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New Years Resolutions for your Boston sports teams

Jan 2, 2013|

Mut and Merloni give resolutions for all four major sports teams in Boston.

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What's not our -- -- not 837 WEEI texture and -- 50 wait sums up exactly why don't do New Year's resolutions anymore. Saying guys already feel horrible about my resolution try to eat better as a pal announcer Wendy's great job by me -- Many don't finish the resolution -- is you feel bad about yourself that a McDonald's. Is that is that when he's got a four. In most cases that would be eating well and you feel bad about yourself an army that here in 2013. What these teams need. Resolutions. And we got resolutions the 2013. Year calendar year from now until next December 31. The patriots the Celtics the Bruins and the Red Sox. I go all the four teams we talked about this. The patriots -- the easiest one by far and that resolution has got to be resize Wes Welker. Wes Welker means so much this patriots team and has been so good so consistent for so long. Then I'm not ready to hand the reins over to Andelman Lloyd the cute tight ends now Hernandez to expect as crop is grown commanders. Who -- that spread of slot role and get open against guys in middle of field. Wes Welker is -- too damn much this team. And for the money that you got to pay him. It is well worth it to -- I Wes -- to a long term deal he can now go back and make the argument. We didn't sign him to a multiyear deal a couple years ago or last year they made a huge mistake. And so all the resolutions these teams are talked about the patriots resigning Wes Welker is the easiest one. And allies feel more strongly about yet that deal got. Does the -- season and on page book I was most response writes on Wes Welker bring this guy back you gotta do. Middle pages to me and mean what what is the obvious one the other one I would say and I -- bring back the key to leave -- signed this guy bring him back. What we're gonna keep searching for these corners right now the guy -- can play you know maybe Ras I doubt we can stay LP hasn't shown he can do that yet in two years. I don't even -- general -- ball Patrick Chung you might bring him actual money who knows because -- was. -- -- -- in free agency. But I want a quarterback there's safety gimmick he -- Gregory they're for the next couple of years keep those guys acted together get a guy to leave. That is pretty much what you hoped that Ras I Dowling would turn into. I don't wanna reliant this guy's been injured his whole career even back -- back in college states get to Lieber year bring -- back. That explicitly dealt with issues before and personal issues before different players not saying you know always a lot of and that it would market free agency. Right you like it when it was expert audio again I kinda know what Walker's gonna mate with to leave I think it's too much of an unknown deceit got to bring them back because of Diaz a good playoff Ron. He could -- price itself but the market some team might say. You know what he's number one corner turn to justify a first round pick will overpay for what noblest the issue is up wood up the patriots though is the fact is you played the last two weeks in a defense -- still playing while we -- ball boys and get way too much credit. They turnaround defensively in the second half since he showed up and they have. You know but the fact it was a play the last couple of games. It's a -- -- -- -- just overall defense every single everybody not just to keep the addition of a keep delete our defense is playing better. That might hurt a stock a little bit of freedom market. I bring this guy Becky party got a got a complaint here keep come in keep this defense just the way it is a text from Connecticut asked the question to make. -- Welker again and yes they can't pay them nine for the -- over eleven million dollars -- rich guys and that's the way to bring them back. Global K with that I'm not here Tony and at the signed to a 34 year deal whatever but they -- a back next year because Hernandez has been. Too inconsistent with the health. And recently to a consistent with the hand to say put him at the slot no big deal it'll McCants they help you don't know about Lloyd branch -- but -- year old. There's nobody did and stop and dark -- colonel Robert this up what if it comes up next hour Danny Amendola. -- -- annoyed -- he's the guy adult can't stay healthy they're back spends more time on the IR that I don't does. So all in all the Welker is over the middle makes every catch takes every hit unless he blows -- his -- in Houston plays and every freaking game. That's a guy -- -- I put it even ahead of -- It terms what the patriots have to do their New Year's resolution list. Number one as well boy is a personal photo above to leave as well you know when the use the franchise tag on Welker Sylvester Ballmer. That's going to be decision of the -- as well. So I would I would -- the obvious one -- no question about it I like the witness defense is playing right now I bring back to. I bring back Welker and looking yours you said the FaceBook dot com slash WE -- by far. The response in terms of what -- resolutions of be would be about Wes Welker yet Matt. Saying it's too easy bring back Wes Welker. Yet many of you talking about in the -- contract in and how to bring him back when he franchise I don't care which way it is. You -- franchise and he can decide that you wanna extend about it to a long term deal I don't care either way. Implants assigned locker AS AP. William says Welker with the hell are they waiting for. Bases on reason Welker didn't get signed last year's -- wanna get Crocker and in his contract situated Welker will be signed this coming year. And that talks about Demps and ballot out their next year. Couple guys on the eyes are so we agreed sounds like on the Welker and ECB but -- number one then. You don't for the Celtics is they headed to 2013 a -- night and at the -- Yeah I know it's probably just emotional because I've seen it this year and just hurt too much of in the last year but I. I would stop focusing on building a team around Rajon Rondo and I know -- a point guard knows when your best players he's young player but. To me it's he's not the leader of this team. He's not KG is the leader of this team Paul Pierce the leaders of these team John Rondo is -- talented player. But I think you build your team in the future obviously knows a building process going on -- KG not to be around forever Paul Pierce is gonna be around forever. You want to be a young athletic team running up and down the court that's great but the leader -- team play defense for God's sakes. Put your team together they'll fit with -- Rajon Rondo but -- symbol we gotta get this guy -- -- as a make or John Rondo happy -- gonna put this guy named as the makers on Rondo happy. Stop trying to make him so damn happy to build your squad. Because it -- not the leader. On a course to the ball a series appoint that's his job that's his role. But as far as it just it's not there the stop trying so hard to put everybody around him to make him feel good. -- -- -- If they don't make in the focus. That is a monster sort of say that -- is that you say is gonna be the focus of this team -- our -- build around but you get a choice of two players this guy's a really good player but this guy might fit Rajon Rondo style better now. -- the better player. The -- I thought that play it was going to be Jeff Green and that's my resolution and some of -- on green and some of -- I guess is on Doc Rivers. You gotta get Jeff Green plane like the guy that he he played. For. For a couple of a year or so two years there and Oklahoma City. He was so good for that team and the guy that you got the trade for Perkins. -- still make that trade again easily explain. You not and it should go back guy. It Jeff green is way too inconsistent on this on a three game trip. One game -- thirty minute double the two points next game twentysomething men can't break double digits. Offensively guys -- -- -- -- takes Twitter and uncle Jeff Green. In December 30 saint they just got worse playing like -- -- struggling to -- game to saint meet got to get my priorities straight. STR eight number eight. That it will make a little short of their on Twitter. This guy's got to get his head out of that again -- -- and that's not really a resolution get your head out your ass. -- summits on the Celtics and make sure he gets. Enough repetition and up 3540 minutes a game and enough rep that to get some sort of bloke on. But if they're going to be anything let me pop they're going to be a contender for number two seed make on the playoffs. Jeffrey and got to be a lot better they got to find a way to get him to be the best if -- can be. Cities I agree -- appeal about the Bruins. Add them for the Bruins it's easy. -- back plane right at the league resolution. Ritual would be happening soon here. How apply. To combat act once your client this year to get the brought the power play fired up -- Is it looks like they're getting closer and closer to a deal we talked improvements here very -- to not talk and -- double what they do come back and play. Whether means Doug Hamilton out there with Chara on the defensive pairing. On the power play whether it's bringing in seven new coaches practicing at seventeen hours a day. The power place on when you're a player updated at Stanley Cup David on. The power play's got to be better and to -- it's just that simple get back you play. Power play's got to be better guys listen we -- that it is frustrating last couple of years. Yet to me it would be it seat Jeremy Jacobs. Keep on the hell away from the fantasy -- Keep on the hell away from the players on this team is when you look at this locked out you look at the imposed that he is head. The fans pissed at him from all across the league not just your fan base not just here in Boston. Everybody's pissed that this guy he's been a bully and all the meetings the players hate this guy. He's the driving force keep Jeremy take of that hell away from everybody. -- go get him doing your thing. -- Jeremy Jacobs muzzle stay out of it don't talk to the media don't know what to go to the games where disguise on a gorilla suit a whatever -- don't show your face. Is people -- now pissed off that you. To keep them the hell away from everybody. How much -- paid to a charity with the Bruins charities to see him in Mosul. Jacobs sitting in like the press box upstairs in the -- this guy is probably better to hear that much from disguised on the stupid jokes doubled Cam Neely the parade of the net. Just disguise because everywhere he goes. You know people we happen at the Bruins are back -- at the garden will be. Packing that place to be watching hockey again a run and -- OC Jeremy Jacobs an elevator and run walk around always. Right away that -- at just the stain will come out. He passed -- which have been playing along time ago. The players Hampshire active happy with the with the way of the. Gone down as well we say the Red Sox for last. Mike isn't the most work to do right in terms of resolutions for 2013. Based on these last couple years. For me -- Jacoby Ellsbury. That's got to be on that top of the list -- for bench -- and find a deal that works for Ellsberg there is no way more commencement now whenever he comes back after next year market -- season. And letting him walk for draft pick is is not the best bang for your -- The really the next six weeks of by the final really big trade window for Jacoby Ellsbury. Teams getting -- for a wildcard spot but he is no way a a World Series contender at least to begin the year 2013. So why hold on your biggest asset he's got a year left he's got talent is get an MVP season two years back. He is worth much more do you in my opinion by trading him -- bad player but his value right now is more -- Jacoby Ellsbury. New Year's resolution the bench Harrington trade Ellsbury. Before the year even I blow an astronaut before the year starts at his best -- Mine would be to this front office. It would be somehow. Your resolution for 2013. Is to try to build trust back into this fan base. You know after the collapse in September 2011. The offseason to one of the biggest issues this organization is gonna have gained that trust back from the fans. And ethic you've seen it in the last year. You know you you don't trust ownership to do the right thing you don't trust bench -- -- the rate trades you don't trust these players putting the effort that you expect in the want. And demand from them. You don't trust it. It's forty years ago three years ago a player had a bad year -- at dancing you know what it's fine he's gonna come back that's him now Alex Jon Lester. If you'll look you know look at the last four years he had before last year we used 323432. And 34 ERA's. You look at affect elastic him all the 45. You don't trust the fact that he and come back and and you know. Demanded out of himself this off season but the workforce to what they're put a good year together. It it lost trust in these players by the way they've talked to the media or all the stories have gotten out that have leaked. You know the we're talking about accountability. Entitlement. The attitude to this organization is completely taken a 180 over the course the last two years in some players individually. It's because this fan base doesn't trust them anymore. They screwed us in September that it put the work -- at all the ownership has made bad moves -- that last offseason mates and questionable decisions. They hired a manager that it should belong in the nut and I don't know what I mean he's actually insane. So. Nobody out their trust this organization to do the right thing anymore at all. You know three or four years ago you'd sign these guys and say you know what the bringing him ball players bringing guys -- play the game marked the beginning good people -- the up plays out. Don't trust it's gonna play out the right way I think negativity the other way around a chance this team can win again. All that trust has been gone and it's all because of what happened that collapsed in September and the stories that came on afterward do you think that resolution to be accomplished in one year that's -- That's my only question. Can -- in one season. Rebuild the trust has been torn down the last year and a half. Last season plus by the Red Sox in front office handles players by the way they -- cells and both of them down. It's up and on -- entire organization it's up to them as a front office of the general managers a manager and his players more importantly as players. -- -- Air and the played again in the right way and to take care of yourself come in the spring training ready to go. Be professional about it all. You know stop leaking things to the media victory more drama than there really should be. Just shut your mouth and go play baseball hard -- -- what you've done for years before there's -- last year and a half. It's it's. Things the stores that are filtering out of that clubhouse. And the stories that you're hearing. Just add to. The players don't want they're all pissed off about the leak in the in the rat in the clubhouse and all last year all you do deal all along is that stories come on the clubhouse about their manager well -- coaching staff for ownership or anything else other players. Just zip it put a muzzle your entire team the -- just give me the standard answer go out there play baseball the way you you cannot wage should be polite. Out real quick NFL breaking news Ray Lewis has told his teammates in the medium Baltimore. He's gonna retire after this year. Ray Lewis of of a -- the sound of him over the course of the year and his hall of fame career what he's done. On SOB's last runs without a motivation for teams and they play for Baltimore. -- played for Ray Lewis as he will place final home game this weekend and a playoff game and then he says he will retire. At the end of the season. I'm a Red Sox resolutions here in ninety seconds I don't -- the populace but at some point they have to resolve. The vigor and health plan for space for them in 2013. That's next.

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