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Rodgers, Manning, Peterson, Brady? Who's your NFL MVP?

Jan 2, 2013|

Michael Holley and Glenn Ordway debate the topic of NFL MVP and take your calls on it. Lots of strong opinions in multiple different directions on this topic.

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I'd usury VP -- -- ago when. That's the -- one judge just. Yet others out Erica I -- a great play it can be -- -- a track that's -- if you look at if you look at the three candidates and -- really three. In Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson and Tom Brady. I don't think you could be wrong that you got to -- it right and can't alcoholic by picking anyone that does. You can't get into an argument everybody can be reasonableness. If somebody thinks that it should be -- your somebody thinks should be EP or somebody thinks should be Munich. It's hard to come up with a solid argument sake your full of -- They've all had they've okay individually look at their seasons individual great seasons from each of -- each of the three. So that's. In one of them. Almost touched history almost 99 -- -- nine yards short of what they want to run put him in the playoffs that was for mama right so. You've got that by the way nobody. You don't look at any of the candidates and say season but at eight people are overreacting and over rating so. That goes up when our great. This is where you make the distinction -- that this is how you separate. Coming into this year. I thought the patriots would win twelve games. -- went to a nominated this year. I -- the Broncos were good last year -- Tim Tebow carried -- single handedly Eleanor -- He'll eat all your life are playoff they won division last year worship the true Broncos this year with a legitimate quarterback they won the division last year and -- -- play I'm against the number one defense in the league in -- when it went on what is literally so. They were good I expect him to be good with Peyton Manning a good question was was would Peyton Manning holed up agree I thought the Minnesota Vikings will win four games. What they were -- -- three. How many. -- -- get a third pick overall in the second third pick Internet freedom especially. So you had. They are bad last year before Adrian Peterson got hurt. Or affected. He was the one guy that you focused on week after week on office. Now defensively you think about Jared Allen great pass rusher but offensively you're thinking all the time. -- let's make Christian Ponder -- Let's let's anybody else but we cannot allow Adrian Peterson the take over this game. -- do it week after week and put that team in the play I think he's MVP of the little moisture. And I made the statement. Here a week and a half ago before we we took her a little of the break. That he needs to break that record to win the MVP and so I'm going. Against what I -- a week and a half which in usual from alternate years. But that that but that last game. He single handedly put them into the playoffs that we didn't get the record nine yard short he put him into the playoffs and I agree. Christian Ponder was up and down all seasonal. They lost Percy -- they had one guy that they relied on. The offensive side of the ball and was he pretty you don't you don't go -- -- games and we must control Kyle Rudolph now but -- -- that like it did make a -- they put eight in the box. I -- a defense has put nine in the box. -- -- Graham the ball effectively. Constantly remember changed -- charity Q unbelievable. I gotta give it to my I totally -- what is it is that he made the biggest of its most valuable player. Value to his team increase of wins. He did more than what Brady did. And what Peyton -- -- and I again I have no argument with anybody depicts Manning or expect me. Or picks Tom Brady -- -- -- -- wherever not a evangelist will be I went well I think it should be here -- -- wanna have difficulty with. I have difficulty throwing Adrian Peterson is the comeback player of the year and tell you -- because he played until December after -- timing -- one. Now you can say. It was the offseason he was -- covering the offseason it was a dramatic recovery. We -- We quick I don't know how well I don't know well I don't know and I maybe Melky Cabrera -- I don't know. I don't know what a good group a perfectly worked hard after. I don't know what happened. I'll get more credit maybe he's just the opposite of -- maybe just recovers to revert to save face but it worked well sort of the same thing okay. Yes same offseason but what -- best. He didn't show anything Manning lost an entire season. With four not two not 34. Surgeries to was correct. And that to me is the comeback player of the year. You lost the entire season how many people can go back if you miss an entire season with a major surgery. He can back -- play at this level -- the -- he's a comeback player of the year you can't give it to Peterson. Peterson missed one game last year -- this entire season -- the -- demanding with the non with the non mentioned to redeem. I don't like it won't. I'm not an overnight and get a vote now -- now I don't. Think he's -- gonna be unanimous. I think it should be unanimous also people will panic Adrian Peterson but I don't get it they might -- -- to miss some games. Dutch ship to be out for a while isn't that would come back later the years all the players came back from the off season he came back I don't always. -- missed games because I think the definition. As expanded a -- it could be come back. Let's say you had a terrible season let's say OK mark Mark Sanchez next year and he gives you 27 touchdowns and politics. Whoever he's playing for. He's he's a candidate for comeback player of the year because he was so bad in 2012 and here isn't what -- thirteenth with 27 touchdown dividers and what do they do interceptions. Until we heard the editor of actions. And the -- what the next the last game of the season can be a number of photos that. Coming back from an injury can be coming back from a bad season but it if you're coming back from an injury I would think you have to miss. Games you have to be out for a while yet to come back from something meat came back from another great. That's what he came back for. Using that definition. Can't. I can't give that vote to AP it's got to be paid. And obviously your guide it's honorable thing or -- or are. We aren't. It. -- -- -- -- Was there that. -- landed at the big. Okay. What chuck holes you begin here's Jordan -- -- Jordan. Oh what's up Jordan. Do it on on -- knew he would not. Paying. Rights or that school quick Q Garrett can help me out where. Our home first of all. Hello -- rich and I really do think you question. You know very well. Brought out Arnold and -- Scott that put an. Move to the challenge no -- injury. I think he'd been doing really well I don't know what you guys I think that he comes off. That line with a little bit more a part in the departure date I think nick nick which liberal crap he. But I think that. -- Scott should -- more planes are that I'm I know he personality hip injury to the bridges bottom I think of it Scott into big incidents. Big an impact -- secrets from the Russian army had. We're pretty good thing about a look. You're Trevor Scott has made some plays but -- Ninkovich. What do you think he has great burst off the edge or not one thing that guy doesn't he has done it. For a couple of years now is make plays he's -- he's a playmaker so. -- what if if I'm gonna give more playing time to Trevor Scott I wouldn't do it at the expense of Ninkovich. It is not either or maybe you could put Travers got in Ninkovich and at the same time. In one of these sub packages but Ninkovich just has a nose for the football and I don't think that should be dismissed. -- -- are desperately I don't. Always you know the guy that you look at you know three years ago he said. What do they really see what is bill release -- And just get better and better and better and obviously a lot has to do with what's between years yeah because you're right and you see -- on and on certain plays. The -- diagram of Fred steep. I agree amply seal -- -- tailgate tomorrow night. In which it looks like he bites on the play action against beat. And then the next thing you know it was the San Francisco game. He's make in the -- just as great instinctive ability to recover and he's far more athletic than people give credit. Yeah he -- and I think. And it's not like the patriots have have. You know have have answers on these things and nobody else -- you know he was that he was with Miami. He was with New Orleans they both had an opportunity to. I stick with Rob Ninkovich and watch him develop into the player these beat that he's become today I think the differences. It's just the level of improvement sometimes just give up -- a player too early. And and the patriots have done the same thing to look at Darius Butler now you say where was that guy. Where was he in 2009 when he was second round pick for the for the patriots looks like a completely different player now. They need to with the patriots the the the colts. Were able to work with them and watch him improve and I think that's what the patriots were able to do with Rob Ninkovich he wasn't ready it's quite. He was discovered the dolphins he wasn't. He wasn't this guy with -- thinks. The patriots got to let the point where you start to figure it out and he really improved dramatically. Are people texting and about. Adrian Peterson saying that he missed the last four games of the season no he did not. Yeah get hurt December what he got hurt on December the 24. He got her December the 24. He miss four games during the course of the season for different injury. But blow up in the on the 24. At Washington that's when the -- out so to me that was one more game left on the schedule. And then he comes back ready for the first game this season. And as we know over 2000 yards to me. It's hard to give the comeback player of the because of he had -- pretty good year last year missed four games -- eleven touchdowns last year. He had. Twelve and twelve touchdowns. While the 970 -- He had some injury problems earlier -- isn't this argument the case. I tripled production. He tripled he -- tripled production issues you could make that case odd tripled his production because but I don't -- -- -- mailings. But seriously for -- guy in in most cases in Tripoli doubled it. But if you look at a guy and more than double. That. Case. Would get a nice you in some years you can say yes he's that guy but. When that happens in the same year that Peyton Manning comes back. From big -- out for a year now. Is the obvious to -- the the interesting one will be to see if they break down because they do the AFC offensive player of the year in the NFC so they have somebody awards. But if you balance it all they want the good of the coach of the year this year. That's a -- you know not that disarmament. Seems to be. That you goal with Bruce areas and you go. -- live with -- -- Ottawa was so George W games to. Actually it was spot. It was five you're right now first to wanna be there he was either three and two was forced to launched -- -- or -- project area. But but your point well taken heating -- and he coached a quarter of the season. Can you give the guy a guy who coached a quarter of the season that coach of the year in this case at that yes my girl from I agree the sentiment is right. Just a great story -- the right at the right move up this team won two games last year. Then to be back to two games that year rookie quarterback rookie head coach pop up. Areas never coached before -- head coach. Down -- had coached. And you have these rookies in it to win team and a rookie general manager. And gets to -- out of the American story capsule if it's not much different to what you do any year. Because you give it to Bill Belichick -- you give it to Mike I'm getting at for the coaching staff. Even though his name may be the top guy on the on the masthead but he's really the CEO. -- entire coaching staff. That's almost have to come to this. Game focus on one thing and that's winning and doing your job executing in the running game and pass game and if it happens it come to you. Don't focus on at all and now with a focus on I went out and play my game and you know it can't decide if they -- -- accomplish what we want to. I -- to show our way in -- back to get -- the shot because we're talking about it all off DO I don't know if this awful college. A football fans -- whatever. And I say this every and I know we're gonna finally get a playoff game were only get playoff game at fourteen -- -- And enable the of the -- ground music. And I have been watching these games let. Are you glued to him are you emotionally attached he can you get into these games now I am looking forward. The organ in Kansas State only because I think to some entertainment value the right that those two teams like. Overall. If there was something on the line these games and minutes. I'm telling you you would get everybody. Go look in to college for paying gamblers but -- gambles are already into -- there was BM into the more you write. No but the one game this year and some years there are some good matchup you know what what USC the other -- guessed it embarrassed not really attached in South Carolina Michigan. Georgia with that come back. It didn't really get me didn't get many of the one I'm looking forward to and I will wait for them open is worth the wait. Alabama and noted and the theory have a network is that. Employed 45 days and they're going to be rusty and what are you gonna get one of those teams there should be more likely Alabama. Is capable of getting off to a big lead early in that game. They're going to be -- Hillary 45 days they'll be rusty which you know what they are. -- Look at Elmore Alabama -- Notre Dame Notre Dame on hold on effect. You ought to see would. What happens with these guys in a few years Notre Dame even when they're bad. You know Jerry output but obviously Gerry Faust coached Tim Brown -- you really can't carry out this telling -- he may have bad coaches. -- supposedly don't have a lot of talent. -- still have some pretty amazing players and that teams so you look at Alabama Notre Dame. A lot of guys will be talking about three or four years some some impact on people that the tax slayer ball -- just yet okay just didn't do. But if you add something if they were playing for something if it were one and now and you had 1012 teams and -- The way you do with more too -- this with the basketball. This would be must see TV. I'll tell you people would be glued to. And I'm not a big college football player I watch it but I don't get you know into it that -- I would be into and I think you drag a lot of other people. In a college football it wouldn't it would have a major impact if the games said Olympic Games. -- don't mean anything and even the way they broadcast games its offices of the broadcasting the horrible little whitener. Don't broadcast it like it really means something good doesn't it doesn't she doesn't think so except. Should know it's important that. It's sick cash cow for these conferences. That's exactly what it is the cash cow. Four of where the representatives. Who go to these teams and it's all. A formality now you're warned people represented if you're Sugar Bowl representatives and got -- you know ugly blames Iran and you've got tons of money and you say. We would love to have him come to. New Orleans we had to come to Miami and take part of game and it's all money. The cast -- could be a bigger cash now. If these bowl games had significance. If they went outside of the little community of people who care about the games -- duke did you know. Energize the entire country they would go to these games if they meant something. -- basketball's not as popular as football in this country and yet look what March Madness -- The entire country and get bullied or not viewing at a grid and you -- You know -- the -- going with these things would be checked in like in football I don't understand what they're missing. But even four games it'll be better. But I don't like you still have the -- later bull I mean up to enough here's a truck and car right shock. There and know how are you early in your opinion saying you. Aren't the solution geared. Trophy presentation problem where. Adrian Peterson. And Manning and Brady. And that solution at the Pete and got to get a can play animal league right now that's controlled by what a better. And like Mike should eat dominated treated. And because he's got the MVP alligator. Come back clarity here. -- Because everybody gets -- trophy. And then offer clarity of the Brady and -- -- -- Semi dormant because everybody should get a trophy I truly believe that it. Adrian -- and even -- quarterbacks to be a far more important running backs this is a unique case. Without Adrian Peterson and 2000 plus yards. They don't get to the opponent is in the playoffs or anywhere close to that that's an amazing story here's an even more amazing story you think it would be amazing if this happened. You think they're capable of even winning a game Minnesota. You might win this game on on on Saturday for I think -- I think if they were matched up against a different team. They would be capable of winning game I do not believe they can win in Green Bay in this now. That would be shocking -- if you ask me what team would most surprising bacon to the Super Bowl Minnesota either. Either come at Minnesota Minnesota would be number one I -- far I think you're. And certainly in this game against green that it's a divisional fall. -- day they've split two games but if you look at last week Green Bay. As well as they had to play. They do in that you look at and say well they they could have had a of why they won the game but you're not totally out of the playoffs it's meant more. To Minnesota and they were playing it at whole endorsed. I think he looked -- Green Day outdoors different story let's face it you wanna match. Christian Ponder with Aaron. -- But at least you can control the clock -- Adrian Peterson is doing this thing you'd you'd limiting the possessions that Aaron Rodgers there while he'll he's had 409 yards and two games against agreement. My guess is incredible 34 times last week on a short week now he's got a place and I -- right and banged up. I'll -- he's still rats a about a 13240. But I still think Green Bay wins the -- comfortable. 6177797. On the. -- -- -- -- I accurate picture of the way the whiner line is back in gear hybrid while we got Michael to a point in them. -- -- 101 injured yesterday was instruments. But now we're relying on you and your phone calls for the -- -- activity it's excellent 77793535. Brand new year 6177793535. For today's equivalent to a 54. Is great and that the best with. Mary Carrillo. You -- the year and Mary Carol all birds are ridiculously good architecture your eighteenth detects that. Not all of located at the times -- not remember this clearly that -- says my question is Eric Dickerson. Didn't win in BP when he broke the record. Why should Adrian Peterson be any different meanings in BP now. -- -- but I think the year eight Eric Dickerson. Broke the rushing record was saying year. Dan Marino threw for 5000. That meant to -- right -- correct -- right OK yeah so so that might have been a factor that's what they -- factor. Here's an ever -- that it never been done before pay reasonable. -- here and -- more -- -- after his car again. -- that you're a stand and I just get set think that using I have this Internet church my church should be. -- I'm not -- doctor Gartner. Now we're really. I dislike it bring up the arena and get an achievement in and overlooking it and Natalie let. What do you think there are potential contender. In Egypt certainly and keep. I don't I think I antiquities are earlier in the season was not the same patriot team you're seeing now and I'll say the same thing about the ravens it's not the same. Ravens team they've really been beaten up on the defensive side of the ball. Ed Reed has had a a a a tough -- it is lot of it's come out of his pocket book this year because he's -- find an awful lot. Was almost suspended. But the rate Lewis and why. Is he doing it now does he realized that this might be the last game of the season he wants to rally just wouldn't even know if he's gonna play this -- right. Destroy what he is a chart and let everybody -- so this is. Is he letting everybody know also the vacant because this is the last home game and they can all say good -- -- or is he doing this to rally the troops in May be. For -- Aren't present yeah I know me. Now I'm not thinking you that you can retire the keys only us but. Into another accuses let me wanna. Let this team. Wanted. But what what do you make. -- a public press conference out of it well you guys privately -- -- detonated a press conference that the that was gonna get out. You think -- can tell your your teammate I'm a retired. That that story that -- didn't listen you know on the big fan of Everett was this what that means self serving well it seems to be. This -- a little bit too. I'm surprised the way so you think he should have just played in this yet higher which I think the buzz was out that this is race final game. That would suffice with racing and you don't want them seeing anything I'm playing playoff game this week and we're looking to win yeah I don't just reeks to me of what I can win this game this is the last game and play before the home crowd I wanted I wanna get the accolades I want everybody Tokyo share emea by Annan on -- you do. -- and engineers at seat they bring you back next year you have -- was. That's the patriots do you deal. Back next year for I don't know he's gonna retire in -- you're soft the ire of the ring I have about. Give me of the guy and I think he's been a phenomenal player and I love his act I've learned to love his -- I just thought this was a little bits and -- also -- -- we had never ask your question do I think the ravens are contender yes I interviewed him. Most of the time. And and there are some exceptions and some pretty notable exceptions especially in the last five to ten years most of the time. Those teams that don't get the opportunity. Not to play a home game. You know five and six seeds in the playoffs and it's really difficult for them -- to be able to get a playoff game at home postings have no chance. Except for we saw the giants do. We saw the Packers as a sixty we saw the Steelers as a succeed in there I don't think you have one of those. Fraudulent sixes this year for example that's what I mean by the year Green Bay was the sixteenth they should have been. Like -- 45 -- all sorts of injuries they don't -- running game no -- but even more than that. Seattle was seven and nine right they were four. All things being equal Green Bay should have been like 45 C should have been mistakes they were way to go for that. Same thing with the giants and Steelers not really true. Number sixty searchers -- number six -- Cincinnati. It could never succeed. Minnesota. That's what -- six really most of the time in those teams generally. Cannot get to you by the Super Bowl okay I think having Baltimore is a legitimate contender our favorite -- -- -- them out. You the wild card team that I think everybody looks at right now that things could go deep in Vegas and the same thing they have -- as one of their. Their favorites up here is Seattle. And is good at Seattle's been this year Russell -- had a phenomenal year and certainly that's the other went to Michael if you look at rookie of the year this year. I'm -- You you could look at rookie of the year and not make a mistake if you pick any one of those -- are more likely to make an argument for -- Moore is an argument for a couple of guys out Erica. But I I'd say this about Seattle. -- it's a little bit -- That there are wild card team unlike what you were just talking about winning the division employment for -- at home and in beating a warmed. They have to play all of the games on the road the three and five out of the road they were different team outright wrote. So I'm not try by Seattle right on there really good team they want every single game at home. But once they play away. From back twelve Amanda whatever they're different -- football team I'm not sure I'm buying into Seattle where a lot of all the people. Well what what does Dick servants and the Germans that they built for the heavyweight fight it and listen let's. Again I gotta give -- moderate liberal and that is -- believable pulled off his other great ball. What who screwed up and gave the second. I use public it's. Like up here. That's holes historians. It pretty -- -- -- our story bizarre. Running what was he thinking he shouldn't be used that as of things quite a lot. It you know Robert -- -- -- -- don't.

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