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As a Patriots enthusiast, which team do you fear most in the NFL Playoffs

Jan 2, 2013|

Michael Holley and Glenn Ordway discuss the Patriots position in the playoffs, and which team they fear the most when the Patriots have to play them. Here's a clue... his last name starts with an M and ends in 'anning'.

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Clockwork McCoy get this all figured out you look at the calendar. We spent the first six or seven or eight weeks worrying about this aspect to the patriots -- defense -- centenary -- -- go to the whole season and you think that there are certain teams like Houston -- was well rounded team in the league. Certain teams earlier in the Washington they sucked into three and six. Don't we go on vacation. And we come back and -- sit there ready to talk about the patriots are in prime position for about -- Paula again first of all happy new year to -- you said he didn't -- so -- I didn't I became taller. A more handsome now. I'm in better shape and none of that happened in the that can happen to me there and -- -- can have a reality it's not going to happen. Photos via. -- people. -- gets this kind of surgery for that -- -- -- -- there was talk about it on the if you like you know you could actually do like. Commercials here for life. Two point. Bounce back to where you were most of my problem would go to talk about a second with Michael where they are now five years later after the commercials. Oh yeah I lost this -- way to have. Now. To check -- -- -- Verizon does she -- probably that would be back idol where you were a different light. But every thing you got to go and catch up with your -- as their -- their ass off that your. Can't is it like it but I I feel refreshed they feel great it's been terrific terrific holiday with the kids. Family is as you do disorder where we're back to introduce him at a picture it's right there. Where they are virtually every year this is a phenomenal run when you think about it. You know people were talking Rebecca and then in 08 people were talking but this is it and the run. It Brady's -- can't do it anymore stage they have to start taking your new quarterback can't do what anymore. Here they -- Right there right now when you look at the AFC you see yourself as a single team on a board that scares me right now this team should get to the super ball. Well I don't know about that -- -- Glen and pocono are all on Beckett now you're right it's great run skiers should. This isn't it -- think that because I. With -- all the studio said earlier is going to run the table and beat the number one seed. That is not -- this. Thirteen. -- the garbage. Just second chance at the and that's my son right there have been able. My -- that let. In 2013. Under is going to be I'm gonna be a little. If I was that. More reasonable. -- -- a reason not a little more reasonable this year than it was last. So I'm gonna look at Denver look at Peyton Manning delivered at Denver. As well as a whole team no disaster Peyton Manning an individual yes it's going against Peyton Manning. At any time home moral or the road yet is a little frightening. So yeah if you say it is their team that -- Denver simply because a patent here's what scares me the -- -- afraid of John Fox's coaching -- know I'm not. Am I afraid of note John Marino my freedom to -- -- Thomas their offensive line John Geller you know I'm not okay I'm not afraid of -- of those guys but Peyton Manning yet. But Denver doesn't surprise me look at your schedule. I mean -- that prediction. -- tell you something I have found donkey on the street. Effectively. Fight a donkey on the street you could've made that prediction looking at that schedule we have one. Difficult game in the second half of the season that was a ball was. So I told -- that they're going to run the table. And they're gonna beat the number ones but you Ohio Houston that I was you don't they were the most well rounded team well and I thought they had a -- let's not let's not right the death certificate yet for -- -- Houston on the as they have they have a home game against it and I just lost another linebacker OK so if that's that'd be a picnic -- Cincinnati. You've got that fanatical I -- I don't know even know all the little bit concerned with the with the green Ellis because. He's hurt right now did not practice -- it's a little bit concerned about him he's a hamstring and they rely on him. They -- need to get I think you have -- is gonna win that game -- -- come here for the rematch. What was that's what that's what it's going to be hot late in the senate and the patriots rapidly the highest remaining seed in the highest remaining seed will be Houston beat the it is feet to right now. Go with Cincinnati I would agree with that. I'm basing it on the last 45 weeks I think I'm making that prediction more on. When I don't think Houston possesses right now first of all Houston's -- of -- -- felt secure the last few weeks Geno Atkins is he monster okay. And coming right up the middle of the monster -- he wasn't. He's like he's -- -- -- she's a terrific okay -- he has had a great year any disruption he disrupts. The interior. All and that's where match job has major difficulty major -- OK but just to this point is that. They played this team last more reasonable I am more a more reasonable and -- thirteen more -- with Google and with with ending in band. Would just be more reasonable adjacent or adjacent. The colors. You guys. -- him with Pataki today more reasonable. 2013. -- last year this -- so. It may be may be maybe 23 you're prepared. Last year the difference. The Texans won last year. With. Round the third string quarterback against the bank it. So their home in this year instead of TJ TY whatever Yates they've got. Match so -- YE. A -- -- TJ Yates whatever his name is. -- like their chances and I think the Texans are great team but. We set it at the time of people would overreact. The Texans whoever won that whoever won at Texas patriots game people overreact the winner and the loser. And that's exactly happens it would what has happened over the last two weeks all had to do is win one of these two games. They -- a plausible at home against Minnesota Minnesota Maine an ample. At all in the I don't later and guess what not a real physical team that -- physical player -- -- -- -- is not a real physical team. And then they go into Indianapolis. And they with bottle with -- -- like for it got to play for except the emotion of winning for a -- -- for McDonald that was. And they in the late in -- -- that Portland is something coli -- let me use used the phrase that my -- teacher produces all the psychologically damaged and I think they -- I think they reached that peak and right now. They don't have confidence in their game so they did get a lead in that game because of they fall behind early this -- spiritual the other thing I like about it. Cincinnati's -- a real physical team. So if you get Houston here next week you're gonna get to Houston. That's as popular as a -- and I sort of point out argument that because it won't be the captain is really an easy easy game the past. There's really good year for the patriots and by the way I would I would use the same parameters. -- talking about somebody like a Geno Atkins coming up the middle against me a Tom Brady or pay later right that you don't have to face. The angles has until you get to an AFC championship game house -- they are you up a little under your scenario. If you if you got the Texans losing to the -- you got the Geno Atkins and -- and that. Going to Denver to play Peyton Manning now is that a good matchup for the Broncos. Cincinnati vs Nebraska credits under playing -- hole it'll be a physical game. But I'd probably give I'd give the edge to -- what have you think because I don't think tempers on the physical -- about a team news. Well again divers a better team in Houston but you're saying but they're not I don't think -- more from it and if you think the Broncos Bengals game is going to be a physical game. In Cincinnati when -- went. They are better industry -- I would take Cincinnati if you think you can conduct that becomes not restrict what we wouldn't the street for you to -- on the net. While there's a better quarterback in Denver then -- Houston's -- -- You have a whole fame quarterback. In Denver you have a guy that's you know couple mistakes away from bringing Y Yates back. -- -- -- And Ohio hall of Famer and check it got no Houston Houston got a text and Paula frame. Then there would not even but it properties not even in the Houston Texans all of -- microscopic -- -- -- we -- If you get it but it's. But it is falling right -- the -- I -- you were saying that you worried about -- I'm not worried about teams here's what I am concerned about. And that itself. Now the news seems to be a little bit better for Rob Ninkovich. An impact player he's probably the fourth best player they haven't seen it straight since they pretty nice it's a tape delayed. Needs to be healthy because we discovered way he plays man to man against the best receiver. That it allows the defense did to send an extra guy to do some things differently they don't have to anymore become this Vanilla defense so to me that's important. -- who had a terrific season this past year is a -- you want him healthy and more importantly though one that that the the injury that concerns you the most. Is -- played this weekend but that's not the same guy that we -- with a lot of arm right. Not the same guy we -- he's got to be better than that two weeks from now that's why the -- for them. Was import right now because they need to get help him outward about reading. -- about the offensive line not worried about the which I'm not worried about anything else other than the guys we just talked about. If they are healthy. Utley -- that this team is this team is the best team in the ancillary. Nowhere wedeman look at this where we what is where we we we disagree slightly you said there's not a team to. Really be afraid of an okay I'll go with that don't be afraid of anything. From the patriots perspective but I think if you're looking at it from the perspective of the the wounded Texans. Or the number one seed Broncos I think you look at at the same way too. I may be nobody's afraid of the patriots either it is wide open. To the point where you could maybe have. The top four of the top five seat I don't think Cincinnati can win the conference. But wouldn't shock me of Baltimore won the conference would sharply if the colts won the conference now be shocking be great story critical by the way. But I think if you look at it. You look at the playoff picture Nancy. There is no there is no team that any other team says we don't wanna go there we don't wanna plant. We're afraid of them. They're they're there individual guys. To be afraid of Peyton Manning Tom -- Maybe maybe maybe Andrew Luck may be. I don't wanna mess with -- 2013. The year of reason can be a reason I don't wanna mess when -- not everything. I disagree. I really really -- really believed that the patriots. In Denver or the two best teams in the conference. Now anything can happen right the fact that they both. Are able to play. At home in the first round. Obviously kind of sets them up for this AFC championship so you're right team play the games we don't know anything can happen. The colts defense real good. And the COLT defense is something that doesn't. Hamper Tom Brady because he reads the edge extremely well. And so I think he can handle that doesn't seem to be disruptive force for him I don't I. I really see we're on a collision course. Will regret English is wherever any of -- what everybody wants I would I would say that the NFC. Is more wide open in the audience. Well. I think I think they're probably a Seattle when I wrote what a minute ago about the same. I did the same because there's the number one you look at the top three seeds in NFC are all very good teams. The falcons stopping target team even though people are little's. A skeptical of the falcons based on their. Playoff history under Mike Schmidt is not won a playoff game. As a head coach and a nice job. More -- than anybody else in the history of the Atlanta Falcons and more importantly the quarterback hasn't had a lot of playoff games so as -- don't want figure look at them to they have done before even the number one they don't need a couple of years ago they're not once he'd wait for everybody. They can get it done. But to look at San Francisco. Wide open. Separate Cisco can win yes Atlanta and make it Green Bay Seattle can win yes but I but I think it's the same thing in the AFC discrete. I think they're two teams that are atop the AFC. I think that the ravens right now are. Here we go pretty psychologically damaged I think they're wash well and maybe why would be -- rally around ray Lewis and rally around -- why would be damaged. Well they've lost four of the last five games the defense right now can't stop anybody that's -- in Baltimore defense were cast in the seat. And offensively Flacco is having some issues -- have some assurance of your problems but we're still able bay despite the problems were still able to win their division. Give themselves a home game. Which -- able -- -- which is not which is rare for them if you look at their history of the last you know five or six years you don't play at home a lot. Many -- home they did last year how many home opportunities there road tested playoff team we've seen that before. I would say they're damaged in the past I'm going on what they have right now they're not the same -- -- -- -- the New England Patriots we can talk about the New England Patriots in his. Fairly similar team. To the patriots team that we've seen in the playoffs the last few years I don't think can say that about Baltimore right now. I really don't I don't think they are the same -- I remember at the beginning of the season you went Atlanta and Kansas City heavily from the super. The this was so either he's righted it and not all of them. I can't remember who had. Represented AFC I don't think it was I can assure you should -- -- I'm not sure though you've got to sell what I don't obstacle short. Flat I had no England in Green Bay and I'm not changing ticket I am staying. Patriots -- wrangling Green Bay in the Super Bowl -- Orleans. I very much the first Sunday. In in February -- we are all multiple lines of what you throw your two cents and what do you see here in the in the playoffs. Might a totally went. I feel really good about this New England Patriots in right now really -- especially if they can get healthy over the next couple weeks. Coach of you have to choose two or do you have plans to talk with several brokered a little. Right now Steve we're just trying to focus on -- our team ready to go well and no no consultants this year earning more than. Not the point. When these teams look for different answer. It's an art. It's a really good question it is. People are talking about the possibility of do you bring -- -- you brought in sales last year as a consultant the -- bring him a great question he's got family in the area. I enjoyed his time here very much guy who knows Bill Belichick as well as anybody. And let's face it. He's got a good head coach. He's a damn good defensive coordinator yes. No he wasn't putting your head coach everybody's not everybody didn't have that -- so. If you can you can have Romeo and Cornell. Advise you BA consultant. Extra set of eyes knows what they're looking for. Is very knowledgeable. About the conference and there in the league for that matter why not. The NFL did a good job of closing up that loophole. Of who can come on staff and and what what people can do -- theoretically it could be like baseball after -- First. Have -- the rosters. For coaches if you want to coach if you want to. Open so wanna. One you feel good because you're a patriot home. Anyone can win on any given Sunday is 2000 are not gonna start off this way. We're not starting out. Reasonable. You know Richardson you know anybody. Cannot win on any given Sunday in the post season that's simply not true he closes out. Is little touched by single. And I'm home track I just definitely the patriots didn't get it out these Denver good numbers -- good. And the differences what are we'll have an MVP and some -- well what did that during the course of the -- what your article what an -- on Sunday. He's a Broncos fan -- you say that you believe. That the ravens or. That that that can go to amber knock them in -- on the Brooklyn I'd say unequivocal and I -- go on with his logic. Really believe any given Sunday what he wants to -- news. Mr. Moore looked at bronco -- -- -- aloft to the bronco not a fact it's one reason and we'll do it later but I'll I'll I'll teach you wouldn't. One reason -- -- as much as I love what Manning did this past season. And I thought he was healthy he would have a phenomenal year it was a much better Denver team. That he joined the people willing to give credit for Tim Tebow kept them down. Raised a mop up and downed power and we'll get -- period just just tried to pass me your your baiting me. You're trying to get me this. Try to get later announced. Lord Tebow and I'm not gonna do when you're dealing with a reasonable. Tech is -- -- see if you can hit it has. Asked -- -- difficult -- another Dexter on the eighteenth to -- -- reaping prost 12013. If -- get this do you view this guy who says. That in the manner. Is the ringing of the crop in the NFC I'm -- is wide open. I really believe she was erratic. For me I would think that while it's wide open. That is Atlanta still hasn't proven that the difference would deliveries. First of all their defense is very very good a bit -- to defense all you want their defense was -- last year. Because Tim Tebow was three and out more than any quarterback in the league and that defense didn't have an opportunity. The rest of Port Orange. Order go to game plan on the sidelines. Look at the defense is when you put a great quarterback in there. He's a -- lot better does not about taking a break yet at literally get Manning is proven that in the post season he can win big games. And hasn't done some salt. Now Matt Wright goes through and runs to give more credit -- And I thought I -- on -- show I I know Tony Romo can't do that that's one thing I know I know we can't do that. He proved it once again last week that he cannot do that. He can't. When a game's on the line even though he makes a great play that great -- in the other quarter audience we'll come right back into the game when the game is on the -- -- it away throw it away he always does. Always. To me that's a guy that can't get on nobody's arguing with a mandate is only items that nobody's I here's David the tricky first up Arabic. -- -- I don't think -- have been here -- job. Does double victory character played their -- that you look over the last four weeks I bet on our. -- declared -- that the -- -- economic outlook but he was. I had a what other teams what the other team's court. Okay it. They did. Not they can't give you you know the Jacksonville game I'll give -- that in the start of this impetus going games that's two of the four weeks that you refer to the other two Miami you blew them out -- -- Houston where he blew them out. It's really hot it's hard to criticize them for going three and one down the stretch really. I can't get playing the outlook and -- And I think that. An -- -- -- -- At that level but. -- -- probably. Be sure a lot. -- -- that worked well. When it got past the first round because they don't have to plan for I mean. They're gonna lose this game they play but that didn't know you don't. Don't let them do you usually in the gonna lose the first -- the line. Yeah what about. And I finalist of course reports of them if anything comes out flat they're done any any of the twelve teams in the flat out of its failure to Europe for. -- any given Sunday any he wanted to get under way and -- acted as a football. But it but the way the applicant claimed -- op -- that the that a strong the chipping and they've they've got a lot stronger. And it got better not look up. What do you guys hold on it was there where is their reason for the well I'm not sure it was their while their best -- injuries they give us about. Your your biggest weapon. Was down for what five games do you think that was not a fact that -- -- -- -- it. Well I'm gonna talk about what I'm talking about ground. Rock presents the biggest mismatch you're gonna find any receiver in the national football. A lot that changes what they can do. I don't. Make them. I. Just I -- operate what is. It about but I've got to be. At. David as you know I'm a very reasonable man you know that update the my history. You're your opinion I don't necessarily agree with that when they -- but oh. Well why not -- well not David David when asked questions about opinion it's yours that you own it that's great but I ask you this. Why worry use no. Confident. That the patriots won't get past their first game we don't know who they're playing yet. What. They got a battle it record that would -- about me if they couldn't get the -- -- -- -- days ago that they aren't. It if somebody's got Adrian Peterson in the vikings lose. Whatever the tournament to be at reasonable with the that you lost already -- there and I lost it all regretted it clicked. The problem Amanda -- Trying to be reasonable how to do that today forever but I don't think it's work and so you know I'm also going into when he hurt it wouldn't. I do -- today for the first our first time and 145. Days. -- tweet. Tweeting right now at all. I am a -- tweet right now I'm drinking Dunkin' Donuts. Alicia. Ashton was greatest taken on Mexico. Is not in a -- laws. Michael happy yeah yeah odds of making -- -- making a remake of the of the was that it was reached in this. I saw the problems and how much we care what did not -- -- -- -- -- grow now parted with the way it is. -- -- way to put the textures -- right that last call was not a patriot. It's unrelated unfortunately it doesn't that's our you don't sit there and say oh we did pretty good fail. It doesn't fit enough but we did they win the British talking about running the table Denver in the table last what 910 games. Patriots were there was ten church with ten of the last eleven current. Oh. All of -- there my man was going on. Well first search Syria like Laker -- that they have parity of the kind of spears. Sort of equal to the parity in the area say -- and glutted area already eliminated that. You know anyone can win on their -- in any given Sunday. But I wondering what your shots aren't who'll be the most difficult travel -- get -- Big game and you know we've always had beaten number. We know how slow Denver's playbook Josh McDaniels. They really the biggest start even though there the most. Chela pitching allure of the really Cincinnati we don't know too much about. Well odds are comes gonna correct year you know you know Denver's playbook because you played the colts in the past. This this number offense has nothing to do it Josh McDaniels this is the Indianapolis office in patent. He moved the offense to Denver that's what it is difficult offense. -- we do have patent number I think. There's this out so we're sevens or art not a war. I would say we have is not now I would say we have his number right you're talking about a damn good quarterback. They have been able to win games against Peyton -- because you have an equally great quarterback. So I'm hearing. That your response started Denver is our greatest threat. I think Denver is the biggest threat in the yes. I do I do I you know what I'd look. The home field advantage or are there more of playbook. -- Well I think they match up better. They have a quarterback -- a lot of points up on the board. Which is say to me as a huge plus I'm not as concerned about their defense so this secondary is very very good. I'm not as concerned about the defense because there. Weapons come off the edge that's where Brady when he has a healthy corporate receivers. Is dangerous -- problems that we as we've seen what the giants in the past when the pressure comes up the middle. That's where he has difficulty that's not what Denver Dallas Denver gives you pressure off the edge. And a very good at it and it is secondary. Or go to what what we've been talking about Denver don't know are we talking about Brady when the question is. And the defense continued this. In the can and deep and continue what it what -- -- and lashes. The second half of the season asked -- question I think Brady for the most part Brady's going to be fine. For the most part -- it's going to be fun number one offense in the league and us an escort 35 points against playoff teams which just your average. But that's the strength of the team which should be wondering going into the playoffs about the weakness of the team. And they hold up have they improved or when -- see. -- a decent quarterback whether it is Andy Dalton whether it's batch job they advance Peyton Manning. Can they deal with this defense equipped. Get the patriots -- I don't let us I don't think a vigorous throw up a a goose egg roll exactly and that's against Miami there's gonna be facing better. Offensive team certainly Indianapolis is a better offensive team. Houston is a better offensive team. Arm Cincinnati right now you know the green -- injury is a could be key one for Cincinnati I think it all comes down to. The defense. Can play. Well. If the offense plays great and I think this offense is capable of playing great every single -- I really did and I think based on the defense as you're you're you're you're looking at facing right now. That they're the type of defense is where Brady can't play great and the offense simply.

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