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Matt Chatham, Former Patriots LB, on the improvement of the defense

Jan 2, 2013|

Matt Chatham joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Patriots improving defense, how the team prepares on a bye week in the playoffs, and the Brady Lloyd relationship.

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Our two Butler not a 37 WEEI. Never done this before but I'm gonna read a text messaging and use our next guest -- him this from the 978 area code. Okay folks put our you're doing if you want to hear the most knowledgeable football media man in town. It's Chatham time. Matt Chatham joining us on the ATP lodged save Matt he did spell your last name wrong so he might the the best to be -- Janeiro. Happy new year man Dario. There are hot let's start with this patriots team playoff bound much like last year's team obviously and we talked about the differences between this season's team. And last season thematic it starts at the play makers -- on defense that guys like high tower Chandler Jones to leave. Dan heard according at the quarterback is not the state position. They have more guys who make more plays is that the biggest difference in your mind between last season team in the season's team. Well on that side of the ball I would say yeah I think the stability on the back incurable last year we were we knew they were sort of cycling to receive these. You know -- that a vote claim back -- good player good tackling player but not gonna probably make the plays in the passing game but they have now. I have some stability of the quarter not save us all the huge caviar because we -- you know you don't want to better and -- -- back there to build -- -- thanks so. Were under the presumption of those things will be a part of it I think you're absolutely correct. I think you know I think of a full change I think it will really savvy move appoint one of the best moves they made this year. Probably not the splashes but this is Gregory is considered on the back -- for the and I say that not from you know global dispatches here comet exe tackle the things like that I just think that the defense operate better ones back there. From the -- standpoint. The move in and out of things they make it much more difficult on the other other quarterbacks just to see where the typical ball. I think it's important because knowledgeable quarterback they're presumably in -- two week. That he can roam and make plays and -- sort of the veterans that wasn't just stand in this coverage and it's just so you can -- -- oval thing. What a lot of the ball disruption of you know this team when the plan the best. It because they shall discuss -- that'll run upon a different -- last week was actually a little unusual that the -- a lot of while the different fronts completely that the tendency maybe to put on paper. For the play up front bought the you know they're not gonna throw on the pressures that you -- very judiciously. But when they do make plays it's often from just confusion and you can't have that with the young back then it'll force spot. So Steve really ethnic -- team better when they give an extra -- and -- bushel down from from low. Sometimes -- the -- got some guns and Littlefield but the idea that they are not so. One dimensional impact and effect of the. You know obviously you want to play better football in the in the beginning of the year the the last couple of years will receive in his defense the first at the second half. Drastically different and I'm wondering. A lot in the sales because of the young defense and -- learn the basics before and cutting implement some more complex may be more aggressively union Bromwich wondering. Let's on the teams that you plea for -- more veteran type of teams. Did you see that big of a difference first at second half and we wanna build up as it just because this defense is so young. Yeah I mean you're the one thing. Are they were definitely deal with the September October but I think even just beyond use it was there was often a different crew we that we. I mean -- would be one week work files up there it's an out of the outside in the next we could be an injury and you know maybe -- sliding all over the world you know -- was down for awhile it was as much as young I was young and injuries sort through that the perfect storm. I think. It -- group. The idea that they become more multiple that -- -- -- become a better team be able to stop later in the year as much to do with just continuity -- -- -- VA to put yourself there. If you can get that stretch I think when they were playing their best ball was you know after delete that comment and you know not just because it was legal because they had sort of -- stable the one side. And the better we'll certainly didn't see sort of on solid ground they went with basically the same group for 45 extra. You'd have a thing for Plavix stretching your behavior I think you -- -- in some of the belt so he more dramatic now because you finally about continuity so. To me at any time you can start to get. Used to playing the guy next you used the -- the -- you'll be -- sort of it in and implement a confusion over but that's huge and imminent it's not just the secondary if you look at -- -- backed group where you you know where you -- to sort of have a footprint to what we do in the skies and not. Any kind of continuity in the position -- many of those huge advantage I think that group had so much. -- early in the year that was probably the biggest issue. We're talking a match at a -- patriot he now joins us human -- Sunday's remember Boston Herald the aggressiveness. Matt we saw against Ryan -- held on Sunday is that something that you think is going to be. A staple in the playoffs -- -- plant specific amount of actual pressure they generated that game on Sunday. I think the thing that's cool and watched Matt Patricia. You know sort of come into the end of his first year play call and I think they've really done a good job of owning an odd tendencies so again the noble percent of pressures still small the group which is not their philosophy. What what you do see is they're hitting on them you know and it -- which will -- -- the percent the percent success rate when they do run them. And you saw last week with that's really been through weeks more peace Cole was the guy -- this far. Which is basically the Sam linebacker out that one after the comes in on -- sort of one for one linebacker for a for secondary position and they they hit with Markey called several players with pressures. Where it was often hitting that are one but not necessarily you know pressuring certificates acts were pressured to get stops -- -- people to be certain kind of play. So the -- -- would give him through coordinator finger fingerprint. Part of the season. And they're using them judiciously using an account you don't feel a pressure in the wind like word wasted and someone gets posted on the field so. And another thing you saw last week that was was unique unique book that I don't know carry over what they did some here which is sort of have a I'm afraid that -- rap or something like that we usually middle linebacker or rather the block. In the in nickel and dime which is often think of expertise. Injured right now but to mirror the quarterback to basically appear as if you entry into the rush but the standard -- -- the pocket and -- and make sure it is the way chemicals ability to run was huge. And actually kept him pretty -- -- last week so. Adding sort of the appearance of pressure but just sort of pocket control is huge in the because we got good weather and you know have a dialogue Ninkovich -- can do that. -- mail from the map or America positions they're. So I think those little little subtleties or something that sure that the signed the group of the defense of they're dark guys with -- mark I mean we haven't thought much about in the shooting the other and active. Bought you sort of that irked when Moreland and kinda came on in the war that. Added added something the defense and labeled them on short notice and really did a lot of the same things that market that we par. The last couple weeks -- this offense. Few good drives here nearing its Miami but just. Read on press of a specially at Jacksonville game with a breeze party's worst game of the season. And you expect the end of the year kind of offensively kind of turn this thing up do you do you just look at -- say well -- coming back and -- Lloyd dealing with a knee injuries -- more injury related other other concerns for you offensively. Well -- concerning the -- recollect what they did I think the the biggest issue -- going to be with this team and it's you know you're trying to make a comparison with last year in this. With where there were on the Super Bowl run them now. It it's it's self inflicted wounds you know -- talked about a lot after the Jacksonville game and if you look if you if you want to go back to look at that Super Bowl. It is equally you know -- the belong interception. Just Blackburn on on the broken play and then in and on the very first play from -- -- -- the -- they can update these. You know those -- kind of self inflicted wounds. When those things carry over I think that's when you see this team members stressful issues that basically. They've moved all of on the field and they given to a read the -- -- situation. And they get a drop on first down and doesn't have. A little with a dropped completely -- gravity did you know 151617. -- So yeah I would say. I don't think that -- that that that's sort of team has changed much as they avoid the self inflicted wounds as he was very dangerous and what -- like about the in the different. -- -- -- -- Is they have iso element and to me that's a guy that you -- on the backside through -- Which -- it. And you know -- been up and downs we really don't know week to week like last week who want to -- on our targets and then we are there there was one up went crazy with them but. Having some sort of consistent. Threat out of -- on the back side of -- -- south you can overload of the to tie them together -- and do whatever -- accomplished you want. But bitter it would go to the backside and let that I felt like kind of take over the deep -- -- inserted into. That's different and new. And you know I think you know -- has just one catch in super ball but something that they can go back several times and actually be efficient with I think that's what makes them different and you know we're gonna wanna -- that -- that the addition of that part of the offense the additional run game and insult me much more difficult that way. And in the absence of of cellphones but it won't let that go out. The frustration that Brady seemed to show with a couple 23 passes -- wrote about it today with Lloyd. Was that all injury based or were you surprised that they weren't on the same page after fifteen and a sixteenth regular season game. Well you know what I think sometimes is that common as much as all the them when I mean I think you keep him -- -- too much himself and private I think he's. You work and try to -- butter voters often times where. You know he's he's going he went toward avoiding an awful lot publications that they whipped on the on a back shoulder what often. You know they. It is like southern use them and I took a situation solely on the back -- opening a three and on punctual person for a particular with the appointment specific human comeback there. It would -- jammed into combat and combatant and throw it up for it's something that's been disruptive at the ones scrimmage so. In other situations were not the best decision by the quarterback goes well. That's you know it I don't think -- had his most efficient weeks the last two weeks -- -- -- So it is it's it's it's part of porcelain -- -- -- two weeks ago about competing awful long -- think that mr. directed. The -- -- as much as you know -- -- Hernandez the whole group he's gonna put -- -- -- to lead. Do on the crown economic point. So I would you know I would go back and -- about play with a stop -- sometimes it's a good decision to go to the Clinton intimate with the front of the best decisions so. I think he's the guy and actually get open quite a bit on the back side and I so but sometimes -- deep and cut off. Were the -- principles of the world so. I think they need to reintegrate them. In other that would mean the difficult part part of the typical of the -- about spot so look for him I think to be a big part of that I don't think the on the same page. Not on the same page and literally. Accurate I think they were both frustrated sometimes frustration improbable -- report that the replacement. Have a question on the open now. -- to see anybody standing in the way oath of inevitably seen you know patriots going down -- Denver January 20 and -- those teams. Good question. You know -- -- -- -- built the could be but we just off the decrepit performed the last time I think that that makes you hear them much less. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Generally not much else from the group that has steered me and my my column yesterday it was. A lot of that turnover issue in the united view of the self important from anyone who happens to be in this bracket. And communities that are the ball loose with the ball in Baltimore is articulate conservatives generally do. Likable and -- the numbers that say that he's reckless well you know we saw the through dropped picks in the first game. The coordinated. A game that went the other way but look at some of the ability of general luck yes you have a great season. What happened coming here in New England Ambien accounted for one point six. Ball accurately distribute them I don't know that have another second and third here in the crop of work they can -- the look dependent. While collecting that much and when they do provide. A little bit of a threat because -- -- so dangerous and whoever whichever team has the threat of about -- about -- -- would give the intractable problem is Scioscia brought Yanukovich as it is welcome back. What to be perfectly honest review and all of that group of three because we know we won't see Cincinnati. I would say Houston would be on paper the most the most dangerous but -- look at the back together they seem to be a little bit wounded so. Beyond them against the competition was inspected the -- that we -- -- last from -- take -- -- -- Iran these patriot teams that enjoyed the -- week and got prepared for team but had a week to prepare what is this week like what does Bill Belichick focus on when there is not. A game here in the wild card round. Well I mean it's obviously great week of rest and but it also agree we -- work. It's also before I mean you're only the top spot you wanna get your -- tell you wanna get them better. Is special group in like a guy like -- -- We want to want -- from last week. It's not just the favorite in the run blocking and we saw that you know from some of the highlights of the broadcast did you root. -- used the -- what he's actually not running with. Not running he's in the army just like the basic arm motion that you would have with both arms he's holding the road favorites so. I told me you need this time because and that may might not be -- something that gets better in three or four weeks so. It's just -- so for the idea of how to use the -- the bye week. It's we're from -- player perspective after that injured in the aftermath if you really just need to get out of harm's way to better. In different schematic issues is that poet lord of the player and I'll write about this on on Friday what you have some. There's uncertainty I mean it's really difficult this team or submit its focus and console that you have advance -- -- -- while -- there prepared for any different plausible scenario. Which are going -- practice. And there's maybe three different team period there script that maybe fifteen plays against -- it in the insistence that its system each of the 315 of the difference in him. So you're you're going out there not knowing -- place so truly. Focusing more on what you can do to -- usually say. What you also have to prepare for an unknown and -- mixed practice. It's kind of weird you know you'll be out there on the field and you know they scream from the Slava -- -- the Pittsburgh period and hopefully you know fifteen play as a what can -- differ from the -- -- -- -- -- the Houston period or whatever sort of -- practice of some like -- -- you have throughout the course of the rest of the year. What you gotta do it and immediately as soon as you know that you have that information -- going to be all viewership perspective -- -- opponent and what to -- So if the player it's it's kind of weird you go out there normal kind of work on yourself. It will popped it straight ahead because you're you're you're with a group -- Republicans. Was our -- you do what you do which camp they have information. I he's Matt Chatham is gonna -- report in yesterday's herald can access and online Boston Herald not on talking about turnover differential. -- on again Friday here -- NFL Sundays here on our show Mack great -- happy new year we'll talk you next week we know the patriots opponent. Your retirement Matt Chatham joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. On the coaching carousel and the GM care so it was on believable on Monday. One team in the AFC east got it right. One team the AFC east again got it wrong we'll talk about that ninety seconds.

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