completely. Off topic not -- acknowledgment girls that went bad. You know I don't know what what is that my wife bought they had they had Bob -- Yeah I bought the rocket because that's -- I -- what I haven't got everybody out there -- Bob it's good TV -- called double. It's a reality show about women -- -- car everybody -- what happened and that's still. It's true story here and is this one woman was gigantic and the huge -- You wonder how she could operate -- holding following -- and and once -- secretary -- might be I must done I was one that would dance moms I did not stay with the show. I was different the first astronauts but he could not deal with the -- who -- that they the guys right they do that you were cut short cup side gravity the policy doubled these votes we haven't been to one it was. Shows on like eight. Bravo Bravo that's perfect for them all and I don't want. That the. -- -- alphabet geometry pop but reality show on India's it boom boom. The only good note that got they've got good credit that the. -- to be a child abuse -- -- -- -- him I was a kid. -- sells them and that's like using year old the producers showed Amish market -- profit Eric eventually stood a really easy exit awards show and does he may be getting just parents and -- the back a little buggy yeah that's led all December. Guy is -- on my -- I got the break no. 01 point I don't get good bit about the content talent. They've been robbed it of its development that would definitely. That's -- -- the web medical reported give -- -- front Tom Brady and everything that you. And now I gotta tell you that you're able labels aren't like our hearts are you guys have great memories they won't look like -- -- get. It uses -- springer was worse -- currently guests of the -- remembers well now. Governor. Well it has been here. At least we don't want then go back to back -- automatic -- -- the government here. And message. This a Luka and happy new year to death and all that unbelievable. That big sigh of relief here -- overwhelmingly yesterday. Was when the giants got knocked out of play because I keep him he won't have to worry about in here that it Google by the fact that that you guys now. Obama might just like in Connecticut right corner just entrance of the home nine and seventy Afghan man now. Yeah when you don't make the play that's right you can't -- when the other team makes the playoffs and you don't you can't do that. It was out of playoff -- diet have a playoff check yet out of the playoffs and flatly. Yet first round but check should be a great week. We -- it -- -- -- -- always active and growing cult thing Carlin people I don't let it up. And the message. WH -- that Latimer a phone call we. Just got to bring peace and. Almost Tibetan like a lot of the -- -- that black. We are very thought about the number of elaborate -- -- like diet trap. And that message. It's of those vending machines are -- -- -- they get new pot vending machines in which state masters of Asia that one. Other point to why. That -- to move to cholera I don't know why would you have had in the event in mission is to let you either fight with the thing with the -- every couple of dollars they don't take my twenties. -- say the bad thing about the cowboys play. The -- Super Bowl. We won't have to gossip went to a cowboys partisan. Yeah. Yeah overall. It's a habit. -- Bryant. Every public out there. That's underway -- you know motivational speeches this year and also means that restrict markers of -- Most -- would be no more room or little -- I've been here when it was glory hole days and I've been here when it was. And so having said that. I won't -- -- -- I'm guessing that that Jerry has found some alternative glory hole takes a little. What is your friend -- -- you know if you work for you Hafner. That's a master franchise is he met a -- Mason -- the talent on that team right and they can't make the play. But -- quandary when typically has partnered. Did they did they pick it out. -- Who is the man. Wish rich guys -- because. It's -- crafted. And to show you. All he sounds almost made. It to us preakness which. -- -- That sexual. But not it was a lot. Oh it. -- A sudden people forgot about that you know everybody here and that was like the most bizarre story here all star. -- you and me. -- -- -- -- It was. The three AT&T rethink possible.

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