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Ray Lewis announces his retirement from Ravens

Jan 2, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to Ray Lewis announce his retirement and talk about the legendary linebacker.

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-- trying to -- tremendous career so. You know. Known reticence I want to own. Does little -- in 1996. Per the draft and Miami. It's. It's -- great careers great player. Bill Belichick punctuating his comments on Ray Lewis with -- patina Belichick passed. Over there to elect today -- Lou 93 point seven WEE every Lewis announcing. You retire after the Baltimore Ravens playoff run let's check in a Baltimore here from the retiring Ray Lewis. You guys. I think you know we speak it's in my team. Challenges they're really -- a lot of things I was going to my. Because. For -- I had to let them know that. From the time I got hurt. Everything you have done up until this point has been skewed that reminds me you know to to make. To make another. The Lombardi and so it's the you know waited eager since home you know watching on TV kimono style and I need to as you gotta do. You know there's always you always challenged to do different things I was challenged that. To be their leader from afar and now to be back and run around with the guys again it's always good. To be back in and just got themselves all. It. Yeah you have done and I. The -- probably went through one of the phrases are twelve weeks of just train and that a problem until my life by. I think I just think come on there where I should be. -- -- way. You know Paris where you know where I suppose have been announced was about the the river. And I was. That was one thing. My mindset was told a different mindset was like -- Some of them had -- me at all on odds in a closet. Directly that I that we need to tell them because. I'm not I'm not going out like fifth in the mile walk around on the boards like that so. I'm -- too good a fit healthy enough of the very next. -- good moments during every minute while we take craziest thing -- -- rehab thing he thought. It's not responding to not come back for a while I don't know it's gonna happen he -- And I -- those opposite those jobs actually animals -- I was than what was trying to get me to kind of calmed down that I want to push it. You know little more nods went fast as -- real fast. Paine -- was -- the last thing I was on my mind never really thought about paying a lot. I just thought our releases didn't through next very next very next -- and just skips back and days and probably each other and so I start feeling good like real quick and has -- started really getting excited. Because after that I don't think I was ride my -- like ten days. You know embattled head band that is but it did did they didn't hurt me I didn't you know field and it's weeks and then like that so it's a -- speeders are. You know what I just think where where I haven't now. 100%. I mean honestly there is I can't tell you that there is no weakness and it. And I can't even tell you our guard him in my that is a -- I don't think there's a while when I don't think I'll put myself a little my teammates in that position I have a play her before absolutely. Where I'm disarmament for this -- I wouldn't because of what I do so much I don't think I would do take that. -- And and I and I I've I told them I just I just felt so much peace. And where I am where my decision. Because of everything that I have done in this league I've done it you have done it man there is no. You know actually that don't have in the visibly but I've never played the game for individuals that. You know only play the game to. To make my team be a better team. And and now. God is god is -- god has called in so many other areas of life and and my children I Kim my chosen have made the ultimate sacrifice. For their father Olson. You know for seventeen years and -- zone on a plane jump right back go to school and and and I don't wanna see them do that -- -- you know I've done what I wanted to do in this business and now it's my turn. As much currencies to give them back something so it's either whole loan to regain and keep plan. And let my kids miss out on times that we can be sent together and always -- must on the if you got a for a scholarship that is going to be there. You know and I and I can't miss that I don't I don't know if I can sit in a meeting room and fight -- their war. You know one of the hardest things in the world is to walk away from -- team. Because that's my Brothers the only thing I ever play for is this. Be right did you know and and to raise. Gave him and he was chosen for so long and sit next to limit and we so much on the same path. Is does that Parker absolutely you know you don't you can never rebuild those bonds you know those bonds of and but but that chapter is huge for me seeing now now stepped into other areas of life in on another is a different amount Leo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Among gulf you know I'm just I'm just going to some of the phase of life and and this this this and I think my my fans -- think. My city. I think they deserve that they deserve their. That whenever it has grossed -- and for me just not to walk away. Q2 opinions on this one is about Ray Lewis the football player he will be in the conversation with and probably have a -- of -- middle linebackers. In the history Italy not during our time. I'm not during recent time in history league. Ray Lewis is probably the best linebacker to play in the conversation knit ski Lambert singletary. But it's. He's a macro of the middle linebacker. So I'm not knocking him as a player. Polite here and do this middle of the week playoff week. Waited. A little bit is this as some it's a motivational tactic to get -- guys all fired up emotional and I take it is. Your team's playoff game and in three days right -- -- gone extremely they play the Sunday game. And your -- -- week this week to announce your retirement if your team prepared for a team on. Sunday when -- you know the next few days at least the gonna be asked questions about you as a player and teammate. As they prep for game and a problem. You is -- told his team write his last go around this Lehman last. Until this team that. So wanted to tell the media I don't think it's officially Tuesday. Football players try to come back a great football player -- said me you know as one of the authors like Americans of all time awesome player so can be great and immediate to cattle prod and platinum. -- -- I do think is -- gonna end here apart from two weeks. Which you know would be nice 'cause it's you know -- I've always appreciated Ray Lewis you know. And the football -- is airing tonight Ray Lewis again off -- they're -- in -- -- network which haven't seen it. It's -- outstanding I think that's on an eight tonight. Problem. What what what -- playoff games literally -- a little bit wacky of the patriot did this but today I brisket. -- does this Wednesday a playoff game and I'll go on McCain couldn't wait until after the wrong I mean he's got to pay to motivational tactic get it guys fired up. What does life mean that it happens to be a motivational tactics and -- -- -- and I'm retiring after the season made that decision happen at my life. On the let my teammates know that this is gonna be it from me. It motivates us opiate fine. -- atomic teammates autonomy as well. Doesn't change he will go down and these guys that look at now -- the position street Louis the middle linebacker meant that 34 Baltimore. Discover Enron field in every single play. There was an 88 a better leader both physically and emotionally there then Ray Lewis. And what's even better frost is football fans this -- not -- where. He's going to have his pick of the litter. ESPN. CBS. Fox. NFL network. Pick your platform rank -- what TV station which network you wanna work for he's active when it comes the TV stuff. He's back when it comes to a dispute motivational speaker and go around the country and do that is well if -- I hope to double time -- kids I want him still -- football life. I want him on TV breaking down games he is tremendous. And yeah he will be one of the guys he like not what do you know of him though. -- as -- ESPN analyst Avi you heed -- of Africa with ESP NFL network couple years on the ravens got knocked out and he was. From Mandela I don't mean you're not MS Smith and that's that is not good at this I think Ray Lewis is going to be good he's already been got his platform to me it's. Great motivational speaker. And breaking down game I'm sure he can do that is well but it's probably not his greatest talent when you leave and leave the league but uranium in particular like work one day a week on the set. And still be a motivational speaker right in the week you travel around Sunday both open New York LA Bristol share something in the show we somewhere. Hope he does he's going to be a quick break come back you what's on tap the big show at 2 o'clock live right here in 93 point seven WE yeah.

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