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Tom E Curran, CSNNE, on the condition of Ninkovich

Jan 2, 2013|

Tom Curran joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Rob Ninkovich's injury, the improvement on defense, and Rob Gronkowski.

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And that. Then. Then. Patriots why would this week. Divisional playoff game in weeks on Sunday Dubai at Gillette Stadium doesn't stop me and all and train noticed Tommy current Comcast sports net and bill Belichick's begins today Tommy -- joins us as always he's brought to you. Like Tom and Wes Welker haired doctor doctor Robert -- call 1800. Get -- Are you a guy who makes New Year's resolutions -- I think expert who -- to recalibrate every year low expectation guy. The myself on doing do these you know meals that are delighted. Have ratcheted up Louis stop them but I. We have been able are glad you're trying to build what our actual threat beyond dot thanks. If it's a -- failed that one year might even throw yourself back in that baton to say soap opera failure again. I mean if you failed doing that last year allowed to -- soap opera failure again. I think that you know -- light about a mile up the ball flute or you'd be built up that result bought it back on that. But -- little strike. To -- ready your -- the tape at the end of the year and go back and see where he had -- successive failures and work on that for the following year. Now I don't Wear -- prompt and orderly and off the track. I -- try to get better prepared -- trying to do much to try to get better every game. -- this patriots team defensively I I felt like Thomas a transition of the team got better as the year one -- statistically in from just date. Pro big place standpoint the number of big place soul. Many albums at beginning of the year they really cut down on those and I thought that was the biggest change that I solace a defense that gave up. Big plays early in the year. And really the nice job containing those last quarter of the season. And it's really not. Rocket scientist Dwight gets better but played apparently the sifted through the players who were not people playing it back out. At a high level people on Wilson wasn't ready. Brought it out and got into but he looked on Al lot or get injured. Patrick -- injury get all these put him but but but we're getting benched. And I think that Kyle Arrington -- all the the -- wondered about doping Kyle Arrington and a pretty decent cup reporter he can be exploited but I think that you know we just athletically -- it is -- the -- Eighteen months prior to this one -- on the -- minority that it happened. I think if you're playing if you're the highest -- but we couldn't gain and they'll be based cell -- It getter and knows enough about football there were up forty faculty -- which I think we ought to clearly see was -- comfortable. Playing it. And go get to leave I think it was interesting that they went out to diagnose the problem in terms what would -- -- perfectly. And it -- personnel. And they expect. It was almost double those guys actually -- plays expense side of the ball Rob Ninkovich. He left that game now Monday reported that you know maybe things were looking too good for him and as the week's gone on people say I he's going to be -- be back in two weeks site. And a lean towards what you were saying is watching a walk off that field Tom. Did not look good at all where you're now with Rob Ninkovich and there's a possible chance to be decked that first game. I don't know Hollywood could be seeing -- he's going to be. The report. Everything that I have on Monday was contingent on him progressing. Over the next ten days and at that that report that reported on -- it was over the next thirteen days. Don't really know how depressing yet. He has the chance to play. The urgent I think that reported it got -- into the play off. But it's not happened and the medical stuff. Puppet reported that becomes got -- -- winners. Only to changeable situation having bought out -- spot. At right now he's got a chance to play. In the divisional play -- He progresses well if you corporate average -- I don't know. But I think you have to break it late for him to be ready to play the best part of our patriot vehicle that that he not ought to be. Yeah and also he others there's some depth there but Yanukovich -- -- eight sacks five forced turnovers. Who steps in as a Trevor Scott Justin Francis to make Cunningham make a -- appearance was the guy thank. I picked up next a pickup -- to most veteran guys here. And he brings one but all the ability and that's the really big thing about -- it -- we go again if you match up. With Peyton -- -- one app server. You know. We're Jermaine Cunningham clothes just credit. Worked out such close this book via credit for it right now -- -- more of that straight flat explosive athleticism. That service spot them. So if your match up his views into what somebody set yet that might be a -- cutting your matchup it's Indianapolis. -- like -- go from all have a break it could be applicable. In terms of the injuries besides nick of bitch now -- comes back and still wait for the quarterbacks or is it. Is there -- any guy or a couple of guys here Tom that you think are most at risk in a couple weeks to not be able to be full speed ready to go is it too early to even ask that question. I think it but he should be but I really could talk -- -- we put aside. I thought it better I think we'll look at it will be able to play I don't think that injuries will be epic -- I think timing could be. And don't just -- you brought out the other day yeah absolutely positively needed another. Fourteen days before he birdied. We met do we get out there on the field and have confidence the fact that he'll be able -- that -- around and not have a map. Yeah when he looked at that I was kind of surprised that reason they are thinking OK Brady bill than they sort of Joseph some replays now we protect in that arm and I'm thinking this is really worth that at this point to get him in their in just a few -- snaps just in the right. The outlook accused Sri we are probably didn't under the initial concept for a but like that you look at a player like that say about what you would be but what about -- -- Actually it. But again there was minimal upside or the game they want played up -- and I understand that football season played football players up about a -- but. I think a -- struck out he would be well -- seated on the bench. When you saw. By now the patriots -- this by how big was it for them meanest. If they'd ever had and at play those three games now -- but the difference is that for the snow in the patriots team and is there anybody that you feel coming here a couple weeks and it take them down. The best team in the NFL I really do I really think that you have the best head coach the best quarterback of the tournament by -- -- I think that you have a defense that with two weeks to rest is gonna get out much better. I think -- got up at a high level of the playoffs. And I have questionable whether even Denver's gonna win each game. I think that. Denver is he's going in that the team that could use a week of playing I think it between guests a top terror pulled it. I really think that John Fox against Bill Belichick will be missed action John Fox against. Our goal was to be -- that -- -- good coach but not the most consistent organized guy so that is nobody really in the AFC's. I would say while that that's eighteen to fear a deeper into -- receiver -- the -- that. I know that -- patriots feel. You know -- as the best defensive lineman left so Cincinnati got beat him you -- area. It can't be told that the match up could they be you might be. So -- Cincinnati the team that because you don't have any history with -- this year you can have a little trepidation about the that's really. Really all you know -- a Pakistani Denver being the best challenge. But I think temperate very dubious at this point. And I could well be true -- not -- -- record about -- really good -- cheaper they have a good. Outside buyback and they -- really good corner. Oh. Yeah hold on this -- that subsequent right you're not a big fan of Jack Del Rio you'd have a lot of respect based on your tweets you'll be -- a Rios a great defensive coach. No I mean leash here at 1214 in Jacksonville what a litany of excellent assistant coaches come at -- that the like sites and just a number guys -- gone on dirt covered the high level jobs but I think that when you see Jack Del Rio was the defense a guy. Go up against the patriots patriots are looking basically 2005. In the final regular season games so that they finish Jack don't -- Jacksonville Jaguars. Patrick Brady were twenty to 29 something like that that -- -- happy. Anytime they see Jack del Rio's defense across. Dumbest couple of this is the some openings now and in -- -- coaching job on its European a couple guys. Who basically could bail after one year -- bill O'Brien at Penn State and -- the data coming back -- just one year offensive coordinator. Is that making sense and in both cases. I think the Bilbray yet does except he caught lightning in a bottle she's not gonna have a higher pure reading because right now. Philadelphia Eagles are ready to step forward and that's the -- money. In trying him loose from Penn State I think it's really good idea now. I know the -- Bryant and very. Honorable guy and he's not the Bobby Petrino atomic Coverville. Mode of decision making where whatever suits here -- is interest there. -- -- So. He might approach that's very very very delicately given all the things that he has brought to -- -- terms of India this year. Wouldn't close ranks and got a really good job food typical situation production the end of I think the moves that he -- -- merely. From 2008. When he went to Denver. 2010. When he went to. And 2011 when he went to street Louis. About 2012. Back to New England. I think that he's content they worry isn't additionally I think that whatever Bill Belichick who's going to be 61 -- either the size wrap up. They're structured -- as you are popular to be the next it coach you would be the it would be the leader in the club house. So where he wanted to go if you -- -- have a combination of fairly dynamic. And the way we could ultimately work. You know it we have -- but that do that we want that. We want that job right four years from downing gray is a great ownership great organization but he would move in you would think because Belichick and Brady probably -- the same time so it's not exactly. The best situation either right. It's not the best what. You know you look around and we -- what was opening -- it's better look at the seven openings right now we're at the opening -- critical work with -- cops aren't. You know. The Denver Broncos the attitude which got appear to you that thirty. The only -- that bridge. -- there is not going to be a bit more stable. Organization nor. The great thing about staying here for him is he's -- sole ownership. All of these guys -- -- -- in an interview that you're going to convince the ownership of what they'll do in the ownership has to be buying that. -- pre packaged and resold. We don't have to -- able well -- from Jacksonville which shut really going to be well in three years he just started his position I think a veteran ordering. You're keeping him in any. Coach when he goes into a situation. Outlasts look for me evidently if you vote now. Would you vote for a vote for Adrian Peterson's lawyers Department. Of Community treat it -- fourth final in your life. Did you of what you -- how tough was that decision for -- vs the other MVP the other votes the other awards. Coach of the year with -- art and rookie of the it was really hard and -- are people spoke to Seahawks. I gave Pete Carroll coach earlier. And I it Russell Wilson not rookie of the year. On -- you know -- air and what areas of the -- -- -- out match needing a lot of consideration Bruce areas probably guess that would be the guy. Or it's catatonic consideration I think in this problem I would probably go in the shape right now the remote Pete Carroll is. Compared to -- areas specifically. Not talking about the dynamic. Leader the head coach. And you choose Russell Wilson over -- the side and that's what you -- like you. Additionally you have to do you put your tire program. Throughout training camp bureaucracies and Palm Pre season and it's the regular season. There it's a remarkable job. It was more on Pete Carroll. This year he had phenomenal success in a more difficult position. And you know he was the soup to -- Leader of that team and I think that that experience absolutely deserves consideration. And it would have been the other -- along Jim Harbaugh -- I consider but it almost was Carol. Quick -- this week he would -- We get our mail Mike Lombardi and what they're taught my future exterior of the browns who are true. That'll be tomorrow on Thursday night he is Tommy card check them out on Twitter each economic cop gets sick and all of us every Wednesday Tom happy 2013 we'll talk to you next week. Thank you might -- well you -- Thomas he wants he punctual this year he's Tommy -- he's brought to you by Tom and Wes Welker or doctor. Doctor Robert -- call 1800. Get here. One of the best linebackers in the history football Ray Lewis has announced he'll retire after this playoff run for the ravens. I he's speaking for the first time to the Baltimore media here that next.

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